Posted on 02.08.2019

The Green New Primrose Path to Oblivion

The world is going to end in twelve years.

Is there some dire ancient prophecy, some newly discovered writing predicting the future 12-year period in which Planet Earth would just give up the ghost, all human and animal life would die from the greenhouse gas effect?

Is that where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her inside information that Planet Earth is on her last legs and will cease to be inhabitable in the Year of our Lord 2031?

Seems that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and the Lunatic Legislative Fringe of the Democratic Party have arrived, just in the nick of time to save the planet with a bit of frivolity called “The Green New Deal,” a ditzy piece of proposed legislation that would abolish the use of fossil fuels within ten years.

In other words, Ocasio-Cortez and her merry band of somnambulant geniuses would accomplish in ten short years what American industry and the greatest scientists on the planet have been trying to do for most of the last half-century and are still several decades away from, the weaning of America off oil and coal.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and her looney bin brain trust claim that this movement would create millions of new jobs.

Well, I certainly hope so since all the jobs in the energy sector, exploration and harvesting of petroleum, coal and uranium, (Oh, and I forgot to tell you, no nuclear power allowed) would be done away with, which would mean the junking of oil tanker ships, pipelines, railroad cars and crews that move petroleum and coal across the country, and the millions of people who are employed in these industries, not to mention miners, refinery workers, oil field employees, automotive workers, filling stations, mechanics, tire and parts manufacturing, railroads, trucking companies and uncountable satellite businesses who depend on the energy industry to exist.

Oh, and one boon for the railroads, after all air traffic is grounded for using fossil fuel, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez says that high-speed trains would transport the masses. I can’t help but wonder if these super choo-choos will run on air, or maybe just the will of the ideologues who think this stuff up.

It will be interesting - not to mention super dangerous - when our enemies realize that our fighter and bomber fleets have been grounded and that our troops will be riding on high-speed trains where a couple of fighter jets could destroy a whole division with a couple of flybys.

And we won’t even have any of those fossil-fueled missiles to shoot back with.

Can’t wait to see how the train bridge across the Pacific will be built without fossil fuel power, maybe a fleet of snowflakes in rowboats, or maybe Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is working plans for a floating train for international travel.

Oh, I forgot…they have to stay home in their comfort zones.

I guess electric cars are in our future folks, and I reckon these Washington wunderkinds have figured out how to produce enough electricity to charge 254.4 million cars every day, not to mention trucks, trains, and the lights on The Great White Way without using one drop of oil or coal. Yes, that’s one of the things that people seem to not understand when touting electric cars. Most of the time, the electricity for these cars that are “saving the planet” comes from fossil fuels.

Wind power only works when there are sufficient winds, otherwise, the wind turbines are often powered by - you guessed it - fossil fuels.

America, which has withstood everything enemies have thrown at it for over two hundred years would become totally defenseless, vulnerable to any attack from the air, unable to repel land invasion, unable to any rapid response, no planes, no helicopters.

Just because the U.S. would be foolish enough to go down the road of economic ruin, planned destruction of industry and safety doesn’t mean that our enemies will follow suit.

American industry would come to a screeching halt, the production and transportation of food would be so hampered that widespread famine would result.

The production and means for timely delivery of life-saving medicine and everything from baby formula to corn meal would cease to flow.

In essence, the Green New Deal is a fallacy, an unrealistic fantasy with no practical answers, rhetoric without remedy, a lamp with no genie, a one-way street to Third World status. An “Alice in Wonderland” dream, dreamed by those who live in a fog of unreality who blame the problems of the world on those who dare to prosper and cow flatulence.

The point I’m trying to make folks is that this silly Shanghai La cannot be accomplished in ten years, and if there is one pragmatist, one patriot, one person in the Democratic Party with enough common sense left to count to one and enough love left for this nation, then they need to stand up and assure the American people that they will not countenance this nightmare that would ruin the greatest nation the world has ever known in ten short years.

Somebody needs to reign in the kindergartners.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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New And Green
It ain't new and it ain't green. I think the people in the Bronx elected her as a joke. Either that or they're the dumbest people on the planet.
Posted by David
PLease continue to educate and pray for this country. These leftest communist are alarming, to say the least. Look how many 2020 hopefuls are on board with this abomination. God have mercy on us all.
Posted by LISA
She needs to be institutionalized
Posted by rex
Green New Deal
I believe everything you said. I would interject that the deal specifies (don’t know exact language) “most” fossil fuel use will cease. This gives them the opportunity now to name exemptions, military...LEO...emergency services would still benefit from fossil fuels HOWEVER the truth is the elite, the connected, the powers that be, will always have access to everything we sacrifice and will decide who and when anyone else gets access. It’s about complete control.
Posted by Jeanne
The End May Be Near
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, the end may be near but it dang sure ain't cause what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, believes or does. It will because the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob says so, it took Noah around 60 years to build the Ark and cows have been passing gas for thousands of years. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just like a fart in a whirlwind or a dog chasing a car she would not be happy if she got a hold of that chrome bumper ....nuff said keep on keep'n on sir, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Coming Green Dreamers
Great piece, Charlie. Got to hand it to them, propagandists have been very, very busy. Here is the difference: they used to prefer the sneakier stealth approach in the past. (which some D's still do) But now it is unabashed red socialism in your face. But that "Lunatic Legislative Fringe" is not out on the fringes. It's become mainstream and institutionalized. We dare not underestimate stupidity. Trump wants to juice the economy...Dems want to junk it. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Green dream
Fantastic article!
Posted by Laura
Spot on! It is amazing that no one in the government has not made any single one of these points. I have been saying for years that they must not understand where electricity comes from for their cars. Now they are reaching a whole new level of crazy.
Posted by Anne
This is what our leftist higher education puts out.. elitist that dictate third world lifestyle to the masses while they enjoy the fruits of our backbreaking labor
Posted by Jim
What's the deal with AOC?
The fact that AOC and her cronies are being taken seriously by Dems is a testimony to the decline of American brain power! Idk if their brains ran on fossil fuels and they've already shut them down, but I've stopped encouraging snowflakes to vote. Idiocy is contagious these days, it seems. And "FREE" stuff is going to end the freedoms of those greedy enough to vote for it. It's all about the "green," isn't it?
Posted by Elsie
green new deal
dear brother, i am a bi vocational baptist preacher from north carolina. i want to thank you for standing up for our faith and our rights.i have been a fan of yours since i was a small child, but as i grew as a christian i began to see that god put you in a position to have a voice in the world to defend what is right. thanks again on where you stand on freedom, guns, and our christian faith. jeff russ
Posted by jeff
Response to LISA
Since Trump will be the incumbent running for re-election (with no republican presidential primary in 2020), conservatives need to vote for the least liberal candidate in the 2020 democrat primary. Trump might win the general election. But we don’t know that. In case he doesn’t win, we want his opponent to be as least liberal as possible. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Charlie Daniels comments
iI agree totally with mr. Daniels and i two have questions, Mr. Schumer, if six or seven individuals can over stay their visa's go underground, destroy the two most iconic buildings in the world and murder over 3000 innocent men, women and children of all faiths and nationalities and accomplish it with "Boxcutters" please explain to me why you have no concern for uncontrolled and unprotected borders having virtually no clue who is coming nor why? Why are you more concerned with deportation of illegals but no concern what so ever with abortion? Just a couple of questions for you to ponder! Regards Richard Tinder
Posted by Richard
I've had a few beers with folks doing maintenance on these wind generators......a few years ago, keep in mind, so things may have changed. There's no way to store this energy. Wind goes down: done. Think about that.
Posted by Wayne
AGENDA 2030 is the New Green Deal
Hello Charlie Daniels it's been awhile... The Green New Deal is further proof our government has become completely corrupted and no longer serves the American people. No we were all sold out when they ratified AGENDA 21 which is now called AGENDA 2030 or how the BABYLONIAN TALMUDIC ASHKENAZI FAKE JEW EMPIRE headed by the ROTHSCHILD'S CRIME FAMILY plans to rule all the gentiles and the planet by claiming the book they wrote called the Talmud gives them that right and goes on to say we are all bound by the Talmud to be under the 7 Noahide laws that the Sanhedrin will judge us by once their MESSIAH shows up around Purim to take his seat and be pronouced King of Israel ruler of the planet and all us gentiles. Although in the old days they called him Pharoah. All I know is these days nothing will surprise me what surprises me is so many people dont notice anything. Peace, Joe crow
Posted by Joe