Posted on 06.30.2017

World Interrupted

It�s beneath the water line to a great extent, the rhetoric is masked, the intentions are veiled policy is set and planning is done in well secured secret meetings by people who fly in private jets and wield great official and unofficial international power.

Although it is believed by many that they call themselves the Bilderbergers, CFR or the more ancient and ominous, Illuminati, I personally don�t believe they go by any one name or issue membership cards, but are known only to each other and stay in touch by the most secure and sophisticated communications equipment and the periodical face to face gatherings under whatever banner is most convenient.

I believe they hold great sway with many of the world�s governments and leaders, that they have the influence and means to start small wars, foment famines and revolutions and care not a whit for massive human suffering if it benefits their cause.

And what is their cause?

A one world government administered by the elite and their minions, a government with the ability and technical capabilities to monitor the personal lives of every person on earth, to increase and reduce the global population by abortion, euthanasia, starvation and withholding medical treatment from whomever they deem too old or otherwise incapable to contribute to their version of a Utopian global society.

Control is their goal and power is their god, state sovereignty and personal freedoms are their enemies, as is belief a divine Creator or the sanctity of family as all loyalty must belong to the all-powerful global state.

I think that if we, the citizens of this nation realized how well we were on the way and how close to some of the increments of globalization we came, if we could see through the veil and know how well the pieces were falling into place we would have been horrified.

Barack Obama is a globalist, I realize this is a controversial statement and the conclusion was not arrived at until, at least to me, the evidence is so overwhelming it can�t be denied.

Why do you think Obama was so desperate to have Obamacare passed in the early days of his administration and used every means at his disposal to have it passed while his party had control of both houses of Congress?

It is now doing what it was designed to do, fall completely apart, leaving millions of Americans without health insurance, desperate and willing to accept a single payer plan that transfers one sixth of our economy and the administration of all future health care into the bungling, bureaucratic hands of a government that can�t even run a postal service.

Why has our congress never hammered out a meaningful and comprehensive immigration policy?

Why was Obama so hot on the idea of allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants into the country?

Why was he so in favor of sanctuary cities, defacto amnesty and open borders and fought tooth and nail to institute programs that protected the millions of undocumented aliens already in our country?

The answer is as plain as the nose on your face.

The watering down and homogenization of America, the blunting of Judeo-Christian influence, and creating an invincible voting block that would guarantee power to his party ad infinitum.

The stage was set for the passing of the scepter, the perfect candidate to lead the nation on down the primrose path of globalization, the media was poised, the world leaders and the behind the scenes power brokers were ready to put the pedal to the metal and the balloons were waiting to be popped.

Hillary Clinton, despite her exposing American secrets to international hackers, despite her questionable dealings in the Clinton Foundation, despite her abject failure as Secretary of State. despite her disdain for the military, her indifference to the working class, despite her distant manner and dearth of likability, HRC was headed for the Oval Office to continue and extend the policies of Barack Hussein Obama and lead the world into the socialist nirvana of one world government.

Then the unthinkable happened, a brash outsider who was willing to risk millions of dollars of his own money to make a run for the presidency.

A man with no prior political experience, a man who thinks global warming is a hoax, a man whose coarse tweets excoriated his enemies, who had acidic pet names for his rivals, who wanted to neutralize all the wonderful executive orders Obama had issued and a man who believed in American greatness and American Sovereignty.

The very antithesis of Obama-Clinton.

The ultimate wrench was thrown into the very heart of the grandiose plans of globalist and they immediately set to work to destroy the man.

Russian collusion is running out of steam, now the focus is shifting to obstruction of justice which will also run out of steam, and the question is.

What will a party and a movement that has put all their eggs and political capital into one basket do?

Oh. they�ll try something and they will eventually succeed.

There will be a short lived one world government, well actually more of a kingdom than a government, a rigid dictatorship ruled by the iron hand of the ultimate evil one known as the antichrist.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, out police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

� Charlie Daniels


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Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, you are 100% correct on this one. The good news is Trump is in because the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob is still control, and Jesus is coming back sooner rather than later. Shalom & God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Legal Immigration
Your latest soapbox was spot on; however, there is one more little kink we need to think about. We also need to become aware that in 1968 they changed immigration laws to allow 1 mil. legal immigrants/year into US. These are usually not conservative, and if you do numbers there are approximately 70 million legal immigrants and children here now. That�s about 1/5th of our population who have entered this country at the end of the 20th Century until now and typically know little to nothing about US history, so they can be led to vote quite liberally. They typically do not understand the importance of the US Constitution. This needs to be considered as well as the illegal immigration policy. It�s a sneaky way to change the voting percentages.
Posted by Jimmy
World Interrupted
I agree 100% the world will never be the same as it was.
Posted by Michael
Soap box
I praise our Great God for the way HE is using you Charlie... this report was SPOT ON... Keep your inspired and wise words coming, and may God continue to Richly Bless you!
Posted by Deb
It is difficult to believe someone thinks this way. A cruel capricious weak-willed man has been elected as President. The sad thing is that all of us will pay for this mistake. If you needed to vote for someone with no political experience, why couldn't you have voted for an honest one? If you needed a businessman, why couldn't you vote for a successful one? If you want to hurt liberals, why do you have to destroy the country to do it?
Posted by Dana
i agree
may i add that our children are being taught to hate the usa-education has been taken over by left wing-they are anti religion -anti police-anti usa-
Posted by myrtle
I totally agree....I said and have been saying the same thing about obamacare it is doing exactly what it was designed to do FAIL so people would accept a sinngle payer system run by incompetent bureaucrats
Posted by Tim
Thanks Charlie for Supporting our President and his Pro American ideas and actions.. Love ya brother..
Posted by Michael
Biblical Prophecy
Charlie, what you just said is, in my opinion, one possibility out of many as to how this Biblical prophecy would be fulfilled. It is, however, still a possibility, and I won�t rule it out. --Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
I totally agree with what you have said and yes it is right before our eyes!
Posted by Theresa
The brash outsider is a globalist in disguise. It has just begun.
Posted by Warren
If you cannot think of a good reason why you despise Obama, you can always create one from whole cloth.
Posted by dana
Maybe It's Both Obama AND Trump
Charlie, The superwealthy can afford to give MUCH larger campaign donations to the candidates of their own choosing than the rest of us. Perhaps the superwealthy from America and around the world are forming their own one world government, using the nations of the world as their puppets. Trump has been very helpful to big businesses, supporting the superwealthy. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Only 2 weeks ago
Charlie wrote this: "Russian collusion is running out of steam, now the focus is shifting to obstruction of justice which will also run out of steam, and the question is. What will a party and a movement that has put all their eggs and political capital into one basket do?" It seemed like wishful thinking when I read it. Now, it seems hard to believe that someone wrote that. Remember when all the talk of meeting with Russians to try to sway the election was just a dishonest ploy by the evil Democrats to torment the honest Trump? Now, we have Trump Jr., Kushner, and the Trump campaign manager meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on the Clintons. Trump is also in Trump Tower but claims he did not know about the meeting till a week ago. I do not know where this will end but I have never heard of anything like this. How many lies are these people allowed to get away with before people like Charlie stop shrugging their shoulders and looking the other way?
Posted by dana