Posted on 11.18.2016

An Open Letter to the Republican Party

I have never seen a party so divided win anything, much less the White House, while retaining both houses of Congress, and a preponderance of the state houses.

Many of you don't deserve this win. Some of you so disliked the party’s presidential candidate that you threatened - and perhaps really did - vote for the opposition. Others chose to remain silent and distanced yourself predicting there would be a catastrophic loss and you didn't want the residue to splash on you.

Well, the votes have been counted, the win was big, the candidate's coattails dragged members of the House and Senate to victory, and as usual, the deserters are scurrying to bask in the afterglow.

Let me tell you something, you guys had better get it together real quick and if you've got thin skin and weak knees, you might as well stay outside the fray because the Republican Party is getting ready to be under a kind of pressure that has never been exerted and anybody who isn't prepared to be castigated, lied about and called a hundred different kinds of fools and just keep on keeping on, will get in the way and muddy the water.

Because as soon as President-elect Trump is inaugurated and the new Congress seated, the American media and the Democratic Party are going to hit you with everything they've got. They lost, they're mad, they're pouting and as you can tell now by the amount of protesters clogging up the streets and destroying property that the movement is going to be well-financed, well-coordinated and appears gigantic, with fawning daily media coverage and constant criticism of every move the new administration makes.

This was your last shot; if you had lost this one there quite possibly would never be another
Republican president as Hillary and the Democrats would have stacked the cards so thoroughly with open borders, amnesty and the influx of refugees and the increase of entitlements all combining to form new voting blocks, that you guys would have been reduced to an ink blot.

Now the good news.

If the new president and the Republican House and Senate will just do what they were elected to do, you have nothing to worry about because the results will be evident and immediate and the American public will be ecstatic about the way they voted.

Open the Keystone Pipeline, put the coal miners back to work, rebuild America's infrastructure, revitalize our military, repeal the crippling and silly restrictions and astronomical taxes that cause our industry to move off shore, build that wall and give America a sovereign border again, round up and deport the criminal illegal aliens and defund sanctuary cities where they are protected.

Bring industry back to the Rust Belt, round up foreign nationals who have overstayed their visas and deport them, enforce the law and above all, if there is to be reaching across the aisle, let the Democrats be the ones to do it, you won, so act like it and do the job you were elected to do.

If you do, it makes no difference what the media or the Democrats do because the results will speak for themselves and in two years - at the mid terms - you'll be able to bite off another chunk of the legislative branches.

If you don't, it will be the Democrats doing the biting, and you guys will be on your way back to the dustbin.

