Posted on 04.21.2017

An Open Letter to Every Ilk of Politician

This is an open letter to Democrats, Republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives and every other ilk of politician who is elected by the votes of Americans.

While I realize that there are two, three or sometimes more sides to a story and understand the importance of representing the views of the electorate that put you in office, what I simply cannot understand is the partisan intransigence that would prevent grown, mature men and women from showing the molecule of reason it takes to reach decisions based on something other than that the opposing party supports it.

And in your self-righteousness zeal to toe your party's line, you have completely forgotten about we the people and the welfare of the nation you're supposed to be serving.

It's become a game with you people, you've all turned into tattle tales, petulant pubescent third graders, all bent on becoming teacher�s pet and doing anything it takes to garner a few more votes.

You'd rather deprive the nation of a benefit than to let the other party get the credit for passing it. There is no loyalty and you will run away from a colleague who does something unpopular before the ink on the defaming article has even dried.

You'd give citizenship to aardvarks if they could vote and say anything, accuracy and honesty be damned, and kiss a flatulent skunk�s posterior before you'd do or say anything that would make the other party look good.

I sometimes wonder how you see yourselves, as a knight on a white horse saving the nation, or as the rest of us see you, as a poorly-mounted, impotent Don Quixote charging dilapidated windmills in rusty armor.

And I wonder if any of you realize how very out of touch with what�s actually happening in the real world you are and how much that world has changed since you moved into your ivory tower back when bell bottoms were in style.

I truly believe that when our forefathers designed our political system they never made allowances for career politicians. I believe the system was designed for a citizen politician to serve a term or two and then vacate the seat so somebody who actually knows what's happening in the streets now, come in with a fresh opinion and without 20 or 30 years of partisan political baggage and obligations.

Well, let me tell you something boys and girls, this ain't no game and you�re treating it like one, your acid pot shots at your opponents, your blind party loyalty, your seething opposition to anything the other party supports is one of the prime factors in the deep divisions we are experiencing and the almost universal distrust the public feels for you.

You play fast and hard with the truth when it suits your purposes, become chameleons, changing shapes and even nationalities, if it gives you any slight edge.

Some of you even sink to telling blatant lies even at the expense of whoever happens to be standing in your way.

You will even carry your folly so far as to shut down the government rather than sitting down like rational human beings and working out your differences.

We send you people to office to work together, not to preen for the TV cameras or spend half your term trying to get elected to another term.

If any business in this nation handled their affairs in the way you people do, they would miserably fail, and that's exactly what you people are doing, miserably failing.

You work for we the people, not your political party and you'd damn well better start acting like it.

America is bleeding and we don't need you deepening the wound.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

� Charlie Daniels


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Washington DC
Well said as always! Thank you Mr. Daniels!
Posted by Julie
What is wrong?
America is bleeding? No, it is not. We have a lot to be thankful for and maybe it is time to stop staring at a half-empty glass.
Posted by dana
polititions, Soap Box
Once again you have hit it on the head! Keep it up. Can't wait to meet you tonight in Rutland to shake your hand and enjoy your music.
Posted by timothy
All I can say is "ditto" brother.
Posted by Charles
polititions, Soap Box
Once again you have hit it on the head! Keep it up. Can't wait to meet you tonight in Rutland to shake your hand and enjoy your music.
Posted by timothy
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, this verse sums up 99% of the elected officials in the USA today Revelation 21:8 - But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Open Letter
Nicely nailed right on the head! Politicos will never vote for term limits so let's do it for them. Vote out all incumbents who have already served 8 years. It's that simple!
Posted by Allen
I believe you are speaking for the majority, if not all, of the country! I hope every elected person gets a copy of this & actually READS it! We need more people to write an "open letter" to all of our elected officials!
Posted by Susan
If everyone involved in politics, would live by these words, what an amazing country we would have. It's getting more dismal, with each passing day.
Posted by Gavin
Response to Politicians
God Bless You Charlie Daniels! A-Men. Our founding fathers did not create a country where politicians were lifer's. If those bumbling, stumbling individuals in DC and in the states too would wake up then we might become the nation we once were! GO VOLS!
Posted by James
The Open Letter to Truth
Mr. Charlie I certainly agree with such comments as you have written in your disgust to our great nation.. the or some that are tyrant driven politicians... Yes indeed we have come along away from the yester years from those bell bottoms... When you could actually leave. Your door unlocked...and not worry about your children down the road... But yes these so called career which some are proclaimed Christians in all sides of the isles... Harp and belittle other colleagues that they are opposite of... Instead of looking for the proper solutions of our modern times... We have defiantly fell way away.from biblical principles in our society.. And.actually this is what really made us as a nation great.. We had a moral fiber that kept us truth and to our loyalty to our country and families.... God bless... And thanks for your articles
Posted by Robert
You Are Wasting Your Time
I just posted a comment and some editor told it did not pass muster because it possibly had parentheses, or apostrophes, or something, and I lost all I had written. Suffice to say only 52 percent of the American people want something done. The Leftists and the media want us gone and will only work with us if we do it their way.
Posted by George
America is Bleeding
Mr.Charlie I feel like our country is sinking like the Titanic. I appreciate all your writings. I have been trying for quite some time to figure out how to meet you. I know you are a busy man, I just wished we could talk someday. I don't live far from you. I want to make a difference for my children and grandchildrens future. I am not afraid to speak the truth and I don't mind ruffling feathers so to speak with it.
Posted by Stacey
Charlie's Soapbox
Well Said! Of course they somehow manage to get reelected by using dark money to demonize who ever runs against them.......
Posted by tim
Taking back the greatest country in the world
Well said, we our the people and our politicians in D.C. have turned their backs on us and taken advantage of us. The world looks toward us and recognizes us as champions. We the people , not those cancerous leaches who represent us in D.C. I was born in 63 and came of age in the 80s , the beginning of the end of the working American family. i have witnessed the growing cancer that is partisan politics that is the norm today.We The People foot the bill all over the world with an open check book without any return. For the last 30yrs we haven't had any legislation passed for our benefit ,any that has been passed has been against. While Clinton was president , I witnessed the Republicans focus all their rescorcess to see him fail , and the same true with Obama. When W. was president they still did nothing . Democrats too. Some of these politicians have been in D.C. the whole time . They all need to go and term limits are needed to keep this from happening. We are now witnessing this current administration gut our Constitution with the help of Congress. I am glad to say I see Americans starting to wake up .Once we are awake and focus together , there is no stopping us. I am getting ready to retire and I'm afraid that I won't be able to afford health insurance for me and my wife. I am a union electrician and a veteran Marine and I feel I have been thrown to the curb. Mr. Daniels I 100 percent support your letter and will fight with you as only a Devil Dog knows how. Thank you for you voice you have shared through out your career. I don't agree with everything you say but you and I do share core values and are both proud to be an American . Sure wish T. Roosevelt was still around so he could clear the cancer that is Washington D.C. with that big stick of his. Love your music sir and you take care . Sincerely K. rousey
Posted by kenneth
An Open Letter to Every Ilk of Politician
Amen brother Charlie, from Clarksville.
Posted by Clint
Your open letter
Well said sir ! Proud of your for stepping up and saying what you did. Most celebrities seem to be parked on the complacent side. Even joining in the political mud slinging.. Thank you for stepping out of that box !!
Posted by Cathy
Agree with Charlie 100%
Charlie you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. The career politicians need to get out. And let others with some good old fashion common sense, take over. Maybe then this country can get back to what it was meant to be. We the people, not we the government. Thank you, for your music and your voice of truth. Dennis Drummond
Posted by Dennis
Urban cities
It wasn't the large corrupt urban cities that elected our president. It was the small men and women of the small cities and towns that elected him. We have the power over the big political machines in the big cities. Well said Charlie!
Posted by Wlliam
Well said. Thank you for writing this letter. I pray the politicians read it.
Posted by Granny
Soap Box
While that's all true, you seem to have overlooked the fact that this is mostly driven by personal greed. Follow the money. Keep up the good work Charlie. We love ya!
Posted by Dave
Charlie's letter
Charlie is a man of honor and what he writes is very appropriate to our time and quite frankly to our past. Yes there should be term limits and all these petulant children should go back to being US citizens. The last eight years with a President that supported every body but the USA, now forces US citizens to work for unity to correct his traitor like actions.
Posted by James
Charlie Daniels has one again articulated the feelings of most American citizens. I for one agree with everything he said in his letter. We need term limits on politicians and we need people who will work together not against each other. I understand why we need different political parties and different ideas but we still must work together and come to a decision on how we're going to better our country keep it safe and allow the little man to make a living and have healthcare for his family. We are destroying ourselves and letting others in that want to destroy us. Wake up America before it's to late. It's eazier to be proactive than reactive. Thank you Charlie for your love of country and the great music you have given us for decades. You are a true patriot.
Posted by Joe
Charlies thoughts an open letter to all politicians
Charlie you hit the nail on the head . If only they would read and heed what your saying.
Posted by Kenneth
your letter
Great letter. It is the same sentiment most of us feel, but no one takes note. Glad to hear someone famous saying it. Hopefully they will see it and remember what they are there for. Thanks for saying it.
Posted by vicki
In agreement
Well said, Charlie.
Posted by Scott
I wish you and me and other reasonable voting americans could get these people all together in 1 room at the same time...and say it to their faces...I wonder what they would have to say for themselves? And I mean say it nicely and calmly to all of them all at once to their jaw dropping faces.
Posted by Laura
crooked politicians
God bless you!! You are so right.
Posted by Edie
and if the Russians don't believe it they can all go straight to, well you know the rest, sad to see trump and crew so close to the bear, wonder if were going to lose freedom of speech and press soon? both parties have lost touch, better believe it, same old tap dance and smoke and mirrors, you can love this country and not be a republican, that is the problem all dems aren't crazed and neither are all repubs, butt we label each other, someone said, If everyone is thinking the same thing then someone isn't thinking, always two sides to a coin,Keep your eyes on the lord, he is the supreme judge, don't be discouraged
Posted by tom