Posted on 03.01.2019

Folly and Foolishness

I remember World War II so well, the defeat of the Nazis and the belligerence of the Russians after they had invaded Eastern Europe and refused to move their occupation forces out, in essence, annexing East Berlin and eventually building the Berlin Wall, the line of demarcation between the Soviet powers and the Western Allies.

And they were quick to move a Russian-style communist government into the occupied East.

What was to follow was decades of suppression, threats and tension with Allied troops on one side and Russian troops on the other, both with contingency plans for military moves to counteract whatever action the other side took.

It was a tense time and a time that gave the world a good look at what Russia really was, a monolithic dictatorship lead by a heartless monster named Joseph Stalin, a man without morals, pity or conscience who was responsible for the deaths of millions of human beings and who surrounded himself with those who were just as evil as he was, who ran secret police and internal spy agencies that kept tabs on every citizen and could haul anyone away in the dead of night without even a nod to due process.

He ruled by fear, dread and deprivation, the common people having to stand in line for hours to buy even the most basic foods and suffer through the long, severe Russian winters in shabbily built, poorly heated apartments and empty store shelves while the elites had special, well-stocked stores to shop in, lived in what passed for luxury apartments and the Politburo even had their own private street lane so they could zip through the Moscow traffic.

Webster defines Communism as “A system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed.”

That’s the part that makes socialism/communism so attractive to the masses. They swallow the big lie, that everything will go into a common pot and will be doled out, as Karl Marx put it, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

One big happy family, living together in harmony, everybody drawing the same salary, getting the same benefits, driving the same cars, eating the same food, depending on one central, all-powerful government that controls everything from the distribution of consumer goods to the timing of the traffic lights, the educational curriculum, religious tolerance, and in the case of China, how many children you can have.

Even if socialism was carried out to the letter, living under it would be a suffocating, colorless totally unsatisfying existence, because our Creator did not make us all the same, He gave us different personalities, different aspirations, even different fingerprints and it goes against human nature to be looked upon as just so many numbers incapable of making our own choices.

Socialism also discourages the kind of work ethic it takes to survive, Russia could never even raise enough wheat to feed their people and were dependent on buying it from other countries.

So eventually production falls off to unacceptable levels, the people on the bottom rung driving smart cars start wondering why they can’t have a Maserati like the bureaucrat who lives in the high rise down the street, unrest grows and that’s when the strong-arm tactics begin because socialism cannot exist without total control of the population.

It’s simply not possible to allow the “hoi polloi” to express their opinions and infect even more people with their unhappiness, they have to be shut up, even if it means they have to disappear for good.

So Big Brother turns into Big Boss and starts another agency to control the content on the airwaves and what can be printed or allowed on the internet, all for the “common good” of course.

The people break laws they didn’t even know existed, the prisons become more crowded, the unrest grows, the government must grow too to control the unrest and becomes so top heavy that one month nobody gets paid and the whole thing starts coming unraveled.

Socialism and Judeo-Christian beliefs cannot exist in the same sphere, because socialist governments try to replace God, looking at themselves as the be all, end all, and interference from morality and righteousness cannot be tolerated.

It is simply unacceptable in a rational world for an oil-rich, arable nation like Venezuela to be on the edge of starvation, but in the irrational world of socialism, it makes perfect sense, because a little tin dictator named Hugo Chavez wanted ultimate power and saw socialism as the path he should take to attain it.

There is a gross misconception that socialism and communism make things more “fair” and distributes wealth evenly among the masses. The People’s Republic of China still has over 380 billionaires and 3,480,000 millionaires in the “workers paradise.”

It’s hard to believe that America fell asleep at the wheel and allowed left-wing politics to influence the educational systems and entice the younger generation into thinking that socialism is an acceptable form of government.

It is not, it has never been, it will never be.

It’s just a way for a handful of power-drunk politicians to exercise power over the masses by controlling every facet of their lives.

God forbid that it ever happens in my beloved United States of America.

What do you think? 

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels


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God's Not Dead But America Is Comatose
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie your statement, Socialism and Judeo-Christian beliefs cannot exist in the same sphere, says it all. The fact that the US Senate could not muster enough gonads this week to pass the Born Alive Bill speaks volumes as to how far in the swamp we have been sucked. Note that not one DemonRats that has announced their candidacy for the 2020 Presidential race supported the bill, couple this with the fact that millions of professing Christians support these rats from Hades. All I can say in closing that they will either repent in this life or spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, there is no negotiating on that fact mister....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Folly & Foolishness
Thank you Charlie for this column. You've spelt out universal truths that could halve the world's strife and conflict, if only our political leaders (in all countries), could accept.
Posted by Brendan
Spoken like a true American I totally agree God Bless America
Posted by Michelle
Of Moving Toward Socialism
Technically, we’ve ALWAYS been a little bit socialist. A tax, in and of itself, is an act of socialism. It takes money from private citizens to serve the general public. Or at least what’s SUPPOSED to serve the general public. I’m not saying this to defend socialism. I’m pointing out something that encourages people to support socialism. If taxes are already used to pay for things like roads and a standing army, people then realize that taxes can pay for a few other things. And then a few more other things. And then a few more other things. Until the government involvement becomes significant enough to be considered socialism. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
The expected cost of Medicare to cover all Americans is ( just reported) to be $ 32 trillion. This exceeds the US GDP of $19 trillion. (The US GDP is 19390 billion = $19.39 trillion. Reference: “ The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States was worth 19390.60 billion US dollars in 2017. The GDP value of the United States represents 31.28 percent of the world economy.” Therefore is would bankrupt the country and disrupt the world economy. Medicare reimbursement is a subsidy earned after working and paying into the Medicare/Social Security system via payroll taxes. It does not represent the cost of care it covers. Doctors/health care providers accept Medicare patients by cost-averaging it with higher private insurance payees, by contracting with insurances providers in a prearranged ‘capitated’ system, ie. United covers 50000 capitated lives at X hospital/ facility for Y dollars, banking on earning a return by betting the fees they pay will be less than the premiums they collect. Medicare does not function like this and instead subsidizes the true cost of the care, as an ‘earned entitlement’, unlike private insurers. However, due to the complexity of the Medicare system, multiple layers of additional administrative entities, ie. Utilization review, QA, Pre-certification reviewers, Radiology Management Review, etc. 3rd Party providers have been interjected inthe system thus extracting a piece in the pie. This multilayer 3rd, 4th, 5th Party payers explains why the cost of Medicine did not decrease , as proponents of the Managed Care (HMO) organizations. While the reimbursed cost to providers, ie MD’s, hospitals, etc reimbursement has decreased, the overall cost of Medicine hasn’t because of the multilayer administrative costs.
Posted by Laura
Nice one, Plowboy ~
[ God's Not Dead But America Is Comatose ] would make a great bumper-sticker.
Posted by Allan
Folly and Foolishness
Once again, you nailed it, Charlie, to include the basic reason so many Americans, particularly the younger generations, cannot see the forest for the trees and are complicit in the slow death of America. That being, the fact that "America fell asleep at the wheel and allowed left-wing politics to influence the educational systems and entice the younger generation into thinking that socialism is an acceptable form of government." Unfortunately, the Tree of Liberty may be in need some of the nourishing blood of we Patriots before those sleeping Americans finally wake up and smell the roses. I'm 75 years old, but I'm more than willing to shed whatever blood might be necessary to save this great land. Thanks, Charlie, for being a spokesman for me.
Posted by Dale
Social compact of lies
As "hard to believe" as it is. You said it perfectly, Charlie. Maybe it is too late for the blame routine. These itchy ears are apparently hearing what they want, even if it is a big lie, and nothing they don't to hear. Must people pay the price for their ignorance? Even EU countries they use as examples have backed away from and warn against this socialism panacea. The kicker is now they are going to use your healthcare against you as their means to sell it. Ignorance is expensive. Plus this new wave, like Bernie, puts their ideology before even country. Consequences be damned. A million idiots believing it will work do not make it so. (and there is no room for dissent - the first rule of the road) ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
The President Makers
Mr. Daniels THANK YOU for speaking the truth! I would suggest that you will find this book interesting. The President Makers It further illustrates what is wrong in the USA in addition to the obvious
Posted by Howard
The Giant Is Sleeping
It’s such a shame that there seems to be so few with common sense anymore. History should prove that Socialism doesn’t work, but some just think they can “perfect” it. I’m just thankful that your posts keep showing up. Prayers for our country, our troops, and our law enforcement. God help us.
Posted by Lisa
Thank you
Mr. Daniels, I would like to than you for being a inspiration to me. I've been a fan for long time and have enjoyed seeing you at the New York State Fair. This heartfelt not is to say thank you for being an great example of a man standing up for God and the USA. I appreciate you taking a stand and sharing you thoughts. May God continue to bless you! Thank you for sharing your talents. Joe
Posted by Joe
socialism - the BIG lie
Thanks Charlie, you nailed it on socialism. Over and over the world keeps having to relearn this painful lesson.
Posted by Dave