Posted on 02.14.2020

Empty Words

If Americans are used to anything, it's hearing politicians make campaign promises that they forget about when they get in office and never fulfill.

But when a candidate’s whole campaign strategy is based, not only on promises they won’t keep, but promises they cannot possibly keep, it’s a horse of a different color, not just disappointment about breaking promises but totally dejected disappointment about a whole platform that collapses as the impossibly of the grandiose promises dawns on a totally deflated electorate.

Although socialist doctrine runs deep in the rhetoric of several of the Democratic candidates, the weeding out began in New Hampshire and it appears that Bernie Sanders will be the last man - or woman - standing in the hardcore socialist category.

Let’s look at some of Bernie’s campaign promises, examine the feasibility, the method of funding them and the effect they would have on the citizens and the future of the nation.

Bernie has promised to forgive all student loans which currently stands at $1.3 trillion.

Bernie has promised Medicare For All; the Urban Institute has projected 34 trillion additional federal dollars to fund the single-payer plan in the first decade of operation.

Bernie has signed on to the Green New Deal, Studies have shown that the cost of the Green New Deal would be around 94 Trillion Dollars.

There are many other cradle-to-grave provisos we could go into but let’s just deal with the 128.3 trillion dollars it would require to finance the promises we have so far.

Just to realize the enormity of the numbers we are dealing with, the 94 trillion for the Green New Deal alone would translate into six hundred thousand dollars for every household in America.

Of course, Bernie tells us that the “rich would pay their fair share” to cover the utopian socialist society he is proposing, but think about this:

If you confiscated, not taxed a portion, but took the entire fortunes of the 20 richest people in America it would amount to around 1.066 trillion dollars, probably enough to finance Bernie’s Shangri-La for a few days.

The entire nation now takes in about four trillion dollars a year and goes into debt for even more every year and we now already have a national debt of 23 trillion dollars that will, if not addressed soon, require 100% of our GDP just to pay the interest.

So, after the super-rich have contributed their “fair share” and there is about a twenty trillion per annum shortfall, where do the eyes of the politicians turn?

The tax rate goes into an upward spiral with tax brackets falling lower and lower and tax rates going higher and higher until EVERYBODY is paying sixty percent of their income to Internal Revenue.

And still, there is a shortfall of several trillion dollars.

And the truth of the matter is that the numbers will never reconcile, it is impossible to service the kind of debt Bernie Sanders socialist programs would accumulate.

It’s like a man who can only afford the payments on a motor scooter getting the credit to buy a fleet of Lamborghinis.

Bernie’s one-payer health care plan would put private insurance companies out of business causing massive unemployment, a catastrophic upheaval in the stock market and result in a caliber of healthcare you don’t even want to think about.

Bernie’s attitude toward private enterprise, the taxes he would levy on them and the business atmosphere that would be created under a Sanders administration would drive most industry offshore, resulting in rampant unemployment and other fiscal shortfalls.

Would there be demonstrations of outrage from the people who voted for Bernie in good faith, lost their jobs, their homes, their future and their patience?

Of course, there would be, and some would result in violence, “requiring” a firm federal hand to bring about law and order.

And therein lie the seeds of a totalitarian full-blown communist government.

The problem with socialism is that it always becomes so top-heavy and requires such sacrifice from the people, that the only way to quell the widespread unrest is by force. 

That’s the way dictatorships are born and how free nations are ravaged.

Am I saying that Bernie Sanders has designs on being a dictator?

I am not, but I am saying that the kind of government he is proposing has a history of creating dictatorships, deprivation, unrest and chronic unhappiness.

Unfortunately, our universities have conditioned millions of young people into not only accepting but embracing socialism and Bernie Sanders has a hardcore, dedicated following who only sees the glittering surface and has no idea what lies beneath.

Let’s hope and pray they won’t have to learn the hard way.

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

What do you think? 

