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Volunteer Jam VIII: Hell No! I Don’t Have Any Jam Tickets! - Soapbox Jr.

January 30, 1982

For the sixth time, ten thousand fans packed Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN – and no telling how many backstage - and once again, a good time was had by all.

Tennessee’s governor even proclaimed January 30th, Charlie Daniels Day.

The CDB was still riding high from the success of ‘Million Mile Reflections,’ “Full Moon,” and was gearing up for their next successful album, ‘Windows,’ which produced the single, “Still in Saigon,” which would have a lasting impact on dad’s career and laid the groundwork for a desire to help veterans which would eventually lead to the forming of The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project in 2014.

The Jam veterans who returned were Roy Acuff, Dickey Betts, Papa John Creach, Crystal Gayle, Mickey Gilley, Grinderswitch, Wet Willie’s Jimmy Hall, Chuck Leavell, Richie Cannata, The Winters Brothers Band, Dobie Gray and many more.

Future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, Duane Eddy, and fiddler supreme, Buddy Spicher made their first Jam appearances. George Thorogood & the Destroyers performed the Freddie Slack song, “The House of Blue Lights,” and rocked Hank Williams, Sr.’s, “Move it on Over.” Former Kansas lead singer, Steve Walsh, performed four songs with his new band, Streets.

It was Leon Russell’s first Jam, and one of the highlights of his set was his cover of Bill Monroe’s “Uncle Pen,” and The Oak Ridge Boys also made their Jam debut, and performed their monstrous crossover hit, “Elvira,” and their newest single, “Bobbie Sue.”

One of the more pop bands to perform at any of the VolJams in the Municipal Auditorium era was Quarterflash, best known for their single, “Harden My Heart.” Just happens that John Boylan, who was the CDB’s record producer from 1979-1987 also produced the first Quarterflash album. 

By this time, I was a junior at Mt. Juliet High School, and it’s worth noting that the MJ Jazz band also played at this Jam. 

On a humorous note, requests for Jam tickets started becoming a frequent exchange in the MJHS hallways. Sound Seventy Productions, printed up a few of the official Jam VIII T-shirts with a new message on the back, instead of saying, “Ain’t It Good to Be Alive And Be In Tennessee!” it said, “Hell No, I Don’t Have Any Jam Tickets!” because everybody that worked in dad’s organization was getting hit with the same requests, so it was a bit of a joke within the organization.

Well, I wore the shirt to school one day, but was careful to wear a jacket all day long, and when somebody would ask me yet again, I dropped the jacket and turned around, which would get a laugh most of the time.

The Oak Ridge Boys will be back for the tribute show, Volunteer Jam: A Musical Salute to Charlie Daniels, and just last week, Travis Tritt was also confirmed for the August 18, 2021 show at Bridgestone Arena. Get tickets HERE

“Ain’t it good to be alive and be in Tennessee!”

“Hell No! I don’t have any Jam tickets!”

Let’s all make the day count!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the Peace of Jerusalem and our nation.

God Bless America!

#BenghaziAintGoingAway #End22

—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.



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Hell Yes
Amen, Amen & amen Charlie Jr, Hell Yes it's good to be alive and be in Tennessee and every place in the greatest nation ever, the USA. God Bless the USA as we read in KJV Psalms 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Also in KJV Matthew 23:33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Watch out the Biden's, Harris's, Pelosi's, Schumer's, Fauci's,Gate's and other's following the anti-God agenda.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Was this the jam that Link Wray also took the stage. I was present for a 1/2 dozen jams starting with 4. All the talent gets scrambled over time. It would be extra cool if someone with the knowledge would create an artist and setlist for all the jams. I would buy one for sure.
Posted by Richard