Posted on 08.23.2019

The Indispensable Thin Blue Line

Okay, you’re in a dark alley in a high crime section of a big city answering a call about shots being fired and looking for a 5’ 10” male wearing dark clothes who an eyewitness says has run down the alley after pumping two bullets into a teenager who is lying on the sidewalk bleeding profusely and unresponsive.

You spot a person fitting the description hiding behind a dumpster and shout, “police, come out with your hands in the air” but instead of obeying your command the suspect comes out with his hands in his jacket pockets and rapidly begins to remove his right hand obviously holding something that is impossible to identify in the low light of the alley.

Is he holding a cell phone, a knife, or a nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol?

You have one second to make up your mind and the decision you reach in the twinkling of an eye decides whether you’ll be going home to your family at the end of your shift or hauled out of a garbage clogged alley in a body bag.

Think about it, you have informed the suspect that you are a duly authorized officer of the law, that he should put his hands in the air and step out into the clear, but instead he reaches in his pocket.

What do you do?

Tough decision, right?

Well, law enforcement is faced with these types of situations on a daily basis and there are very few of them that could not be settled without bloodshed or injury if the suspect would simply comply with the officer’s request.

Officers of the law are given authority for good reason, because it would be impossible to enforce the law and keep the peace without it and when one of them asks you to do something as mundane as hand him your drivers license or as serious as to lie on the ground with your hands in full sight, it is a citizen’s own responsibility to do it.

Disrespect for authority is the major cause of the vast majority of shootings involving policemen in this nation, whether it be a citizen or a cop who is on the receiving end of a bullet.

It is sickening to see blatant demonstrations of disrespectful behavior such as we’ve recently witnessed in New York as water was thrown on officers in the act of doing their duty and it’s twice as sickening that the mayor and the officials charged with the running of the city are not enraged and up in arms about the situation and issuing stern warnings that every person involved in one of these water-throwing incidents would be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

What kind of reaction are policemen supposed to have when they are not being allowed to do their job, when they get such orders from their superiors as “let them destroy” or are left to hang out and dry by city hall, never given the benefit of the doubt by a hostile media and get kicked around by members of congress every time one of their number makes a mistake.

Are there bad cops?

Of course there are, just as there are immoral preachers, crooked judges and scores of bent politicians, but the vast, and I do mean the vast majority of our law enforcement officers are good and decent human beings, fathers and mothers, with the same desire to do their jobs and raise their families in peace as most all of us have.

Just for a minute, imagine the streets of America without police.

What do you think would happen, even if our police were to take just one day off the job?

I think we could all imagine the ramifications, robber, murder, chaos on a scale that our neighborhoods would never recover from.

I was brought up to respect the laws and those who enforce them.

I have heard it said that if you don’t like laws to go live in the jungle where there are no laws.

Conversely, if we had no law enforcement, we wouldn’t have to go to the wasteland, the wasteland would come to us.

I salute our men and women in blue who keep the wasteland and its inhabitants at bay.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Thank you
Thank you Charlie for the thin blue line article and for all of your tweets of scripture, inspiration and patriotism. You are a great man of God!
Posted by Tom
Blue Lives Matter
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, you are spot on on this one, the thin Blue Line separates us from being a third world country controlled by dictators and cartels. When I was a young un growing up you were taught to respect and obey policeman, knowing that if you were told to stop and raise your hands, you complied or expected lead entering your backside. What has brought on the stupidity and lack of respect that we see in places like Ferguson boggles the mind. I have believed for years that policeman have one of the toughest jobs out there and one action made in a split second determines if they get to live, get sued, terminated or just get put down by some disrespectful person whose bad actions started the whole mess and now they want portrayed as a victim.....nuff said God Bless Policeman and the Military Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
American flag
Do you think the the blue line belongs on the American flag ?
Posted by Leon
The Indispensable Thin Blue Line
Thanks from a part of the Thin Blue Line and a 50-year fan Charlie. We appreciate your support.
Posted by Thom
Close Call
you said it brother,my dad was a cop and he used to tell me stories about the close calls he had as an officer and a friend or two who didn't make it home at the end of the shift,it is absolutely disgraceful what these lunatics on the left are doing. thanks for the comment and check out my new website realchrisbltdotcom if you get a chance
Posted by christopher
Thin Blue Line
Great article. Could not have said it better myself
Posted by Barb
Posted by Allan
Moderately Bad Cops
I agree that violently bad cops are rare. And I agree that most cops are good cops. But when factoring in loose interpretations of probable cause and reasonable suspicion, there are likely quite a few bad cops. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Thank GOD
I thank GOD for giving us these officers protecting us.
Posted by Tammy
CD perspective on our nation
Charlie Daniels for President! Followed you for decades, golfed with you, attended your concerts. So painfully obvious what is happening to our once great country. Pray without ceasing for revival in this land! To God be the glory!
Posted by James
Thin Blue Line
Thank you so much for your support of our LEO’s. The vast majority of officers are honest, upstanding and kind men and women who put their own lives on the line to protect you and me. I have had the honor of being married to a man who served his community as a police officer for 41 years. He was shot at multiple times, attacked with rocks, knives and pipes, spit at and vilified for doing his duty. He also saved multiple lives, solved many crimes and got dangerous criminals off the streets, put his life on the line to protect the people of his community and treated everyone he encountered with respect and kindness, as did the majority of his fellow officers. I thank God every day that he retired five years ago and no longer has to work in this atmosphere of hate and disrespect for LEO’s that we have today. Our society would be reduced to chaos without these brave men and women who protect us every day. We owe them our thanks and respect.
Posted by Chris
Thank you
Thank you brother. This is very much appreciated in an era of only bad publicity. News only tells the bad side of this brotherhood. The good heavily outweighs the bad. They hate us till they need us. Thank you
Posted by Chris