Posted on 12.20.2013

A New World Order

We have heard for decades about a New World Order that would come to pass at sometime in the future. We imagine it to be a confederation of global shadow governments controlled by a cadre of men and women with world wide influence and business interests, international bankers, world leaders and ultra rich, politically entrenched families such as the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds, a fraternity of global movers and shakers with the clout to topple governments, begin and end wars, destroy economies and subjugate individual freedoms.

I have no doubt that such groups exists and believe their intention is to remake the world into a Big Brother type world government, controlling food and water supplies, confiscating all privately owned firearms, limiting population through medical means when possible and genocide when they deem it necessary, controlling all educational curriculum, and creating a cashless society where there is no privacy or individual rights.

But there is another fraction that has to be included in this equation, the demographic composition of the entire world is changing as the native birth rate in western countries fall and the birth rates of the Islamic world rises.

For a nation to replenish it's population it requires a minimum birth rate of 2.11 births per woman, after that the population goes into decline and no civilization has ever recovered from a 1.9 birth rate and a birth rate of 1.5 is impossible to reverse.

The native birth rate in France is 1.8
England 1.6
Germany 1.3
The influx of Hispanic population into the U.S. barely maintains the sustainable rate of 2.11 while Canada is at 1.6

While birth rates have fallen below sustainable levels in Europe, Canada and other countries and continents, the population has not declined, mainly because of the unabated immigration of Muslims and the birth rate they sustain.

For instance while the French birth rate is at a dismal 1.8 the Muslim population in France has a birth rate of 8.1 and France is just a microcosm of what is happening in the rest of Western Europe, Canada and many other countries.

Statistically the entire European continent will be part of an Islamic Republic in less than 25 years, with many other nations around the world hot on their heels. This exponential expansion in Muslim numbers and influence will, without doubt, change the political dynamic around the world and will figure prominently in the future of global power and policy.

While those who practice Islam are not necessarily bad people, Islam is a monolithic religion, not accepting the validity of any other faith or social creed and it's hard to imagine them aligning themselves with the ultra liberal power players, one world government advocates and puppet masters now waiting in the shadows. At its core, Islam wants to reestablish an monolithic Islamic caliphate like the Ottoman Empire, although just the Middle East might not be enough this time.

Could the growth of Islam be so prolific as to overwhelm the confederation of bankers, billionaires, power brokers and politicians and become the major players in the winding down of human history on the earth?

Could the antichrist possibly be the Islamic Mahdi?

That theory has been put forth recently and underpinned with scripture that lends much credence to that possibility.

Read The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson, he makes a strong case for that theory.

A combination of events threatens to remove America from a position of prominence in the coming international power struggles.

America's profligate deficit spending in the last several decades, the election of Barack Obama and his socialistic policies with a gutless congress that has become such a rubber stamp that they don't even read the legislation they force on us, a Supreme Court that does his bidding, an economy that hangs by the thread of the Fed infusing 86 billion dollars a month into it, buying bonds that will eventually be worthless as the dollar shrinks and is replaced with another international trade currency, an already unsustainable but still growing permanent entitlement class, lax immigration laws and even more lax enforcement farther straining bankrupt social services.

These and other elements have the potential to drag America into a sinkhole without the means to dig out and make us an also ran politically and militarily.

Already our president is viewed as weak and incompetent by much of the world, there is serious talk about replacing the dollar as the world trade currency, Obama is removing experienced combat officers from their commands and we are crippled with debt that we will in all likelihood default on.

While we become weaker and weaker, the Islamic world becomes stronger and stronger, in numbers, in politics, in boldness and arrogance.

Is this alarming trend reversible?

Not while the Western World practices wholesale abortion and the Muslim world doesn't?

Not while a nation whose only hope is Almighty God continues to deny His very existence.
How much more will He tolerate before he executes judgment on this land.

I don't know when, but I do know judgment's coming.

There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels