Posted on 01.22.2021

The Next Four Years - Soapbox Jr.

After reading comments over the last several months, I have decided that I need to start my political soapboxes with a disclaimer for people that obviously didn’t follow dad’s social media until after his passing, I'll have a new one about him soon, for those sick of politics.

NOTE: Charlie Jr.’s soapboxes are an extension of his dad’s personal and political ideals which they both shared. CD, Jr. would never use his dad’s name to put forth something contrary to his father’s values. – TeamCDB

Now that’s out of the way, on with the show.

I did not watch any of the inauguration, and I had no desire to.

This week, I made some observations to some friends about the election and our new president and VP. Some of it was tongue in cheek, some of it was heartfelt.

One person told me I was being un-Christian and un-patriotic, and one person went on to tell me how great things were going to be for the Daniels family and America as a whole under the new administration, but she got mad when I accidentally mispronounced the name of our new VP, who was formerly the most liberal member of the Senate - based on her voting record - “Commie-la.”

Okay, I admit it… that wasn’t accidental.

But I was playing off the total lack of respect that Trump was given by a large number of Democrats, liberal talking heads and celebrities, and the Resist and the "Not My President" mantra of the last 4 years.

So, me saying that Joe Biden is not my president, and poking fun at his veep, who was so popular in the primaries, that she dropped out almost a full year before the election is mean, un-Christian and un-patriotic... I'm sorry, my bad.

I guess I'll just have to choose the path of acceptable things to say about presidents and paraphrase quotes by media talking heads, elected officials and celebrities (even if I have to use that last term loosely in some cases.)

So, F$%& Biden! I'd like to punch him in the face! – ala Robert De Niro

Impeach the mother$%&er! – ala Rep. Rashida Tliab

I've thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. – ala Madonna

When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? – ala Johnny Depp

And of course, it must be perfectly acceptable to pose for photos with a severed head of Joe Biden covered in blood, ala Kathy Griffin. Of course, she claims it ruined her career, but come on Kathy... Really...?

These are the rules that the left has established, so it must be okay. 

It must even be okay to stage a production of Julius Caesar - paid for, in part, by federal funds no less - and cast a Biden look-alike as Caesar, although if you really wanted to be accurate, he wouldn't be able to remember his lines.

That sounds mean, but we are talking about the leader of the free world here (at least free for now) and thanks to the mainstream media and censorship by big tech companies, we've got someone who isn't all there in the Oval Office.

But basically, I plan on giving Joe Biden, as short as his administration will be, as much respect as those who opposed Donald Trump, well, actually much more.

So I may jokingly use the #Resist hashtag, and I may say that he and she are "Not My President," but I draw the line at crying, screaming at the sky and wearing a knit hat on my head in the shape of genitalia.

I’ve got my standards.

The only reason I didn’t support calling to impeach Biden on day one like they did with Donald Trump - Actually, Maxine Waters was screaming "Impeach 45" before Trump's inauguration - is that a successful impeachment would bring us President Harris even sooner.

For the record, I do not hate Joe Biden, I do not hate Kamala Harris. I do, however, think that they are bad for America and that their liberal/progressive policies - if fully implemented - will weaken our economy and our nation as a whole before she leaves office.

I'm reminded of the words of Rush Limbaugh. Back in 2008, a magazine asked him for 400 words on his hopes for the Obama Administration. He was relaying that on the air, and he spoke about how much he loved this country, and how concerned he was for it in light of Obama's victory, and he said how he told the magazine that he didn't need 400 words, he only needed 4.

"I hope he fails."

This got twisted into "Limbaugh hopes America fails," which is the antithesis of what he was saying. He was saying he hoped that Obama failed at implementing all of his left-wing policies, which would be damaging to America.

So, my hopes are the same for the Biden and Harris Administration, which will almost assuredly be longer than Biden's... 

I hope THEY fail, for America’s sake, but I doubt that much of it will fall on Joe.

All the talk about the 25th amendment will be finally be realized inside of the first year of the Biden administration, and likely much sooner. Those of us that have not had their heads up the mainstream media's "nether regions" know that Joe is not capable of coherent thoughts on a consistent basis, but the world will see it soon enough.

In fact, it’s starting already.

