Posted on 03.20.2020

How We Roll

Since the advent of coronavirus, America has had little time, energy or interest in anything else.

Trying to keep up with the latest mortality rates, the number of infected, the spread and all the other moving parts associated with the virus, and I do mean moving parts because the situation changes so rapidly, sometimes on an hourly basis.

Well now, we at least have a plan of action and as painful as it may be, it seems the only meaningful path we have open to us.

I have decided to shelter in place for the next three or four weeks limiting my exposure to no more than four people. Since I’m 83 and in the most vulnerable age group, it seems a small price to pay for avoiding the virus.

We may as well prepare to have our lives interrupted for a while. 

We had to either cancel or reschedule all our April shows until later in the year which means that my tour employees will be out of work for around eight weeks, which is definitely a financial burden but when compared to the alternative of going about our business as usual, potentially catching the virus and spreading it to millions of people, it’s no contest.

We’ve just got to bite the bullet, don our big boy pants, cowboy up and do whatever we have to do to get through this.

I honestly feel that Donald Trump is doing all that any president could possibly do. He has assembled the best and the brightest to deal with the medical part of the pandemic, gone to Congress for the biggest financial aid package in history to help America's workforce weather the storm, tapped every medical resource the government has to make sure there are enough beds, ventilators and medical equipment and he is very visible, doing press conferences every day.

He has pledged to do whatever it takes.

So now it comes down to what spirit we Americans are going to adopt in getting through this thing.

Me, I believe first of all in God and I believe in America.

Human beings can experiment, science can develop new serums and procedures but only God can make a seed grow, put breath in a baby’s body or reveal to mankind the formulas for a medicine that will defeat a pandemic, and I pray to Him every day that He will impart this Divine knowledge to a responsible human being who can bring forth a cure.

I believe America is the greatest nation to ever come forth on this Earth and births a breed of people who are capable of conquering continents and building the strongest and most progressive nation the world has ever known.

I remember the Second World War, the rationing, the casualty lists, and the ever-present fear that the Nazis would bring the war onshore in coastal North Carolina where their submarines sank cargo ships just a few miles off our coast.

But the spirit of the day was such that if they had landed troops they would have indeed found a rifle - or at least a shotgun - behind every blade of grass in the hands of men who would have defended their homes and families until the last breath.

Even in the darkest days of the war when the battles overseas were going badly and the casualty lists were high, we said our prayers and went to bed at night knowing full well that no Swastika or Rising Sun would ever fly above our beloved United States of America.

Well, brothers and sisters who love this nation, we are involved in another war, a war with the potential to kill many more Americans than WWII, at least according to Bernie Sanders.

But in the vernacular of a country boy, “That just ain’t gonna happen.” because America is able and willing to stand up to this thing, to make the sacrifices and pull the weight to defeat this coronavirus.

So, come on, y’all, say your prayers, stay out of crowds, wash your hands, grab a handful of good attitude and let’s go to war.

Join the army.

Victory will be ours!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Man Your Stations
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie victory will be ours come November when Trump wins by a landslide, taking the House and Senate with him, because by then this will be behind us as fake news will be ran out of town on a rail, the democratic party will be annihilated because people will see this China Virus for what it is, an attempt by the Chinese government to get rid of a lot of their old feller's and remove the most pro American president in history because for years he has seen communist China for what it is. These are very trying times as rumors of Marshall Law fly and the media runs article after article of people who have passed on from this virus, yet when 61,000 American died from the flu in 2018, you found no personal articles. Is it that the people dying in 2020 are more important or valuable than those in 2018? The only difference in value is that marketing of their death to create panic and stress among people to get them to follow the Democrats to hell..... nuff said sir, glad to hear that you are sheltered in place with the loves of your life. Praying for the best for you and all Americans, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
How we roll.
Mr. Daniels, you pretty much said it all. You’re a true American treasure. If most people had mine and your attitude and belief in GOD, they would be at peace during this time. GOD BLESS YOU SIR. Dave King
Posted by David
Thank you, Charlie Daniels
Thank you, Charlie Daniels, for being one of the greatest Americans we know, true American spirit, true American heart. When my son was just a boy, back in the day, he used to go around the house singing Charlie Daniels songs, non-stop, and I'm so glad to see that you are still full of the same American spirit you had back then. Thank you for the memories, Mr. Daniels, and God bless you and your family, for always. As ever, The Baskin Family
Posted by Grace
Encouraging Words
Just wanted to say Thank you for your true and encouraging posts. During this time, we need this and I just wanted to say, keep your posts coming!!!
Posted by Connie
we love ya down here in east texas charlie,and we believe in the power of our lord and savior Jesus Christ,our prayers are with you and your family.God Bless
Posted by george
Thank God for Common Sense
God Bless America! Charlie Daniels could not have said it better. One thing that will help everyone through this faith. Another helpful thing is to stay calm, yes it the virus is bad but have common sense. Stay at home unless you really need to go out for supplies but do not hoard, there is enough for everyone if you have common sense and do not hoard. I know how much I need for two weeks and that is not 24 units of 12 rolls of toilet paper. I pray and hope everyone can be untouched by this virus.
Posted by Judy
Today's Soapbox
Perfect, as always. Your knowledge, your common sense, your deep faith, your love for our land comes together again to present a wonderful, uplifting, magically simple yet profound message for all of America. I also thank God for you - a voice of peace for us all. Will meet you on the other side and can't wait to shake your hand.
Posted by Patricia
That’s what I’m talking about! Let’s stand up for our country and show others that with God anything and everything is possible! We will win over this corona virus because we are strong and we will fight until the end to save our country! We are America and we will stand! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
Posted by Donna
mr schumer is an american. as an american i will defend his right of free speech even if he is screaming at the top of his lungs that which i would scream at the top of my lungs to disagree. however we are now consumed by a terrible pandemic . people are dying and we are being led by a group of people who are obsessed by their own ambitions of self grandure . these people clearly can't stand americans .they only pretend to tolerate us in their on interest. o holy mary ,o blessed virgin you who undo the knots that suffocate your children extend your merciful hands to us. i entrust you with this knot ( anything you need help with ) and all the negative consequences that it provoked in my life. i give you this knot that torments me and makes me unhappy and impede me from uniting myself to you and your son jesus christ my savior. mary undo these knots. amen
Posted by karen
Chucky Schumer
You are the man Charlie. And chucky schumer is a giant a** hat.
Posted by David
Soapbox of 3/20
Amen and AMEN! Love you Charlie, stay well! JON- GOOD OLD WLIR!
Posted by Jon
How we roll.
I admire your ability to speak so we'll. You certainly make your point well. Like you, my husband and I are high risk. Thank you for praying for America now let us pray for you.
Posted by Robin
“If we use it here, it should be made here.”
Since Charlie said this in his previous soapbox post (“Survival”), I’ve been having some thoughts about this. The lack of medical supplies is SEVERE. We need to make more of our own manufactured products, AND they need to be high quality, AND we need them to be affordable. How? We need more INNOVATION. I don’t know if China should get any blame for this crisis, or for what exactly if so. But it’s not good that we depend on that country for our manufactured products, and we don’t want that country to surpass us as the world’s top superpower. America needs to outperform China in manufacturing. And not just with medical supplies, but with manufacturing overall. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru