Posted on 03.27.2020

America On Hold

To say that the last couple of weeks in America had been a trying time would be tantamount to referring to Lake Pontchartrain as a mud puddle, as our beloved nation has had to accept realities we’ve only read about in science fiction stories and put our lives, our jobs, our relationships and even our families on hold.

We live in a scenario where everybody’s personal space is a six-foot circle, touching is forbidden and the gathering together for any type of social function that involves over ten human beings is considered a menace to public health.

All but the most essential businesses are closed, our store shelves stripped bare of products that a few weeks ago were available in bales and cases, as many as you could carry out and now they are rationed, a couple to a customer.

The usually teeming streets of major cities are bereft of all but a few lone souls who either have someplace they absolutely have to be or no place at all to go.

Industry has basically ground to a halt, public schools and universities evacuated, while hospitals and clinics are bulging at the seams, health care professionals working double shifts with no end in sight and restaurants relegated to only serving carryout.

Many of the media outlets have done their level best to find a way to blame the pandemic on President Trump, and failing that, have decided the next best thing would be to keep the population scared stiff 24 hours a day and some politicians convinced that a pandemic is too good an opportunity to waste and a dandy time to push their impossible pipe dreams of socialist utopian stupidity.

And no matter how much liberal bobbleheads who foul our TV screens defend lying Chinese government politicians who tried to convince a world they made sick that coronavirus had been imported into their country by American soldiers - of all things - anybody with a fourth-grade education and enough brainpower to touch their ear knows full well where it came from and that the Chinese government hid the truth about the disease and how highly contagious it is and went their merry way, business as usual, frequenting the wet markets, dining on bats and rats and snakes and dogs and cats, and all the while, thousands of infected Chinese citizens were boarding flights to all points of the compass.

Total irresponsibility, if not downright despicable deception and the Chinese government needs to pay for this deadly pandemic they’ve released on an unsuspecting world.

And why did it take a catastrophe for the American public to find out that somewhere along the line some rat scat politicians and business people with the scruples of a brown recluse spider allowed China to start manufacturing vital lifesaving drugs Americans use every day. 

What a great time to find that out, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

I know, I’ve not told you anything you don’t already know, but one of my reasons for doing it is this. America, once this is behind us, and it will be, I don’t want any of us forgetting what America had to go through because of the callous disregard one of the most repressive, cruel governments on earth did to us.

America’s medical needs are much too precious and strategic to be left in the hands of amoral dictators who could cut off the supply lines at any time they choose.

The Chinese government is not to be trusted, they will lie and they will take advantage of us any time it benefits them.

There will be other plagues, the Chinese citizens are not going to stop eating the birds and other animals which could be bearing hidden diseases, and America should be ready with stockpiles of medical supplies and suitable screening procedures for travelers who are at risk.

And the rank foolishness that has been going on at our southern border simply has to stop
The likelihood of a person infected with some disease there’s no cure for crossing over is too high to gamble on.

Every person who comes into our country should come through a well-manned, technologically state of the art port of entry, no exceptions.

There are serious lessons to be learned here and I hope we will all remember this time when America was held hostage, and the greatest nation the world has ever know was brought to its knees by something so tiny you can’t even see it.

What do you think? 

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels


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