Posted on 09.20.2013


In just a few decades, abortion has become the biggest, busiest football on the American political scene, punted back and forth between the abortion proponents and the right to life proponents in an all out, bruising, multimillion dollar game of who's right and who's wrong.

On one side, the loud and vehement defenders of abortion argue that a woman has the right to choose what she does with her body, up to and including having a living fetus forcefully removed from her womb and destroyed.

They say that a fetus is only a blob of flesh and is therefore not a baby or a human being and it's perfectly moral and ethical to remove it and dispose of it like so much garbage.

The other side says that where there is conception, there is life, and that destroying a fetus at any stage of development is tantamount to murder, and that a fetus should be protected by a law precluding abortion, except when the mother's life is in danger.

Other proponents go so far as advocating the destruction of a fetus at any time before it exits the womb, a grisly undertaking, involving penetrating the baby's head, and sometimes even removing the brain, destroying a fully formed baby that only lacks passing through the birth canal to take it's first breath and obtain a birth certificate.

There are still others who would make it legal to kill a perfectly healthy, fully-formed baby that has actually been removed from the womb, which in the eyes of any person with an ounce of humanity knows is nothing more than cold blooded murder.

It is my belief that all human life is sacred, whether a weathered old senior citizen like myself, or a freshly conceived fetus in a young mother's body. I believe, as the Bible says, that the God - who created all life - knew us in our mother's womb, knitted the pieces together and lovingly scheduled the days of our lives before we ever saw the light of day.

To deny that a fetus is a potential human being with a heart, soul and body is denying the word of God. There are all kinds of scriptures that tell us that God knew us in our mother's womb.

Abraham, the father of the Jewish race, was childless and he and his wife Sarah were approaching 100 years of age when God caused Sarah to become pregnant, in answer to a promise He had made to Abraham many years before.

Before Samson was born, God decreed that he should never eat any unclean food or cut his hair and that he would have incredible strength.

God has designated prophets in the womb, men who were to be set aside to serve Him.
John the Baptist's father was told that a son would be born to him and that he was to be given the name of John and Jesus' earthly father Joseph was told that Mary, his betrothed was carrying a child conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Yes God knows us in every stage of our lives from conception to death and only He has the right to decide when His creations leave this life.

In essence many modern day, legally sanctioned abortion clinics serve the same purpose as Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachhau and Hitler's other slaughterhouses, which exterminated an unwanted segment of the population.

God gave us the right to make decisions, to think for ourselves, up to and including doing things that are against His will and in these modern times as the world becomes a more secular place we drift farther and farther from God and His will and the arguments for abortion at any time, for any reason begin to sound more reasonable and more practical and soon euthanasia will start to make sense to those whose consciences have tuned out the still small voice of righteous reasoning.

There are a lot of people who will tell you it's immoral to end the life of a murderous monster, guilty of the most heinous crimes who society has sentenced to death who see absolutely nothing wrong with killing a totally innocent unborn baby.

But as to who is right and who is wrong, I am content to have that decision rendered by a higher court, where the decisions are eternal and there I no appeal.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

 Charlie Daniels


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Thank you Charlie, I agree with you 100%. Let's keep working to end abortion.
Posted by Anthony
Some more food for thought
Why is it acceptable for a woman to destroy the life inside of her, but a person who kills a pregnant mother is charged with 2 count of murder?
Posted by Charlie
Beautiful, I stand with my Father in Heaven and with Charlie Daniels!!!!!
Posted by Susan
My son daniel
I had a stillborn son in 2005. I refused to abort him due to his numerous abnormalities. We are all made in the image of God. THANK YOU for your essay and willingness to be public.
Posted by Jennifer
I believe in every word that is said by You Sir.The people that have abortions should not ever be able to get pregnant again and The so called doctors and nurses that do it should have their license taken away.They need to read their BIBLE'S and get on their knees and beg for forgiveness and Pray for Mercy and so should the person getting it done.There is plenty of people out there that want children.IT really makes me angry.I can get right up there on that soap box with You Sir.
Posted by Charlotte
Charlie Daniels for president. Seriously I agree with you 100%. Weird that abortion is legal and we also have hospitals like St. Jude.
Posted by Bradley
Your essay on abortion
I totally agree with you. God alone has given life,therefore He alone knows when it is time to return to Him. The women who say its my body and I do what I want are sadly mistaken, it is the child within them who even though they are within the mother are a separate human being. If the mother wanted to end her own life that is sad, but to deliberately and knowingly destroy another life, that is a different matter and yes it is murder. The evil one, Satan, Lucifer is working very hard to destroy humanity as we can see all around us. Yet sadly many do not believe in God, but rather they are pulled by the forces of evil. Satan wants people not to believe that he (Satan) exists,thereby pulling many into Hell with him. We should pray for those who do not know the Great Love of God, thereby helping them for all are loved by our Creator, Who does not want one soul to be lost. God bless you Charlie.
Posted by Maru
Yes! Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn!
Thank you Mr. Daniels for talking about Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn! I've been wishing someone like you would do. that! I don't know much about country music but I'm a fan of yours now! I'd love to hear of ways these sanctuary cities can be promoted!
Posted by Chester
Sanctuary From Abortions
You've achieved your stated goal of a cogent and balanced essay, Mr. Daniels, well done. The fight against abortion on demand was lost when the pro-choice movement was successful in making it an issue of women's rights and deflecting the matter of the unborn child's constitutional and God-given right to life. Terms like 'right to choose', 'products of conception' and 'anti-choice' have successfully covered over the truth Mr. Daniels so accurately describes. Just yesterday, it was reported that another state has enacted a law that punishes abortionist 'doctors' if they do not attempt to resuscitate aborted babies that show signs of life after a procedure whos sole purpose is terminating that child's life. God must be scratching his head about how we have taken all the blessings He has given us and how we managed to get it all so wrong.
Posted by Michael
old friend
Charlie, you might not remember me ,but you remember Bill Belshure and Phil Engling the clubs on dyer street, the green frog the nco clubs. We had some great times. I hope you get this.
Posted by johnny