Charlie Daniels recovering from successful Cardiac Catheter Ablation Procedure

On December 11th, Charlie went to VUMC in Nashville, TN to undergo a procedure known as a cardiac catheter ablation to relieve his atrial fibrillation, or AFib which was causing him to feel extremely tired and drained periodically.

He was released on the morning of Wednesday, the 12th and is recovering at his Twin Pines Ranch home. Charlie has written a soapbox about the procedure and urges those who may have had similar symptoms to get checked out by a doctor.

Read about his procedure here in his soapbox called, "Cardiac Ablation, and All That It Entails,". - TeamCDB/BW


Check out "Mudcat" from Beau Weevils - 'Songs in the Key of E'


Prayers for a speedy recovery, Charlie!
Me and my husband have seen you in Paducah, KY, and we have been to the past 2 Volunteer Jam concerts. We love you and your music and pray you have many more years of entertaining ahead.
Posted by Ronda
Never Look At The Empty Seats
I am reading "Never Look At The Empty Seats" - I've read several Professional Musician's auto-biographies and this one ranks up there with the best (ie BB King, Chuck Berry.) I am just past half-way through and it keeps getting better and better. So far it's brought me lots of smiles. I came to this website to get a look at Twin Pines. Coincidentally I saw the news about Charlie's heart cath, which means we have something in common. I am glad he went in and got it done - piece of cake right? God is indeed Good. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great book Charlie!
Posted by John
Charlie Daniels Operation
I had the same operation, it brought me back to life, good luck Charlie
Posted by Travis
Concert in Frederick, MD April 28, 2019
What a blessing to attend your concert this evening. It was an anniversary gift from my husband. We both enjoyed you and your band. Great entertainers!! Thank you for singing "How Great Thou Art". This hymn has very special meaning to me! Take good care of yourself! God speed!
Posted by Lorraine

Charlie Daniels