Posted on 01.21.2019

Freedom and Justice for All? Really?

I love words. Fashioning words into sentences, phrases and lyrics has been a major part of my professional life for over six decades, and I take great joy in telling a story in song or prose and spend many hours pursuing the many word-generated projects that my God-given talent leads me into.

Words are for communicating and can be used for great good or great evil, they can be used to comfort or irritate, to heal or to wound, to bless or to curse, to express great joy or deep sorrow.

A word unspoken can be just as harmful as a word spoken.

When people who are indifferent, people who are so self-centered and uncaring who have no empathy and allow their commitment to political correctness to overwhelm their supposed sense of justice, when these people assume positions of power, positions that give them the authority and the words to affect the lives and future of those who are helpless to go against their judgment, society suffers greatly.

Recently - in my home state of Tennessee - a young man who comes from a distinguished background of public service, a third generation of dedicated men, who believed in what he was doing and served the people of Volunteer State with valor and excellence, who had basically dedicated his life to protecting and serving has been accused by a very questionable third party of making politically incorrect statements, stripped of his job, not just his job, but what had become his life.

He was given a hearing before a panel of three bureaucrats, two of whom were not even present but participated by telephone, unable to look into his eyes, to judge his body language, to gauge his honesty by his countenance or demeanor.

His accuser’s accusations were proven to be false under cross-examination and many of the pertinent facts that directly affect his accuser, many of them very sordid facts indeed, were not even allowed to be presented in the hearing.

The head bureaucrat who made the ultimate decision even admitted that he had only seen a brief about the charges and had not even read all the available documentation.

Is it enough that accusations of guilt made by some untrustworthy third party should be taken seriously enough by the powers that be to have such dire consequences?

Since this young man is not “connected” or belongs to some family with influence in high places, the parties involved are probably hoping that the incident is over, no publicity no appeals.

If this is the case, there is no hope for America, Lady Justice has uncovered both eyes and put her thumb on the scales.

Well, I for one am sick and tired of seeing the little people without political pull or the resources to take their cases to a higher jurisprudence being ridden over roughshod by indifferent bureaucrats who take the politically correct “high ground”, base their decisions on hearsay and are actually willing to deprive the state of one of its most dedicated servants, and a fine young man of his livelihood and reputation, in such a flimsy fashion.

Tennessee has a newly inaugurated governor, who ran on being an ordinary citizen, not a politician, but one of the regular people concerned with improving the lives of the common folks.

Well, Governor Lee, I don’t know you, but, if you really are the man you say you are - and I have no reason to think you’re not - is this not important enough to be revisited by someone in your office?

Surely you have a fair-minded person, untainted by the curse of political correctness who wants to see justice for all the citizens of our wonderful state.

I wish you all the best, Sir.


What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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