Posted on 06.26.2020

Pick a Side

This was the last Soapbox that Dad ever wrote. It was originally published on June 26, 2020 and then on the 4th of July 2020, we posted Dad's poem/lyrics called "My Beautiful America." Two days later, he went home. With the third anniversary of his "changing addresses" mere days away, it seems fitting to share this again and remind everyone that we must stand steadfast in the face of those who would bring this nation down from within. - CD, Jr.

The time is swiftly coming in America when everybody who cares about having a future is going to have to pick a side.

When you get past the very thin patina of “peaceful” protest and look beyond the fallacy that violence and destruction brings about racial equality, you have to come to the conclusion that there is a radical fringe of people who would literally burn this country down, given the opportunity.

You’ll never hear it in the media, but if you’re willing to scratch the surface and dig a little bit, it will dawn on you that this is not a simple protest against the unjust killing of a black man, but a revolutionary street battle against America and everything we stand for and it IS funded and lead by socialist factions, and it’s not just in the US but in many democratic nations around the world.

In other words, an all-out socialist attack on our Republic.

I don’t remember a time in my 83 years when the cowardice, incompetence, indifference and downright impotence of governors, mayors and others responsible for the protection of citizens and their property have been more evident, disappointing and disgusting.

What’s going on in our nation is not a “Block Party” or a “Summer Of Love” and any politician naive enough to describe it as such is, not only unworthy of their office, but a clear and present danger to the well-being of every human being in their constituency, and thereby America at large.

This is anarchy, plain and simple and the laxity of the curriculum we have allowed to be taught in our schools and the doctrine that socialist university faculties have drummed into the heads of our young people is coming home to roost, as deceived twenty-somethings cause havoc for a cause they have no way of understanding, under the impression they are in a struggle for justice, when all along they are joining the battle to dismantle their whole way of life.

One of the first tenets of communism is destroying and discrediting history and the destruction of historical statues is just that.

Communism cannot exist where there is a strong belief in God and now there is a move afoot to remove any statues of Jesus Christ.

A statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan was vandalized in Austin, Texas recently, a musician who had nothing to do with politics or activism.

Communism cannot exist in a well-informed society, and to their everlasting shame and tacit treason, the media hides the truth and takes sides with the people who, if they ever came to power, would demolish the media.

Already the signs of pushback, the serious kind, are showing up,

Patriotic bikers have called for a rally in Seattle on the fourth of July to reclaim the CHAZ/CHOP area – or whatever they’re calling it today - return the police precinct to the police it was taken from and in their words, “Clean up the mess these Commie kids have made.” But the mayor finally seems to have come to her senses, so it may not come to that.

Gun sales are through the roof and America is locked and loaded to protect their families and their neighborhoods.

If things are allowed to fester and spread, in my opinion, and at least amongst the people I am familiar with and the area I live in, they will not allow their cities to be occupied, their businesses destroyed nor their lives interrupted without a fight and almost everybody I know has guns and knows how to use them.

I hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail and bloodshed can be avoided, but, as things stand, that’s exactly where this thing is headed.

So, America, in the next few months you’re going to have to make a choice, about how far you’ll be pushed, the priorities of your vote, the kind of world you want your children to grow up in and which side of this debacle you stand on.

Stand tall or crawl, those are the choices.

What do you think? 

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels



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Pick a Side
Hello Mr. Daniels - I'm a huge fan of yours & our great President Trump! I have a YouTube Channel "TakeAmericaBackNow" with only 2 songs: 1. "Camp One World Obama (censored)" from 11+ years ago...even more relevant - & now this song 2. "The Dems are a Bunch of Liars": We tried to find someone to sing it for us for over 7 months (because we can't sing a lick unfortunately). As Mr. Burton said to my husband... a lot of sharks out there & only scammers & haters replied. So, we decided to just do it ourselves because it's not so much the voice that matters (ours) as it is the message. However, our message isn't getting through to the people. So, I'd like to ask you, Mr. Daniels, would you like to sing this song for us? Hoping & praying you'll say Yes! Love America - Save America - God Bless America! #Trump2020
Posted by Kathy
Better Dead Than Red
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, you have never been more correct on an assessment than this one, we have the biggest powder keg in a kindling box with childish Pelosi & Shumer playing with matches in both of our life times. I pity anybody who is not locked and loaded for there may not be many days left to arm yourself. As I have said before BLM has nothing to do with skin color, wearing a mask has little to do with stopping the spread of the Kung Flu and a lot to do with control, it is to bring people into sheep mode, it's making a lot of them look like they just dropped in from the middle east. Anybody that does not believe that this election determines weather the USA continues of falls into the abyss is deceived beyond believe.We find in Romans 1:28 King James Version 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Even with the re-election of Trump we have a hard row to hoe, but with the Grace of the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob it can be done. The tearing down of statues has nothing to do with the person who the statue represents or what they lived for. It is about tearing down the government of the USA and every Judeo-Christian upon which it was founded. It seems we see little news coverage of Trump newly signed executive order using religiously affiliated agencies to help establish families rather than sodomite judges looking out for the interests of the LGBT, XYZ crowd. Maybe if history was taught in schools more would come to the realization that the founder of planned parenthood was racist and supported eugenics. No wonder the democrats support it so well. Folks you can think of me as you wish, but you need to pay attention to Mr. Daniels on this one cause he is right on, remember that I always ride for the brand of Jesus, and someday I'm going ride right on out of here, one happy camper...nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Great Observations
Thank you for taking the time to write this! Our country needs to hear common sense from people who have witnessed the best and worst of the US. I pray God will continue to bless you, and the USA! Pastor Rick Ponzo Fountain Hills, AZ
Posted by Rick
Pick a side
Exactly right. Time for choosing. Choose wisely grasshopper. ~~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
How we roll.
I will stand tall with you my brother.
Posted by Robin
Pick a Side
I 100% agree; however, one statement really hit a cord with me: "they will not allow their cities to be occupied, their businesses destroyed nor their lives interrupted without a fight." Yet this is exactly what we are allowing governors and petty Democrat local dictators to do with the lockdown orders and mask requirements. Now, even the governors of Texas and Florida are appeasing the Covid cult and harassing citizens and business owners and destroying jobs on junk science (or ignoring and lying about actual studies and statistics). When do we start saying no to this? Since it is directly connected to the same politicians encouraging communist terrorists rioting and destroying our country.
Posted by Michael
Well Said - Amen
Hello Mr. Daniels. I have always enjoyed your music through the years and have been following you on Twitter for awhile now. I agree with you on Taking Sides. I've taken a side and I side with President Trump and you. I am so disgusted at the behavior, destruction and hatred that seems to abound. I pray for our president and our country. Thank you for your faith in God and our Country.
Posted by Linda
I'm an American veteran .I will protect my family at all cost I love my country and Jesus is my Lord and savior . I stand for my flag I knew at the cross God bless America
Posted by Jerry
Pick a Side
