Charlie Daniels Estate & Rockology Team To Offer Road, Studio and Personal Items from Charlie's Career

We were all devastated by the loss of Charlie on July 6th 2020. After a lot of grieving, Charlie's widow, Hazel, has entered into an agreement with Rockology, LLC, one of the leading music memorabilia companies which specializes in genuine historical items from storied careers, like Charlie's.

There are items in every price range, from studio cables to road cases, vintage tour materials and personal items. - TeamCDB

Personal Items

Studio and Tour Items

Tour Promotional Items


Personal Items
I wish I would have seen the items for sale sooner! I did buy the poster of CDB and BOC at Cowtown concert but I wish I could have got the Fender Strat red America guitar! If whoever has it wants to sell, I might be interested. Mark in Shelbyville
Posted by Mark

Charlie Daniels