Posted on 07.11.2020

The Best There's Ever Been Part 1 - Soapbox, Jr.

As I sit here, it’s Saturday morning/afternoon, July 11, 2020, the day after we laid my father to rest.

I think it goes without saying, that this has been the worst week of my life, bar none. The man I’ve known for 55 years, who, along with my mom, have always been there for me is gone.

We’re still shell-shocked.

I know he’s only gone in the physical sense, I have no doubt that at 9:52 AM on Monday morning on July 6th, dad heard “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” and I know that I will see him again.

The emotional roller coaster this week has been overwhelming. It started at 5:45 AM when mom called me crying and said that I needed to get up to their house right now, that dad was sick. My first thoughts were that somehow - despite not having hugged my parents in over 4 months, and any time I had to be in close proximity to them I was masked - dad had gotten infected with COVID-19.

I quickly drove up to the house and found mom and dad on the upstairs porch and dad was slumped over in his chair, I asked him if he could breathe, he nodded and tried to say yes, but it was obvious that he was very weak.

I called 911, and while I was on with them, mom called dad’s cardiologist and rather than COVID-19, he told mom that he thought he was having a stroke which I relayed to the 911 operator.

The EMTs arrived and got him to the ambulance, and mom stayed at the house, there was some confusion about if we could ride in the back, or not, and I just wanted to be able to get out and get anything if dad needed it.

Dad’s longtime manager, David Corlew, met me at the gate, and he followed me as I hugged the bumper of the ambulance all the way to Summit Medical Center in Hermitage.

We arrived and then someone came out to talk with David and I about dad’s condition.

It wasn’t good. He told us that dad had a massive stroke, and that because of the blood thinner he was on he wasn’t clotting. 

Dad had a stroke in 2010 while snowmobiling in Colorado, but made an almost complete recovery, with just a little lingering neuropathy in his fingers on his left hand. But he was still able to perform over 100 dates a year.

He was a machine. I’ve always said that I hope I have half of his energy when I get to be his age.
But back to the present.

He was prescribed a blood thinner as part of his treatment, and it probably kept him from having another stroke for 10 years, that and his pacemaker and in December of 2018 he had cardiac catheter ablation surgery to improve his heart rhythm, which increased his energy even more.

But unfortunately, the blood thinner is what did him in this time. Because his blood wasn’t clotting, the blood kept pouring into his brain stem. 

We asked if there was anything, ANYTHING that could be done. He said they could try to reverse the effects of the blood thinner and see if they could stop the bleeding. 

But by the time the meds kicked in, they weren’t getting any brain activity. 

Mom had already been summoned, and we said our goodbyes.

He was the strongest man I’ve ever known. The best father, the best boss, the best friend I could ever ask for.

My mom and I miss him terribly.

I will share some more of my thoughts of the past week in a couple of days, but I just had to get write some of them down right now.

But here’s a couple of things of interest.

First of all, the CDB social media accounts will stay active, and we’re going to keep tweeting some of Charlie’s daily tweets, a scripture, “Never Forget 9/11,” “Benghazi ain’t going away,” “22 VETERANS COMMIT SUICIDE EVERY DAY!!,” and more. I know he would want us to keep that going.

We still have anniversaries, birthdays, new merchandise and music to offer, the Volunteer Jam will likely morph into a tribute show. I’m hoping to get some input into some remixed/remastered classic CDB albums, and some vault material for future releases and dad just finished a novel, which we’re going to try to edit and get it ready to be shopped.

So, this isn’t the end, it’s just a new direction for everyone, but dad’s music will survive long after his passing. We will keep his legacy alive, and do our best to extend it and keep it going for future generations of fans.

My mom and I would like to say thank you for all the thoughts and prayers over the past week, and we have needed every one of them, and even more, if possible.

Again, instead of flowers, please donate to The Journey Home Project which aims to help veterans adjust to civilian life. It was one of his greatest passions. You can donate here:

This week, I’ve heard a lot of people say that dad was “The best there’s ever been.” And I have to agree, he was, and I don’t mean fiddle players.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, our country and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America.

- Charlie Daniels Jr.


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Best There's Ever Been
Charlie Daniels, Jr., I just want to say that I love what you wrote here and I am still so sad that he is gone, so I can't begin to imagine how you all feel. I wish I had been blessed with the opportunity to meet Charlie Daniels, let alone know him on a personal and/or professional level. My dad was blessed to have played in a band with Charlie Daniels and the late Tommy Crain. I'd have loved to have been at that show, but it was in Florida and I could not attend. I've always been a fan and I love how your dad always supported our troops, veterans, and everything that makes America beautiful. He is missed already and will continue to be, but he will always be with us through his music, his writings, and in our memories. Thank you for sharing your dad with all of us to love. I imagine Charlie and Tommy are jammin in heaven and keeping everyone there entertained while watching over the ones they love that are still Earth bound. I am sorry for your loss and wish you were not having to say goodbye to him at all, but should you need anything from any of us...just say the word. Take care of your mom, yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe and well and thank you for sharing this with all of us. Praying for your family, our troops, our protectors, our country, and the peace of Jerusalem...always. Much love, Catrina Simonds
Posted by Catrina
R.I.P. Charlie
I was heartbroken to hear of the passing of the Great Charlie Daniels. I'm glad to see that you are carrying on his tradition and his music for future generations.
Posted by Renee
Remembering CD and CDB benefit concerts for The Angelus House here in the Sunshine State
Charlie Jr., Mrs.Hazel and members of the CDB first of all my condolences to you and your family and my prayers. Although in my heart I believe Mr. Charlie is playing in that Heavenly band for Jesus Christ and God. Just think of that band they have up there! Secondly I like to recognize that Mr. Charlie loved to come and play for the Angelus House in Hudson Florida every year. And I believe he's been coming since around 1994 or so. Back then he used to put on a huge concert and golf tournament to raise money for the house. He held those disabled people close to and in his heart. He called them, " His KIDS". Just a thought: I think Mr. Charlie would love for "his kids" to donations make to them also in his name. Just a thought Charlie Jr. In no way am I affiliated with or work for The Angelus house. Again I'll continue to pray for y'alls peace but we know where your daddy is. Is us on earth that need the prayers not him. Always, Elise
Posted by Elise
Prayers, Love and Hugs
I am so glad you shared this. I am sending prayers, Big hugs and love to you and your mom. Your dad was an amazing man and is loved by me and so many others. Growing up in MJ and going to all of the Charlie Daniels Days each year was so much fun and has left many of us with so many great memories. Thank you for continuing with the daily posts on Twitter. God Bless you and your mom. Have a good day.
Posted by Wendy
A True American Patriot
Thanks for sharing that very personal note, We will all miss your Dad, but we will also never forget him. He gave us so much great entertainment throughout his life. I first saw CDB play in Millersville Penna around 1975 or 1976 and saw them play later a few yearas ago (several times!) and always went home feeling better about life. May God continue to bless you and your entire family through these tough times. Keep this going for as long as you can, our country needs to continue to hear about the positive things about this great country in these dark times. God Bless A Pennsylvania Patriot
Posted by Pete
On your dad's passing
Sorry to hear of your loss. Like so many people I enjoyed your dad's music over the years. We all get old, and eventually all of us meet the same fate; it is the great equalizer, but that doesn't make it any easier for those of us who survive. I found out in an odd way - I was listening to a radio station that, so far as I know, never played any of Charlie's music, and they played (naturally) The Devil Went Down to Georgia, and I was surprised - why is this station playing that kind of song - and of course after the song they announced what'd happened. Hope you can all get through this, and your father left behind a lot of great music by which we can all remember him.
Posted by Scott
Wonderful man
Beautiful words for a wonderful man and awesome singer! He will be so missed!
Posted by Jackie
Most influential musician in my life
I was 15 years old in 1976 working as a busboy at the restaurant in the Holiday Inn at Carowinds. The restaurant had just closed and to my surprise Mr. Daniels was coming down the hall. He noticed that we were closed and said “I’ll go somewhere else.” I said “No way! I’ll get you something!” I was a huge fan even then and as a fledgling guitarist I was honored to be in his presence. He sat with me and we talked one on one for over an hour. I told him I wanted a 1958 Les Paul like the ones he and Tom Crane played. As he left, he signed a paper placemat that said “To John, Keep on Rockin! Charlie Daniels.” I still have it. He also took my hand in his huge hand. Slipped a $10 ( A lot in 1976 ) in it and said, “Put this on your Les Paul when you buy it!” I did just that. I miss you Charlie and I’m sad that you’re gone but I know you’re with Jesus and I hope to see you and thank you one day. You are the most influential musician ever in my life.
