Posted on 07.26.2019

Unfortunate Miscalculation

I will say at the outset that I have never believed the accusations of Russian collusion the Democrats have been trying to prove on President Trump for the last three years and had no expectations that Robert Mueller’s testimony before congressional committees would do anything to change my mind in the least.

But I was, however, expecting a vigorous, well put together rehash of the information contained in the report that bears his name, an ordered and well-prepared presentation that would leave enough loose threads for the Democrats, who were foaming at the mouth in apprehension of his appearance, to get their teeth on in their never-ending effort to extend the hearings into the presidential election.

I was looking for a dignified, well spoken, battle-hardened “old hand” approach by Mueller which would exude confidence and command the kind of respect that would make any Interrogator think twice about their line and manner of questioning, lest they would be made to look a fool in the eyes of the nation by this man the media and the Democrats touted as a paragon of virtue, irreproachable hero of justice who would, at last provide the path to impeachment they so desperately sought.

They expected him to salt his testimony with innuendo and subtle signals that he considered the president to be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and give credence to their fevered attempt to unseat a duly elected president.

What them, and the rest of the nation got was an unprepared, out of sync, obviously ill at ease lawyer who seemed burnt out on the whole process, dependent on an assistant and seemingly unfamiliar with what he had “written,” literally to the point that it makes one wonder how much he actually had to do with the document and how much hands-on involvement he had in the operation.

Mueller seemed disjointed, removed and tenuous, contradicting himself and fumbling over his responses, deflecting and refusing to answer inquiries that seemed rather trivial in the overall objectivity of the investigation.

To think that this will probably be the thing most remembered about this man who has devoted his life to public service, served in the Marine Corps, head of the FBI, and many other prestigious undertakings, it seems a shame and, in a sense, unfair.

He didn’t want to testify, he made that perfectly clear, that he would only divulge information already contained in the report and that he felt he had nothing left to add. He wanted to be left alone.

But personal concerns and human compassion are in short supply on Capitol Hill and Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler cared for neither Mueller’s feelings nor the way the public would perceive him and to their shame insisted that he appear. As long as there was the remotest possibility he would say something that would further their obsessive political ambitions, they would demand that he make an appearance, health and peace of mind be damned.

So, what did they achieve?

They made the public even more sick of this farce and, although they will continue with the subpoenas, investigations and forcing people to testify before their committees, they have shown the country their true colors, their unbridled malice and hate and the absolute fact they’d rather pursue their own obsessions than to take care of the mountain of needs this hurting nation has.

I can’t and would never attempt to speak for anybody else but myself but I am so sick of not just what Nadler and Schiff are doing, but the ridiculous antics of the “Odd Squad,” the showboats in Congress who know their impeachment efforts will fail, but continue just to keep their faces before the TV cameras and all the rest of the self-important buffoons who pollute and subvert our political system.

If America is ever given a national enema, the nozzle should be inserted in DC.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Reprobate Minds
Amen, Amen and Amen Charlie, these democrats, AKA socialists and fascists that are taking the party off the cliff at the speed of light have given themselves over to reprobate minds and there is no hope for them. Mom used to say whre there is life there is hope but I don't believe that can be applied to these new demoncrats. We find them in Psalm 36:12 King James Version 12 There are the workers of iniquity fallen: they are cast down, and shall not be able to rise. Make no mistake about it mister, these people are as dangerous and calculated in their dastardly deeds as radical Muslims. If we could insert the nozzle in Washington DC, the Grand Canyon could not hold all the bull that would flow when we remove the nozzle :) nuff said God Bless the USA & Israel . The lake of fire is what these antisemite's deserve. Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Mr. Daniels, I definitely agree that the Democrats just used Mueller with no regard for him at all. Even worse, I think the Deep State Swamp used him as a figurehead to try to setup the President. They knew they were using him as bait the day they had Mueller "interview" with President Trump. They wanted President Trump to feel betrayed the next day when Mueller was made special counsel. They knew that there was no collusion, but they could try obstruction and thereby impeachment if President Trump had Mueller fired. Mueller was just a puppet in all of this. I think that's why he appears as he does. He knows he's between a rock and a hard place. I just don't feel bad for him. He made his bed in the past and he's finding now that it's very uncomfortable to sleep in it. It would be different if he'd come clean of all the wrongdoing. Little chance of that, though. The Democrats are all in on this. Anyway, best to you and your family (extended, too).
Posted by Mark
Well said Mr. Daniels
Posted by Davis S.
You have the narrative right Mr.Daniels I to believe that the man from day one was nothing more than a figurehead and this past week proved it.I find it sad for the country when the truth no longer applies if it gets in the way of a socialist/communist agenda.The media is so tied up in this it is beyond reprehension take this from earlier today “We may not have won the battle of impeachment,” Deutsch squealed, “but we’re going to win the war of putting him in jail — whatever we have to do, and we’re not going to necessarily play fair.” So what you have here is an anchor for a major cable news outlet assuring everyone that when it comes to putting an individual in prison, “we’re not going to … play fair.”
Posted by Kevin
My biggest concern about the future of this great nation ... what’s going to happen in 2024 when Trump leaves office ... he is the only adult in DC. We have no one in the wings to replace him ... possibly Trey Gowdy ...
Posted by Ron
Unfortunate Miscalculation - Democrats incurable Trump Derangement Sydrome
Amen and Amen!!! (Ha - As I was typing I noticed another voicing Amen's) You hit the nail on the head and I can't really add anything more succinct but wanted you to know that I agree wholeheartedly!!!!! I am so grateful for our President and amazed at what he has accomplished while under such a cloud of excrement thrown at him by the media and the libs!
Posted by Tom & Kathi
About your post
Amen Charlie Daniels
Posted by Lorraine
Bless us all
I use to see these words of wisdom every day on facebook..I dont see his posts any more and i so look forward to them..God Bless this man, Us all and the USA
Posted by Maria
Well said, Mr. Daniels!
Posted by Joyce
Old lawyers never die,
... they just get alzheimer's and go nuts in public.
Posted by Allan