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels


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Keep it up Charlie
Right on Charlie Danials for president
Posted by Doug
Comrade Bernie
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie and now I see that they are in a bidding war with wealthy candidate Tom Steyer passing Bernie's minimum wage and now promising $22.00 per I hear 25 from bout 30 from Pocahontas? It is all insanity, no wonder Pete wants to legalize heroin and meth.... These are the people who call good evil and evil good. As I have heard a wise man say before, cowboy logic still applies 2 + 2 always = 4......Water never runs uphill......... If there's smoke, there's a fire somewhere.......How anybody buys into this foolishness is mind boggling, they only thing they are buying is the funny farm, lock, stock and barrel...nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Soap Box 2/14/20
You are the voice of reason, why is it that so many just don't see it as we do? God Bless You.
Posted by Cheryl
I just thought of something disturbing.
"The problem with socialism is that it always becomes so top-heavy and requires such sacrifice from the people, that the only way to quell the widespread unrest is by force." Can you imagine a president who supports socialist services (such as Medicare-for-all) like Bernie Sanders AND stop-and-frisk like Donald Trump? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
empty words
You already have a dictator. The Donald. Wake Up!
Posted by Dave
The Problem With Socialism ...
''The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money'' - Lady Margaret Thatcher
Posted by Allan
About Pete Wanting to Legalize Heroin and Meth
Legalizing marijuana is one thing, but hard drugs is something else. Tulsi Gabbard supports the same thing. She says she never did hard drugs or even smoked marijuana. Good. If something is a bad idea, there’s nothing wrong with avoiding it, even if it’s legal. What a good message to tell people. I’m still not voting for her. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Dave
Socialism could give us another dictator, just as bad as The Donald. Wake Up! -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
This is why I love you Charlie Daniels....and of course for all the music....
Posted by Jim
Unbelievably stupid people
"We already have a dictator the Donald" this comment alone illustrates exactly what you're talking about Charlie. I'm guessing a college educated idiot! Throwing out a baseless charge like that demonstrates the IQ level of the brainwashed left. (I.E. impeachment attempt)
Posted by Ron
not a chance
no worries, Charlie, Red Bernie won't even win the nomination. He's promising the moon and the stars for votes, all taxes would have to be tripled to begin to pay for these ideas. Agree that Trump is not a dictator, not even close. He would line up posters like that against the wall and shoot them , that's what real dictators would do. But Mike Bloomberg is another ball of wax.
Posted by Dianna
Loved your post to Bloomberg
Rocky Top should be the song-CORN FROM A JAR
Posted by Jennifer
Here’s Something Unusual
I just read a column (Here’s the website: by someone more leftist than Bernie Sanders (Ted Rall). He’s so strongly in favor of the democrat party becoming socialist and Sanders winning the nomination, he talks about four more years of Trump being not so bad for socialists. That’s weird. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Sloganeering and Feeling the Bern
The only problem, facetiously speaking, with Bernie is that he leaves out the great mine. I mean the biggest mine in American history. Of course that is the mine needed that will turn out all the new super rich people who will pay for his New Deal overload. (which I know is impossible under his plans.) But we couldn't call them 1% anymore, because we'd need a whole lot more of them than that. I only used the term mine because I cannot visualize a money tree being able to turn out that much cashola fast enough -- I mean with Globul Warming and all. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
helping veterans with end stage liver disease caused by hep c from improper cleaning of needles by the military
I was at the Tampa veterans hospital the other day for a appointment and the 2nd first lady Pencie was visiting and I tried to ask a couple of questions to her aid and the reply I got was talk to your representative which I had before with no help. I do not understand how our government can promise help for the veteran and not wanting to listen to what is the ailments and for help. I was also told when i ask to speak to MRS Pencie I could not and she can not answer any of my questions. As before when she visited the hospital she spoke vary freely to all veterans and staff which was a joy but now as I have end stage liver disease I can not get back on the transplant list and no help by not one person what a shame as there are more of us who have the same problem. So I guess as I can not afford to pay for doctor visits and medications from the VA i will have to stop going and just stay home and Die what a shame. I guess that is how this story ends I Thank You for at least letting me tell my story to all God Bless everyone
Posted by Steve