Posted on 11.15.2019

A Personal Observation on Adam Schiff

Congressman Adam Schiff has done something most unique, he has become judge, jury, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, appellate court, and even an unwitting witness in his headlong, tunnel vision rush to remove a duly elected president.

His charges constantly change, he first claimed to have iron-clad proof of President Trump colluding with the Russians.

Then when all the air came out of the Mueller balloon his mantra became “obstruction of justice,” then when all else failed he produced a whistleblower, well not really a “whistleblower” but a government employee who hates Trump, who heard, well not really heard but got second it handed that the president had asked the president of Ukraine to do him a favor in return for an arms deal.

The whistleblower would be brought before the intelligence committee and questioned in a private session since exposing his or her name could put their very life in jeopardy.

Then after the president released the transcript of the phone call that was supposed to convict him of impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors, Adam Schiffed - pun intended - gears again and said that the whistleblower would not be called as his or her testimony would be redundant.

Now this one has me scratching my head as Schiff had claimed that the whistleblower’s testimony would seal the deal, and, at least to my hillbilly mentality, that would mean that, if their testimony would be redundant, it would have to be redundant to the transcript which contains no Impeachable content, no matter what Schiff tries to make out of it.

And besides, by his reasoning, if the whistleblower would come forth and their identity revealed, his or her life could still be in danger, although by this time a bartender in a backstreet dive in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland could probably have told you his name.

Okay, so now we move to the public hearing portion of Schiff’s shining moment, except Schiff will decide what witnesses can be called by the loyal opposition.

If you don’t like the rules, just change them.

Schiff’s ridiculous paraphrase of the transcript should have shown the world that he felt he didn’t have the goods on the president and had to take the path of hyperbole, innuendo and downright lies to make his case.

It is literally scary to me that a man like Adam Schiff could even be in Congress, much less the chairman of a powerful committee.

It is less than a year from an election that would let the voice of the people determine whether or not President Trump has done something worthy of being thrown out of office, so why the 

Well, I think just about anybody with enough gray matter to point a finger can figure that one out. It’s because Schiff and all the Democrats know that it’s the only way they can get Donald Trump out of office without him serving another four years.

While Mr. Schiff preens for the camera and tries to manufacture evidence, the people of California are forced to step around human feces and used hypodermic needles to walk down the streets of their cities, the middle class is leaving in alarming numbers, the tax burden is chasing businesses out of the state and, with its sanctuary status, it has become a haven for criminals and drug gangs.

Well, rave on, Mr. Schiff, do your worst, it will only make your failure even more bitter, and if I may use the words of Mr. Shakespeare to sum up, you are, “a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. Sound and fury signifying nothing.”

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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No Rules
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie to quote another Democrat, who was the sixth Federal Judge ever impeached by a vote of 413-3, Florida's Alcee Hastings " There are no rules here, we make them up as we go along". Schiff is no different, and today I see Mr. Hastings is being investigated, having admitted to being in a relationship with an aide, being the third lawmaker this year. says a lot about these swamp dwellers. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Shifty Schiff
Mr. Daniels, like I always reply to your tweets, 2nd:Chronicles 7:14 Folks had better turn from there wicked ways if they want this Great Land of ours healed. This Congress is so evil and they do not care about the American people or this Great President
Posted by Mike
Soap box 11/15/19
I agree 100%! I feel for the people of California!
Posted by Troy
You said what so many of us think thank you TRUMP 2020
Posted by Lori
Pile of crap
Played a lot of your material in bands over the years but I will not support trumplican diversion & nonsense from anyone. Your tunes off my playlist permanently now that I know what type of man you are. Try a deep state duet with ted nugent for your fans. Sad
Posted by Barry
Thank you Charlie. Love what you have to say. I pray daily for our president and our country, BTW. Been a fan of yours for years. Love you.
Posted by Doretta
Shifty Schiff
Charlie nailed him. He acts as tho He, and He alone, is in charge of the entire investigation into impeaching President Trump. Schiff is a royal POS, nothing more. He definitely needs to be taken down, and SOON! Bless Our 45th ❤️🇺🇸💙
Posted by Linda
Charlie Daniels comment
Charlie hit the nail on the head. Adam Schiff is the Devil in Disguise ....He is formulating a plan to oust our President on NO APPARENT CHARGE. He might night be your idea of perfect but, he is a wonderful AMERICAN PRESIDENT....He has done nothing but, good for the people of the UNITED STATES......GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, HIS FAMILY, HIS CABINET....KEEP SAFE ISREAL, OUR MILITARY AND POLICE FORCES..
Posted by Jane
Charli Daniels post
I agree with what Charlie Daniels has posted. I used to consider myself an independent leaning towards the Democratic party. Ever since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the Democratic party SCARES me to death. I am now a DEVOUTED REPUBLICAN. The Democratic party is on a ONE WAY STREET to IMMORAL decay. Heaven help this country if the leaders of TODAYS democratic party gain control of this country. I STRONGLY urge EVERYONE to vote STRAIGHT Repubican in ALL upcoming elections
Posted by wesley
Sinking Schiff
Sinking Schiff talking on T.V. Puttin' down our President Wants me to send a donation 'Cause he's worried about my intent He said Jesus walked on the water And I know that it's true But sometimes I think that Sinking Schiff Would like to do a little walking too
Posted by Rob
I totally agree. Trump 2020
Posted by Betty
The 800 pound gorilla in the room
No mention of what Trump actually did. No mention of the number of witnesses coming forward confirming the story. No mention of the plight of the Ukrainians, and the very real deaths suffered by that country in its attempt at independence from Putin's kleptocracy. Fifty million people want a better life, to be free. All Trump wants to do is win again. He didn't help Ukraine until he was caught.
Posted by Scott
Charlie’s post
Love your post Charlie. Keep it up.
Posted by Carole
TRUMP 2020
I agree with you Charlie Daniels!! It is nothing more than “another” desperate attempt to oust our President!! The Democrats as well as the Democratic owned Media have been at it since the day President Trump took office. It is time for Republicans to stand up to the obstructionist Democrats in Washington!! They are laughing all the way to the bank as they sit and do nothing for this country other than run it in the ground. It’s time to put a stop to their attempt to impeach our President!! Not only that, it’s past time for us to investigate and put the corrupt where they belong, behind bars. God Bless our President and the USA!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Posted by Betty
The traitors must go.
The Democrats are committing treason against our Constitution, our way of life and our President. It is time they are charged with the crimes they have committed. I don't believe they should have immunity in the whitehouse for attempting to overthrow a legitimately elected president. Let's get rid of them.
Posted by Nancy
Mr Schiff
Amen Mr Daniels
Posted by Roger
God Bless America
Glad to see you using your influence for the good of all. A veteran is being plagued by intelligent vandals in Flint., Mich. as he is providing clean water for those citizens free of charge. His name is Moses West. check him out and give him a prayer and a shout out. Thanks again Charlie Daniels.
Posted by Kathy May
Charlie Daniels
Spot on! But left out they are the most disgraced party of lies, deceit, set up bogus investigations, targeting, surveillance states, illegal stingray use against Americans, tapping phones, computers, gang stalkers, electronic harassment, torure, real reason for their meltdown. It is MUCH WORSE THAN ONE CAN IMAGINE!
Posted by Jean
Your stupid commentary on the Chairman Shiff.
You, apparently, have no idea what you're talking about. The rules that Chairman Shiff is enforcing on the Intelligence Committee's impeachment hearings is flat out ignorant of the facts. If you have a problem with the rules that Chairman Shiff is correctly enforcing, then the people you really have a problem with is the rules adopted by the 2015 Republican'ts under Speaker Bo(eh)ner. If they aren't fair enough for you, I'd suggest that you mention it to the next Republican't Representative you speak to. It would seem that Republican'ts can dish it out, but they can't take it.
Posted by Carl
Observation on Adam Schiff
Thank you for telling it like it is.......Lord knows we get no truth from the Government.
Posted by John
It is a shame they are even allowed to continue. This is a big waste of money that could be used for much bigger and better things. Seem like the speaker of the house has a personal agendy she has been rentless in the presuit to get the president out of office that she real should be looked at by psychiatrist to see what she has going on. The people of the United States of America are the ones being hurt. We need this to stop and really focus on making America number 1 again alot of country's have depended on the USA in the past we cannot help them if we are struggling ourselves. Other countries are going to try to regain higher standing to take us down is all that this is bringing about. United we will stand they are trying to divide us. thank you Charlie I always loved this country and appreciate your service to it also.
Posted by Timothy
The Schiff Conspiracy or The Devil Went Down Into the SCIF
Charlie well said, you eloquently offered what I hope most Americans are thinking. Schiff is probably just a pawn the coup was orchestrated by Brennan at the insistence of Obama. President Trump continues to expose the extent of the deep state and in doing so I am amazed at the vast amount of useful idiots that believe the socialist bull crap promises and lies of the left. I feel sometimes like Alice having traversed the Rabbit hole and looking through the mirror at a bizzaro world where up is down, left is right and where I am told borders are bad and gender is not science while man-made climate change is science. Where the US is an illegitimate country, where Hillary Clinton is a good honest person and a world where Epstein killed himself. The LEFT have successfully built a post truth society. We are the Real Resistance. When an attempt to overthrow an existing order fails it is called a civil war when it succeeds it is called a revolution. Let us end this civil war! Let us end this Coup D’etat!!! I want to write the Coup Elegy!!
Posted by John
Adam Schiff
I think everyone knows by now that the Democratic Party is very corrupt and laughing about it and nobody is doing anything about it. I would even say that in my opinion they're nothing less than a criminal organization masquerading as a political party. At the very least I think Adam Schiff the habitually criminal lier should be arrested for attempting to overthrow the government. I'm all for legal investigations and law and order but the Democrats have thrown all of that out the window. I don't if it's possible or not but I think President Trump should call for Marshall law on the Democratic Party and start investigating the corruption going on in the Democratic Party. Our beautiful precious Country is under siege from within and I hope and pray by our all mighty God that something can be done to stop the lawless Democratic Party.
Posted by Paul
Schiff Article
Excellent article. I agree with you 100%. Personally I think Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi should be tried for Treason for attempting to overthrow a duly elected President of the US with no evidence the President committed a crime. If convicted they should be hung. Something must be done to stop the left and the Media.
Posted by cathy
Personal Observation
Thank you Charlie Daniels for sharing your great observation.
Posted by scott
Mr. Daniels, I wanna thank you for your patriotic views, and stating how most of us feel. You nailed it for me, and so many others. This Schiff is a sorry excuse for a political seat in any forum. He should be replaced immediately. God bless America. Ace
Posted by Ace
Agree 100% Charlie
I am in 100% agreement with Charlie on this. And I noticed that a few comments from a few ignorant people here seem to think that President Trump was endangering the Ukrainians by "withholding" lethal aid. I guess they have short memories. President Trump had ALREADY sent lethal aid to Ukriane in 2017 and 2018...aid that his feckless and weak predecessor had DENIED Ukraine since 2014. What changed in 2019 were the elections that ushered in a new administration in Ukraine. And once President Trump was assured of the legitimacy of the new president in Ukriane...the further aid was RELEASED. So the haters should be blaming Obama for doing NOTHING.
Posted by Dan
First, let me Thank You for your service. I agree with you and we’ll said. *NOTE* Charlie is a huge supporter of our military, but he failed his physical due to his poor eyesight, so he did not serve. He has, however, started a charity to help our heroes returning from battle readjust to civilian life called The Journey Home Project. - TeamCDB/BW
Posted by Mike
Spot on assessment
Please continue using your voice to promote our president and the challenges he faces...We need to be diligent in this task... our country is at risk... Call your Congressmen and Senators, time to stand up and fight back...
Posted by Charlie
You are 2000% right.
Posted by Paula
Trump 2020
I totally agree with you Charlie Daniels. You have put into words what we are all thinking. We have the call transcript we are cabable of making our own decisions. I stand with President Trump.
Posted by Jan
Charlie is 1000% correct. The people being interviewed by the committee are NOT nor should they be referred to as witnesses. A witness is someone who actually observed something, not hearsay based on 2nd and 3rd hand information. It’s a sham perpetrated by people who refuse to accept the results of an election and completely disrespect the will of the American people. It’s disgraceful.
Posted by Sherry
Most excellent CDB!
See you guys at the RiverWind Casino middle of next month. Love ya!!!
Posted by BigMama
Trump and the hearings
Sorry, Charlie, but the "voice of the people", of which you and other conservatives speak, was not heard in 2016 when the majority (almost three million more people) took their time to go to the polls and did not vote for our bloviating, self-centered, "I alone can fix it", "I know more than the generals", childish, name-calling, un-presidential president. It was a Republican-laden electoral college. Even though the college is constitutional, it paid no attention to the "voice of the people". Also, the Mueller report was not the 'bust' that the president and his supporters want the public to believe. It resulted in 34 indictments, including some of Trump's close associates who were subsequently found guilty of criminal charges and are in or will soon be going to prison; Roger Stone being the most recent. And Trump repeatedly claimed that "I know the right people"? If a person is judged by the company one keeps, it's evident that Trump has been keeping company with the wrong crowd for a long time. Trump has repeatedly lied to the American people since day one. He has made hundreds of false statements and then attacks the media as 'fake news' when it contradicts his statements with the hard facts. (Remember Kellyanne Conway speaking of "alternative facts"? So there are facts and then there are Trump 'facts'?) "I alone can fix it", "I know more than the generals" (although he never served a day in the military and received multiple deferments because of 'bone spurs'), he recently pulled the US out of a strategic area of Syria, leaving our Kurd allies to a fate of multiple unnecessary deaths by the invading Turks, thousands of displaced people, and a military base paid for by US taxpayers which is now occupied by Russian troops. In addition, he's alienated many of our country's long time strategic allies. He has rejected the information provided to him by our own US intelligence community regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election but readily accepts the lies of strongman Vladimir Putin. He has had the highest turnover in career advisory personnel and cabinet officials of any president in modern history and has insulted numerous professionals with childish name calling. Is this the kind of physical and mental stability expected in the office? The office of the presidency is probably the most demanding job in the world, yet our 'fearless leader' has spent days of his time sending out thousands of tweets (much more than a teenage Valley Girl), watching Fox and Friends, and weekends on the golf course of his resorts at the expense of the taxpayers to the tune of millions of dollars. (Isn't there a course in DC that doesn't require the shipment of all the secret service personnel, the vehicles, Air Force One, and all the other costs involved so he can play a round?) He spends little time. if any, reading and studying the voluminous amounts of information that is required for a person in that position, unlike all the other presidents preceding him. He gloats about the stock market gains yet it was the Obama administration that inherited the worst economy in 80 years (since the Great Depression) and left office with a record high stock market at the time and the fastest job growth still unmatched by Trump. Trump has been riding the surfboard of the economic expansion that began with the previous administration, yet he takes all the credit by making the outlandish, completely false statement that he 'inherited a mess'. Trump is always ready to take credit for other people's successes and, likewise, ready to blame others for his own failures (i.e. blaming "do nothing democrats" who have passed many bills in the House but still awaiting the Repub led Senate to actually do something with them). Unlike Truman, 'the buck doesn't stop with Trump'. Regarding the recent impeachment hearings, the Repubs want to interview the whistle blower, even though they know perfectly well that there are federal laws in place to protect whistle blowers; however, if his fellow conservatives want to get 'first hand' knowledge, why don't they press the prez to quit blocking those in his administration from testifying? What does Trump have to hide? I guess it's like the tax returns he promised to release before and during his campaign but, although it's an easy promise for him to keep (much easier than building a wall and having Mexico pay for it or repealing and replacing Obamacare), he would rather renege and take it to the courts than do the honest thing like the previous presidents and current candidates for the office. Charlie, do you remember 'Deep Throat', the person whose information was instrumental in bringing down the criminal activities of the Nixon administration? He never testified during the Watergate hearings and was unknown for decades after Nixon's resignation, so the idea that the Repubs need to question the whistle blower any more than they needed to question 'Deep Throat' is a false argument. Although Nixon stated to the American people "I am not a crook", after all was said and done, he was. The Repubs who were so supportive of Nixon finally realized that he was not worthy of holding the highest office in the free world and told him to leave or be removed from office. We have no idea where the present hearings will lead, but the prez has the opportunity to began acting presidential (which he hasn't done since he took office) and defend himself by releasing the testimony hold on people in his administration. The hearings would move much faster, which the Repubs say they want to happen. Yelling "witch hunt", "hoax" (i.e. "I am not a crook") is no defense. It didn't help Nixon.
Posted by Steve
You nailed it Charlie Daniels! AMEN!
Posted by Lisa
Well written I'm just worried about all the corruption in our Government now, will they alter the election to push the Country towards socialism? We need to be vigilant to this, because as we can see they(Democrats) will change what they need so they can stay in power. God Bless America.
Posted by Albert
Thank you
Thank you for your voice of reason and sanity in an unreasonable and insane atmosphere. I pray that those not trying to understand will hunt for answers and not be led to slaughter like cows. They have no idea what they are doing. I have an all new respect for you! Go go and go!
Posted by Marcia
Mr Daniel's, thank you from another grateful American for having the fortitude to express your views in public. Love you're music.
Posted by Roger
All the Impeachment investigations have a Deep Throat.
Mark Felt was a Deep Throat who was angry that Richard Nixon passed him over for the job of FBI Director. Monica Lewinsky was a Deep Throat who did for Bill Clinton what Hillary Clinton refused to do. Today, Adam Schiff performs the same service, more-or-less, for the Anti-Trumpers.
Posted by Allan
History Lesson...
Thanks for your great music and candid opinions CD... I agree with what "Steve" posted below. These hearings, as painful as they are, are a legitimate process. The information brought forth can be judged in the court of public opinion, and voters will benefit in the next cycle from the testimony provided. But we from NY have known Trump to be a bulsitter for a long time... Trump has the balls for gutsy moves at times but lacks morality at others. A flawed, Shakespearean character himself, Trump's hour may be up.
Posted by Steve
I would much rather hear the Devil play his fiddle that hear the Chin Music of that devil Shifty! [Small D]
Posted by Gayle
The Resistance
A perfect article, well written, factual, reasonable and logical. Regrettably, these qualities are like water rolling off a duck to the resistance which is based on lies, hearsay, derangement, innuendo, fantasies, projection and legal gibberish. Trump, probably the most scrutinized man since Jesus, has committed no crime and yet these unhinged politicians, deep state operatives, wing nut diplomats, crooked federal cops, and media wind bags have been so twisted by his straight talk that they’ve gone completely insane and are driven by some deep and dark psychosis to obliterate him despite any relevance to the facts, the law, common sense or, reality itself. The resistance doesn’t belong in a Congressional committee or, in a courtroom. It belongs in a therapists office and Adam Schiff in a straight jacket. You would think that after the Mueller inquisition bombed to the ground in Hindenburg-like fashion these people would have wised up yet incredulously, they are coming after Trump with even more disregard for our laws, norms, traditions, and way of life then before. And when this ill fated impeachment circus disappears into the abyss, the resistance will simply morph into some other phony crusade. The Trump revolution will be studied by political scientists, historians, psychologists, journalists, and the media for years to come as they all couldn’t get past their own enormous egos to see the truth staring them in the face and got it wrong. They remind me of Shakespeare's pompous fool King Lear whose eyes needed to be torn from his head before he could learn to see.
Posted by Frank
He sets a new low for corrupt, incompetent hypocrites, even for the urban cesspools of Kalifornia. His star chamber tactics will be well-remembered come election day. I think even Kalifornians might realize how dangerous he is to the American political strata.
Posted by HM
Well said on shifty
Well said sir and thank you!
Posted by Cindy
Love the Soapbox. I was a rabid socialist until about the age of thirty and then began 35 years of researching my political views. I am now a Conservative. One of the most potent game changer for me was studying The Frankfurt School Think Tank Marxists brought To the USA by Columbia University. Their strategy for destroying our nation , all capitalist nations , is plainly written by the group and easily obtained. Their methodology is called Critical Theory. It directs all socialists to direct their energies in their chosen fields to criticize the country and culture using their art work, or music, or literature . Even science now is being enlisted into critical theory . The universities and colleges are packed to the rafters with professors pumping this stuff into ignorant students, we don’t have a lot of time left to stop this. YouTube search Critical theory and Frankfort School then strap in.
Posted by Wendelin
Crazy state of subversion
So it's all about subverting the will of the people now, just like they subverted the election since 2016. Call it what you want, sedition works for me -- which is only a politer way of saying treason. When you are well down that road, of course, elections mean very little to them anyway. They can serve up what they want, the still loyal majority of Americans aren't buying it.
Posted by Jeff
Mental Health
I truly think there is something mentally wrong with Adam Schiff. He is obsessed with screen plays and it appears that he is literally "acting" when he carries on these rhapsodies and fictional rants as though he is in a trance of some kind. There is something that is just not right with him, scary, as he carries on publicly with lies and jargon as though they are truthful. I wonder if he could actually be dangerous when he finally realizes that people do not put him on a pedestal but question his integrity and mental state.
Posted by Tamara
I live in California, and you nailed it
Way to go Mr. Daniels - I live in the Central Valley - between (what used to be a beautiful city) San Francisco, and where I used to live, LA. My brother and his family live in Whittier, and the other day while all of the parents were dropping off kids at school, a homeless guy was standing there peeing. The principal came out and asked him to move, and the homeless guy punched him in the face. In front of all the kids. Peeing, then punching the pricipal. The beautiful park next to the school is unusable now, because of all of the homeless tents. And what is Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi doing? NOT anything about California - even though they are supposed to "represent" it. I can't even send an email to Mrs. Pelosi, because you have to be in her zip code. At least 25-30 homeless people walk by my window at work every day - or sleep on the bus-stop out in front, or sleep in our bushes in front of the building. These people elected in California are useless. Thank you for being willing to speak out about the corruption of the Democratic Party.
Posted by Kari
Adam Schiff
I say tie him to a pole and poke him in the eyes until he screams out for mercy. And stop, at least until he thinks it's all over and done with. And then poke his eyes again!
Posted by Craig
*NOTE TO GARY* Want to know what won't get your comment published? Accusing Charlie of Anti-Semitism because Adam Schiff is Jewish. This is identity politics at its most blatant. Liberals are immune from criticism because they are either minorities or females. It can't be disagreements on policy or objecting to statements they make, no, it MUST be racism or sexism. That fallacy will not be tolerated here. Your comments could not be any further off mark, Gary. - TeamCDB/BW
Posted by gary
Responding to Kari
It's ironic how liberals want to reduce inequality yet California has a big gap between the haves and the have-nots. This is because the housing regulations and property taxes make the cost of housing much more expensive. Fewer people can afford a roof over their heads. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
adam schiff
they, Schiff, Peolsi ,Nader call themselves Patriots,, they are nithing short of Traitors to our Great America. They created a "kangaroo court" , did NOTHING to help America for three years and spent countless millions of our money on nothing. They should be given a one way ticket to Siberia. so Disgraceful these pathectic Reps. They dont belong in politics, i hope their respective districts see their Shame
Posted by danny
Posted by Patricia
The President
God bless you Charlie Daniels😊❤️ You are a true patriot, and really articulate.
Posted by Kathy
100% Correct!
You nailed it! Schiff is a lying turd. The man has no honor or dignity at all!
Posted by Chad
Such a dumb loser he makes america look so bad.
Posted by mike
Shifty shiff
Im with you my fellow American. It seems the democrats are bent on destroying the America we know & love
Posted by Chris
Pelosi and Schiff
You are spot on. We pay these two for putting this crap out to airwaves. I hope the American public gets rid of these two liars.
Posted by Diane
Yes well it's an emergency!!! Schiff just said we cannot wait till the next election insinuating the voters are to stupid. It IS Republicans fault as much as anyone else for NOT spanking Trump by censuring him. As someone who voted for |Trump I am dissapointed in in his erratic presidency. I can't stand either parties they are crooked and have blinders on .... These Aholes all deserve deportation! Of BOTH parties
Posted by Harold
Shifty Schiff
First-off, would someone who actually read "steve"s comment below, in short, please tell me just what the heck he"s talking, and talking, etc. about? Charlie,, have you noticed any correlation between Schiff when he lies, and his eyes bulging out, with telling the Truth and his eyes normal? Poker players must be having a field day while watching him talk,,, and it would be great to know why sometimes he turns to talk,, to the bench,, behind him. Makes me wish I was a studied poker player! Because he shaves the truth so thin I just Can't Stand to listen to him! It's like listening to X-Pres. Obama, I just hate to hear and listen to him,, Lies,, Lies, Lies! Thank You Charlie, and God Bless America, and Donald Trump!
Posted by Bruce F.
Representative Adam Schiff
You are off base regarding Representative and Manager Adam Schiff. He has attempted to preserve the laws of our Constitution for The United States. You will never make the high class of 21st generation descendant of Patriots who formed America and who fought and some died in every war to preserve all attained here since 1630. You have a loud voice and good intent without proper education between who is acting on behalf of our Constitution and who is killing our Rights. So. On that note, with Mr. Impeached Trump as king of our federal government, I invite you to see Putin applauding and expect you know that upon Mr. Impeached Trump's word and snap of his little fingers, you can lose your rifles and pistols. Jes' sayin'.... Fascism is going down and taking America with him.
Posted by LINDA