So, cowboy up, get ready for a fight, because in the long run, only one is going to walk away a winner.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Open letter to the Republican
Loved your letter! It's so true and I had not realized until this election and Wikileak how close the republic came to falling and to become a marxist/communist countyr! I had lost hope that our great nation would be revived but now I am full of optimism in Trump and the Republicans to right the ship.
Posted by Alan
Hope they hear and heed
Charlie, thanks for calling our republican leaders out. I hope they listen and now do what we mandated them to do. The cards might be stacked against them in the press, but they have both houses of congress and must act quickly. They best thing they can do is prove the left is wrong by doing what is right. The results will speak for themselves.
Posted by Stacy
Thank You
Thank you so much for stating perfectly what "The Silent Majority" has been feeling. I pray the Republican Party will pay attention. I believe President Elect Trump will. Thank you for taking a stand Mr. Daniels!
Posted by Barbara
Open letter to GOP
CD: Very well said sir! Thank you!! God bless!!
Posted by William
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, I give Thanks to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fro giving Mr. Donald everything he did to get us this far and the Hope that President Trump keeps on his appointed path to lead the USA back from the gates of hell. God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Couldn't have said it any better, Charlie!! God bless America and the CDB!!
Posted by Craig
I could not have possibly said this better myself. I wasn't a fan of Trump, but Hillary scared the bejesus outta me. If the Republicans don't take advantage of the last chance they've been given, I will never forgive them.
Posted by Mel
Open letter to Republican party
Charlie, I can't begin to describe how disappointed I am with you. The gist of your comments is "to the victors go the spoils." Perhaps you've forgotten what makes America great, a country built by immigrants with liberty and justice for all. I think that means both parties. What we need now is unity and perseverance to common goals. Instead you encourage divisiveness. Shame on you. Mike
Posted by Mike
Thanks,Charlie for being you and together we stand divided we fail. God Bless the USA
Posted by Carol
Close the Divide
This may seem a bit naive, but hear me out. Take BOTH Floors of Congress, the Senate AND the House, and arrange seating alphabetically. Get rid of the RIGHT and the LEFT. END the separation of parties. FORCE these imbeciles, who by the way WORK FOR US, not the other way around, to work together. Sound impossible? Maybe, but how do you know until you try it. We need to get OUR EMPLOYEES back under control!!!!
Posted by Grant
Spot on
Thank you for writing very eloquently what We the people have been trying to say with our votes.
Posted by Mike
Your Post
I totally agree with you. The democrats didn't believe the Republicans had a silent majority and I don't believe the RNC actually believed it either. It now time for our folks to step up or step out. I hope the ones who refrained from voting or voted against the Republican party will wake up and realize their mistake, but if not maybe at the mid-terms we can clean out a little more of the stagnant politicians that have held seats for so long. Sharon Kidd- Harpersville AL
Posted by Sharon
Open Lrtter to the Republican Party.....
Charlie...SPOT ON!!!!!!!!
Posted by Tom
To Charlie
Well said, I sure hope those guilty pay attention.
Posted by Bill
Open letter to the Republican Party
What you said is exactly correct, but, I worry more about the Republicans doing Trump in. We all know the Democrats are in disarray and knocked down a peg or two, but I fear, the Republicans in the House and Senate, will do every underhanded thing to cause him problems.
Posted by Sonja
Thank you for standing for God and America.
Posted by Shirley
Well Said!
Very insightful - absolutely let actions speak louder than words, heads down, make it work, git 'r done! No one can argue with great results and a better way of life.
Posted by Jim
C Daniels
You said it all Charlie! Excellent post!!!
Posted by Sheila
God Bess Team CDB
Spoken like a true American! Thank you Charlie Daniels
Posted by Jay
Your Words
Dear Mr. Daniels, as you may have guessed by my name, I am an immigrant. America opened its arms to me 38 years ago. I was barely an adult. I came to this country the legal way. Requested asylum, waited patiently for my resident’s permit and as soon as I was eligible, I became a proud American Citizen (And I registered as a Republican of course) I know I am one of the lucky few because of the situation that allowed me to come to America, but no situation on which we may enter this country gives us immigrants the right to behave in the same way that made our countries of origin a hell hole, with complete disregard for the laws and traditions of this, the country has received us and has given us so much. These past few years I have seen the values and traditions of this country, which have inspired so many across the globe, being systematically eroded in a way I never thought was possible. However, when I hear people like you, speaking the words that represent what this country always stood for; respect for everyone’s freedoms and a total commitment to God, Country and what is right, I know the true American Spirit is alive and well and that no matter how much hate some people want to engender, this nation will remain strong. And I am confident, that with people like you showing us the way, we all can make sure that it does. You call on the GOP leaders is spot on. Politicians on both sides have spent the last 25 years posturing for their own gain with absolutely no regard for the real needs of our nation. America is sick of this. This is why what was among some political circles thought to be impossible 18 months ago, has become an overwhelming reality. Like you say, the GOP time to call the bluff is here. They will be put under the microscope and scrutinized like no administration has ever been scrutinized before. If they don’t step up to the plate, we will not see another Republican government in probably the rest of our lives. Thank you for you soapbox letters Sir. On these times of chaos and uncertainty, your words remind me why I chose to come to America and that at the end, we’ll be alright. So many people know you only for your music. They are missing so much more. Sincerely, A very grateful immigrant.
Posted by Mario
Open letter to Republicans
Good old fashioned American common sense. Thanks, Charlie. It's been sorely lacking for some time now.
Posted by Joe
Trump win
You took the words out of my mouth. Awesome letter Charlie. God Bless America....
Posted by Doug
Mike's Comments
Mike wrote: " The gist of your comments is "to the victors go the spoils."

Try this one out.

"Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won." - Barrack Obama 2012
Posted by Ben

You nailed it
Thank you for your clear concise opinion which was very well stated. Much appreciated.
Posted by Tim
Open letter to the Republicans
I think you've expressed the feelings of most true Americans, Charlie! I would go one better, however. Donald Trump, if he can get the support of the spineless Congress, should work to refute the Supreme Court decision in the case of Murray v. Curlett, which resulted in the banning of prayers in school. Since then, there has been a state-sponsored movement to diminish the importance of religion in our lives. The Founding Fathers never meant for there to be a schism between Church and Government, but rather they sought to ensure that neither entity would be allowed to exert control over the other.
Posted by Ron
Exactly. I can't understand why people don't realize the weighting of the vote and how these people can find a way to fall to socialist government in the future. Pray for Brexit as well as the US.
Posted by Greg
I agree with all you said Charlie. Wish you would change the background of the comments section the two tone hurts my eyes. I usually like to read all of the comments too.
Posted by Grieg
Charle Daniels soap box
I always love reading his comments,hope he never stops.
Posted by Carl
Letter to Republucans
Thank you sir! An awesome message from an Awesome American!
Posted by Deb
Republican Party
Posted by Tim
Open letter to the Republican party
Mr Daniels, your words are spot on. I have always enjoyed your posts and your music. I even got to shake your hand. You are a true, honest American and I am proud to know your name. Thank you!!
Posted by Joel
Response to Charlie's open letter.
First I am a fan of my home the United States of America and have been for all 63 years of my life. I am also a fan of the Charlie Daniels Band, who I have seen 11 times. You can't hide true love and pride for America. Even more so love and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I too hope and pray that Trump flaws and all will do the things promised and mentioned in this writing. I believe it will take more than man can produce. I believe Christians prayer put him over the top. There is a group of believers who pray everyday at a specific time for Gods protection and safety for our country. For our military and their families. All first responders and for the Holy Spirit to bring our country back to him. I have my phone set for twelve noon as my reminder to pray. So much problem stems from everyone being so busy being busy. If you share this I hope others will join us in prayer. God Bless you Charlie.
Posted by Roger
I agree 100% my friend about what you just said. We need to kick some a** and take some names to get this country back on track no more BS let's take our country back!!
Posted by Eric
Letter to congress
Posted by Jimmy
Love You!
Just letting you know I shared this post. Thank you for your amazing way with words!
Posted by Pam
Open letter
Mr Daniels, I like your music, but there are some things that don't hold true anymore. I f you think jobs like coal mining can be brought back, your are buying a lie. Economies can only be sustained by innovation and change. Coal is over. We don't make buggy-whips anymore. Technology has only increased the rate of change in the world and a lot of jobs have not been lost to being shipped overseas - they just don't exist anymore. I agree infrastructure has to be constantly updated and contrary to mainstream Republican thinking, infrastructure spending is an investment, not an expense. As an accountant, a veteran and part-Indian, I would hope to see a healthy economy, but not at the expense of the extinction of vast numbers of different species of plants and animals that the Good Lord put on this planet. If we want clean water, clean air and nourishing food for our grandkids and their grandkids then we need to be good stewards of what God gave us. We are all related in the web of life and we need every species to maintain our existence. It's the only Earth we have.
Posted by Rick
Charlies soapbox
You are spot on!
Posted by myrna
Thank You
I am in awe of your understanding and ability to convey what so many of us feel. This truly was our last chance to save America as it was and can be again. Thank you for your columns and for your faith. Glad we are on the same side.
Posted by Kathryn
Open Letter to the Republican
God Bless Charlie Daniels, Amen
Posted by Richard
your commentary regarding the Republican Wins.
Well stated. You expressed exactly what I've thought. May God guide those who will be in charge of this nation soon.
Posted by Virginia
charlies open letter
Posted by Bryan
Perfect article
Except the media and Dems aren't waiting for inauguration day. It has already started.
Posted by Daniel
Republican party
Thanks Charlie , it made me proud to be a American on election night. That there were still enough good people with values, dreams and aspirations to pull off this monumental victory. The Congress and Senate follow the will of people and the American people have spoken.
Posted by Dennis
Reply to Open Letter to Republican Party
Absolutely! Thank you Charlie! For the first time, since Ronald Reagan, I have hope! I believe this win surprised everyone! This is our chance to restore America and let Lady Liberty shine. God Bless America!
Posted by Brenda
Thank you Charlie and well said. we as a country have spent far too much time biting ourselves in the backsides. we need to come together as Americans first and rebuild our country. For our children, for our families, and for our veterans. as a proud American and Tennessean, I am glad that you are here to speak out for our generation. God bless to you and your family.