Hello Daniel's, your are correct. I have listen to your music since I was little and I still listen. I do want to add something on all this. One thing that gets to me is how these groups want fairness, justice, equality, and etc. And which when anyone gets killed there needs to be justice. However I get furious how people are saying I'm privilege because I am white. However I grew up very poor, my mother busted her butt just to put food on our table and some days all we had in the house was malt o meal to eat. We didnt get a bunch of toys and clothes for xmas, we may had hot one or two which I knew my mom got them from confinement store but we didnt care we were happy just to get something. I was picked on throughout my school days, was called names, made fun of, and had one friend most of grand school. There were weeks where we had no heat in our house in the middle of winter when it was below zero for days. As a child I was sexually abused for several years. The older I got I knew I wanted a better life. I graduated high school, put myself through college (which I'm still paying on). I have 3 kids and a single parent and I struggle to make ends meat. So when I hear people say I'm a privilege white person I get furious because if my life has been privileged I want someone to explain how my life has been privileged. I have witnessed more reverse racism towards whites than I have ever witnessed racism towards any blacks. Not saying it dont ever happen however, I dont think it happens as much as the they are saying. They have the same rights as any white American does and they can get the same education. There are a couple things I do see different and that is with several black Americans they always pull the race card. When 95% of the time it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. When people are ripping these cities apart it is ridiculous, destroying peoples lives and ripping down statues because of what happen how many years ago. No one can change the past. It makes me sad that I have to sleep with my gun in my night stand so I can protect my children from harm. I'm mad, worried, and scared for my children's futures. My grandfather's fought for this country and if they were still alive today they would fight again. I was always raised two wrongs dont make anything right, work for what you want, treat others the way you want to be treated, Never steal, and never take anything for granted. If all this going on with riots, looting, burning things, ripping down statues; for politics reasons. Everyone in the United States has to worry because what are they going to try next? I stand behind our police, our military, and the United States. I pray to God to protect all of us.
Posted by Kandi
I agree
I so agree we have to pick a side ive never dreamed we would be seeing this in the USA. Ty for taking a stand
Posted by Tonya
Do you remember Hands Across America?
What if we did it while wearing Blue, like a “thin blue line” across America, just need someone to organize it. Just a thought
Posted by Dyan
Mr. Daniels! I fought for this country and I'm proud to say I know you!
Posted by Robert
"If this country doesn't give us what we want. . .
we will burn the system and replace it." Hawk Newsome thug leader of black lives matter told Fox News the other night. At 6'6" this dude is an intimidating figure and without saying a word he send a clear message, I scare the hell out of you don't I? You will never be safe until I get what I want. I don't care if you are black or white you are in my way. He put himself in the company of MLK and "Jesus Christ the most famous black radical revolutionary in history." he goes on to say,"This is what happens to black activists, we are killed by the government." No lack of self-esteem for this dude. Plowboy,I need to tap your knowledge of the good book, I can't seem to find anything on Jesus leading riots, burning, looting and general destruction of lives and property. I know, Mr.Hawk has a new revised bible so I should look under "peaceful demonstration" or maybe he has his own book in the new bible, the gospel according to Hawk. You should be in jail. DeploraBill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
Your commentary
Thank you sir for your commitment to our republic. May God continue his blessings upon you.
Posted by Wes
Pick a Side
Dear Charlie, Thank you for your words. It is important for us to “Stand tall” and not crawl. The world, our nation, our children, grandchildren, and future generations’ depend on it. As Margaret Thatcher once said, This is no time to go Wobbly. God bless you!
Posted by Sergei
Pick a Side
In 2016, I voted for a Used Car Salesman over a Crooked Career Politician. I held my nose and voted. When I saw the way that he was attacked from all quarters, I immediately took his side. THEN I saw the way he fought back. I realized at that moment that he was on MY side. Since then, he hasn't done a damned thing except follow through on everything he promised to do. He did all those things despite incredible opposition. President Trump has set a high bar for our elected officials, and every one of them knows it. They also know that he has outworked them in less than four years, and they will carry an unshakable incompetence as long as they oppose him. They hate him for that, with such a blinding hatred that forces them to expose themselves to anyone paying attention. I am an average American Citizen, and I expect there are a couple hundred million folks across this Nation just like me. If they have been paying attention, they might realize this man is the one they have always wanted on their side. If they have been paying attention, they have seen the beat-downs this man has endured on a daily basis. They see him show up again the next day, willing to face another day of slurs and slander. Can you imagine what can be achieved if he were to have a little help? I believe in our President and I trust his instincts. This self-described 'Stable Genius' may have been understating his capabilities. I intend to give him my vote in November, and I will support those who intend to support him. God bless ALL of us!
Posted by Minchew
Trump campaign music
Mr. Daniels, You hit the nail on the head with this!!! Since all of the music that President Trump has played at his events have brought threats of law suits by the artists. Could you contact him and have him use your music!!! It's a lot better the stuff his campaign have used! That would be a shot in the arm for all of us.
Posted by Ken
Pick A Side
Pick A Side, isn't that the truth. Thanks Charlie for your wise words, patriotism and standing with General Michael Flynn. Awesome fiddle you gifted him! I saw you back in the 70's with the Gregg Allman Band at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. We were coming out of some crazy times back then but nothing like these days. God Bless you and your family.
Posted by Annie
MLK He Is Not
Bill this NY thug Hawk Newsome could not even be a pimple on MLK's buttocks, Nwsome and MLK have not one thing in common. I just watched the video of him spewing his hate and all that I can say is that his size is only dwarfed by his ignorance. As far as our Lord & savior we find in Matthew 10:34 King James Version 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. And as far as Jesus destroying anything we find only one time. Mark 11:15-17 King James Version 15 And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves;16 And would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple.17 And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves........However Newsome is not of the spirit of Jesus Christ, but he is of his father Satan.......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Kandi is amazing!
Thank you for your strong and powerful comments. You are an amazing and powerful person who has overcome so much adversity in your life in order to become the outstanding and successful person that you are. Your strength and words of wisdom and insight send a powerful message to us all.
Posted by Michael
Coming Attractions
What I see on the streets is a whole lot of people who have made a choice for which there is no recovery. Without hesitation they've gone lockstep with something they probably don't fully understand. Mob rule ain't pretty. They've lent themselves to a revolution to rip this country/civilization apart. They’re about to reap the fruits of it. ~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Pick a Side
Charlie, you are spot on. The politicians need to start leading not allowing. The American public is allowing the radical left to dictate. I hope and pray that the majority of the United States does feel what is happening is right. People will eventually have to take a stand and back two of the most important Amendments; the 1st and the 2nd.
Posted by Mark
New song/parody
This new song/parody was inspired by a song written in the 1930s, re-written in the 1960s, and now re-written again. Many thanks go out to "Hurricane Duane for all your help. You're the best my friend.
Posted by Mickey
Posted by JIM
Can't wait for next week's Soapbox!
I'm really anxious to read what Charlie and the commentariat will have to say about the revelation that the Admin knew about Russian bounties on our troops' heads and did nothing. I also think that sometime in the next few months, Trump will step down -- probably due to ill health -- so that Pence becomes the president who loses in a landslide in November. What do you think? Give a little something to your favorite charity. Work toward peace in our country and justice for all.
Posted by Steve
American Partiot
Thank You Charlie for continuing being a true patriot. Your commentaries are reaching a lot of like minded American Patriots- Thank You and may God Bless You Keep Going
Posted by Pete
Pick a side
You're right charlie as much as protesters think they are doing good to bring up there fellow human beings they are following the wrong path and have gotten so far off the path that they think Jesus is the devil and a Texas bluesman who hated nobody of any color who could make a guitar do magic in the blink of an eye is in the same group, they have so much hate in themselves that they are willing to pick the pepper out of chicken crap and protest why it mixed with white chicken crap too it don't make sense too hard working people who get up every morning go to work pay there bills, love there family and praise the Lord everyday for the gift of life, family and freedom but I guess if you don't have the Lord to guide you and a job to report to in the morning well I guess you can wander in circles like puppets on a string and let evil be your guidance I choose the side of the Lord and doing right by my family and taking no bull from trouble if it wants to come my way, god bless America.
Posted by Mike
Weight Broke The Bridge
Steve, while you wait for more words of wisdom from Charlie you might want to watch this NRA Video, It is all true, pay attention to the 4:05 part with you buddy Biden After watching you might want to quit waiting and started acting, like Mr Baldwin did and save your life and maybe someclose and dear to you ....nuff said God Bless Plowboy PS maybe you will see the advantage of being locked and loaded.... if you want to see his girl friend in action....
Posted by Plowboy
Waiting Thought
Steve, just curious, do you have any idea what drugs these people who come up with these stories about Russian Bounties do? I know that Putin is not far from Rocket Man in his ideas, and the Bear from the North will invade Israel and the Bear will be destroyed. However that does not translate into what people are accusing Trump of overlooking. It amazes me how democrats twist their perversions and try to blame republicans for them. Your Obama was the most gonadless president in US history. I heard once about people mixing battery acid and Drano to make some sort of brew, maybe that is how these people are cooking their brains. And if anyone steps aside due to health issues, as in mental, his name is Joe Biden.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
No, it’s not lead by the socialists, and here’s why:
Socialists have joined the bandwagon, but they’re not in charge of it. Many non-socialists have reason to destroy monuments. Americans generally consider the preservation of a monument as an honor in and of itself. Instead, we need to recognize leaving them up as preserving artifacts, no matter how undeserving a person is of such an honor. Many non-socialists don’t believe in God, or easily find fault in the traditionally established Christian church. The media’s liberal bias is wrong, but they’re not focused on socialism. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
This blog post
Sir, you’re right about picking sides and I did that a long time ago and fearlessly so. I hated that I had to trudge through THE SWAMP of political chaos and corruption to be able to be public about where I stand. Keep me in prayer, I need it for the decision I need to about this. It takes me in a long way and I have to get done with some rough stuff first.
Posted by Dena
Charlie, you are a true patriot saying it as it is. we need more people in this country like you. loved your music, love your insights, therefore i love you. keep up the good work.
Posted by myron
RE: Tru
But it all leads to the same place, in the end ....down the same Marxist road.
Posted by Jeff
You're not hiding your problem Sideshow Steve we know. . .
your back on the "donkey" come on man,you promised Ma and Pa you would quit doping but no chance of that. Yes Sideshow Steve this is your brother Sideshow Bob I told you to stay away from "Slick Willy" Clinton cause he was trouble, you know who to blame for cigar smoke up someones butt and Slick Willy told 19000 lies and one of those lies was,"No Sideshow Steve, "donkey" is non-habit forming." Let's get your head right, because you are so far from the real world you think that the NY Times and the Washington Post are conservative leaning newspapers. Come on man you need help kicking the "donkey" you can't do it alone, so we are sending Corn Pop and the dog-faced pony soldiers to come and get you and take you to Big Loud Mouths detox center we gotta get your head right man you are gonna be ok Sideshow Steve. DeploraBill the Norhtwoods Drifter and Sideshow Bob (yes really)
Posted by Bill
Great article from a true patriot. My husband who is retired Air Force and myself were starting to think we were one of a few left who think the world has gone crazy. No morals, no values, no police, no respect... God is the answer. This Fourth of July let's say a very special prayer that God will continue to bless this wonderful country and return us to the faith of our fathers. Thank you for your poignant soapbox.
Posted by Libby
Plowboy, Sideshow Steve knows the radicals drug of choice. . .
Hyperleftaloser is mixed with Radlibatrol on the street they call it "donkey". My sources tell me that Biden turned on the radical left to "ridin'da donkey" or "going donkey". Bad stuff Plowboy, it makes the leftys lie about anything Sideshow Steve is so messed up on the "donkey" he thinks NYTimes and Wapo are right wing papers. (I know, right?) MSM has been hooked since Slick Willy had "donkey" parties at the White House. Look what this stuff has done to Biden, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer and poor ol Sideshow Steve and his lying parrot Kat. To everyone else stay off the "donkey" and have a safe and happy Independence Day. DeploraBill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
Dep Bill
Bill, well, if your intervention doesn't involve psychedelic drugs or German Shepherds. it won't work. All I'm saying is you're playing the tune and that stubborn snake ain't gonna dance. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
I read every single one you write and agree with you 1000%. God bless you, Charlie. Thank you so much for the many years of great music and for sharing your piece of mind. Keep it all comin'! Love you... ❤
Posted by Cindy
Well said.
Your words are so eloquent and fit the situation to a tee. Never in my life (and that's 80 yrs) would I have believed our country would come to this. The lack of law and order, the destruction of public and private property, the complete ignorance of history and the disgrace and lack of respect for every man as and woman who have died in the service of our country so that we live in freedom. God help us.
Posted by Jean
Sorry, Plowboy, but I see absolutely no reason to be "locked and loaded." It's also highly unlikely that I'll watch a video put out by the gun lobby; their fear-mongering arguments fall flat with me. I also think you might have misunderstood my point about Trump dropping out or resigning because of his health. While I acknowledge that he is obese and obviously out of shape - and appears to many to be having mental issues - I think he will do so to save face. He knows that every day his chances of being reelected are smaller (sub-zero at this point, I'd say) and he will be "undefeated" in his mind when Pence loses the election. Sort of like how he denies that he was impeached or that Mueller did not find evidence of his campaign's involvement with Russia and their interference on his behalf in 2016.
Posted by Steve
Hey, DeploraBill!
You don't want me to "have a safe and happy Independence Day?" That's not very nice! But hey, I hope you and yours have one.
Posted by Steve
Responding to Jeff
No, not necessarily a Marxist road, just wrong. Look at the Taliban. They're not Marxist, but we still don't want anything like that in America. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Pick a Side
I am posting on the 4th of July Charlie and this was the exact subject of the day along with CV-19.I have a small arsenal have had for years with plenty(alot) of ammo we(men) started discussing food supply and vest starting to organize/thoughts now for Nov. that's when this all comes to a head.I have this tidbit for Steve polls show 63% African Americans disaapove of BLM and 70+% do not want to see the police defunded.This is not a Black and White matter but a Socialist/Marxist/communist problem as to the election I have this ........ In fact, Professor Helmut Norpoth, of Stony Brook University in New York, says this year's results show Trump with a 91% chance of victory in November. He points out, in a report at the Gateway Pundit, that his model has been correct on the popular vote since the 1990s. And interviewer Lou Dobbs noted the model has been correct 24 of 26 times.
Posted by Kevin
Responding to Luanne
Yes, there are those who just don’t want to work. And yes, a lot of people are successful because they work hard and sacrifice. But there’s also plenty of folks who work hard and sacrifice and still struggle to get by. Capitalism is better than socialism, but it’s not enough. We need to be RESPONSIBLE with capitalism. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
No, the commies are not taking over.
“If things are allowed to fester and spread, in my opinion, and at least amongst the people I am familiar with and the area I live in, they will not allow their cities to be occupied, their businesses destroyed nor their lives interrupted without a fight and almost everybody I know has guns and knows how to use them.” This is why we’re not at risk of becoming a communist country. The communists are just not powerful enough. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Kandi
It sounds like you’ve suffered more than most white AND black people in society. I think if you were black and went through all these problems you’ve been through, you’d have other problems on top of all this. There are plenty of white people killed by law enforcement and murder disguised as self-defense, but the media generally ignores them. Also, there are plenty of blacks who are prejudiced against whites. And let’s not forget about affirmative action and things like that. These, too, are serious things that need to be addressed. Sadly, those who do address these things generally go to the opposite extreme. They claim that whites suffer more than blacks overall, blacks are spiteful to whites while demanding special privileges, blacks who don’t fit this ugly stereotype are rare exceptions. They’ll even make racial issues out of things that have nothing to do with race. They’ll find fault with blacks, and minorities in general, with an attitude of “people like us don’t do these things” (or at least “we’re not as bad as them”). White people have advantages over blacks, and black people have advantages over whites. The advantages blacks have over whites masks the advantages whites have over blacks. And the advantages whites have over blacks often put wealthier whites at an advantage over less fortunate whites as well as blacks. Kandi, it sounds like you, a white woman, are a victim of white privilege. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
God Bless you
Thank Charlie Daniels for posting and to God for giving you the words that descibe, so well, the mess our nation is in. God Bless you forever!!!
Posted by Susan