Posted on 06.14.2019

Future Shock and Awe

I can’t bring myself to believe that there aren’t enough Americans alive who still remember the reality and abject failure of socialism and the wide path of human deprivation and suffering, shattered societies and failing dictatorships all socialist governments eventually morph into, to stave off the onslaught of socialist presidential candidates that inundate the democrat side of the upcoming election.

I know I do, I remember the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, the people who were shot and killed for nothing more than trying to escape the horrors a totalitarian regime always wreaks on its people, the long lines of people in the Soviet Union just trying to procure the basic food and necessities for daily life.

I remember crossing Checkpoint Charlie shortly after the wall started coming down and crossing from a vibrant, bustling, fashionable West Germany into the colorless, dismal streets of East Germany where the people wore worn out threadbare clothes and were suspicious of anyone who approached them, a fearful, haunted look in their eyes.

Oh, there’s plenty of information about the disastrous history of socialism. In fact, you need to look no farther than Venezuela, a country that should be thriving, and was until Hugo Chavez brought his idiotic communist ideas and heavy-handed rule, and now Venezuela is on the verge of starvation.

But be that as it may, even with all the voluminous sources of information on the evils of socialism, the current generation, thanks to an inadequate and left-leaning educational system, does not know about the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and all the other scars socialism has left on history and listen, wide-eyed, to the promises of a new American Shangri-La, where everything is free and all of life’s gnarly problems can be laid at the footstep of an all-powerful nanny state government who would see to their every need from cradle to grave.

I don’t believe that America will accept or elect a socialist candidate in this election cycle, but if something isn’t done about the education of the coming generations there will be a successful socialist candidate sometime in America’s future.

Oh, I don’t think it would be a crusty old pseudo-communist like Bernie Sanders or a shrill-voiced shrew-like Elizabeth Warren, but some even-tempered, unflappable young man or woman who does not resort to name calling and political histrionics, but simply stays on message proclaiming the universal fairness of a system that makes sure everybody is treated equally.

A person who has been schooled and prepared for the task of selling the masses on the nobility of collectivism. A smooth, even-tempered individual who will have all the answers at their fingertips, a rebuff for every objection, an explanation for every instance of failure, the mechanics and mistakes that had turned every other socialist experiment into a disaster.

And this likable, sophisticated, urbane new face will become the darling of the media and dominate the airwaves, the hero of the Hollywood airheads, magazine covers and TV specials the wunderkind, the hope of America, adored by leftist governments around the world.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

Sounds noble, don’t it? The words of Karl Marx in 1875, the supposed cornerstone of communism, the idealistic phrase that brings it all together, perfect fodder for the present-day canon of “progressive” governance, a level playing field for all, free college, medical care, open borders and the rich at last paying their “fair share”.

But behind all the high-flying phraseology and the inflated promises lies a world that actually differs little in philosophy from the plantation days, when a hand full of the elite who wield the power live in splendor with different health care plans, different benefit and retirement packages, different pay scales and different privileges than the lumped-together, one size fits all, numbered but unnamed masses who live under their thumb.

God forbid that that day should come, but the indications are strong that we are headed in that direction.

A socialist America.

Another deceived nation on the scrap heap of history.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Check out "Mexico Again" from Beau Weevils - 'Songs in the Key of E'



Better Dead Than Red
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie as long we have our guns we will be free, therefore as long as I'm alive me and my family will be free and serve the Lord, for I will not give mine up. Anybody that does not believe what you have written here should just look back ten years when we as a country, a short 9 years after 911 elected a Muslim as president, a sodomite who had never employed one person, never created one job, never signed a paycheck, was radicalized by another communist community organizer Saul Alinsky, whom Hillary Clinton also loved. Another slick Willy who promised to destroy the coal industry while selling the perverted global warming hoax. All I can say is that enough red blooded Americans turned to God, sought His face and elected Donald J Trump, the best President of my lifetime to say the least. God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Spot on Charlie
I believe you are spot on Charlie! Even my 35 years old daughter who I raised as a God lovin, gun totin, constitution lovin, true history buff child will now as an adult who has been subjected to main stream society is questionable and I no longer believe she or most of her friends would be right for our beautiful USA. It truly breaks my heart to see this in her and the young people of today. God bless! And God help them all see the right way soon!
Posted by Pam
Mr Daniels, the world needs more common sense like, and definitely in America! I wish you would run for office! Keep preaching and picking my man!
Posted by RONALD
Spot on assessment
You are spot on with your comments. Our education system has dumbed down the youth to a point that facts don't matter, just how they feel about something. Th e socialist you describe winning an election here sounds a lot like the anti-christ. The youth will be swayed by how he appeals to their feelings about fairness, saving the planet, equality and so on. I just hope I'm not here to see the complete collapse of this great country. God Bless!
Posted by Mark
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Posted by Sabrina
America at war
I agree 100% with what you are saying, when it comes to socialism. What concerns me the most, is just how far to the left the liberal Democrats have become in America. I'm certain that they next time a Democrat is elected, that they will immediately go after our gun rights. This is exactly what the Muslims want. They want to do here what they are doing throughout Europe. America is being overrun with Muslims. They own nearly every gas station and motel in America. They are even buy into the fast food restaurants across the country. I have walked into the gas station across the street from my home and caught the Muslim owner watching anti America Jihad videos. We are losing the war in America without a single shot being fired.
Posted by Rodney
Well put, Charlie. Saw what you're talking about in Vietnam in the 1970s and again in Guantanamo, Cuba in 1969. Not sure what poisoned well our upcoming generations is drinking out of to support a Bernie Sanders or like-minded presidential candidates. Hope it doesn't ever come to a Socialist will be a mess to extricate this country from that system as the folks in Venezuela are finding out.
Posted by Michael
Countering Socialism
People turn to socialism because of a lack of ingenuity in the private sector. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Our schools have been ruined by
the bogus ideology being taught by robotic teachers. Those not old enough to remember have not been taught by those of us who do remember.....and who care. This state of affairs will not stand much longer; either the adults will be understood as such, or the children will claim to be ***our true leadership*** .
Posted by Allan
……….people turn to socialism out of laziness and I want what you've got.
Posted by Robert J
I don't think so
Charlie, I'm a very long time fan of yours. I'm from West Virginia and if you didn't know, it's WV state law that when you're born you're issued an American flag, a bible and a Charlie Daniels album... No, seriously though, you're deeply loved and I even remember my family / church / prayer group praying for you in prayer meetings. You know you're deeply loved there. So, it's hard for me to disagree with you, but I think reality requires it. Venezuela is not failing because of socialism and Germany wasn't failing because of communism. Venezuela is failing because of American sanctions that are in place and designed to ensure Venezuela cannot produce enough oil to cause the price to drop because of an over supply. It's the same with Iran. There are plenty of Socialist countries one can point to to disprove / debate / contradict your theories. Venezuela is a terrible example because it's a victim of an OPEC collusion. Germany is another terrible example because Russia's only policy was police and control the surviving Nazi population. Capitalism is reckless, focused on profiting the few and controlling the many. Capitalism does not care about your quality of life. Consol coal company killed 161 species of fish, salamander and endagered species of shell fish in the Dunkard Creek. Coal companies paid my ancestors in scrip that could only be spent at the company store. They were paid slave wages. When they tried to unionize the mine hired gunmen to rough them up... Let's be real. Now, I do agree that Liberalism today is not very American, very scary and the party has been hijacked by a very small minority of people who are focused on a very bizarre agenda. But, remember the Democrats and Liberals in West Virginia who love you, pray for you and only want a better life. Not all liberal men wear a dress and want to establish a socialist caliphate of approve of abortion or other things like that. Some of us want America to be a place were all people have equal rights and equal opportunities. Socialism allows for that Charlie. Look at the Unions. Look at countries where Socialism thrives. Look at places where people extol socialist values and for every one of those countries, I show you the scriptures that enjoin those behaviors. Venezuela and Russian controlled post war Nazi Germany are not good examples.
Posted by Ash
The world is colorful
Hi Charly, basicly I agree with you, that socialism always turnes out to be bad for the majority of the people. But it sees to me that you think democrats will lead the USA into socialism, especially when you mention Mr. Sanders. This of course is a crude way of thinking. Being a democrat does not mean being a socialist or communist. And also not being a republican does not mean being a socialist too. There are a lot of shades in between the fundamental equality of all and an unruled capitalistic system. In my opinion the best form of a political system is located somewhere in the middle. And I dont see that the US is on the way to become socialistic. And americans need not choose between republicans or socialism. But compassion, conversation, understanding other people is what the US and all nations of the world need to live in freedom and peace - this is much more important than the form of political systems. Best wishes from Germany, Chris
Posted by Chris
What do you think?
Sorry, Sabrina, Charlie Daniels is just pulling your leg. You can call Obama a sewer rat or a sodomite or any other vicious nasty despicable thing you can think of but you are not permitted to criticize anything Charlie Daniels writes.

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Posted by Peter

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Posted by Peter
Then prove it.
Post one of those terrible comments. Laura Ingraham wrote a book called Shut Up and Sing. Why not post Sabrina’s remark without the CDB commentary. No more play acting. Put your money where your mouth is. *NOTE* When Charlie performs, he doesn't tell his paying fans to Vote Trump, he uses his social media and his website for his political commentary. They paid to hear him perform, not to spout politics, which was the basic idea behind Laura's title. If you think I'm going to allow every troll who comes along here to post stuff like, "Stick to fiddling you fat racist $%&#," then you're mistaken. As I said before, a disagreeing post is welcome, and if you dig through the comments of past soapboxes, you will find plenty. If you want to post here, feel free. If you don't like the parameters we set, nobody is forcing you to be here. End of discussion. - TeamCDB/BW
Posted by Peter