Posted on 08.20.2018

Hooray For Our Side

It seems there is less and less common ground in discourse in America anymore as the constantly redrawn battle lines move farther and farther apart, taking with them even the folks on both fringes, severely narrowing the space for what have heretofore been known as “moderates”.

With the advent of the militant left, Maxine Waters et al and Andrew Cuomo’s “America has never been great” comment, the lines change again as even would be liberals cannot countenance the harassing of families having dinner in a public place or the fallacy that the nation that has been the savior of freedom on Planet Earth, has lead the world in technology military power, industrial strength and personal liberty for over two centuries is not and has never been great.

And conversely, such words and actions further inflame the like-minded who want to tear America down and make it into a socialist, big government, tax the rich, anti-business, open borders part of a global community where college and cradle to grave medical care are provided by a monolithic bureaucracy, where police powers would be severely curtailed, most drugs would be legal and there would be no restrictions whatsoever on abortion.

Our president, while making great strides in the economy, restoring the excellence of our military, reducing minority unemployment to an all-time low and getting America well on the way to reclaiming our place of prominence in the world, shoots out late night incendiary tweets with name calling and personal attacks, when sticking to social media as a source for getting out the truth and blunting the effect of fake news, from the point of many of his supporters, would better serve his cause and give his detractors less cannon fodder.

And We the People choose our side and defend every inch of the ground allotted to us praising our heroes and severely criticizing theirs, the media just loves it, fanning every small spark into a raging wildfire if possible, bating one side against the other, using rumor and innuendo and even people known to be dishonest to ignite and nurture.

Due to the intransigence of people like Adam Schiff who never met a television camera he didn’t like and regurgitates the same “Russia Collusion” diatribe every time he gets in front of one, despite his ducking the question of “where is the proof” like a Nolan Ryan fastball continues to encourage and alienate, and the beat goes on.

The exhaustive investigation of Trump and the obvious need for an equally exhaustive investigation of Hillary Clinton and her election staff and organizations foster the justifiable opinion that there is a double standard of justice, which pushes the two sides even farther apart.

So, will we ever be able to have a sensible conversation between the diverse political and social factions?

Can we ever again be able to sit down at the same table and actually work things out?

Well, at least in my humble opinion, the only way that’s going to happen is for both sides to put aside the animosity, the animus, the preconceived, the distrust and forget the old battle scars and try to see some merit in each other’s opinions, and after having examined both sides of the issues in question, approach them with common sense, make a fair and honest assessment and find a point of agreement.

This would require a lot of flexibility and give and take on both sides.

Is that possible, given the lengths things have already gone to and the downright hatred that exists in some quarters on both sides?

I honestly don’t know, but, without trying to sound prophetic, and at the same time seriously hoping I’m wrong, I’ve got a feeling that someday in the future, an event or a series of events will happen that will make us realize how much we need each other and Americans will unite to defeat a common enemy, and maybe then, we’ll start to realize, regardless of our many faults, just how precious and fragile this nation and all it represents is to us.

Until then, it looks like we’ll just keep slugging it out.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Value judgment
"Can we ever again be able to sit down at the same table and actually work things out?" Well, maybe only if both parties would go out to fancy dinner...and someone else picks up the tab. That might do it. Other than that... As to , not ready for prime time, Cuomo : I'm not sure if it is more disturbing to say America was never a great country or the reason he said it, likely because it seemed palatable and popular now? The reason is almost more telling. Why is that so fashionably hard to say America is a great country? Then he had the chutzpah to actually followup by complaining that Trump is dividing America. 44 saved him any effort on that years ago. Once again, CD, you are on the money.
Posted by Jeff
Keep on Swinging
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie I don't see it changing in the foreseeable future, for the liberals and their demons from Hell are so unhinged that they cannot even think or reason today. I see nothing wrong with Trump calling people by names that fit, such as calling Omarosa a dog, she is no different than Judas Iscariot in betraying Jesus for 30 pieces, as I heard my pastor say Jesus called them as they were Matthew 23:33 King James Version 33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? If anything Trump insulted dogs not Omarosa. Not to mention the first transgender demoncrat running for governor of Vermont when asked to define socialism stated “I’m not sure I even know what socialism is, and so I just don’t have the background to answer that question.”. God help us, nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Cuomo and America
Andrew Cuomo is a career politician who was born into a politician’s home. His Daddy sent him to private elementary and high school. He also paid for his private college and law school. When Andrew got out of school, he immediately started working in government… for his father first. Then he went on to work for David Dinkins and Bill Clinton. He learned the system from some of the best crooks in the business! Cuomo is your typical ‘say anything’ to get elected politician. He keeps talking and talking, hoping that he will say something that someone will connect with. His ‘America’ statement will keep him out of the White House and certainly speaks to the character of the man. Currently, many of his close friends, donors to his campaigns and former aids have been indicted for bribery and other crimes against the people they pledged to represent. Cuomo so far has not been indicted. His mentors must have taught him how to best cover his tracks because a fish always stinks from the head. ‘We the People’ are America! Let’s continue this commentary, drain the swamp and get rid of these career politicians who only have their aspirations and have turned their backs on the people they were elected to serve!
Posted by Steve
Never seen anything like it
I cannot keep up with it, Flynn’s guilty plea, Manafort’s trial, Cohen’s plea deal, this is going to keep historians busy for years not to mention the scandals that cabinet members are getting sucked into. We hear how Trump surrounds himself with the best people and then hear one described by him as a dog and another as a liar. All this is happening while Democrats out of control of the presidency, the senate, the house, and the governors are at their lowest ebb. Logic says that even popular presidents lose at midterms. I can only guess we are in for a wild ride after the votes are in. But as Charlie says, I doubt most people here see it that way. Incidentally, Trump has alienated our closest allies, befriended a dictator armed with nuclear weapons in North Korea, and given China reason to move aggressively. One thing I am sure of is that eventually everyone is going to be on the same page again when we all have to face the mess we are getting ourselves into.
Posted by Dana
Getting together to face a common enemy
Yes, that time will come and probably sooner than you think. At present we have Agenda 21, the UN's program of it as well as them trying to breach the sovereignty of our republic. I have more questions than answers. What really can the left do? Fire a gun? Carry a 20 lb. pack for a mile? We've seen ample evidence that they cannot. Perhaps what they CAN do is IT work. Leave the "heavy lifting" to those trained in combat. Yes I've seen a few snowflakes in the army (made me glad I'm a Marine). No clue why they joined if they have no respect for the Constitution. However, I will protect most here until I am dead.
Posted by Robert
Hooray for our side
Charlie; Loved your music for years, to add an opinion on your piece we are headed for another civil war. I'm sorry to say that but I don't see any change coming anytime soon, and the sides have become very clear: One side wants to tear down America and hates the values and people that founded it. They are fueled by leftists and Communists who know they can't win any debate regarding what the real America is about, so they harp on the bumps we have had in the road during this nations' evolution. The other side sees and understands this nations' greatness and place in the big picture of the world at large. They are also never the aggressors in confrontations, which become increasingly more violent. Most of the protesters we see nowadays are nothing but leftist thugs in masks rioting, looting and destroying property and attacking private citizens. Most of the protestors are paid to do so, and bused or flown in to do nothing more than spread chaos. The other side doesn't have nearly the numbers because they all have jobs and are working, not protesting. I believe this will eventually change as the protests continue to evolve and become more dangerous......
