Posted on 10.18.2019

We The People - Not Anymore

The advent of the twenty-four-hour news cycle and the amount of on-air time they devote to politics are - in my opinion - responsible for the American public’s seemingly insatiable appetite for all things political and the strong opinions that are encouraged and influenced by the obviously biased outlets.

Whatever the reason, Americans are neck-deep in political intrigue, in the drama, the farce, the rhetoric, the partial truths and the downright lies the face time addicts propagate and it just depends on which day of the week you catch the mendacious ones as to what you will hear come out of your mouth.

Adam Schiff is a prime example. For years he has told us that he had evidence of Russian collusion by President Trump, but was never willing to share it.

After the Mueller report destroyed that little fabrication he immediately moved on to obstruction of justice, and before that stone even got through the door of his glass house, being the opportunist that he is, jumped out of the frying pan into the fire into the arms of a “whistle-blower” who claimed to have second hand information about a phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine where the American president tried to blackmail the Ukrainian president into gathering dirt on a potential rival 2020 presidential candidate.

And the handling of said whistle-blower would be the closest held secret since the Manhattan Project, with nobody except Schiff’s Intelligence Committee members being present, a secret partisan interrogation to protect the whistle-blower’s identity and the world-shaking information he would divulge during this covert closeting.

And then, the unthinkable happened, President Trump released the transcript of the phone call once more cutting the ground out from under the feet of the impeachment obsessed congressman.

And in the middle of all this three-ring circus of political scatology “Dame” Nancy Pelosi has called for an “impeachment inquiry” she says it must be done for the house to do their constitutional duty, but truth be known it has little to do with the house or the constitution and has everything to do with the Democratic Party.

It may be a good idea for Ms. Pelosi to read the document she purports to abide by because the Constitution says, verbatim:

“The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

It says “the sole power,” it does not delegate authority to preside over an impeachment.

It does not say the Speaker shall have the sole power of impeachment, but the House implying that the whole House of Representatives must be involved with any scenario involving impeachment, an “impeachment inquiry” notwithstanding.

Since an inquiry is a preamble to an actual impeachment and the beginning of the process, it should consist of a vote by the entire House of Representatives, anything less is invalid.

Ms. Pelosi, we all know why you don’t want a vote because you are afraid that some of your members who won election in 2018 in Trump territory would lose their seats in 2020, which tells the world that you don’t care about the will of the people, not even enough to let them know the truth.

And one of the many shames is that there are places in your and Adam Schiff’s districts in California that resemble garbage dumps and open latrines.

Is this a microcosm of the America your party wants to subvert the will of the people to bring to America?

If you and Schiff were not playing politics, if you really thought Trump was guilty, you would Immediately launch impeachment proceedings.

You stand on shaky ground Ma’am, and as they say in your part of the world, “The big one is coming!”

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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A Pile Of Schiff
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Adam Schiff is a fraud and liar who has not been able to accept the fact that the American people want America to be Great Again. The most amazing thing is that we have sleepy Joe on tape saying exactly the words that Schiff is trying to put into Trumps mouth. In a 2018 speech Biden reported that in March of 2016 while he was in the Ukraine he told Ukraine government officials “I said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired,” You are right Charlie that the big shaking is coming and I will bet the farm that when it is over Jesus will still be King of Kings, Donald Trump will be president of the USA, but the Democrat party will be like the Whig party, a footnote in history. It may even take out the Republican party if some of its leaders do not remove their heads from the anal orifice into which it is stuck.....nuff said God Bless the USA, the winner of 2020 Donald Trump, Israel and the CDB, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
We The People- Not Anymore
Thank You for your common sense wisdom... from a 67 year old country boy!!!!
Posted by David
We the people
Thank you Mr. Daniels for your words of wisdom. You speak volumes of truth and I agree with you all the way. It is sad that House of Representatives cares nothing for the America people and our country and our laws. Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schiff are trying to pull off a coup of our government and I believe that should be held accountable for treason. Of coarse they only want to impeach our President because they know they can not beat him fairly in 2020!
Posted by Judy
Earthquake in motion alright
Very well put Charlie. I think you covered it all. If I hear that word democracy from their mouths one more time, my head is going to explode. Schiff nor Pelosi cared about the election in 2020. Now she rushes to get a vote on Syria. But on starting impeachment to remove a US president from office, and undoing a legitimate election, she refuses to hold a simple resolution or vote. ~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Never thought
I've been a democrat all my life. Dad was, both grandfathers were. Working class, all of us guys on both side of the family. Grandpa was one of the first teamsters in our area, Dad and uncles, all UAW members. Never in my life did I ever think the democrat party would abandon the working class. Yet this is what they have done. They have an outside agenda that does not include the very people that pay their salaries, and the bills of this country. Last week i changed my voter registration to Republican and will be voting straight ticket Republican or 3rd party where no republican is available for my vote. The democrats have abandoned us. Time for a change.
Posted by Mac
We the people
Amen to Charlie Daniels and his oratory about our current state of political nonsense, he is one of only a few that actually are knowledgeable about how the demoncrats are pulling the wool over the sheeple’s eyes
Posted by Ken
We the People.......
Thank you Mr. Daniels for presenting the truth about certain politicians who have lied to the American people and have rewritten the constitution to benefit their rhetoric to impeach the most honest and dutiful President we have ever had.
Posted by Tina
May 1st Washington DC
Charlie we are planning a celebrate AMERICA and our freedom rally the 2nd Of May. We would love to invite you and the crew to help celebrate the fact, we are gaining our freedoms back. You may contact me on Twitter @Grumpy Mizfit. God BLESS you Charlie.
Posted by Garland
The Whistleblower
If not for that whistleblower, Trump could’ve kept Biden’s corruption in Ukraine secret until after the democrat primaries. That’s playing dirty, not to mention risky. People should know this bit of information to keep Biden out of the general election. The democrats have a good chance of winning the general election no matter how corrupt their candidate. As for impeachment, that’s another issue. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Snowball In Hell
Tru Cola a snowball in hell has a better chance than a democrat wining the 2020 presidential election in my opinion. If I even remotely thought there was a chance I would be building a underground bunker to live out my days in. As far as Biden's corruption it has been well known and documented for all to see. I watched the video of him using quid pro quo to get the prosecutor fired who was looking into Hunter's corruption, ( remember an acorn doesn't fall far from the tree) months ago while the Russian hoax was the main news topic. If all people watch is the fake news they will believe the lies. We find in 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 King James Version 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Read what Mac said in his Never Thought post, it speaks volumes as to the New Democrat party and the Green New Deal, nothing new, it is the same evils spirits that crucified Jesus Christ 2,000 year sago are alive and well.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
THANK GOD FOR CHARLIE DANIELS!! CHARLIE DANIELS FOR PRESIDENT!!! America needs to come back to the morals and pride that this man has!!
Posted by Tammy
Responding to Snowball In Hell, by Plowboy
Trump’s presidency certainly has its advantages. But it has its disadvantages, too, which is why so many people will vote for a democrat presidential candidate in the 2020 general election. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Snowball In Hell, by Plowboy
If there’s such strong evidence of Biden’s corruption with Ukraine so long ago, then why did Trump try to get evidence from Ukraine directly in that phone call? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Snowball In Hell, by Plowboy
Conservatives have been deceived into believing that their own point of view is the ONLY alternative to the liberal agenda. Liberals are obviously not right about everything, but neither are conservatives. Just as the mainstream media can be a source of fake news, so can alternatives to the mainstream media. Knowing what kind of people the Pharisees are, and that not all who say Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, and that whoever is a friend of the world is the enemy of God, it should be obvious that Christianity as a part of the status quo is not the same as being a true Christian in your heart. So-called “Christian” countries have a long history of doing very un-Christian things. And yet conservatives fall for this deception that our yesteryear was a time when society was virtuous and God-fearing. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
When the Deep-State Mafia finally reap the whirlwind they have sewn, it will be a joy to behold. ~
Posted by Allan
A Half Truth Is A Whole Lie
Tru Cola Wrote "And yet conservatives fall for this deception that our yesteryear was a time when society was virtuous and God-fearing. " The Facts are that yesteyear we had prayer in public schools, we did not lock our homes or our churches, Today after electing one president who smoked but did not inhale and then one who admits to getting high smoking and was a well known cocaine user, we see drugs controlling and taking lives from all socioeconomic classes. Today churches across the country have members carrying concealed to protect it's members, when I was in high school and you were drinking beer while driving around you would not even think of taking a drink while passing a church building, let alone go in and steal from a church or synagogue, therefore Tru Cola it is not a deception, it is the pure unadulterated truth......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Why Trump Should Be Scorned
If Trump didn’t run for president, another conservative who’s strongly in favor of supporting Israel, defending our border, and countering free trade would’ve done so soon. And he would’ve won. It was inevitable. This, combined with his disadvantages, especially the DISGRACEFUL way he’s used his bully pulpit, makes scorning him absolutely necessary, and practical. Donald Trump is undeserving of a good presidential legacy. And this is regardless of whether or not he should be impeached. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Because it is
Tru Cola: >"Conservatives have been deceived into believing that their own point of view is the ONLY alternative to the liberal agenda." Well, because it is! (actually Dems do have an alternative to it but that one is even worse than what they're running on now. )
Posted by Jeff
We The People
Hello Charlie. I have been a fan of yours since I was a child of 10 years old growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains of western N.C. in 1974. Now at 55 , you are still my favorite musician and one of my favorite people . There are so many of us simple folks that have waited for the people to be back in control of our great country. I think we all know that if we don't get the real Americans back in the government we are pretty well done. Just wanted you to know there's millions of us Long Haired Country Boys still here . I don't know where you stand on Trump and the Republican Party but right now would be the exact time to do a remix of In America and let them use it for our fight song. Thank you for your service,the lifetime of the best songs and music ever played and for taking the time to read this old mountain man's message. Forever a fan of The CDB , David W. Burgess
Posted by david
Charlies Comments
When as president you repeatedly lie and promote those lies then say you are innocent but block the information that would clear you, and have a record of deceit and faults which have ruined other people that trusted you, it is very difficult to trust you or any one working for you. The thing that is so puzzling is people do not see any this, they would drink sand out of a cup if Trump said to do it. I think world records show a few other people who mirror Trumps style of governing, Hitler, Jim Jones, emperor Of Japan, we know how those turned out.
Posted by William
God Bless you Charlie Daniels
God Bless you for your support of the USA and President Trump. This country and entire body of government is a MESS! Who is governing when all they do is focus on this 'impeachment' nonsense!?! Sure wish we had more people with, obviously, voices that will be heard....speaking up in favor of President Trump. He may not have the smooth approach to public speaking, but we do believe his heart is in the right place for 'we the people'! We are just common, hard working cattle ranchers. We believe in owning simple guns, rifles and the right to protect ourselves. We BELIEVE IN WORKING for a living!!! And have been doing so all our lives, as did our parents and as do our FOUR grown children!!! Now that we can receive some SS, we fear it is going down the drain to finance welfare recipients who are able bodied but choose to sit on their B_ _ _S because the liberals will just keep on paying them to do so! Please continue to make your voice heard! You have the means to do so, unlike the rest of us who have no media outlet and notoriety.
Posted by Steve And Donna
🇺🇸💪We will defend Trump from the left’s insane multi year hate fest, but regardless of who is president, the Democrat party has exposed it’s utterly mad and evil positions, which we will fight forever, facing down the indefensible, infanticide, open borders, 76 genders (and counting), racism, communism, gun confiscation, destruction of our Constitution, division, biological boys competing in girls sports, hate, fake news, fake investigations on and on. The best economy ever, for everyone including all minorities. Fighting “Climate change” (global socialism), revealing the utter madness of the left and it’s sycophant media. Thank God we have the upcoming IG, Dunham, and Barr reports which will further expose and humiliate the desperate and dark left, as Trump will crush them in 2020, by the grace of God. 😁💪 MAGA.
Posted by Billy
We The People
Well put Mr. Daniels. I think we need to move forward with Making America Great and Keeping America Great. These politicians that do not care about America and its people need to step down. We need to grow a strong middle class. God Bless America. Judy
Posted by Judy