Posted on 08.09.2019

More Common Sense on Gun Control

Some of the Democrat presidential candidates wasted no time in blaming the mass shooting at the Walmart in El Paso on President Trump.

That is both dumb and stupid and tantamount to blaming all the police shootings on Barack Obama for his careless remarks about the police acting “stupidly,” or blaming Bernie Sanders for the attempted murder of then Majority Whip, Steve Scalise and other Republican lawmakers at a softball game practice because the perpetrator was one of his supporters, or blaming the Dayton shooter because he was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

No, this is simply political desperation by also-rans trying to get a little more face time on TV to bolster their faltering campaigns.

This attitude, this approach and these kinds of opportunistic politicians are the very reason there has been no movement on gun legislation, because law-abiding gun owners know that this kind of attitude that immediately grabs the low hanging fruit and never the roots of a problem skews to overkill, that in reality, does nothing about the real dilemma and ends up being a futile exhibition of asinine hyperbole and rhetoric about how the opposing side wants to see mass murders and school shootings.

Nobody with enough gray matter to tie their shoes really believes that the proponents of the second amendment want to see gun violence and that kind of gross incendiary dialogue is totally counterproductive to doing anything about sensible gun laws or the insanity on our streets.

Actually, the first thing to do, and what would make a world of difference, would be to enforce existing gun laws, the cities with the most stringent firearm laws have the highest murder rates.

Unscrupulous gun dealers and black-market gun dealers need to be taken off the streets and face serious jail time.

Secondly, the very “geniuses” who want to blame Trump for El Paso, advocate a policy that actually imports violent gang members and other criminals across our southern borders every day, look at the statistics dealing with MS-13 and how many violent crimes have been committed by people who crossed into this country illegally.

The problem with getting legal gun owners on board is the government’s habit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and their “give us an inch and we’ll take a mile” approach.

Actually, the master plan on the radical side is an incremental outlawing of all privately-owned firearms, second amendment be damned.

They oppose placing well-trained security personnel at schools, probably because President Trump supports it.

There are enough qualified military veterans and off duty police officers to set and execute the kind of security it would take to make our schools much safer.

The difference in the murder rate in El Paso and the one in Dayton was due to the presence of police officers in Dayton who were on the scene in 30 seconds and brought the killer down before he could carry out the number of killings he undoubtedly planned to do.

Even if the anti-gun contingent had their ultimate way and were successful in removing legally owned guns in America, nothing would be done about the illegally owned ones. One more law is not going to turn criminals into law-abiding citizens.

And even if they were successful in getting most of the illegal guns off the streets, there would be a thriving black market, the cartels in Mexico are very diverse and if there’s big money involved they will find a way.

So where does that leave us?

Actually, right back at square one where we started with the apparent need to deal with the facts, not the fiction.

Let’s expose the myths perpetrated by the anti-gun lobby.

First of all, background checks.

In my home state of Tennessee, we have a thorough background check system, and not just the first time you purchase a firearm, but every time.

Every state I’ve bought a gun in have these same kinds of requirements, especially for buying handguns, and yes, even at the “gun shows” you’ve heard so much about.

We can’t have meaningful politically correct gun legislation, police have to be given the latitude they need to clean up the violence in the streets and have to be backed by city hall, state capitals and the federal government.

A mayor who can’t even vigorously condemn throwing water on policemen carrying out their duty or has a “let them destroy” attitude or turns a blind eye to the crime in their cities for some ill-perceived political expediency are not servants of the people, but self-serving political hacks
part of the problem, not the solution,

The roots of our gun problem run through the political process, the biased media, the dealers who allow straw purchasing of firearms, the alley dealers and the crime community’s black market.

One place it does not run is through the locked gun cabinets of the millions and millions of legal gun owners who have never used their guns for anything except sports and protection.

They have a right to own guns, criminals don’t, apply the medicine to the diseased areas, not the healthy ones.

What do you think?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Need No More
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, I am a white, redneck, red blooded, conservative American male, who believes in God, Family, Country and the US Constitution. I grew up with guns and to this day my grandsons, and Great grandsons get a their first rifle at 8 and shotgun at 12, it is a family tradition None of them or myself have not shot one innocent person. I believe that a border wall is necessary for the survival of this great country, Heaven has a wall, but Hell has open boarders., I know that if we give these bleeding heart liberals one more inch they will take a country mile. Anybody that believes that Red Flag Laws are part of the answer needs to sign up for the funny farm. They are unconstitutional and will be widely abused based solely on who you are and whom you don't align politically with. We saw in a Missouri Walmart yesterday, once again a good guy with a gun stop a bad guy before anything happened. The facts are that Mexico which has super restrictive gun laws had more than 25,000 murders last year. A year ago ago, on the same weekend as El Paso Chicago I had 74 shot and 12 dead, where was the news then? Oh I forgot Chicago has been controlled by Democrats for decades. Freedom isn't free, nuff said God Bless the USA & Israel Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Gun Control
Military-style weapons could be restricted to those with active-duty or reserves military training. That would keep to the original intent of our Second Amendment, also ensuring that these weapons are only in the hands of those who truly understand the damage they are capable of. YES, I remember Fort Hood but this might be better than what we have now. Merci Beaucoup, JD Chandeleur Jesuit Bend, LA
Posted by JD
The Second Amendment states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Was written in part to protect us from our own government using our own military to oppress us, therefore I for one believe that we have been restricted to much already as to the weapons available to law biding citizens . Looking at the current Democrat candidates I see the wisdom of our founding fathers. God Bless Charlie and others like Jamey Johnson for showing the House Of Blues how true Americans react to have their rights trampled on. I go out of my way to avoid gun free zones for there are plenty of business that believe in freedom .....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
We don't need more gun laws.
The government can not be trusted. They will never stop trying to disarm the people of this country. More people are dispatched with hammers and baseball bats than firearms. I wonder now if my 22oz. framing hammer with waffle face is considered an assault weapon. Oh no, what about my fork, the Doc tells me to eat less or it'll kill me...FORKS KILL PEOPLE,SPOONS KILL PEOPLE, PLATES KILL PEOPLE. As the number of law-abiding gun owners goes up, the crime rate falls. Allow law enforcement to do their job. Enforce the laws on the books and listen to the CDB for the common sense you'll find in alot of their songs. "Simple man" is a tune that comes to mind."Crooked politicians lying in the streets" 1989 DeploraBill (good guy with a gun)
Posted by bill
Gun laws
Charlie, you are so right!! I love reading your soap box so much! Whaat a president you would make!!! You've got my vote!
Posted by Judy
I control my own guns, thank you!
Taking away an honest citizen’s guns because criminals and insane folks commit crimes with guns? Isn’t that like castrating all the men with 2 kids because some guy on welfare has 12 kids?
Posted by OldGuy