Posted by eric
Open letter
Loved this open letter it was spot on!!! Thank you!
Posted by Lydia
Charlie I have been a fan of yours every since I heard of you, so you can see I am not a youngster. However, until the last year or so I did not realize how articulate and smart you are. Love reading your post and still love your music!
Posted by Mary
Soap box
Charlie, you're right on, as usual . Love your posts! Keep 'em coming!
Posted by Lin
Spot on Charlie!
I am well convinced that God instilled a love for liberty and justice in the heart of every man and women. I am just as convinced that Satan the great deceiver uses many tricks to attack that natural love that exist all over the world. This is why so many have fled to come here from before this nation was formed. We have seen the effects of Satans influence even or perhaps especially among those who rally around those principles God gave us. It is truly a good against evil battle being waged. And the day will come when I know good will be so overwhelmed that God himself will step in to end it once and for all. But that day, hasn't yet come and for now we have received the answer to many prayers for a victory. And your absolutly correct in how the opposition to this victory will use all means to derail and defeat it.
Posted by Jesse
Your letter
Charlie is right on. As always. Love ya dude.
Posted by Tim
Drain the swamp period ! Party doesn't matter in fact RINOs first ! Get on board or get out !
Posted by John
open letter
you said it right ol buddy
Posted by bob
A mandate is also a demand
You're absolutely correct, Mr. Daniels.
Posted by Paul
he is going to make an a** out of you and every body that voted for him just watch.
Posted by sharon
The election
Charlie mabe you should run for president but if not keep on with your comments I agree with every word I was scared of a life under Hillary as president our rights would be gone 1 at a time & our taxes would keep going up to the point where we would barley be able to support our family & would not be safe anywhere in the country
Posted by Doug
Soap Box
We need Christmas to watch over President TRUMP as well as every one of us.InJESUS I pray AMEN
Posted by Steve
Charlie's Letter
Amen. If i could add my signature to that letter, I would without hesitation. The letter was well worded and on point.
Posted by Dan
i wish i could share this !!!
well said i just wish i could share your article with my friends , everyone came together and workd hard to keep killary out they just need to be reminded the battle isnt over yet as you pointed out !!!
Posted by Jamie
where have you been the last 8 years
i wanted to come see your concert until i read your rant.... you like the rest of the republicans must have forgot the shape george bush left our country in 8 yrs ago .... your forgetfulness shows your age .. no concert for me..
Posted by joe
Open Letter to the Republican Party
A great letter. Your words say what so many people I know feel. You put it into words. Thank you so much.
Posted by PAUL
And the silent majority could no longer be silent; nor will we be again!
Posted by Rodney
Give um Hell
The letter is Great. I have always been a democrat. But this year I jumped the fence , I am sick and tired of the way this country has been run the last 16 years. It has been a joke. I am southern by birth and heart my father would turn in his grave at the way this country has turned out the last 8 years. We need to put prayer back in schools, and specially back in to the White House, and the government of this great country that we all are from. I still believe in the rebel flag as a heritage and not hate-ridge. May God bless you and The United States Of America. And keep the devil in GA. Jessie
Posted by Jessie
Soap Box
Glad you're a fellow Tennessean Charlie...I always read Soap Box. It makes so much sense.
Posted by Phillip
your letter to Republicans
Dear Mr. Daniels, I have enjoyed your music since I was young and it has always brought me joy. It brings me more joy to see an entertainer with the following you do, speak on behalf of the Americans who love our country and want our government to be manged correctly. You are, as usual, spot on. Thanking you with tremendous respect,
Posted by Liberty
Open Letter to Republican (Rhinos) Party
I have been anxious to get some computer time so I could find out what you had to say about the election! I am ecstatic about your stand and am so very grateful that you have such a forum to make your feelings public! You said what I had hoped you would say and I don't think America has any better Freedom Fighters than you and Wild Bill for America! I wish I could reproduce your entire letter to my FB page, but I do know better than to do that. Thank you for your stance, your ministry, and your love for the Conservative American values! AMEN Charlie, AMEN
Posted by Jill
Well said!
Well said Charlie Daniels! People need to listen up!!!
Posted by Dawn
Comments to the Republican Party
Loved this letter! Many of us that love and worked for Trump are NOT contributing financially to the party. With some of the weak and disloyal members, we look like fools. How can we support you with the show your are putting on. John McCain you need to go away, Lindsey you need to be a man and Paul Ryan, you need to be loyal to the President. As this letter clearly states, if you don't get it together we all loose. The Dems are SO organized in the resistance they will win, they are marching and demonstrating all over you. We need to fight back--this is the last fight for good and evil. Wake up and get off the gravy train, how much is enough of our money!!
Posted by Rebecca