Posted on 09.19.2016

52 and Counting

This Tuesday, September 20 Hazel and myself will celebrate our 52nd wedding anniversary.

I remember that Sunday morning in 1964 when we, Hazel's parents, my other three band members and a couple of friends walked up a flight of steps to a Justice of the Peace's office in Tulsa, Oklahoma and tied the knot and went to a local cafeteria for lunch, went by and visited her parents for a few minutes and went to what was to be our home for the next few months, a hotel room in a not too great part of town.

I only had Sunday off and had to be back to work at the Fondalite Club Monday night, and it would be quite a while before we would be able to take even a modest honeymoon.

I was in and out of town so much during those days, in for a few weeks and out for as much as sixteen weeks and Hazel would stay with her parents while I was gone.

People ask me how you manage to stay married for so long and my stock answer is. Marry somebody you want to wake up with the rest of your life, somebody you truly want to share your life with.

Sometimes when people look at our lifestyle as it is today, they tend to think that life has been nothing but a long smooth ride for us, that our marriage has not had storms to weather or difficulties to overcome.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The difference is that we always faced everything together, whether it was repossessed cars, mountainous debt, too many bills and not enough money or whatever else came at us.

She has stood behind me in every career decision, every move to another town and we've shared every disappointment, every triumph, every defeat and every victory.

She has always been my tether to reality, my safe harbor in a storm, my rock and above all my best friend.

I have no illusions as to whether or not I would have accomplished what I have without her, it simply would not have happened.

She has been up for whatever I wanted to do from taking up golf, riding motorcycles and later on horses to gallivanting around the world, snowmobiling or driving fifteen hundred miles to go on vacation after traveling a hundred thousand with me on the road.

Our son, Charlie, was born in 1965 and Hazel became a wonderful and devoted mother, with most of the parenting left up to her with my touring schedule in the early days.

When Charlie started college in 1983, I had a tour bus set up for the two of us and she traveled full time with me on the road with me.

Now we have two different life styles, a home life where we live a pretty normal way, able to attend church, have our meals at home and do family things. Then there's the road life, where we sleep moving down some highway, wake up in a different motel parking lot every morning. Try to maintain an exercise regimen, where everything is geared toward the night's concert and things can get a little hectic from time to time.

Home or the road, it makes no difference, we're together and that's what counts.

Happy 52nd Hazel, love of my life!!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

� Charlie Daniels


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Having known you all for 20+ years, we know first hand no two people could possibly be better matched. Happy anniversary and have many, many more. Much love to the both of you.
Posted by Nicky and J
52 and counting
beautiful..exactly why we're at 53 and counting
Posted by Robert
Commitment; way better than tenacity. Well done!
Posted by Earl
Happy 52
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie,God Bless you & Yours, & hoping for many more anniversaries, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Happy Anniversary!
Great for the both of you! Many more!
Posted by Tom
52 Years
Just wanted to say "Happy Anniversary " to you.
Posted by John
52 years
52 years w�th my parents no words booth cancer survivors .. Simple man Simple woman But the lord has blessed us.. Charlie and Hazel My prayers for you and yours. God Bless America and us all. Steven Noel Cone ... MJ, Tn
Posted by Steven
Remember when i first met Hazel and thought Charles has done good. Congratulations on 52. Thanks for the video on our 50th. Love Brenda
Posted by Brenda
52 and Counting
I think 52 years is outstanding. So many marriages end up in divorce these days. It takes real commitment and sacrifice to make a marriage work. Happy Anniversary Charlie and Hazel and may God bless your lives.
Posted by Jeff
Charlie & Hazel, Congratulations on 52 yrs of wedded bliss! You set a great example for all to see, of being loyal to each other, as well as to God and this Nation. May God bless you both with many more happy & healthy years together!
Posted by VAL