Posted by John
Your daddy, Charlie Daniels
Heaven received a giant when Charlie Daniels died. He is one of the people I most admire. I felt like I knew him. What a fine example of a Christian man, husband, father, friend. May God be with you and your mom during this difficult time.♥️🙏🇺🇸
Posted by Connie
Please continue writing your own soapbox. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Please pass along to your mom Donnie and my condolences on the loss of your dad. He was a wonderful mentor and friend during The Winters Brothers early days and we will always treasure his friendship.
Posted by Paula
Wyoming on my mind
I have listen to this song so many times on you tube I can't get over it I first heard it on late night with David lettermen did your dad record it if so what album is it on and I just want to say I'm very sorry for your lost his songs where a great part of my life *NOTE* It is my mission to try to locate this and other songs that were recorded for the never-released "Honky Tonk Avenue" album. The masters appear to be missing in Sony's Vault. - TeamCDB/BW"
Posted by Robert
Charlie's life
Would be wonderful if someone wrote a book about Charlie's life, start to finish. We would buy it and proceeds could go to the veterans. *NOTE* Charlie wrote his memoir in 2017, it is available from our website store. - TeamCDB/BW
Posted by Becky
Thank you, CD Jr.
Charlie Jr., thank you for the details of the tragic morning of July 6th. God bless you and your mom.
Posted by Jim
Switching old stuff to digital
Charlie Jr. I had the pleasure of meeting your dad at Vanderbilt University. This has been a few years ago. But Your mom was there as well but I didn’t get a chance to meet her. Ms Hazel as I called her and Fiddle Player was the name that stuck with your dad. He had a medical procedure the same day I did and we immediately became quick friends in the pre op room. That’s where they gave us something through our IV’s and we started to get loopy and woozy but still able to belt out “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. Separated by a curtain only that he had the nurse open up so we could chat. As they rolled him away and rolled me away he screamed out to me by the name he quickly gave me Pee Wee that he was praying for me and I told him I was praying for him. I was 1. star struck because I never got to see him preform but he personality was so infectious. 2. I have the old vinyls without a scratch and still have the old record player I play them on to this very day. And 3. He was just a wonderful man and now he’s a wonderful angle. He’s visited my dreams since his passing and you your mom and you entire family are always in my prayers. I’d like to help you through Rainbow Dragon Media and Rainbow Wing Productions a business I own where wenwork on getting old stuff upgraded to Digital. Clean up songs and make them sound like what you’d get today. I’ve done a lot of work for other artist and want to extend my free time to everything you want. You can contact me at the email above and I’ll get you my cell number and we can chat about what you want to do. I currently have two projects that are on hold because my clients are going to be harder to work with because they can’t make up their mind on what they want to add or take away from the original albums they brought me and want to add hidden tracks which makes it more difficult for some to make up their mind. I usually just leave old vinyls and entire sets alone and do them just the way they were recorded but not everyone is the same.. But I do have a large studio close to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Florence Alabama and I have some of the newest updated equipment on the market that can take old stuff and let me tune out cracks and hisses. Just email me if I can help in anyway. Much Live in my heart for you and your family. God bless you and if you need me just let me know. Douglas Bevill of engineers to do this absolutely free for your family as a thank you for your dad helping to calm down me when I was in the hospital and telling me that through gods help I’d come out of my major surgery alive. He came to see me the day before he was discharged because I had to stay a little longer than him. But I could feel in my heart he never forgot me in his prayers. His passing has been hard for me because he’s the only musician that felt like I connected with on a different level and not a working level and I know he’s looking down on me as well as all of his fans and mostly his family. He’s in heaven still telling us this old fiddle player won’t let you go astray. God bless you brother and god bless your family. You all will remain in my heart and the words your dad left in my soul will remain forever. Douglas Bevill
Posted by Douglas
The Best There Ever Was
I feel numb. The morning that I heard the news of your father's passing, I had received my own "call from Mom". My older brother in Texas Passed on Sunday night, 5 JULY 20. I truly haven't had a moment to breath until now. I wanted to tell you that 'A Decade of Hits', 'Million Mile Reflections', and 'Full Moon' made that 18 hour drive from Phoenix to Galveston with me. Although it wasn't raining anywhere, the view was watery. I pray for you and yours and am extremely grateful to hear that things will continue on. God Bless *NOTE* So sorry for your loss. - TeamCDB/BW
Posted by Robert
So sorry for yours and everyones loss who loved Charlie.I became a fan at age 14 I am now 59 I saw the FEB so many times beginning in Springfield ms. Civic center then every show at the paramount theater in same city then every show at the Indian ranch in webster ms. we also made it to any fairs in the area DEB played at.We made it to 2 can club parties and the 2018volunteer jam and just bought tixs today for the jam next feb. Thank you all for so many good times. We will always think of Charlie each and every day
Posted by Joseph
For Charlie Jr and Miss Hazel
When I was 16 in 1998, I wrecked my car. Flipping 6 times and was ejected from the car. My daddy (who I lost on 7-4-18) gave me a CDB tape for Christmas so I would stop stealing his out of his car 😉. It stayed in my car when I got my license right in the tape player. After the wreck someone found the tape stuck in the ground at the scene and they brought it back to my after I was released from the hospital a few weeks later. IT STILL PLAYED! And it still does. I have kept it in the tape player of every car that I have had since. I got a new car and it didn’t have one but, I keep it in my glovebox. It’s my lucky charm. I just wanted to tell you that I have been praying for you and Miss Hazel. Losing a daddy changes everything. My mom was with dad for 55 years like Charlie and Hazel. Mom is lost without him. I know that Miss Hazel will be without Charlie too. Men like our dads are one in a million. For a small town in southern KY, there was 750+ people who came to say goodbye to my dad. Like your dad, he was a good god fearing man that loved his family, country and making people happy. 2 Timothy 4:7-8
Posted by Minda
Charlie daniels
One of the best fiddle players ever, always wanted to see him in concert never did and never will now, and in closing my Heart felt prayers to you all !!
Posted by Thomas
I loved your dad and his music, have for years. He was just about the finest American I ever knew. RIP sweet Charlie, we love you and will miss you!!
Posted by Joi
Remembered Forever
Charlie was a man that made a big impression on me. Although I never got to see him play, I owned all of his Cd’s. I loved his music and loved his messages about life and our lord. 2020 has been a very sad year so far, I laid my father to rest in January he was my hero. Now Mr Charlie Daniels was also called home. I loved my father my hero and Mr Daniels was my idol. The world was a much better place when they were here with us. But I know I will see them Again when it’s my time to be called home. Until then I know they are watching over us. I pray that the lord gives Charlie’s Family peace and heals their heart and eases their sorrows. I’m sending prayers to the entire CBD Family. Charlie was a great man that will never be forgotten. God Bless.
Posted by Bobbie
God bless you all
I am so sorry for your loss. Your daddy and mine could have been brothers. Such faith and love for this country. Hugs and prayers for you all.
Posted by Joni
Thank you for the music and your FAITH. Say hi to my dad for me ...he is up there somewhere playing music.
Posted by Chip
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I just want to personally thank you Charlie Jr. You are and I grew up pretty much the same way. The only difference is that my Daddy never became a Professional Artist such as your Daddy did. He wanted to, he just didn't have as much talent. I met your family including your Dad at my first Fan Family BBQ and private concert when my Cousin Jonathan Slayton, His wife and daughter brought me as their guest. It was and still is one of the best days of my life! You and I sat side by side while the both of us took pictures and traded cameras back and forth. And your Daddy and Mom and all of the Charlie Daniels band and crew made me feel like I was a family member. God teaches us that we are all one family and that is a true legend that not everyone can pass down or even know! God bless all of you Charlie Jr! Thank you for carrying on his traditions! You all are in my Prayers!
Posted by J Kay
My Prayers to You and Yours
I have been listening to your dad’s music since the late 70’s and the pleasure of attending one of his concerts a couple of years ago. Still the same awesome pics and music today to back them! Thank you for your talent and sharing all your awesome music for all those years! It makes my heart happy when I hear our celebrities paying tribute and honor to our military personnel. I heard him at my last CDB concert and it made proud. I grew up a “military brat” and use that title with honor every day! As you stated, he is not here physically but he will always be with you and your mom! God bless you and your mom! Linda K.
Posted by Linda
I've heard the CDB a couple of times. I thought I would see then again some time. I know I will and the next time it will be incredible. Roy Clark and others who have already gone on are having an incredibly jam session. Prayers for the family and CDB.
Posted by Dolores
Charlie The Man
So Friday I witnessed a part of music history in person and I was so moved by it. The Funeral of a Icon, a Legend, a Patriot a God fairing man. And that man was Charlie Daniels. I was moved at his loyalty to friends and his faith in God and family and the Military. Yes he was a Country Music Icon with many awards his greatest rewards were his faith in God and Family. Charlie Daniels was rewarded his shinny fiddle made of gold and is now singing with the angels in Heaven along with the many other Country Music Icons who passed before him. So with that being said Charlie Daniels will live on in our hearts and memory for ever along with his music. Charlie Jr. and Mrs. Hazel and family are in my prayers R.I.P. Charlie Daniels
Posted by Brad
Meeting Charlie
In Salem, Virginia, Charlie was in concert with Sawyer Brown, Mark Miller ask my brother to come.on fiddle with them. Charlie was back stage, when my brother finished playing he existed the stage and walked right into Charlie!! Charlie.looked at Tony and.said, Son, you ever think about playin that fiddle.full time? Tony said.No, Sir it's just a.hobby, Charlie said.yea it is.,Son, but God gives everybody something.special and.I think we all just your gift, my brother didn't really know.what to say. He idealized Charlie.since.he.was.a.child!!! So, Tony said Thank you, Sir!! Charlie looked at my brother and said, "I'm Charlie, not Sir, think about our talk here, pray about it, and may God always bless you ,Son!" It takes a fine man to say something like that to a total stranger, I have always.loved Charlie and.the CDB but after after that, I loved him as a person and not just as an entertainer.
Posted by Marily
The Best
I am just going to leave it simple here. Charlie Daniels was the best and will be greatly missed.
Posted by karen
Great Man
Charlie Jr., I am a native North Carolinian. Just a good ole country girl, I guess you can say. I saw your father in concert and he was awesome. The way he played his fiddle so hard that the strings would break on his bow. I saw him in Raleigh. NC. I enjoyed your father's music, because I could relate. Your father will definitely be missed. There's no other like Charlie Daniels. Heavens gain is our loss. God bless you and your mom. May God send angels your way to fill the holes in your hearts.
Posted by Sylva
Miss you Mr. Daniels
My world was better for your presence. Your music and wisdom lives on. See you in Heaven, Tim
Posted by timothy
Better Late than Never
Charlie my Buddy above all the rest......... What a Great Christian, Patriot and Man!!! From a Long Time Fan....... Daniel
Posted by Daniel
The best
I know how your mother feels and I know how you feel losing your father July 28th 2021. My husband had blood clots in his lungs and pneumonia from the virus. I'm sorry for your loss your father was a very gifted Man in music and other ways sending prayers to your family
Posted by Rena
My First Concert at TX State Fair
CDB, was my first unofficial concert in the early 90’s at the State Fair in Dallas. I was about 15 years old there with my dad who was working a booth for his company. I was wondering around and found CDB playing. Of course I knew who they were from the radio but this was my first experience of live music (not counting church!). His performance and passion started my love for live music. Words cannot do his show justice. Shortly after 9-11-01, CDB was playing at Billy Bob’s in FW. That is a concert that still to this day gives me chills and and pumps my patriotic blood quickly! Most recently, I started reading his long winded (teasing), his ‘op ed’ style posts on FB. Who knew he was so well versed, so knowledgeable and such an expert at writing? I think the world may never fully understand or appreciate his genius. He was quite possibly as astute as this nations founders! I wish I could have met him and spent several hours talking; I would have been a lucky man! I am sorry that his family and the world lost him over a year ago. But how fortunate were we to have had him on this earth for 75 years? I must believe that the world is better because of him. I only wish he would have done one thing: rewrite and release ‘A Few More Rednecks’ and replace Gorbachev with Putin!
Posted by Robert
Charlie Daniels
Your father was a great man. I always watched when he was on TV .Our deepest sympathy to his family.
Posted by Randall