Posted on 06.19.2020

Who Benefits?

If you listen to the media in America or went by the actions, or I should say “inaction” of weak, gutless municipal and state politicians you would probably think that there is a major move to do away with all police.

Well as long as you can adopt the attitude that the occupation of whole sections of cities, toppling statues, inhibiting public access and egress, setting fire to buildings and police cars, and such, is a Summer of love or a block party, I guess getting rid of police doesn’t seem so far afield.

Of course, the truth is that the majority of the people in this nation have tons more common sense than the flower children politicians and the “if it bleeds it leads” media.

They realize that a world without law and order, and those who enforce it, would be like living in Beirut amongst the heavily armed lawless factions who value human life at about one cent per person.

One can only imagine what the streets of our cities would be like, ruled by the street gang with the most guns where the entire cityscape would resemble a war zone as the never-ending fight for turf and control were played out in every neighborhood 24/7.

And the people who would suffer most would be the very people we are being led to believe want to do away with the police the most. The folks in the poorest neighborhoods where, even with police, the murder rate is through the roof and the kids just walking to school are in constant jeopardy.

The very concept is so impractical and ridiculous, it’s amazing that, even considering the deplorable condition of politics and media, it ever gained any traction in the first place.

If someone steals your car, who do you call?

If someone is at your front door with a gun and a sledgehammer who do you contact?

If there is a missing person do you call the local chapter of Antifa? 

When there is a wreck who will come and clear up the snarled traffic?

What if a bunch of people decide they like your house and just move in and threaten your family if you don’t leave, who will come and save you?

Anarchy is bedlam, unled and unprincipled bands of roving thugs with guns, leaving rape, murder and mayhem in their wake is a terrifying thing, and this is exactly what will happen if The Thin Blue Line that keeps the jungle and deadly animals at bay would suddenly disappear.

America would become a modern-day Afghanistan, ruled by warlords, who would control the flow of food, who got medical treatment and who didn’t, who lived where, or who lived at all.

I don’t believe that any politician who ran on a defund police platform could ever win and I don’t believe that there is any widespread support amongst the people for such a thing.

There are several different factions pushing the violence in America.

The political faction who believe if they can only make things appear bad enough they’ll be able to defeat Donald Trump in November.

The globalization cadre who know that as long as America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave, globalism is dead. This faction is extremely well funded by the ultra-rich.

Socialists, communists and behind the scenes puppet masters who want to destroy our history and re-route our future.

And the mind-washed kids who have had their mental processes warped by some revolutionist college professor who regards Alinsky and Karl Marx as prophets who indoctrinate young minds with the lies about America and white people being the cause of all the planet’s problems and need to be stripped of their place in the world.

Then there’s the mindless bunch who have no idea what they are protesting, just along for the ride, such as the young lady who was recently asked if she believed a statue of Winston Churchill in London should be removed, she replied, “I haven’t personally met him...” ‘Nuff said.

So, America if you don’t want to live in a society run amuck, if you don’t want to have an armed escort to go to the grocery store, if you want peace and stability in your life, support our police.

And do it now, while it counts so much.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels



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LEOBR & Qualified Immunity
Good afternoon Charlie and dear Mrs. Hazel and Daniels Family! Much-appreciated read and article (soap box) Sir kind Sir. Where I'll have fo "swipe left," as the kids say (check with the grandkids on that one Charlie!) I take an umbridge with no mention of The Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights or LEOBR and Qualified Immunity. I also take exception to the fact that our police need up-armor back from war vehicles and Judge Dredd (Sly Stallone movie) sweat gear to protect and serve the masses. Why really do they need all that crap Charlie to protect and serve you and me? They need an extra set of special rights aside from the Bill of Rights and Qualified Immunity to go out into America and keep us safe and free man, really? I been, know you have to my friend, I been abiding by the same September of 1789 hand written U. S. Constitution and Bills of Rights just fine but Mr. and Mrs. Policeman don't find that good enough apparently? Unfair in my humble opinion! Anyway that's my soap box reply my brother and friend. Blessings unto you and Mrs. Hazel's household now and forevermore. Ever down in Paducah, KY. where I'm from look me up and I'll take you to dinner at our best Steak House in Paducah! Or if I'm in Mt. Juliet and you ain't busy I'll buy you a coke and a tank a gas from your favorite gas n go! Let me know.
Posted by David
Trump All The Way
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, even ole Plowboy ain't got a big enough stash of ammo if these loonies are turned loose. The only way to guarantee law and order is vote for the most law and order President of our time, Donald J Trump, and simultaneously vote out 90% of Democrats who are hell bent on power and driven by greed. Many of them ain't even smart enough to know that they are playing into the hands of the One World Order bunch that will eat them for lunch after they do their dirty work. God Bless the USA police officers and the Israel Defense Forces.....nuff said Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Who Benefits
Your right on as usual, and I don't say that to butter your bisscuits lol, we just think alike, have a. Blessed day 🙏💓💖🇺🇸😇
Posted by Kathy
Mr, Daniels, I have been a fan of your for decades. I went to TENNESSE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY (I'm sure you already know that is a Christian University) to obtain a degree in Theology. After I left College, I planned to become a missionary. My neighbor worked at the Broward Sheriff's Office in Ft Laud for 30 years. BSO is the largest Sheriff's Office in the US with 6,000 Employees. I started on the Road in one of the worst area's in our County. I worked there as Road Patrol for 9 years, I always remembered to that my favorite Professor (Dr Bruce Lackey) told class on our last day is "just because someone was poor did not make them a bad person". I then became a Major Crimes Detective & after the O J Simpson faze became a Family Crimes Detective, & a lot of these poor Families had no father figure in their lives. I tried to help as many families in areas of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Elderly Abuse, I even put pets in the unit as they are part of a family. The pets were often hurt or even killed & the wife or children were told by their abuser that "they were next". I just wanted you to know I am a longtime fan of you, Johnny Cash & Dr Billy Graham. Your music, & find inspiration in your TWITTER Prayers. FYI after 30 years this nation has forgotten God who blessed & made it, I do not need to tell you what you already know. I was a Detective-In-Charge & when we replaced a Detective I sat on the Interview Board to help select a new detective for my unit. The Major of the division would often say at 1st this was a smart candidate. I needed special detectives, after I had said this a few times the Major would look at me & say "but he doesn't care". You can pay a candidate a Million dollars, but that will not make them care. I did not mean to say this much to you, but I know you care demonstrated in your prayers. God bless you for your example D. Needs
Posted by David
First, let me assure you, I'm not anonymous. My name is William L Edwards Jr. and I fully support what Mr. Charlie Daniels has made VERY clear here. For simplicity and to not take up too much of your time, I'll just post my personal philosophy and let it go at that. My Philosophy Every now and then I have to explain to someone what I stand for. I fully understand the differences in opinions and beliefs in the world and I believe we as human beings have the right to our opinions and beliefs and we have a duty to try to understand these various opinions and beliefs even though we may not agree with or support them. My answer is simple. I spent 21 years in the United States Air Force defending your rights to your opinion and beliefs. I respect your right to your opinion and I support your right to voice your opinion peacefully and respectfully. I may not stand beside you to support your opinion, but I’ll be the first one standing in front of you to defend your right to peacefully and respectfully voice your opinion. As long as you’re not harming anyone’s person or property, I’ll defend your right to the death, however, if in voicing your opinion, you decide to be disrespectful, destructive or otherwise harmful to others, I’ll be the first one to turn around and slap the Hell out of you. Respectfully of course. God Bless America and Charlie Daniels!
Posted by William
Wake up America
Before it’s too late a little homework and you will find the co founders of Black Lives Matters are trained Marxists..ambelievind and pushing the agenda of Karl Marx..Wake up before it’s too late America🙏🙏🙏
Posted by Jerry
Responding to "LEOBR & Qualified Immunity" by David
I don't know much about LEOBR, but Qualified Immunity is one of the "weeds" Charlie mentioned in his previous Soap Box article ("No, the garden does not need to be plowed under, it just needs weeding[.]") -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
"There are several different factions pushing the violence in America."
You forgot to mention the right-wingers and their hate-filled media machine which is ginning things up just to keep folks afraid. No doubt to try and shore up the failing support for the Orange Moron in the White House and to justify their own existence. Antifa? Please...
Posted by Steve
I wish that the old forum was still around as it was so much easier to have a proper discussion (I was - and still am - Satcomguy). I'm writing this because it always amazes me just how much of the RW Kool-Aid you've had and just what a scared person you must be. In 15 years or so you haven't grown one little bit. Antifa isn't coming for you. Black folks aren't coming for you, Democrats under the mind-control of AOC aren't coming for you, there's no New World Order out to get you. Calm yourself, leave your gun(s) behind and go for a walk on what I hope is a sunny day.
Posted by Steve
Appreciate The Input
Steve I appreciate your input, however when I read the Bible I see the New World Order coming more sure than the sun coming up tomorrow morning, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 King James Version 3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;. Black folks are the least of my worries for I have many Black friends that I trust to have my back through thick and thin, no question. I have also worked with many that are exemplary employees. We both know that BLM has nothing to do with skin color. What I find interesting is we see true racists like Chick-fil A Dan Cathy rat himself out with the statement.....“We as Caucasians, until we’re willing to just pick up the baton and fight for our black, African American brothers and sisters, which they are as one human race, we’re shameful," Cathy continued. "We cannot let this moment pass." Or the mayor of Olympia Washington bowing, like a true Obomamite and kneeling to a crowd of BLM protesters, truly a disgrace to all Americans. As far as Antifa, it resembles BLM a lot because it says it is anti-fascists when in reality it is as fascist as they come. In closing I must chuckle, yesterday as a grandson mentioned that I must have a lot of faith in not dying based on some of the things that I don't back down from, before could speak another one piped in, " that's not the reason, Papaw ain't afraid to die cause he knows where he is going". Well sir it don't get any better than that, maybe you should have a sip sometime, smoking is a whole lot more deadly......nuff said God Bless Plowboy PS as far as AOC, me thinks she is like a fart in a whirlwind and won't even get re-elected.
Posted by Plowboy
We don't benefit that's for sure
You got that exactly right, Charlie. But the days of me simply saying this all can't happen are history. I also see how they color everything with the word democracy. Well, who the hell is voting for all this? I haven't seen one of them. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Soap box Who Benefits?
You are so right, brother Charlie. Where would we be without our police and first responders especially in this time of uncertainty ? Where do these people come from that would even think that doing away with law enforcement could or would occur? We re gonna keep her feet on the path of righteousness Amen, and God has blessed America again!
Posted by Dirt
Steve - crawl back in the sewer!
I have to state and completely agree with everything identified in Charlie's 'Who Benefits' post. The insight, factual information, as well as the reality and potential consequences eminating from the actions and threats of ignorant morons who hide behind their masks such as antifa and radical factions within black lives matter (black lives, blue lives, 'all' lives matter) and the support and complicity of the 'regressive' liberal / socialist politicians and media have been clearly identified and reinforced within 'Who Benefits'. Then there's the 'rodent' steve. Steve, your ignorant and baseless comments have no business being said. Your attacks and laughable statements - "RW Koolaid", failing support of the orange moron in the White House", "right-wingers and hate-filled media machine", etc., clearly reinforce your stupidity, as well as your support of the radical, marxist, socialist anarchists who want nothing more than to destroy the United States of America. Maybe you're one of the cowards who is hiding behind a mask and dressed in black, who is looting, rioting, damaging and destroying (statues, buildings, churches, etc.), as well as injuring and attacking innocent people and police officers who don't follow or give in to your sick and twisted ideology. I laugh at people like you; the 'regressive' and complicit democrats and their pathetic politicians; radical and anti-American radical left-wing groups; 'low-lifes' who occupy and try to take over city streets; the pathetic liberal media (cnn, msnbc, new york times washington post, etc.); etc., who have relentlessly attack the United States of America, the Constitution, and the values and principles that, although not perfect, our great country is founded upon. Steve, your hatred for President Trump, Republican and Conservative values, the Rule of Law, truthful and factual media outlets such as Fox News, as well as the United States of America is evident. It's funny, but I don't see your so-called right-wingers, Fox News, or our President reinforce or support the anarchists who are attacking and destroying our country. It is time that you, and all of the pathetic regressive liberal democrat 'basket of deplorables' crawl back in your holes, wither up, and disappear. You, and your kind, have no platform, voice, or validity in the United States of America. Steve, I would love to meet you in person and see who and what you really are (highly doubtful, as you are a ridiculous coward). I am not by any means a racist. I believe that 'all' citizens of the United States have the right and opportunity to have and possess all that our great country provides and affords them. I detest the attacks, violence and persecution of anyone and everyone based upon the color of their skin, their religion, or lifestyle. I detest those who are attacking and destroying the principles, values, and history of the United States of America. Thank God that we have such 'amazing' and 'patriotic' Americans such as Charlie Daniels. God Bless all patriotic and law abiding citizens. God Bless all those who serve and protect our values and way of life. God Bless the United States of America!
Posted by Michael
Who benifits
Mr.Daniels and the cdb have been with me through the years the highs and lows listening to drinking my baby goodbye to hard rocking devil went down to Georgia but I refer back to simple man as what this country needs more than anything right now the morals of two parents in the household it doesn't matter if your poor, rich and race doesn't matter when it comes to bringing up your kids with strong respect for the Lord the parents and the one's who keep us safe I was pulled over years ago for speeding on a back road in the middle of the night I could have not turned my interior lights on, I could have not put my hands on the wheel and have my documents ready to make the stop go smoother and I could have resisted and got out of my truck and approached the officer and had a gun pulled on me and probably would have died but my morals kicked in and lights on, hands on the steering wheel and window down and I said what seems to be the problem officer respect goes a long way in calming a situation and everyone goes home safe and sound to their families. It sounds simple doesn't it? Mike
Posted by Mike
The police know how to enforce the law. Vigilantes don’t.
Remember the Ahmaud Arbery incident? That was not the police that shot and killed him. That was a “citizens arrest”. Is that how we’re going to enforce the law? Let’s hope not. The police have lots of room for improvement, but we can trust them FAR more than vigilantes. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Great words...
I agree with you about the defunding police. Though I have said for years police are really first responders, they don't prevent a crime. We have to defend ourselves and we have to abide by rules even when others don't. America needs to forget politics and realize this could turn this country into a war zone and protecting historical statues will be the least of our concerns. Just posted my podcast that addressed all of this.. Sass with Cass THE Original. Thank you and God Bless America
Posted by Cassandra
Alright, Michael - back in your basket!
Michael, Michael, Michael. First of all, I'm not sure why you called me a coward (twice!) considering we are both making our feelings/views known on the same forum, following the same rules. Second, I absolutely support the protests against police brutality and for equality and social justice. I'd rather it was done without some of the attendant destruction, but that makes up such a tiny part of the protests and are not actually part of the movement. Third, if you honestly believe that the Times and WaPo are "liberal" media while Fox is a "truthful and factual media outlet[s]" then you have, indeed, been drinking the RW Kool-Aid. The white supremacists Tucker and Ingraham, the screaming harpy Janine, et al, are only trying to keep you folks uninformed and terrified (they and the unscrupulous gun lobby are the only reason there has been such a surge in weapons sales). Fourth, if you are happy with the amount of smoke that the Grifter-in-Chief has blown up your butt (over 19,000 lies and misstatements to date), well, that's on you, pal. The guy is stupid, lazy, incompetent, a pathological liar, completely self-absorbed, an alleged serial molester, an adulterer who has somehow completely duped you people. The gutless GOP who have hitched their wagons to him should be held accountable for having let the President* keep his office after he was impeached. Yes, I do hate the man, the current crop of unprincipled Republicans and their constant assaults on the law, decency and America. If there is any true justice, they will be swept out of office (by votes, not by some stupid "Citizen's Court" nonsense that some of your ilk tried during Obama's presidency), and Trump will be humiliated, impoverished and wearing orange for the rest of his life. Anyway, grab a cold one (when you get to an appropriate time), feel the sun on your face and have a great day.
Posted by Steve
Don't do it, Michael.
"Steve, I would love to meet you in person and see who and what you really are[.]" Dumb idea. As stupid as using Tinder to find a girlfriend. Steve is PROBABLY not an ax-murderer, but you don't know that. Steve avoiding to meet you is not being cowardly, it's being smart. And it's being smart for you to avoid meeting Steve. Meeting anonymous strangers online is FAR more dangerous than not social distancing. DON'T DO IT !!!!! Don't be an idiot. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Have no fear, Tru
I wouldn't have met the guy in person. As you said, that would be dumb. I really appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt on the axe-murderer thing. Have a great Fourth!
Posted by Steve