Posted by Mike
I always like to see what's being written
on this blog as it gives me great insight. Right now, the insight is that the GOP is now a cult. You are so convinced of the 'evil-doing' of Hillary Clinton it doesn't even matter to you that Trump's longtime personal attorney AND his former campaign manager have BOTH been found guilty! So before you start talking about 'double standards of justice' clean up your own house before you start telling us what's wrong with ours. Oh, by the way, Clinton was investigated exhaustively and even testified before congress for 8 hours and NOTHING was found. And it's just adorable that you believe there were people prevented from testifying about Benghazi in front of REPUBLICAN HELD congressional committee.
Posted by Nick
Pulling us together
I have to agree that it will take a major catastrophe to bring us back together, and it will be as bad as 9/11 but this one will be our fault for not protecting our borders. We have no control as to whom is coming into our nation right now. We have forgotten how easy the twin towers went down we are back with those blinders on and may Lord have mercy on our souls for the people we will let to be slaughtered
Posted by James
Divide and conquer plot
I try to understand the liberal left is concerned about Russia meddling in our election. But what does that have to do with Trump? Nothing. For the prior eight years, the left chuckled at any notion of Russia as a national security threat. Now they are screaming from rooftops how Russia is threatening and destroying our very democracy – the foundation of the US. They weren’t listening when Obama promised Medvedev and Putin to be more flexible after his last election. No one cared in media. More flexible than what? He called them a 1980’s has been threat. He drew a red line in Syria then let Putin and Russia devour it for a snack. He called ISIS a JV team and attacked Christians. He stood down on the Hezbollah terrorism, crime operation to make a bad deal with Iran. Benghazi attack was summarily dismissed because of Obama’s election. And Obama had talks with Assad and Iran before he even came to office. No one bitched about that. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood coup in Egypt. (which they still haven’t forgiven him for) But media and the left have – they ignored it. Media was a sock puppet for Obama and none of their rank saw a problem with that. “Adversarial press,” they were purring like his house kitten. Rhodes joked about it. Media, press made a complete mockery of the idea of holding the powerful accountable. Their sole purpose was to protect the powerful, and to punish or put down any dissent. Thus demonizing the Tea Party as racists and seditious traitors, targeted at Democrats’ insistence by IRS. Now they complain that Trump is a tyrant? Give me a break. Outrage check. All I heard for 8 yrs were cheers, not jeers.
Posted by Jeff
Making the Right Decisions in the Private Sector.
Charlie, I believe that none of our politicians, liberal or conservative, including Trump, are better than a lesser evil. I also believe that what's done in the private sector is more important than what government policies we have. Remember, there's more to the private sector than just business. There's also non-profit groups, charities, boycotts, etc.
Posted by Tru
There is no Republican party
From the 80's to present day. The GOP, my party, has stopped being a fiscally responsible entity. The only thing considered is reelection and money. Since Herr Drump was elected, wages have gone down, more jobs are leaving, companies are going broke and corporations are reaping the profits. While the GOP continues to try to remove, the affordable health care act, instead of fixing it. We're subject to losing the preexisting conditions,and the wellness checkups that save everyone millions of dollars a year. Now the GOP wants to steal more from social security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for their taxscam bill? BTW Charlie, free medical isn't going to be free. It would be paid for the same way as Medicare via payroll taxes. Generally at the same amounts now taken out. In case you're unaware of the opioid epidemic,it was two Republican senators who passed a bill that kept the DEA from doing it's job. Why? Corporate profits with big pharma. Also no,the Democrats don't want a free for all drug culture going on. Marijuana is the issue, go ask my fellow veterans what it does and means for them. Since citizens United and before our first ever trillion dollar debt inspired by Reagan, there was a period where CEOs didn't ask for pay raises because it would simply have been taxed more. Well, back then a middle class family only needed one member of the family to work. Not everyone in the household, including the children,to make ends meet. Today that can't be done. Again, why? Citizens United and this,one of many, site with an outdated number. Corporate America didn't need a tax break at all. They needed to be investigated and arrested for tax evasion.
Posted by Jeff
You're so right!
We have become so divided that I shudder to think what it will take to unite us again.
Posted by Anastasia
To Anastasia
Maybe we start by dealing with facts rather than conspiracy theories?
Posted by Dana
Theme Song for Trump
Charlie, thank you for all you do, brother. You are a fine American and patriot! Would you please write a song for Trump to use at his rallies! Apparently no other artist wants him to use their songs, so why not Give you the platform, I say! It could be a “God Bless th USA” type anthem about we, the people, our troops and the hardworking men and women making America great again. Just a thought.
Posted by Leo
Swamp land
Trump has truly filled the swamp to an unprecedented degree. He has chosen a group of greedy men who are now proven criminals. Working americans have been fooled into thinking that this president works for them. I am puzzled that this so-called fighter for the working man (toddler trump) praised Manafort today despite the fact that Manafort is a greedy thief that cheated on his taxes (millions of dollars). Trump justified it by stating "everybody does it." Charlie states that he hates the double standard. Yet - Toddler trump seems to believe that rich people don't need to pay taxes. I guess only working families should pay. The fact that so many Christians on this board support this thief is an insult to their religion.
Posted by Paul
Please, No Theme Song for Trump
Charlie, I don't like Leo's idea of a song specifically for Trump's campaign. I'm not saying this to be anti-Trump. I'm saying this because our presidents and potential presidents are glorified too much. Personally, I think of the "Make America Great Again" slogan as no different than the mainstream media saying "Will she or won't she?" in reference to Hillary running, or the INTENSE hype over Obama when he was running. But I DO like the idea of a song about "a 'God Bless th USA' type anthem about we, the people, our troops and the hardworking men and women". -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
About Those Who Vote Democrat
Charlie, I personally think most people who vote democrat are just choosing the lesser of two evils. They're not really loyal to the liberal agenda. They're open to a few conservative ideas here and there. Many are even open to QUITE a few conservative ideas. They just don't like conservative ideology as a whole. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Uhm....we're comparing Trump to Christ now, are we?
" I see nothing wrong with Trump calling people by names that fit, such as calling Omarosa a dog, she is no different than Judas Iscariot in betraying Jesus for 30 pieces, as I heard my pastor say Jesus called them as they were Matthew 23:33 King James Version 33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" Uhm "Plowboy" - I'm curious as to what church you belong to and what anointed Christ you follow! I wasn't going to even reply, but as a person raised in a mostly Christian household, I find your comparing Omarosa to Judas Iscariot troubling, because -- by extension -- you almost seem to be suggesting that Trump is Christ-like. He isn't! You seem to love speaking (in a ludicrous, repetitive fashion) this "God of Abraham...." Do you follow that god, or Trump's "god", which is one of serial adultery, racism, exclusion, misogyny and outright dishonesty? You've referred to Trump as the most "christian" president ever (?)! If I had to guess, you would seem to be aligned with these alt-right "Christian-identity" movement folks who are more concerned with "white flight" than anything remotely christian. Your repeated labeling of Obama as a "sodomite", and the worst president ever showcases an incredibly low self-esteem; I also feel like you don't really have many expectations with regards to your faith if you believe Donald Trump, a man who funneled money going to a children's charity, one for sick and terminally sick children, into his own business, as christ-like. If you want to talk about Christian presidents, Jimmy Carter was -- IS -- a shining example. Aged and ill, he spends his days building homes for the poor and homeless. Donald Trump didn't even provide adequate resources to a hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. I realize that rural white people, or people that identify as thus, have a really myopic and singular view of their religion, but people like you are the reason churches remain segregated, modern churches embrace hedonistic concepts like the "prosperity" doctrine, and minorities and people of color are leaving Christianity in droves! When less-than-savory behavior (like Trump's) is casually dismissed and the church rallies behind a man that makes Richard Nixon look saintly by comparison, then the church has lost its relevance!
Posted by Merv
A Word About Abortion
Conservatives are against legalized abortion, and rightfully so. But they also sing praises of yesteryear. This was a time when out-of-wedlock pregnancy was so INTENSELY shameful, that there was more reason for a woman to get an abortion, even though it was illegal. This led to the legalized abortion we have today. Yes, there were good Christians years ago, but most people were Christian-in-name-only hypocrites. Now, out-of-wedlock pregnancy is still frowned on, but we have a better understanding that people make mistakes like this from time to time. This better understanding is more in line with what the Bible says about how we're all sinners. So, even though conservatives are right to be against legalized abortion, they're wrong to insist that things should be as they were years ago. It's best to reject BOTH sides of the fence, and THINK FOR OURSELVES.
Posted by Tru
Swamps and Snakes
When swamps get drained the "snakes" fight back. Please continue to pray for our President^s safety and Guidance.
Posted by Patricia
Swamp King
Our current POTUS is the king of the swamp. If you don't see this you have your head in the sand. The current "witch hunt" is finding lots of witches. Toddler trump has surrounded himself with crooks like himself - and indeed, they are either pleading guilty or are convicted. Regarding Manafort, I am puzzled that ordinary citizens are supposed to pay their taxes. Yet - toddler Trump praises Manafort who illegally did not pay millions in taxes. I guess if if you are rich, the laws don't apply. I am also puzzled that no one seems to have any problems that our POTUS could not denounce one of his supporters - David Duke - the former grand wizard of the KKK. This man is not draining the swamp. He is the swamp.
Posted by Paul
About Trump Neglecting Puerto Rico
Merv, you said "Donald Trump didn't even provide adequate resources to a hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico." Because of the incompetence of our government, FEMA is unreliable. We’ve seen this incompetence in New Orleans in 2005, and again more recently in Puerto Rico. We need to establish a large, privately owned and operated, non-profit organization that performs the same functions as FEMA. If this organization functions well enough, it could make FEMA obsolete. If FEMA becomes obsolete, that’s one less government program that needs our taxdollars. But remember, FIRST we need a non-profit group like this to make FEMA obsolete, THEN we can do away with FEMA. Doing away with FEMA first would be a recipe for disaster. This whole idea that I’ve described in this comment follows the liberal idea of people giving to the general public, and rejects the conservative idea of every man for himself. However, it supports the conservative idea of not using the government to force people to give to the general public. Giving to the general public, helping others, should be voluntary and through the private sector as much as possible.
Posted by Tru
Deception & Fake News
Folks one of surest signs of the end is deception and believe it or not Satan is using news media to pile it on thick and heavier each day. But first I would like to respond to Merv, Christ-like means having the spirit of Christ and President Trump being a new Christian has this spirit, he also, like all people is a sinner. To imply that I am a racist is as wrong as it gets. Comparing Omarosa to Judas Iscariot is not wrong, they sold out for the same reason,greed and the love of money. As far as Obama being a sodomite, there is enough evidence to convict him in a court of law, as far as being US born all I know for sure is that the last Birth Certificate that he offered up had been altered in many ways. On Jimmy Carter he is a man of character and conviction but on Christian teaching he is 100 % wrong on homosexuality. On Nixon I have stated my point before, he was a low life and a crook, period. Bottom line Obama was put into office as a judgement on America, Donald Trump was put into office so that we have an opportunity to repent. Back to fake news, we see non stop coverage over an illegal in California arrested and detained while taking his wife to the hospital for a C section, for an outstanding MURDER warrant, but are told very little about the illegal who murdered the college student in Iowa. We see Manafort held without bail for failing to pay IRS taxes, but we watched under Obama as Timothy Geithner told a Senate panel at his confirmation hearing that his failure to pay $34,000 in taxes was a careless mistake and he was sorry, he gets no jail time and becomes the head of the US Treasury which is over the IRS, so that Obama and company can harass conservative's like me. that tithe to their church. Add to this the fact that 36 of Obama's aid's beat the IRS out of over $800,000.00 in taxes that Obama could have shuttled to Iran as cash. And how about Peter Strzok while testifying before Congress states that collusion is not a crime? Is it or isn't it? Maybe slick Willy was right, it depends what is, is. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Touching a nerve
And one of the main reasons we got Jimma Carter is because he convinced Christians to go along that he was it. They bought that pig in a poke. He wasn't a saint for the US. (not saying Trump is a saint) But Carter is the one who ran on it. Even Teddy wanted to upend him, so much for Christian solidarity on the left.
Posted by Jeff
To Jeff
Why not wait till you have a clue before writing a comment.
Posted by Dana
Wishing death on Mr. Daniels will not get you posted, Mr. McElroy. Good to see that "Love Trumps Hate" among the left. - TeamCDB/BW
Posted by Scott
I totally agree and my favorite concert was your in Georgia in 1978 by a lake where it was a great B.B.Q. party.
God Bless The U.S.A. and President Trump for making America great again.
Posted by Robert