Posted on 01.07.2019

All About Themselves

“And that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

We are all familiar with this excerpt from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, powerful words that sum up the proper governing philosophy for America in one simple phrase.

I wonder what Mr. Lincoln would think about how his words, and what they mean, are being ignored by the political leaders of today.

It is no longer of the people, by the people or for the people when it comes to Congress, it’s no longer of the people by the people, for the people, it’s all about them.

Makes no difference what the people of this nation want, it’s what a body of power-hungry, self-serving, special interest controlled professional politicians need to stay in office, wasting our tax money on pre-doomed projects like Solyndra, allowing the law of the land to be broken over and over again at the southern border in hopes of building an unbeatable voter base.

We are, even now, going into week three of a government shutdown that has nothing to do with budgets, money or any other rational reason, but a war of egos between the two major political parties.

The truth of the matter is that these egomaniacal, self-important, empty suits (and pants suits) don’t give a tinker’s damn about the suffering that the shutdown is causing the people they are SUPPOSED to be serving, they don’t care if the rent gets paid or the baby gets milk, that doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that they can set down to their full course meals, fly around in taxpayer-funded airplanes, quaff their martini’s, never miss a mortgage payment, and now at the altar where they worship the idols of indifference and betrayal, the unholy sacrificing of the well-being of America so their accursed, clay-footed, soul-destroying political parties can survive.

It’s not politics anymore, it’s a full-fledged religion, the worship of the false gods of power and they will stoop to ANY level to get and maintain it. They have become secular Pharisees, usurping the truth of our founders’ intentions, ignoring or twisting the law to their favor.

Do you think that a body of men and women who condone and subsidize the murder of millions of unborn babies every year, who have actually approved and helped finance border walls for other countries really give a hangnail about whether a wall is built across the southern border of our nation, a wall that they themselves approved of as long as they could claim credit for the idea?

And, in a fight over this, they are willing to shut down the government and let the people suffer, and at the same time show our enemies the soft underbelly of political division in this country.

I’m beginning to believe that politics is a sickness, a contagious disease that burns the morals and humanity out of a person and replaces it with an insatiable hunger for power and an uncontrollable urge to spend other people’s money to get it and obtain it.

And no, although I firmly believe that the kind of wall that is being proposed would be the best answer to our immigration problems, I put just as much blame for intractability and greedy obstinance on the “R”s as I do on the “D”s.

The Republicans had their chance, they held the House before the election and, in true GOP fashion, blew it to high heaven.

I have seen people from my home state of Tennessee, people I had grown to respect on a local level, go on to Washington and become just as tainted and self-serving as the DC perennials, and it only takes a few months.

Of the people, by the people, for the people??


They care nothing at all about the people, and if you could check you would find out that they are totally out of touch and completely out of compassion for life in America, which they have so much to do with, and how their idiotic reticence and childish infighting makes them look like they should be wearing a dunce cap.

Now the byword of the Democrats is “impeach”, knowing that it’s totally hopeless, but if they can just waste enough time and distract the president enough that he can’t get anything accomplished they would have accomplished their goal.

Never mind guilt or innocence, never mind making the nation suffer just to promote your putrid political aspirations, just destroy the opposition and in the process the nation.

Just remember, we reap what we sow.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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All about themselves.
I came home in 1971 and had to hide my face in shame because the American news media and people like John Kerry had made most people in America hate veterans. When Ronald Reagan was elected he made me proud to be an American again. At least he could get some democrats on his side. As I look back now for the last thirty years our government has been in control of the globalist. The Bushes weren't any better than Clinton or Obama, they just wasn't quite as obvious. President Trump has opened the door on that old house down in Georgia on a hot July night. The cockroaches are scattering everywhere. Charlie I have kids, grand kids and a great granddaughter now. I pray for President Trump and America everyday.
Posted by David
All About Themselves
BRAVO, Mr Daniels! BRAVO!!!
Posted by Zelva
Reap & Weep They Will
Amen, Amen and Amen Charlie they will reap & weep what they are sowing. I have said before the democrats and republicans are nothing but a two headed snake, bear in mind that the only good snake is a dead one. These slithering slimming politicians remind me of the definition of the words poli is from the Latin and means polish or smooth and a tick which is a blood sucking parasite, therefore it don't matter how slick they appear they are nothing but blood suckers that will not stop until they have sucked us dry. This is what is so refreshing about President Trump, he tweets exactly what he thinks, like it or not, Presidential correctness be damned. He does what he says he is going to do, eg. move the Embassy to Jerusalem, create 100's of thousands of manufacturing jobs that the sodomite said were gone, unemployment low, level the playing field on foreign trade and on and on.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
All about themselves
Sir, I agree with you on many points. There are people working behind the scenes since Pres Trump took office. They are working to remove the deep state. It takes time. They have been there for years and years. Thanks
Posted by Karen
All about themselves so true.
Wow. Very well said Mr Daniels, I agree with every word you wrote.
Posted by Joanne
My thoughts exactly.
Posted by Dot
Agree wholeheartedly. Now what do we do??!!! How does the average Joe fight back?!? I truly fear our country is headed for another civil war. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the Only answer imo
Posted by Meg
All About Themselves
Very well said. You are exactly right
Posted by Pam
All About Themselves
Posted by Colleen
Mr. Daniels. You should be in D.C. You make it so easy to know the way things should be. How come they have to fight to stop something that would keep everybody so much safer. Do they not listen to the news of all these young cops being killed? God help them if it were one of their own. Pray every day things will get better just don’t know when. Love reading your soap box every Monday. Take care
Posted by Donna
All About Themselves
I couldn't agree more! The only thing you've left out is the real reason they're fighting the wall. They want more people here to disperse among the districts for gerrymandering, alotting of Fed funding for said Districts and power over all of them. They're trying to outnumber us to accomplish this. Aside from that, they're all heavily invested in the illegal trades and human trafficking. Their dividends will drop to nill if we stop the inflow from the Southern Border. Each type of contraband that makes it through is essentially it's own source of their riches. It is disheartening to find out and know these things but it is necessary in order to stop it. Fear not. Trump is not letting people go hungry nor without pay. It may be delayed but they will get it. In the mean time, they shouldn't be sitting around not trying to have income in the interim. GO GET A PART TIME TEMP JOB AND take care of your situation. You can apply from home most of the time. Actually, you have to apply online for the majority of jobs these days. Sitting around waiting for this to end is NOT a good idea. Wanting sympathy for sitting there and doing nothing to make sure for yourself that you and yours are taken care of is not something I can sympathize with easily. I worked too hard for too many years, and had to restart too many times for me to be able to conceive of sitting and complaining but not DOING anything about it YOURSELF, for yourself. Sorry, not sorry. Your Government does not owe you a job. It owes you an explanation and sincere apologies on a WHOLE LOT of things, but a job is not part of that deal.
Posted by Lana
We the People
The truth never spoken in a more powerful way. Thank you for being who you are Charlie.
Posted by James
DC Self-servers
Thank you for this article! We have been saying these very things for decades....And about Mr Trump since before he came down the staircase to announce running. They haven't let up. Day after day, it's a new "charge" backed by the media, who is also following the God of hatred. I have prayed for Presidents I felt were taking us down, but no matter what, we do need to humble ourselves before God before he will heal our land. Hopefully, there are enough of us earnestly praying and standing for truth...TRUTH! Than, you,
Posted by Barbara
Take the funds see who runs.
I am a for the people type of person. I believe we should be teaching people to take care of themselves instead of allowing the working class taking care of the lazy masses. If we the people were to truly condemn lobbying and vote to make it illegal. To the point that if your hand is out for a hand out it will be removed. Then we will stop payment on any future gains you might have had after leaving office. The people will no longer pay your way if you put yourself above the people. If officials want to make money other than their paychecks from the people. Then leave office. Go into the private sector to do so. I propose we write a bill vilifying any lobbying for any party for any reason! I just don't know how to go about it. Stop these parisites from getting rich while we the people suffer.
Posted by Michelle
All About Themselves
Return to the Lord or coming to know the Lord is the only way Washington will ever be returned to the people and government cleaned up. We have devolved as a nation. Remember when God was removed from schools and made to be the bad guy? Seems to me that was the start of the downfall.
Posted by Owen
In a Word
Posted by Jeff
All About Themselves
I totally agree Charlie. What can we do? It sure doesn't seem to help when we let our Senators and Congressmen know how we feel. Is it all in God's hands?
Posted by MaryAnne
Here's an Idea
We can EASILY prevent people from sneaking across the southern border without a wall. A blockade of armed border patrol agents, available anywhere on the border at a moment’s notice, is effective enough to make a steel/concrete wall obsolete. If Trump accepts this instead of a wall, wonderful! If not, offer this PLUS a wall, and Trump won’t be able to claim the wall as something that works. If Trump insists on not using enough other resources to make a wall obsolete, with or without a wall itself, then does he really care about defending the border? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Owen
Owen, people must’ve done something years earlier that lead to prayer being taken out of school. I don’t really buy into the idea that society used to be loyal to God but not anymore. I see faith in God as something people do as individuals, not together as a nation. I think society was dominated by Christian-in-name-only hypocrites before becoming secular. This would explain so many un-Christian things being done in a so-called Christian nation. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
the worship of the false gods
It does sort of seems a little like that spot where before Moses came down off the mountain, the people had already fashioned themselves a Golden Calf to lead them, but no one wanted to really admit how it all happened. ~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Your Soap Box
Thanks for the common sense you add to my daily Left Coast life. Please keep it coming.
Posted by Ed
a wall
A wall? A huge pile of cement blocking the border of new opportunities is going to secure us? There’s always going to be alternative ways. This wall will cost US citizens more money than we can begin to process. And the fact that trump shut down the government for that money is obsurd. What happened to Mexico paying for it? Was that a lie? How will this wall guarantee that nobody else will come in?
Posted by Elizabeth