Posted on 11.22.2019

Of, By and For?

The gold standard of a democracy or republic is wrapped up in a simple phrase that most people attribute to Abraham Lincoln, although it goes much farther back in history.

“Of the people, by the people, for the people”

The three operative words "of," "by," and "for," are basically no longer relevant in the governance of this nation and could well be replaced with buy the people, fool the people, betray the people.

The socialist candidates running for president who promise cradle to grave lives of nanny state perks are not doing so out of concern for the great unwashed or compassion for the huddled masses. No, their only reason is to somehow cobble together enough votes to get them over the finish line in First Place and deal with the impossible promises they are making after they are ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Because they know, although they would never admit it, that the kind of socialist, utopian society they promise is totally impossible, why the green new deal alone would totally bankrupt the nation and make us vulnerable militarily and economically.

Medicare for all sounds great until you factor in the prospect that you could wait months for a much-needed doctor appointment or years for a surgical procedure and the costs would go into the stratosphere.

Making the rich pay their “fair share” sounds ideal until you do the math and realize that even if you confiscated the wealth of every billionaire in the nation it could not sustain the social programs being proposed by these liars.

“We’re going to away your AR-15s” was the mantra of one Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke and repeated - to one degree or another - by most of the other Democrat candidates, as if that act alone would curb the horrible gun violence in our nation.

Sounds good until you realize that the lion’s share of AR-15’s in America are owned by strictly law-abiding citizens who would never use them in an offensive way, and that the confiscation of AR-15’s is just the tip of the iceberg. Once they’ve tasted blood they’d never turn back until they had them all.

Caliber by caliber, law-abiding American’s guns would be outlawed and confiscated until the only thing families would have to defend themselves with would be a Daisy Air Rifle, if they were lucky.

The totally false premise of outlawing guns is nothing more than an idealistic, liberal pipe dream.

In fact, it would do nothing to decrease the violence, it would only disarm law-abiding citizens while not even disturbing the criminals and would open the door for a lucrative black market.

You don’t believe it?

Well, heroin is illegal, how’s that working out?

Fully automatic weapons are illegal and they still turn up regularly in the hands of violent gang members and other assorted thugs.

The only thing that even slowed up illegal moonshine production is the common-sense local availability of legal alcoholic beverages.

Prohibition was a miserable bust and only made criminals and crime syndicates rich.

Do you really believe Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff when they tell us how much it pains them to have to impeach a duly-elected, sitting president?

I’m going to throw the BS flag on you two clowns. I don’t think it pains you at all, I think it’s the only way you see that you can get Trump out of office.

There’s an election in a year and if Trump is such a rotten president the people will have a chance to deny him another term.

But you can’t trust the electorate, they’ve already betrayed you once and denied Hillary her ordination, so you have to take matters into your own grubby hands, the cost and pain to the nation be damned.

Adam Schiff is a proven liar, a would-be tyrant, a bender of rules, a tilter of playing fields, a dismal failure to his constituents who are forced to walk streets strewn with human feces and used hypodermic needles, while he lives out his fantasies as “The man who brought a president down”.

The Democratic Party is in a very precarious position right now, they know they don’t have a candidate who can beat Trump in open elections, and even though the mainstream media do their best to make us believe that the majority is ready to bring on a Warren or a Bernie, folks… it just ain’t so.

There is still enough sanity left in the electorate to recognize the crocodile-infested pit a socialist president would lead the nation into.

So, it’s impeachment or defeat, and, at this writing, the ball is still up in the air as to whether the Democrats can coerce, intimidate, beg or blackmail enough votes out of a very nervous House of Representatives to pass it on to the Senate where chances grow much slimmer.

