Posted on 10.25.2019

Reflections on Turning 83-Years-Old

1936 was not the most prestigious year in American history, although a few noteworthy things did happen.

It was a leap year, Franklin Roosevelt was President, the New York Yankees beat the then New York Giants in six games of the World Series and the Statue of Liberty celebrated 50 years of standing in the New York Harbor.

Among the rather mundane happenings of 1936, on October 28, Charles Edward Daniel was born at Cape Fear Memorial Hospital in Wilmington North Carolina.

You may notice I used the name Daniel, with no “S,” which is the proper family name, but, since my Daddy was to change jobs and locations numerous times during my early years, necessitating my also changing schools as much as three times in a school year, and Dad’s paymasters and my teacher’s intrepid insistence on adding an “S” to our names, we decided that if we couldn’t beat them, well you know the rest, and we became the Daniels family, the only ones in my father’s family to do so.

After all this happening in my early life, you can imagine my surprise, when we actually located a copy of my birth certificate, which was written out in long hand with a fountain pen, and discovered that whoever did the clerical honors that day over 8 decades ago had added an “S” to my name.

Oh, well…

As I approach my 83rd birthday, upon reflection, I can’t imagine having been alive at a more interesting time in history.

I have seen the advent of FM radio, television, jet aircraft, wonder drugs facilitating the cure and stamping out of once deadly diseases. I was around for the manned first moon landing, digital technology and nuclear power and remember the dropping of the - Thank God - only atomic bombs.

I’ve lived through a world war, several regional ones, remember the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the construction and the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the building of the Interstate Highway System, the destruction of the World Trade Center, the impeachment of a president and the assassination of another one and I’ve seen music change directions more times than I can remember.

To say that God has blessed me would be a gross understatement, as I have spent the last sixty-one years making a living as a professional musician, the only thing I ever wanted to do since I learned three chords on Russell Palmer’s old beat up Stella guitar in my early teen years.

I have had things happen to me in my career that I didn’t even have the imagination to dream about in the early years.

I have been married to the same woman for fifty-five years and she is just as beautiful as she was when I met her in Tulsa all those years ago. I am still deliriously in love with her and our life together is exciting and adventurous and we never get tired of each other’s company.

We have a son and we are blessed to have him live just a few minutes away and he never fails to hug both of us every time we see him. He is the apple of our eyes.

We live at the exact location we want to be on in Tennessee, our house is on a hill where we can look across and watch the Hereford cattle graze in the pastures. The barn is just down the hill and I can be sitting astride a good horse in a short time.

There is a pond with some big and illusive largemouth bass and a small firing range on the back of the ranch.

I love the people I work with to the point that they are my extended family and they take incredible care of me.

Our office is just down the road and there is a recording studio out back, and if I ride a horse or grab a four-wheeler I can get there without even setting foot off our property.

I love my job, the travel, the camaraderie and especially walking on stage in front of a crowd of people and playing music we have created for them.

I have no plans to retire, we have close to fifty dates already on the books for 2020 and intend to accept at least 50 more.

God has blessed me with being a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame, a couple of those things I didn’t even have the imagination to dream about in the early years.

He has healed me from cancer, stroke and some heart problems.

I love God, Jesus Christ, the church we attend, and this nation.

So, as I soon turn 83 years old I have no complaints, just a grateful heart and an unquenchable excitement about what’s over the next hill.

Bring it on!!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Here's To 83
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie here's to turning 83 and wishing you many many more blessed with your family and career. I can say I have enjoyed your music since 73 and Uneasy RIder, still a favorite of mine, and enjoy your latest endeavor Beau Weevils. Times are a changing sir, faster ever year, God is Great and he has sent us a Trump so we can continue to enjoy his greatness in this great country....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Brother ( VICK )
Charlie I'm sure you remember my brother VICK he played with you boys for a few years. I am his brother Buzz. my wife and I attended a country show last week end of a local group named Country Wild and they were ok but the thing that got me was when they did your song The Devil Went down to Georgia and it brought pictures in my head of my brother Vick and you. They were good but nobody does it like Charlie. God Bless Brother. By the way you got one year on me brother. Iam 82.
Posted by Albert
Happy birthday my friend l have enjoyed knowing you & seeing you perform over the past 40 years love you and God bless you with many more
Posted by Larry
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Daniels. I have always enjoyed your posts and tweets and your stories about your early days in music are inspiring. Thank you and rock on!
Posted by Charles
Thanks for the wonderful years of music
It has been my pleasure to enjoy your music for all these many years. Kudos on a life well lived
Posted by Sandy
Happy Birthday!!! I grew up listening to your music.
Posted by Bill
Happy Birthday, Charlie. I follow you on November 14, so I always remember how old I am. The Angelus kids join me in wishing you ongoing love, health, energy, and the ability to keep helping everyone! We love you Charlie and Hazel!!!
Posted by Pauline
Thank you
I have enjoyed following you for many years. Thank you for keeping our Country and God in everything you do. We are better people because of you. Hal
Posted by Hal
Dalke Hollow is better.
Why didn't you choose Dale Hollow?
Posted by Allan
NC State Fair
I saw your show at the NC State Fair a few days ago and as usual it was great!
Posted by perry
Mr. Daniels it sounds like you have had an adventurous and rewarding life! Upon saying that, I recently enjoyed watching you and Travis Tritt at the Coushatta casino pavilion. It's remarkable that you sound the same way you did from decades ago, and you're lively with energy! Keep up with your great performances and awesome music making! I'd like to wish you a very Happy Birthday Mr. Daniels and have many more!!!
Posted by Pat
God bless you
Just went to see you at Pikeville KY and wanted to say what a blessing it is to listen to someone who is a Patriot and such a Godly Man Cant wait to see you again
Posted by Chris
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday sir.I picked you up at your RV in Knoxville and you were dressed in some wild colored pants to go play golf at Holston Country Club with a friend.I stopped for you to get coffee and no one recognized you with the ball cap and sunglasses.You were so kind to everyone you met.I knew the that as famous as you were you were the genuine thing.GOD BLESS YOU SIR .HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Posted by Valerie
Happiest of Birthdays To A Hero!
Dear Mr. Daniels, Please accept my most sincere wishes for a wonderful, peaceful, family and love filled birthday. I've spent a bit of time reading all about you, in your own words and those of others, but I was stopped in my tracks by the picture of you and Mr. James Brown. You see, I work for Boss Hogg Radio in the sleepy little town of Plant City, FL. As a DJ with, well, unusual programs, it is my desire to feature an outstanding musician who has contributed to contemporary American life, and to that end, I do a lot of research. When I first started listening to your songs, SO Country, SO Southern, I smiled and said, "Yep, that's Country.", in the most traditional sense. Then I started listening to the words, and realized, THAT is a man speaking his honest mind, a rarity these days, and I became a fan. Mind you, I'm a jazz, R&B, pop, rock & roller from way back, even though this station is heavy on Country music. To their credit, they let me play and pretty much say, what I like, and I like you. So on Monday, October 28th, I'm dedicating my entire show to you, your music and your life and sincerely wishing you a wonderful birthday. The world is a better place because YOU are in it! Sincerely, Zoraida aka "The Fabulous Lady Z" Colon y Munoz de Collado
Posted by Zoraida
HAPPY Birthday
Happy Birthday MR. Daniels. Love reading your Post.
Posted by Jody
Happy Birthday
Charlie, Happy Birthday! Thank you for the music. What you said about being around to see all of those new things made me think I should ask my grandma what it was like seeing a TV for the first time or a using a computer.
Posted by Kurt
Happy Birthday!
Mr. Daniels, happy birthday, and here's to at least 83 more years. You also were the opposite of the old joke, too, about the 100-year-old man being interviewed. The reporter says, "You've seen a lot of changes in your lifetime." The 100-year-old replied, "Yes, and I opposed every one of them!"
Posted by Michael
Happy Birthday !
Charlie Daniels, I wish you a Happy Birthday ! -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
83 Years Old!!
Happy Birthday Charlie and many more!! You make beautiful music and obviously live a great life. All the best to you, your wife and family and to your band. Keep on pick in’ J
Posted by Jerry
Happy 83!
You've been gracing my ears since I found you with "Million Mile Reflections" (to which I'm currently listening,.. which is why I surfed on over to your blog). Saw you in Torrington, CT a few years back too. Always enjoy your music and your political commentaries as well. Like minds, sir. Here's to many more trips around the sun, Mr. Daniel(s). :)
Posted by MICHAEL