Posted on 10.11.2019

Incremental Fissures in the Quality of Life

This column may appear to be somewhat petty in some aspects, but as I believe that many times big problems begin as miniscule problems and, like microscopic worms, casually weave their way into the fabric of our lifestyles and in the conglomerate can have an overall effect on the quality of our lives.

For instance, it seems to me that the new traffic lanes, especially in congested areas are being constructed much narrower, leaving just enough room for large vehicles, buses and trucks, to stay inside the lines.

I brought it up with Dean, our bus driver, and he agreed and spoke about how nerve-wracking and tiring it was to try to maintain your place in heavy traffic all night with 18 wheelers weaving in and out of the lanes, making the passing process a tedious procedure.

The brand of bottled water we have been using for over forty years has come out with a new bottle, which is so thin that just holding it firmly enough to open the cap which almost necessitates a pair of pliers, will compress the body of the bottle and squirt water on you.

The water is as good as ever, but getting to it is a laborious and hazardous undertaking.

There is a brand of cookies with peanut butter that I like a lot and have been eating for years.

I began noticing that recently there are two cookies in each six-pack that had hardly any peanut butter at all between them. At first, I thought it was an anomaly, a bad batch, a small screw up. But I was soon to find that every package of my favorite snack had two almost peanut butterless cookies.

When you call someone’s cell phone and they are not available to answer, you get their recorded message, then you have to wait for another long operator message, in essence, informing you that you can leave a message after the beep.

Did you ever stop and think that the recorded message - which in itself is just a few seconds - is, first and foremost, a complete waste of time, but you have to stay on the line until it’s over to leave your message and it eats into your allotted time.

Trying to get a human being on the phone these days is close to impossible, and happens only after a long list of instructions after which you are put on hold and reminded by recorded message that all the personnel is busy right now but will be with you as soon as they possibly can, and even after all that you are very liable to talk with somebody from Mumbai whose accent is so thick you are continuously having to ask them to repeat what they’ve said.

Warm bodies are disappearing from toll booths and being replaced by electronic cameras which take a picture of your license plate and sends you a bill, which is alright, but some city toll roads have unmanned booths that require a local electronic pass or cash, and woe to the driver who doesn’t have the pass or the exact change to pay the toll.

You have no choice except to drive on, at which time bells and whistles go off that sound as if you are triggering a prison break and you wonder if several police cruisers are going to swoop down and handcuff you.

Of course, they have a way of identifying the perps and send along a notice of a fine to be paid by return mail.

And have you noticed that airlines are cramming more seats into the flight deck now, encroaching on the already limited legroom, and if somebody in front of you reclines their seat it leans right into your lap.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m nitpicking, or maybe it’s my age. I’ve seen so much change in the last eight decades, some for the good, some definitely not, but this gradual reduction in quality and services is like a mosquito in my ear, it just bugs me.

They think if they do it gradually enough we won’t even notice.

But I’ve got news for all you peanut butter scrimpers and lane narrowers.

I’ve got my eye on you.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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More fissures
It’s not your imagination. Paper towels are harder to tear off now causing you to rip off 3or 4 at a time. Thick sliced bacon is what was regular bacon years ago. Now regular bacon is see thru like tissue. Eggs? Can you really tell the difference between regular, large and extra large..believe a chicken could if they were really xtra large. Sigh...the list goes on...they think we are stupid.
Posted by Georgia
Way of Life
Charlie, only lived through six decades so far, but you've hit the nail on the head of so many little things that irritate me and make me realize that it's the little things we can't ignore. The world gets us immune to the small things and next thing we know, nothing's close to how it supposed to be. God is in Heaven and Christ is on the Throne no matter how they try to change that, it's forever true and always will be. Joewillie53
Posted by Joe
I Scream For Ice Cream
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, you are not nitpicking you are spot on, just like the ice cream makers went from 1/2 gallon to 1-3/4 quarts, thereby taking 12% from our stomach and putting it into their pockets. They think that it is a slick way of making more money without you noticing it like you would a increase in price. The most annoying part of not being able to talk to a live person is when you are instructed to press 1 for English. When it come to lane width on highways, study after study shows that narrower lanes contribute to more accidents, but in their infinite wisdom many in the swamp believe that narrow lanes help hold speeds down, therefore helps in slowing global warming so it is good for mankind and killing of a few of mankind may even help their cause more because dead men don't have a big carbon footprint or pass gas after eating legumes....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Excuse the Inconvenience, please
The last straw. What's next? Yep... we're watching, we're noticing, we're taking names. We're paying those tolls, and that ain't no joke!. No, I wouldn't call it nitpicking or petty. It pays to remember some feuds have been over really petty things. So it may seem petty to many but we haven't seen the destination yet. Though you can bet on it, there is one. Just tote the barge and lift that bale. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Incremental fissures
I'm a big fan Charlie. This is my first time commenting, but I've followed you for a long time. I've been discussing this very subject with my husband especially the last decade. Some things have gotten so small I wonder why they bother making it anymore. They seem to believe that we won't notice of they just short everything a little bit at a time. It just aggravates me and I wish they'd leave it the same and raise the price! I might not be able to buy it as often but at least when I did, it would be what I expect! Praying for Americans. God bless.
Posted by Linda
It is sad that we allow it. I think DJT/45 is showing us how to grow a spine and push back on the establishment!
Posted by Manuel
incremental fissures ...
I have observed the same.
Posted by Edwin
Our Troops & Chief
God Bless you, Sir our Troops & Commander & Chief! Amen #WALKTALLCOWBOY
Posted by Sheri
Diet Soft Drinks
When I eat out, quite often I’ll order a regular cola, and I’ll get DIET, which I hate. It’s bad enough to hear people who don’t care about their health complain about how they think they’re fat. But do I have to be tricked into drinking their crappy artificial sweeteners? It makes me wish that restaurants wouldn’t serve diet drinks at all. Or even off the market altogether. Those who just want to look thin can drink water. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Commercials are pretty annoying. Among other things, some of the background music is irritating. Ever hear one of those earworms and wonder if people actually like that kind of music? I sure do. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Plowboy
Narrower lanes makes more numerous lanes within a street more possible. More lanes means less congestion (less fuel needed for a vehicle to reach its destination). But it also means heavier traffic, which is more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. More pedestrians and cyclists, and also more people using mass transit, is more significant than less congestion from narrower and more numerous lanes. Less of a need for petroleum is less of a business expense for employers and more money for consumers to spend on things other than transportation, an advantage regardless of whether man-made global warming is real. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Incremental Fissures in the Quality of Life
You are right on, Charlie! Two reminders that give me strenghth: 1- 'Remember who you are and what you stand for.' - My Dad has said this many times over the years. 2. 'I will say of the Lord; He is my refuge and my fortress. The God in whom I trust.' -Bible May God bless America -Anna
Posted by Anna
Ain't what it used to be
Charlie I think you hit a nerve with people. I know over years I get and rely on certain special things. Then I go to the store to find it isn’t there anymore. (Wally World) Like it disappeared into thin air. That always incurs questions, why? Thus starts the research. But it is frustrating as all get out. They don’t make some things anymore and you can’t even order it from Amazon. (a deodorant) Like someone said, size and brand is just as bad, or it just isn’t the same as it used to be -- like everything else. But when you find something good that works, you can only wonder how long until they yank that too? ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Charlie, I couldn't agree with ya more! I was born and raised on the west side of WA State. The first time I went to the east coast, NJ/NY, in 1988 was the first time I had ever experienced real traffic. But now the Seattle area has some of the worst traffic in the land, and the craziness of the traffic lanes, which I feel is more politic polices than anything, look out! I feel for your bus driver. My wife and I moved to a small ranch in rual Goldendale, WA. It helps with the perspective when I'm on the road. And don't get me stated on the bottled water or having to pay for groceries bags! God bless, Lem
Posted by Lem
I want to kick myself for not thinking of this right away. I can NOT stand the banter the anchors make while they report the news. This is probably my biggest pet peeve of all. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Love your music 🎵🎼🎶 and what you stand for . . . God, Love, Our Flag & Our Military . . . You’re the GREATEST! Keep believing & keep bringin’ it . . . Ed from the Land of Lincoln
Posted by Ed