Posted on 03.06.2020

Apostate Nation

“I want to tell you, Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price.”

Is this the statement of a rational man, a political leader who is charged with leading his party in the US Senate?

If an ordinary American citizen stood in front of a highly charged partisan crowd on the steps of the Supreme Court building and screamed out these words, they would be charged with threatening, by name, Supreme Court Justices and probably hauled off for questioning by the Secret Service.

Well, Charles Schumer - United States Senator from the state of New York and Senate Minority Leader - did exactly that, making specific threats, along with other inflammatory remarks against Justices of the highest court in the land.

And then, after the entire nation heard the threats, and the heat for his remarks started coming down, he tried to lie his way out of it, claiming that he was talking about Republicans who confirmed the Justices.

No, Mr. Schumer, you can’t wiggle or spin your way out this time, you named names, you literally threatened members of the third branch of government, a branch that has the constitutionally mandated right to operate on its own, not beholden to nor intimidated by members of the other two constitutionally mandated branches.

No, this is not the act of a rational patriot, rather the act of a hate crazed loose cannon who desperately wants to take back control of the Senate in the coming election and is pandering to any pressure group he thinks can help him.

What has happened to politics in America?

When this nation “under God” even seriously considers a communist for president, who wants to tear America to pieces speaks volumes about how far this nation has fallen.

Personally, I think that America is already on shaky ground with our Creator, we have legalized the killing of the unborn and normalized actions and lifestyles that completely go against the will of God and electing a godless communist regime could well have widened the gap.

One good thing that this impeachment process has brought forth, we have seen the character, or lack thereof, of many of our elected officials, their willingness to suppress the truth, intimidate innocent American citizens and make a mockery of the judicial system by obtaining FISA warrants under false pretenses.

Even the FBI, an organization I have admired all my life, fell prey to their treachery as James Comey betrayed the rank and file and sold out for his personal political purposes.

Nor are they above exaggerating, browbeating and downright lying. Adam Schiff must have checked his conscience at the door.

The trail of collateral damage, innocent people who were hoodwinked into committing minuscule offenses and being held accountable for “major” crimes, American citizens who served our military with patriotism and honor, productive members of society hounded into bankruptcy, family members threatened, actually institutional blackmail, while a lady who facilitated the sale of American uranium to Russia and destroyed emails that were under subpoena was never held to account and a former attorney general whose hair-brained “fast and furious” debacle got people killed had his record sealed.

In the meantime, a partisan internal revenue official who withheld tax-exempt status from conservative political organizations took the fifth and hasn’t been heard from since.

Evidently Lady Justice has removed the blindfold from one eye and put her thumb on the scales.

Mr. Schumer, let me finish your quote for you and apply it, not to the Supreme Court, but to the nation.

“For they have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind.” - Hosea 8:7 God’s Holy Word.

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem 

What do you think?

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Galatians 6:7-9
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Galatians 6:7 (KJV) Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The time must be short because these Democrat leaders have gone totally bonkers. Thy can lie,, cheat, scheme, weasel, and try to hide their devious ways but it is easy as pie to see them for what they are....Matthew 7:16-20 (KJV) 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. nuff said , keep on keep'n on sir, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
This is nothing new.
Weren't there a lot of American communists in the 1930s? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Crooked R US
I'm not sure which part is worse, what he did to clearly threaten and intimidate -- it was the whole purpose -- or what happened days earlier. FBI arrested a NY man for making threats against Schumer and Schiff during the impeachment and vote. Days later he's screaming threats on the steps of SCOTUS at at least 2 judges. He said, "did you hear that over there on the far right?" A guy makes a threat at him and Schiff then gets scooped right up. And then, then he said "Yo...I'm from Brooklyn." It didn't matter where that other guy was from, or who he was. Apostate Nation fits. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Charlie's soapbox
Keep standing strong, Charlie, on your soapbox.! Patriotic Americans (and everyone) needs to hear some common sense ideas.! The left/lib/ democrats surely short on common sense.!
Posted by Dave
Re. Apostate Nation
Thank you, Brother Charlie for using your platform to share truth. We, USA, are at critical pivot point. Truth, as in Jesus Christ, is the only answer to pull us, USA, from the brink of destruction. Terry Lee Powell Tn John 3:3 " unless a man be born again, he will not see the Kingdom of Heaven "
Posted by Terry
Apostate Nation
As usual, Mr. Daniels, your comments on dead on target. Thank you for being a great American and for the years of joy your music have brought us.
Posted by Sheryl
Thank you for being another voice for America and us as her citizens Mr. Daniels.Folks need to wake up and smell the coffee.No one could have ever convinced me that our country, our government,and our people would ever devolve or endure what we are facing today.I worry for my children and grandchildren and their children.This country,this society has changed and is still degenerating.I do not know if we will ever turn it around. Anyway Thank you and God Bless.
Posted by Bill
Schumer's anti-Americanm rants and anti-patriot acts of treason
He is just one of the many clowns in Congress. He is seriously worried about the Demon-craps loosing not just 2020 Presidential Election, but the House and more Senators. He's worried that the Democratic party will disappear.
Posted by Gregory
Apostate Nation in a Downhill Slalom
Loved that Hosea quote and your article, Charlie. For the love of God and our country.... keeping speaking your mind. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Responding to Plowboy from “The Fallacy of Campaign Financing”
This response seems relevant to "Apostate Nation". Plowboy, it’s good to know you’re not against the #metoo movement itself. Hardly anyone in politics, left or right, is honorable, and this includes Kavanaugh and Moore. There is SOME credible testimony against Kavanaugh and Moore, even if not all of it is. Yes, they’re innocent until proven guilty, but that only applies to a court of law, not public opinion or getting into the Supreme Court or getting into the Senate. And Al Franken, with stronger evidence against him, is not honorable, either. Instead of defending people like Kavanaugh and Moore, it’s better to put more effort into getting judges like Gorsuch, a Trump appointee and a conservative WITHOUT such a disgusting past. But even those who live a good clean life and do good things in office put too much priority into making a name for themselves as public figures. When the government makes the right decision, those in office who make it happen are too arrogant to deserve much praise for it. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
All of it
Thank you for your clear and concise writings. You know we are many. Keep it rolling. God bless you.
Posted by Michael
Charlie Daniel's post
Well said and I fully agree to the letter.
Posted by Danna Denise
Apostate Nation
Baby Trump threatens everybody. In your mind that's ok?
Posted by Dave
An Example of Practicality Against Socialism
If a non-profit organization was to raise enough money through fundraisers and pay the tuition of everyone who goes to college in America, the whole idea of the government providing for free college would be obsolete. That would be one less reason to vote socialist. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Mark Fitzgerald
I have just been informed that Mark Fitzgerald is having serious health problems, including a cognitive loss which has resulted in his inability to play guitar. Mark has been a musician all of his life and is now unable to continue. As a result he is having serious financial problems, much worse than I can detail here. I and my partner Tommy Burdett III are putting together a benefit for Mark to help with medical bills, house repairs, etc. I am trying to reach out to those who knew Mark back in the day in terms of support. Please contact me, any help greatly appreciated.
Posted by Jim
Thank you,Charlie
Thank you Charlie,Daniels,for Standing for the truth,our country,the unborn!our Troops,our Firefighters and Police! And for exposing,schumer!
Posted by Michael
An Example of Practicality Against Socialism
Things tend to be more expensive when they’re made in the USA than when they’re made in certain other countries. Fundraisers can be held to help people better afford things that are made here in this country. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru