Posted on 02.22.2019

An Alarming Thing

There is a most alarming thing going on in America, a slimy, poisonous lie that must hide in the darkness of misconceptions, the fog of deceit and misrepresentation to exist. It can never be exposed to the light of full disclosure and total truth or it would be suffocated by the knowledge of its history and catastrophic ramifications.

Due to the failure of our educational system, a media that no longer leans to the left, but has completely lost its footing and fully fallen head over heels in that direction, our ignoring the old adage, “learn from history or be doomed to repeat it”, and the apostasy so prevalent in today’s society, millennium America and the old red contingency of our population have fallen for the “big lie.”

Bernie Sanders kick-started the new fascination with socialism in the 2016 election when he built his presidential hopes on openly embracing a system that has been destroying societies and governments for a century

Bernie promised free college, health care for all, free this, free that, with the government picking up the tab and providing the funds for this federal largesse by “taxing the wealthy” an old worn out liberal slogan that never covers the catastrophic short falls of cash and, if seen through to its logical conclusion, turns from tax to confiscate.

Bernie drew a lot of attention, but he never had a chance at the nomination, just another casualty of the Clinton political machine.

But Bernie is back, well-funded, and more determined than ever, except now, some of the new gaggle of Democrats who are dipping their toes in the waters make Bernie Sanders almost look like a staunch conservative by comparison.

The promises the current class of Democrat contenders are making are ridiculous and unkeepable.

The “Green New Deal” alone would bankrupt this nation, do irreparable damage to foreign policy, put America in an untenable security position, wiping out whole segments of the economy in one fell swoop, shrinking our military, stifling commerce and reducing the dollar to a worthless piece of paper.

The first day that it was known for sure that it would be implemented the stock market would fall through the floor, businesses would begin making preparations to move offshore and the super-rich would relocate, taking their wealth with them.

Basically, no matter what Bernie and his acolytes do, with or without the “Green New Deal,” they would not be able to raise enough revenue to create this Utopian Great Society and would blame it on “outside forces” and right-wing resistance, and promise that next year they will
do better.

But, the truth of the matter is that they will never do any better, they will never be able to provide free college, health care for all, monthly checks for 100% of the population, cradle to grave “everything” for everybody.


Because it simply is not possible.

Look at it like this, imagine that you’re dealing with a stack of bricks. You start out with a broad base on the bottom and you start pulling bricks out of the solid foundation and placing them on the flimsy top of the pile.

What happens?

It’s obvious, you eventually pull one too many bricks out of the bottom, the foundation becomes unstable and unbalanced and the whole thing comes crashing to the ground.

You simply can’t have fewer and fewer people and industries carrying a monolithic entitlement class on their shoulders.

Don’t take my word, the information and history on the abject failure of socialism is well documented. Check it out for yourself, you might want to start with Venezuela.

Most socialist nations eventually become dictatorships, cruel dictatorships because hungry, deprived people get angry and the only way to keep them in line is with fear and intimidation.

And have you heard even one socialist Democrat presidential candidate mention anything about God, His divine guidance or even His slightest participation in their grandiose schemes?

No, because a socialist government is supposed to have and be the answer to all things and cannot coexist with the freedom, autonomy and sense of justice followers of Almighty God believe in, religious faith must be stamped out and redirected toward the state.

Socialism is not about doing good for people, it is about power, about an all-pervasive government that controls every aspect of its citizens’ lives, consigning them to a colorless, mundane, hand to mouth existence while the ruling class fly around in private jets and live in splendor. That’s the big lie about socialism, it doesn’t make everyone equal, it just transfers money to those in control.

Socialism is basically baby communism, and when it becomes full grown, it is an evil, godless human attempt at totalitarianism.

It has never created anything but misery

Defeat it, America, or it will defeat you.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Better Dead Than Red
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, the average person today does not even realize that NAZI stands for the National Socialist German Workers' Party. I read lately where the average Venezuelan has lost over 30 pounds on the Maduro Diet. They do not understand that under socialism the government takes control of everything, including the company that you work for. They think the meaning of owned by the community means they are part of the community so they are owners........ So far from truth and reality that it boggles the mind, it is inconceivable in the USA . God help us, keep your powder dry sir, nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
An Example of Socialism
Building new oil pipelines is an example of socialism. The government uses eminent domain to take away private property for the sake of what’s SUPPOSED to serve the general public. But it’s not REALLY about serving the general public. Those who make $$$ from these pipelines donate to the politicians who support using eminent domain for this purpose. It’s someone in the private sector using the government to steal from others in the private sector. Here in the United States, big business, not the government, is the ruling class that socialism supports. Big businesses are the campaign donors. The government is just a puppet in all of this. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
An Alarming Thing
Charlie, you've hit the nail on the head! Believing in socialism is like believing in the tooth fairy, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and unicorns all at once. Unfortunately it's an easy sell to the ignorant youth that has grown up without the guidance of mature, intelligent and honest adults. Raise your children well, give them the practical, intellectual and, most importantly, the spiritual instruction they need to armor them against the evil of leftist dogma and deception!
Posted by David
Soapbox post "Am Alarming Thing"
I am in complete agreement with you on this Mr. Daniels. I am 66 and even when I was going to school there were mostly liberal teachers who tried to form our political leanings. At least I had a good family to learn from and didn't buy into the propaganda. It's much worse now and without parents teaching and listening to their children we're doomed. BTW, I haven't commented since the old message board and still love to read your thoughts which are the thoughts of the heartland of America, God Bless You Mr. Daniels!
Posted by Bob
Charlie Daniels
I say “God bless you Charlie Daniels! I be liege EVERY WORD you spoke and THANK YOU for speaking up. America MUST STOP these sick lying Democrats who hate our wonderful Oresident who has done more than ANY President! With no help from them . I’m sick of them trying to wreck America. Anyone with half a brain could believe Alexandria Ocasia Cortez! Do the math. Say what you’re doing! You want to gain a huge portion of the money and let our citizens starve with no money, healthcare, freedom! Wake up America!!!❤️🇱🇷💙🇱🇷❤️🇱🇷💙🇱🇷
Posted by JoAnn
Alarming Thing
Pretty much what I have believed for sixty five years. Ain't no such thing as a free lunch! Sooner or later you will run out of other peoples money to spend
Posted by David
An Alarming Thing
There has never been an advocate of socialism who did not employ capitalism, mostly other people's capital, to propagate their ridiculous doomed for failure agenda.
Posted by Harry
Bernie may be 150 years old with some weird ideas but he's still better than what you have now.
Posted by Dave
Article you wrote long ago for Guitar Player magazine on how to survive on the road
Charlie - If memory serves (I'm 75 years old so I could be mixed up), many years ago you wrote a fascinating article for Guitar Player magazine that was chock full of practical advice for aspiring musicians on how to take care of yourself and survive living on the road, being on tour constantly. Considering all the musicians who have self-destructed, if you could update that article and expand upon it, -passing down to young musicians, your accumulated wisdom and demonstrated-effective precepts of the do's and dont's of being on the road, I think such an article or book would be a great gift by you to posterity.
Posted by Charles
Abject Socialism
I agree completely, Charlie, defeat it or else. But one would've thought it was already defeated, at least here. Surprise..... And infrastructure is not the same thing. To a socialist, everything looks like a socialism comarison. That doesn't mean infrastructure or education are not also problems in spending . But I knew I heard Elizabeth Warren loud and clear when she said 'you didn't built that' business. ~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
All I can say is Amen Charlie! I do not understand why anyone in America would even consider supporting people like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the many others who are trying to completely destroy our beautiful country. I hope America wakes up before it's too late! We need to secure our borders, we need to have immigration laws, we need to have all 50 states believe in and support our President and our constitution.
Posted by Linda
Bernie Sanders didn't introduce Socialism. The Wall Street Bail outs following the catastrophic GOP policies can take credit for that.....
Posted by Ron