But right now, it’s the Adam Schiff Show and it’s of Schiff, by Schiff and for Schiff.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Of by and far?
I agree with all you are saying. I just hope that the ppl of our great country will have the common since and will be brave enough to see what the Democratic Party is doing and why. I am tired of the disrespect that they are giving President Trump. The Democratic Party is throwing away tax payers money for no reason. This impeachment is a lot of nonsense and I thought that a person who overheard a conversation was hearsay. The Democratic ppl have been trying to get rid of President Trump from the 1st day. I just pray that this ends soon. What has the elective government been working on and how have they helped our veterans health care and our military? We the ppl need an elective government that has as much common since as book smarts. I know we have more issues than just guns drugs and border issues. In my opinion when Bill Clinton got that NATA approved has cost our country jobs and allowed more illegal drugs in to our country. This is in my opinion a major factor of a split in our country. We have too many very rich ppl who are working behind our elective government. We need to give the power back to all Americans no matter their race religion or money they have. Everyone who votes has a right to be heard. Thank you Charlie I think you are a rare person with a great gift.
Posted by Sandra
Of, by, and for?
I’m so glad I discovered you on Twitter and your soapbox! I 100% agree with you. Thank you for telling the truth, which is hard for a lot of people to handle! Blessings! Keep it going!!!
Posted by Jan
Schiffty, Sicko & Psycho
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, these Demoncrats are more crooked than a barrel of snakes, slicker than chicken droppings on a river rock, and more desperate than Michelle Obama. I almost can't wait for their October surprise with the upcoming election. I'm thinking of investing in giant sugar tits and crayons for next November when the never Trumpers and anti-carbon people melt down, while the rest of us smile all the way to the bank with four more years of Trump-Pence, :) We need to also pray to God that the same spirit that is trying to bring down Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails miserably as well.... nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Hit it dead center
Good job Charlie you said it I agree 100%
Posted by Doug
The 2 party system that SUCKS!
I only know of Charlie Daniels, by virtue of his musical abilities, ... but during, & after reading this piece of literature in which it says he wrote, ... I am in complete step with C.D., ... but let me explain, just a tad further, ... he’s right about the “nervousness” of congressional representatives being scared about their tenures @ the HOR level, ... they are scared that if they do not capitulate to the whims of the Democratic Party, that they will be targeted themselves, ... and they are understandably upset, that they do not believe what Pelosi, & others of the Dem party are trying to do, ... they have little, if any real evidence, but are feeling pressured to go about impeaching the sitting POTUS, ... I say we must truly pressure those sitting in the seats we elected them to, ... & light a fire under each & every sitting candidate by threatening to unseat them by force, if required, in order to get them to do the right things, that they swore to uphold when they took the oath of those offices in Congress, ... this would mean the expulsion of several of them, because they are sworn to, uphold the US Constitution, not try to tear it apart, & make satisfy the whims of any muslim aberration, or the reasons for any otherwise legacy types of disinformation changes to invalidate the wording of the US Constitution, ... It is the very constant of what we have already proclaimed as true, & just, & has been put to the test, by means of war, & bloodshed, ... it has always come out on top, & if any changes are to be made, they should include measures that not only protect those beneath the words we, (Meaning Me, & every natural born citizen of these United States), ... but that this shall also reflect to those seeking to destroy our nation from within, the fangs of the wild beast of America, with no less punishment than to be deported from this nation, without any citizenship status ... and to be ravaged financially into ruin with litigation unending, ... so that no matter where they go, they shall be financially ruined unto death, ... and that once certified to be of a traitorous act(s), they must be eliminated, for attempting to declare war upon another duly elected official of their office, ... the checks, & balance system of these United States has been formally challenged, by those who are not, in accordance with the appropriate views of “these United States”, thinking that they can dictate to the highest office in the land, insufficient evidence procured by ineffective, & insufferably uneducated peoples of dubious positions, ... liars, should be disengaged from any public actions in, or of the political arenas, whether it be local, state, or federal position, ...
Posted by John E.
You sound pretty shifty.
Posted by Dave
Of,by, and for ...
I used to support term limits… Now I support term limits AND benefit limits! Well said Mr. Daniels!!
Posted by James
11.22.2019 Of, By and For?
"Fully automatic weapons are illegal" That is false. Only those manufactured after the ridiculously-named Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 are illegal for private sale/possession. All the stuff from Vietnam, Korea, WWII, etc. is legal, with the proper license.
Posted by Jeff
Gov of by and for Gubmint
The Dems have made a hot mess of government and their responsibilities with and for it. Of, by and for went into the sewer a while ago. Well said, Charlie, as usual. Happy Thanksgiving, America, they are impeaching our President. ~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Responding to Plowboy
What's with the nonchalant reference to female anatomy? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru