Posted on 11.09.2018

A World (For at Least a Couple of Weeks) Without Politics

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The election is over, the people have spoken, and although there is probably not a baker’s dozen in America who are completely happy with the outcome, it is my fervent hope that our president will dial back his acerbic rhetoric and the loyal opposition will put away the long knives and personal vendettas and take what’s good for the country into consideration for a change.

To tell you the truth, I am sick and tired of politics, the acidic campaign ads, the back and forth of innuendo, hyperbole and anything that can be used to cast aspersions on the opposing candidate, truth, veracity and honesty, be damned.

I have written, obsessed over, criticized, complemented, gotten upset and devoted way too many hours to watching the polls, the pundits, the commentators, the talking heads and the foul-mouthed fanatics who populated cable TV for the last few months and came away with a nasty, almost guilty feeling, as if I’d smoked three packs of cigarettes, though I gave up the habit in 1968.

Now that the whole thing is over, what I’d really like to do is to go fishing, pull a few largemouth bass out of some honey hole in Florida or limit out on crappie at one of my favorite lakes in Alabama, but since I’m still hard at work, putting the finishing touches on this year’s concert schedule, I’ve decided to cut my exposure to the political scene for the next couple of weeks.

Oh, I’ll find out the final results of the races and watch enough news to know whether the world stays in one piece, but as to swimming in the swamp of constantly being exposed to some nonsensical Pelosi statement or how mean the president’s latest tweet is, I’ll try to devote more time to watching sports and finishing a new book I’ve got started.

I’ve got song ideas I need to work on and a bunch of fun, creative things to do and as I stated on my Twitter account a few days ago, I have voted and I have prayed and that is the limit of the influence I can have on the election.

I have a tendency to be an obsessive person, in that I get so involved in what has my interest at any given time, whether it be writing, finishing an album or whatever other endeavors I take seriously and I find myself on almost an “every waking hour” fascination with the subject.

In the case of politics and elections, with the round the clock exposure, and the media’s obsessive coverage with every tick, the “panels of experts” dissecting, critiquing, criticizing and theorizing, hour after hour, the perceptions changing with every air shift, but always repeating the same stories, the redundancy and diverse points of view can almost drill a hole in your brain and leave you more confused than ever.

Yesterday we had a long trip to New England and took a rest stop for our bus driver in Richmond, Virginia and Hazel and myself spent a good part of the day walking around this big and unique shopping area looking at the newly put up Christmas decorations, the flaming fall colors of the trees and just enjoying each other’s company, something we never get tired of doing although we’ve had 54 years practice at it.

It was a simple day, culminating in a nice meal at a good restaurant last night and a long ride to New Hampshire, where I woke up this morning relaxed, ready to take on the world and have not cussed a politician all morning.

As to the election, it did not end up exactly as I would have liked it, as I said before, the people have spoken, and that’s that. I am not going to blame the losses my favored candidates suffered on Russian tampering or voter fraud. The votes are counted, the die is cast and we’ll all get a chance to do it all over again in two years.

Alcoholics Anonymous has an official prayer that - at least to me - sums it all up.

It goes, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Now, where did I put my tackle box?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Moving On
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, I saw some bright spots in the elections and some disappointing ones, bottom line is that God is in control and no matter how upset I get reading the news about the advancing caravans to the south I know that we have two of the best taking care of it, President Trump and the US military. The fact that the Senate confirms Supreme Court nominees and knowing Trump's record of appointments brings a smile to my face. I also believe that the Democrats got just enough rope to hang themselves before the 2020 elections, so it is a whole lot better than fair to middling in the heartland of the USA, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
I don't know what plowboy is smoking - but I believe that this election is the beginning of the death of the Republican Party. The party has now gotten in bed with trump and they will pay. Trump has severely polarized the country into two voting blocks. The pro-trump block is white, non-college educated, rural, mostly men (I know he won white women last election - but I think that may change), The anti-trump group - urban, suburban, college educated, non-white. Which group do you think is growing ?? The anti-trump group of course. This has nothing to do with illegal immigration. There are plenty of legal, suburban, urban, college educated, non-white citizens and the population of this group is increasing and we know how they vote. There are exceptions of course. I am not stating that every college educated person or every New York City person is anti-trump. But don't kid yourself - as the voting block of college educated, urban, suburban, non-white, (and at this point women), increases, trump and the Republican Party does not stand a chance. This will take a few years. It will not all happen in one election cycle - but just watch as Texas turns from purple to blue what happens to the Republican Party. In addition, trump is contracting his base - granted only a little bit as he has his 35-40% of supporters. We all know trump voters - probably most on this board - that love him and they will not change - even if he shoots someone on 5th ave (yes it is a cult). We all know anti-trump voters such as myself - and we won't change. There are also people that tentatively voted for trump last election - but are not happy - so they are now anti-trump. He has lost many independents. However, there are not many independent voters that voted democratic and are now pro-trump. It just does not happen. So - enjoy trump for now if you like. But don't kid yourself. His voting block will decrease and the republicans will rue the day they got in bed with this guy. The legacy of toddler trump will not be good.
Posted by Paul
Good Bye Paul
Dana is gone [good riddance]. Let's hope you're next. You not only insult other posters, and the President but show others your ignorance.
Posted by Robert J
I disagree, Paul
I think we should sprinkle salt on the caravans, from airplanes, to see if the foreign-flag-waving migrants melt.
Posted by Allan
Well stated Robert - very articulate Time will tell if I am correct
Posted by Paul
There's nothing special about ANY of our politicians.
Charlie, I believe that it's wrong to glorify any of our politicians, no matter how strongly we agree with them. They're not special. Also, I believe that the private sector is more important than the government. Yes, the government is important. But the private sector is even more important. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
To Paul
You said "Trump has severely polarized the country into two voting blocks.". I'd say this all started during the debate over whether we should go to war against Iraq during the Bush43 years (remember "freedom fries"?). Some say even earlier than that, but that's when it intensified. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
jungle out
Acid campaign ads........ exactly right......that no one will miss.
Posted by Jeff
I believe that it is very important to move on after the elections even though it may be hard to not get all wrapped up in it. The media makes it incredibly difficult to do so since it always giving stories about what the presidents latest post or comment was. People need to remember that you can't change was has already happened and needs to accept who ever has won the said election and not continue to obsess over it I feel like this is a huge reason on why our country is battling a huge sense of divide politically. All I can do is hope that people will see that politics isn't everything and they should't let it take over their lives and then maybe our country will see brighter days.
Posted by Morgan