Posted on 08.28.2017

Truth and Evil Intentions

I recently read a report about a young lady who went to Dolly Partonís Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Itís an entertaining wholesome show with outstanding horsemanship, specialty acts, comedy and a down home country dinner, an evening of good fun for the entire family.

Well this person, a Black Lives Matter activist, went not to enjoy the fun but to criticize and try to find some obnoxious racial element in the show or its surroundings, and miserably failing to do so went to press with inane bits and pieces of minutia and innuendo. Trying to sow seeds of dissention and division in a place where they will not take root, because Dollyís popular dinner show, despite having Dixie in its name is one hundred percent American, patriotic and uplifting, drawing an audience of all races.

And therein, lies the true purpose of this radical movement, it is not a search for truth and unity, but a witch hunt for anything that can be construed or misconstrued to have the least racial overtones, a way to provoke chaos in America, a protest against a president they donít like and remorse and anger for the candidate who would have carried on the secular socialist policies of Barack Obama.

If there were validity in this movement, a certain senator, who was a member of the KKK and has his name on roads, bridges and all manner of public places in his state would have been one of the first targets.

But, then again, he was a Democrat, so I guess heís not on the list - as he well should not be. In fact, there should be no ďhit list,Ē and, if you go down that road you find that the Democrats, at one time were the party that supported slavery, Jim Crow laws and all manner of racial suppression, and that just doesnít fit with the present-day narrative.

Even if every statue and monument was removed, every memorial highway renamed, every favorable mention of every Confederate General stricken from the history books and every Confederate battle flag burned, do you really think that the hardcore agitators who are ramrodding this movement would be willing to let bygones be bygones and live in peace and harmony ever after.

In my estimation, the roots of this movement grow far deeper than historical reminders of the Civil War and the ghosts and shadows of Americaís shameful period of slavery.

This is the precursor of a battle to come, Americaís own intifada, well financed and being, in many cases, carried out by people who couldnít even begin to tell you what goals they are demonstrating for, or against, or whatever.

After all, they are just street soldiers, cannon fodder, to be used and discarded as the changing situational parameters demand, they are expendable, the bright-eyed young ideologues who man the ramparts, face the tear gas and rubber bullets and shout offensive slogans and get hauled off to jail, while their masters sit in safety and pull the invisible strings.

Peaceful protest is a constitutional right, but violent protest is not and when you look at the elements gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, coupled with the reticence of state and municipal officials to meet force with force the collision was inevitable.

It was a different story in Boston where there was a determination not to turn their city over to chaos and met those bent on trouble with as good as they gave, diverting their intentions and keeping the peace, protecting life, limb and property just as their oath of office demands.

Where would this movement go if they reached their immediate goals? Would it then turn on citizens they for some reason donít agree with and what would the collateral damage be?

Would it be the Dolly Partonís of this world who has done nothing but good for her fellow man; charitable, compassionate, a successful business woman, an employer, a mover and shaker in her profession and most beloved by peers and fans?

Would it be the more affluent who they are being told that part of what they have amassed should belong to everybody?

Or would it be just anybody who disagrees with their political and social opinions and need to be gagged, belittled and disgraced by society or by even more devious methods?

Thereís a name for this tunnel vision philosophy.

Itís called fascism, look it up.

What do you think?

Pray for the military, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

ó Charlie Daniels


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Dolly Parton
Speaking that good old fashioned TRUTH to POWER! Praise GOD! We Love Dolly and We love Dixie and it's to darned bad if some don't like it!
Posted by Cathy
Truth and Evil Intentions
Straight up you have caught a perfect portrait of the intentions of this so called movement funded by George Soros. He probably got a lot of His revenue from the gold teeth and valuables that stolen from the Jews in the concentration camps as they were being gased. It is exactly what called you it, racism or Nazism. Thank you for your writing Mr. Daniels. God bless you sir.
Posted by Michael
Right as usual Mr Daniels
I love reading your soapbox. You always seem to say exactly what I and I'm sure a lot of other folks in USA are thinking. Thank you for putting a voice of reason out for us to read.
Posted by Connie
Charlie Never Read the Article
A humorous article about the Dixie Stampede triggers raging tirade from the right. I guess they have run out of things to write about. The article notes the lack of alcohol, the good food, the efficient service, and the kitschy entertainment. The author notes that people from the south would like to rewrite history without any reference to slavery. She offers her opinion. Charlie thinks that her opinion is evil. Where would he go with that? Would he ban her from writing? Would he block her access to the internet? Is he demanding that will all have to like Dixie Stampede even if we do not? Just what is he getting at? One thing is sure, he never bothered to read the original article but had some right wing hate monger do it for him. I think he could do better than that.
Posted by dana
Charlie's comment about Dolly Parton attack.
I've been there and experienced the show. It's a totally wholesome family event. No amount of evil intent will ever undermine the good work that Dolly Parton has done. Give the nay-sayer their money back and tell them not to let the door hit them on their backside on the way out.
Posted by Jim
Fascism as in Obamacare
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, it started with Bush's rescue of the economy and bailing out banks and auto makers. The straw was with Obamacare and the RINO's have came through as promised. No Christian will go un-persecuted by these radical haters. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
soapbox, spot on again
TY Mr Daniels, Got cold chills at the mention of someone pulling the strings. Reminded me of the song you did a few years ago. Believe it was Revelation.
Posted by Mary
latest soapbox
I agree with you 100%. It seems as if our younger generation will jump on any bandwagon by screaming along with them but that doesnt change the facts of history or the southern heritage. They seem to think they are the only ones who should have a voice in this country. Sad.
Posted by shirley
I don't understand why this is all happening. It is part of our American History. I have visited most of the Battlefields and saw the terrible losses on both sides. I have both North and South flags in the same vase with flowers. Why do they want to do away with our American History? I am Irish and I don't care that they call a police wagon a PADDY WAGON........I guess I should be offended. I am not.
Posted by Frances
Please make videos on your soapbox, sometimes they are long and I don't read good. Thank you for all you do. . I have come to see you Jamey Johnson Ted Nugent and all your buddies singing to get up money for the VETS. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Jeff
Nice of you!
I dated a (Ret) Lt. Col and he told me the story that he was taking his troops out and he ran over to you stating he had a bunch of Southern Boys and would you come over and meet them. I am so proud and supportive of these men, and a lovely story that you do the same, know it makes a difference. Also, as intro to me please read
Posted by Rose