Politico - hardly a conservative news outlet - ran a story about Joe reaming out one of his staff for putting something in a speech that he said he would never say. The problem was, he DID say it about two weeks before in a previous speech. The link is right HERE, check it out yourself. 

Democrats, the media and big tech have been hiding Biden's cognitive decline, along with any other scandals involving Joe's son, Hunter, and there is apparently much much more on the laptop than what we are being told... Remember, the media told us it was "classic Russian disinformation," only for the DOJ to report - after the election - that Hunter was under federal investigation, and Media Research Center conducted a poll that had voters been told about the scandals, Harris’s extremely left-wing views, along with the allegations of sexual assault by Tara Reade, that a significant number of voters would not have voted for him.

But that is behind us now, the worst is yet to come.

In fact, in his first day in office, he managed to kill 11,000 jobs – and potentially 70,000 when you count related jobs, almost 2 billion dollars in wages and tick off our neighbors in the Great White North when he killed the Keystone XL pipeline, all in ONE Executive Order. That’s quite an accomplishment.

But he wasn’t finished…

My heart goes out to young girls who want to compete in athletics and their parents because the transgender Executive Order he signed potentially opens the door for more biological males to compete as females. Yes, I know that they are supposed to test their testosterone and all that, but even if their testosterone is low, they are still male, and still – for the most part - have an unfair advantage.  It’s already happening, but now the floodgate will open wide.

And hours after signing an Executive Order mandating that masks be worn on federal lands at all times, he and his family were photographed in the Lincoln Memorial sans masks and NOT socially distanced.

New White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, was asked about the maskless photo, and her excuse was that the president was “celebrating.” So, that means that we can all go hang out in the National Mall maskless, as long as we’re “celebrating.” Try that and see how it works out for the average Joe, no pun intended.

“Do as we say, not as we do” should replace “E Pluribus Unum” as the new motto of the United States. 

I have no doubt that the next four years are going to be challenging for those of us who believe in the rule of law, freedom of speech, and who support the 2nd amendment, but we are a resilient people, and when the new administration(s) overreach, as they are sure to do, I pray that more eyes will be opened to the radicals that are running our government and that voters turn out in large enough numbers to combat the inevitable fraud that will no doubt be ever-present until the American people have finally had enough.

But it looks like I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of Joe Biden. In fact, there have been riots for the past several days in Seattle and Portland, saying they don’t want Biden.

Rabid Trump supporters, no doubt, still fuming over the stolen election.

Actually - NOT surprisingly - it’s Antifa again…

It may surprise people who voted for Biden, but what did you expect? That they would all be happy little campers and celebrating now that Joe and Kamala were in charge?

They rioted under Trump, they rioted under Obama, so why wouldn’t they riot under Biden?

In fact, they’re probably emboldened by their previous greatest hits of 2020 and looking to make an even bigger splash in 2021. 

I am a Christian, and I love our country, and I hate to think of what a rough ride the next few years will be like.

But through all of the chaos and confusion that many of us are feeling, the One who is really in charge is still on His throne, and He is unshakable, though our world is shaking, and shaking hard.

One more thing... since big tech blocked President Trump on social media, I decided to go ahead and block the Biden administration on all my social media, I think that is only fair. 

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem, and for our nation.

God Bless America!


—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.



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Biden Post
CD-II, Just would like to tell you that I hope I have a scintilla of as much influence on my son as your dad obviously had on you. In that he’s at my collegiate alma mater studying the same field of engineering, it looks like we’ve had a decent start over here. Just wanted to let you know that your take on our current state of affairs was much like I would have expected from your father, with maybe a bit more edge and wholly appropriate. Stay on it and thanks for helping further the CDB legacy. All my best to Charlie Hayward who inspired my musical journey outside of engineering pursuits. Wes, from the People’s Republic of Illinois just outside STL.
Posted by Wes
Rabid Demons From Hell
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr, you have spoken well on this one and it would make you daddy proud as in "That's how it's done son"..... The person who told you how good it's going to be has drank the kool aid and bought the funny farm, lock, stock and barrel . There is no doubt that the line in the sand has been drawn and it is time for folks to decide which side they want to be on when judgement falls. When you mentioned rabid Trump supporters, I was taken back to listening to my preacher last week who believes that WW III is upon us as Russia and China feel that the Biden inauguration has given them a new set of gonads, time will tell if we are at that point in history, all I know is that the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob has promised we will have WW III, sometime in the future. As my preacher stated these rabid democrats, AKA The New World, AKA demons from hell are frothing from the mouth like rabid dogs, hell bent on destroying Donald Trump, a man who's crime is that he wanted to make America great again, which he did. Mr. Daniels I know that you are a Christian, just like your daddy, what I don't know sir is how anybody who supports Joe Biden and Commie-la can even pretend to be a Christian or a patriot, for a patriot defend's one's country against its enemies and a Christian defends the unborn against the wholesale sacrifice to o Molech. In closing, like you I never watched one minute of the inauguration, I read enough in the papers, and wonder how a sodomite supporter, that God gave as more talent to than a dozen average men, could sing the song Amazing Grace. I guess it shows how merciful He is, for a mere man such as I would have struck him with a bolt of lighting...... nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
4 years
In 4 years I'll be turning 66, should be winding down my career and start enjoying things that I haven't had time for. But America is going through drastic changes and I'm not even sure that the retirement that I've been working towards might only be an impossible dream. The scariest threats I see are the ones aimed at the 1st and 2nd amendments. Our Constitution is a sacred document that must be protected but I fear the powers that be will find a way to navigate around it. I pray for our troops, this country that I love, and also for our former President as he continues to be chastised and harassed even after he has left office. God Bless America ... Please.
Posted by Mark
God Bless America!
Thanks for posting this Charlie. I agree 100%...I decided to go ahead and block the Biden administration on all my social media also.
Posted by Walt
X mas letter
I just read your Xmas letter and shared your pain. When I turned 21 my Dad died of a heart attack; he was a hard working 50 yr old plumber/electrician. He also was a good teacher...I was his proud student. The VA revealed that Dad had contacted malaria in the Philippines during his tour in WW11 ; and over the years the disease had affected his heart. It was so sudden and confusing to my family. I was so pissed at God for leaving my mom so lonely. The first year was a nightmare but God stepped in to help. After time, Mom returned to some peace but she never showed the happiness she had with Dad alive. I really did not know the meaning of love till these Dad died. Mom and Dad were married for 30 years and never spent a night away from each other. My mom lived to be 93 and I know she thought about my Dad every day. She had only one request for her death; she wished to be cremated and her ashes spread over my Dad's burial plot...''SO BE IT''. My Dad was 20 and he was in the Philippines fighting the Japs ( thousands of miles from the farm in Tennessee); and his wife to be was on the Women Work Force (welding on aircraft) for the government in Mobile, Ala. during the war. They were me and my brother's heroes and we worshiped them. Jr...The day of my mom's death was the worst and best day of my life. It was so lonely to know this wonderful person was gone; but it was a celebration to know Dad and her were back together. Thank you more suffering. Best to you and your mom....take her to Cracker Barrel for coffee, drive to MTSU to visit the vets, take a needy family to Kroger's, and share the joy and spirit that CD knew so well. The loneliness of your mom in the log house will be very tuff...pray for God's help on that. Bless you and family Jim *NOTE* Sorry for you losses. We would love to do all these things, but while the country is still dealing with COVID, she's reluctant to get out, since she's 77, and at greater risk. - CD, Jr.
Posted by Jim
Recent Facebook post by Charlie Daniels, Jr.
Thank you, Charlie! Well said and all VERY TRUE! Your Dad would be so proud! I met him on a few occasions when we came from Greensboro to Gulf for family reunions..He was a teenager and he came and played music with my Dad, who had bands and played and sang for the joy of it all of his life. I was just a kid, but little did we know we had a future mega star in our midst! He was so talented. God Bless you!
Posted by Barbara
Coming around the horn
Oh you hjit that one out of the park. I suppose one more thing: we can freely fictionalize his phone calls to foreign leaders. That's the new rule, right? Which won't be hard because they don't tell us what he said. Where's Russia call readout? Nope. Somehow those same rules don't seem meant for us. I don't need a colorful pink hat to make my case either. But if it was good enough for Donald Trump, by golly, it ought to be good enough for O' I mean Biden and Harris. If he only gets a half of a percent of that it will drive him over the edge. But I can't understand what someone meant by really good for you or us? ~~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff