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Anti-Semitism in Our Time - Soapbox Rewind

*NOTE* Charlie normally writes a new soapbox on Monday, but we flipped the script this week so a post on his 82nd birthday went up in place of a rewind on Friday, so we're running a rewind today. In light of the tragic massacre in Pittsburgh, here's a soapbox of his from 2014 on the worldwide problem of anti-Semitism. - TeamCDB/BW

I know there will always be prejudiced people for as long as there are human beings inhabiting this planet. There will always be small-minded individuals who will consider themselves to be a cut above a segment of the population and look down on them with disdain, sometimes harboring feelings deep and dark enough to motivate them to persecution and even bodily harm.

I know there are ancient vendettas and tribal grudges that can last thousands of years and make enemies who can't even remember why they hate each other.

I know there are families who pass along racial prejudice like a family heirloom, indoctrinating their children with the same hate virus that was passed down to them by their forebears.

But, in all that makes common sense, you would think that the day of institutionalized prejudice in the Western World would have taught it's evil lesson and moved on, relegated to a few dark pages in the archives of history.

In the Eastern European nations, amongst a population who lived for decades under the iron heel of the old Soviet Union fenced in, held back and terrorized by secret police, a people who - by all logic - should appreciate the rights and dignity of all people, anti-Semitism is raising it's ugly head.

The same kind of collective thinking that lead Nazi Germany into decades of suppression and persecution and eventually to ruin is, if not yet pervasive, has been gathering support and is becoming a political issue of national prominence.

In Hungary there is a political party that calls itself Jobbik that is openly anti-Semitic - and as Hitler did in the 30’s - is trying to blame the economic and other woes of their nation on the Jews, accusing them of being agents for Israel and America, spying and looking for opportunities to destabilize the country.

It's unbelievable that in the twenty-first century a political party that bases so much of their platform on hate and prejudice could be expected to garner enough of the vote in the next election to become a political force.

Maybe it's not so far fetched as it would seem to rational people as the last pages of history will be played out in Israel when the forces of the world align themselves against the Jews and gather in the valley of Megiddo – known in Greek as Armageddon - to march into Jerusalem and put an end to the "Jewish Problem" once and for all.

That is when the human race will finally be convinced for all time that mortal man cannot fight against Almighty God. The Bible says that God Himself will fight for Israel, and the result will not be pretty as blood runs to the level of a horse's bridle and millions of dead bodies lie in the Jezreel Valley as roughly 85% of the army of millions is destroyed by the hand of the God who promised Abraham that "he who blesses you, I will bless, and he who curses you I will curse."

Since God's word never changes and His promises stand forever, there will be nations judged by the way they treated Israel and what bothers me most of all is wondering where the United States of America stands on Israel under the leadership of Barack Obama.

With Vladimir Putin on the rampage, China growing stronger every day, the idiot who rules North Korea and the Islamic nations feelings toward Israel, could this not lead to some loose alliance among the power hungry to come against Israel en masse?

And no, my cherry picking friends, I am neither a prophet nor a soothsayer and I am not predicting that this is going to happen. I am merely pointing out, that in my admittedly layman's understanding of the Holy Bible, such a happening would not violate the scriptures.

Things can happen so swiftly these days, just think, Putin was hosting an Olympics and, Crimea was not a part of Russia a couple of months ago and there were not Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.

I just want the world to know that I love my Jewish brothers and sisters and pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem and detest the anti-Semitism abroad in the world today and there's one thing I know.

There will always be an Israel, maybe battled scarred and war weary, but there will always be an Israel.

I have that on the Highest Authority.

What so you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Don't Forget the Private Sector
Even though Obama is no longer president, it needs to be pointed out that there's more to what America is than just the government. If our government becomes unfriendly to Israel, that doesn't mean that America as a nation is this way. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Shoot Back
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, God's Word is true and all of it will come to pass. What we saw in Pittsburgh is pure evil and continues because of the spiritual aspect of Jesus being a Jew and the promises of God. America has prospered because of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and will continue as we back Israel. I have no doubt that the so called blue wave has petered out as we now have President with the gonads to call for the execution of the murderer in Pittsburgh, a President who supports the Constitution of the USA as it was written, one who backs the Second Amendment, one who tells the people that being armed is necessary and will help minimize these tragedies. Any pastor, priest or rabbi who does not have at least armed members in his congregation is failing his responsibility to protect his flock, nuff said God Bless the USA and the Jewish people, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Obama was the anti-Semite.
EPISODE ONE ) - When Obama first spoke with Netanyahu, by phone, he made certain the White House photographer was called in to take a snap of him sitting back on his chair with his feet up on the desk. This was to send along to publications throughout the Arab world to show him disrespecting the leader of the Jewish state. This photo later made its way into the pages of The Atlantic magazine here; American Jews mostly rubbed their eyes in disbelief. - EPISODE TWO ) - When Prime Minister Netanyahu was called in to the White House, Obama ordered him around. When he would have none of it, Obama made certain to be photographed leaving the White House to go to dinner while Netanyahu waited alone. It was, again, a major insult to us Jews, but most of my family and friends (NOT me) just rubbed their eyes in disbelief. I at that point understood that Obama was indeed as anti-Semitic as Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright. - SKIPPING MANY MORE EPISODES TO THE END OF THE OBAMA YEARS ) - Obama left by giving billions of dollars to Iran to purchase the missiles which have been supplied to Gaza and Lebanon, and which have in fact been fired into Israel over the past three weeks. (The Fake News media has refused to cover this, so I am certain most readers here don't even realize that Israel is on the brink of all-out war again. (Read the Jerusalem Post for the REAL NEWS (in English).)) - ALSO ) - Obama voted against Israel at the UN as his going-away present. - CONCLUSION ) - The murder of the eleven innocent Jews in Pittsburgh are Obama's fault (and by extension the fault of liberal Democrats who bash Israel all the time), and are NOT the fault of President Trump (nor by extension the fault of conservative Republicans). This all has caused a rift in the American Jewish community, and also has caused most Israeli Jews to conclude that liberal American Jews are either nuts or else flat-out self-hating. ------- Signed, Allan Goldstein Bar Mitzvahed in 1970
Posted by Allan
Obama the anti-Semite
Allan, everything you stated is spot on and 100% true. One of my dearest friends who was a major in the Israel Defense Force tells me the exact things when we share breakfast. I pray that the the scales will be removed from the eyes of all liberals. God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Thank you, Plowboy.
The next time my extended family has its Passover Seder, it promises to be a tense and restrained get-together. I appreciate Christians who know the score on all the counts I listed (not to mention the ruination of American college campuses which I didn't bother to list in that post. (I did not want that post to be overlong so I left out the history of how Democrat anti-Semitism germinated in academia.))
Posted by Allan
To Allan
I need to point out something that many Americans don't notice: Some things can be blamed on both Obama AND Trump. Blaming Trump does NOT automatically include letting Obama off the hook. Blaming conservatives does NOT automatically include letting liberals off the hook. Not everyone is distinctively liberal or conservative. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Halloween Songs (and Yes, Happy Birthday)
Happy Birthday Charlie ! And since this is October, I might as well say this: Michael Jackson's Thriller is heard a lot this time of year, but I'd say you've got some pretty good Halloween songs. The Devil Went Down to Georgia, The Devil Comes Back to Georgia, and let's not forget The Legend of Wooley Swamp. --Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Misplaced Post
I accidentally put my post about Halloween on this thread. I meant to put it on another. If anyone's offended by my talk about Halloween on a post about anti-Semitism, I apologize. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru