Posted on 10.26.2018

Observations on Turning Eighty-Two

*NOTE* Normally, Charlie writes a new soapbox on Monday, but since he's writing about his upcoming birthday on Sunday October 28, we're running a new one today, and a rewind on Monday. Happy Birthday, Charlie! - TeamCDB/BW

October 28, 2018, God willing, I will turn 82 years old.

What are you supposed to be doing and how are you supposed to act when you’re 82?

Should there be an added degree of sophistication, a thicker veneer of dignity, with most of your attention aimed toward the weightier things of life? Or maybe sit in a rocking chair and regale anybody who will listen with tales of “the good ol’ days”

Or maybe spend your days in a bass rig or on a golf course or indulging in some sedentary hobby or just sleeping late and learning to name the players and identify with the ongoing tragedies in the lives of soap opera characters.

Well, to those who choose to spend their golden years in such pursuits - as they say “down unda” - “Good on ya, mate,” hats off, kudos, well wishes and bon voyage on your chosen method of cruising into the sunset.

But as for me, I look at my next year of life as another journey through the competition, hassle, hustle bustle, fast-moving, and sometimes trying and absolutely wonderful world that I have spent the last sixty plus year in.

Half of the one hundred plus show dates we will be doing in 2019 are already on the books, I have three new CDs and a new book coming out almost simultaneously, with plans for my first novel to be finished and published sometime during the next fourteen months.

I have a head full of dreams, bits and pieces of songs, venues that I’d like to play again, and fully intend to make at least one more journey to the Holy Land before I hang up my international traveling shoes.

I’ve got quite a lot of musical avenues I’d love to travel down and people I thoroughly enjoy playing with to travel down them with me.

I am content with my band, road crew, ranch crew and office staff, I wouldn’t trade even one of my twenty-five employees and would be happy to have everybody here for the duration.

I am deliriously happily married and have been for the last fifty-four years.

My son lives just down the road and stops by to have a meal or visit with his mother and me most days.

I have two non-related grandchildren, we assumed grandparenthood for from their birth, one in grade school and one about to finish college, and we have been blessed through the years to spend a lot of time with them.

The list of people I could call to come and help me if I ran my car in the ditch at midnight is quite long and, at least in my opinion, the guys in my band all play much better than I do, always giving me challenges to respond to and mountains to climb in my profession.

I love my church; my pastor is my favorite preacher and the people who go there are friendly and loving.

I am born again, not by anything I have ever done or ever will do, but by the blood of Jesus, who promises us an eternal home, a place of indescribable joy, I would not change my doorstep one foot in any direction, living on the exact and only location on earth I feel at home at.

There are good riding horses, fat Hereford cattle in the pastures, big bass in the pond, squirrels in the hickory trees and whitetail deer frolicking in the backwoods.

Hazel’s flowers bloom every spring, there’s a big hill in front of the house and a creek at the edge of the property. We can hear bullfrogs, whippoorwills and the horses nickering on a soft summer evening and a full moon reflecting in the big pond at the bottom of the hill just kinda takes your breath away.

I have a head full of musical ideas and have even had thoughts of someday writing a symphony.

To say I have been blessed is a gross understatement, but enumerating my blessings for the world to see is not the purpose of this piece.

The real point is, I know there are many people who look forward to retirement and would heartily encourage to go forth on those golden paths and relish your new-found freedom.

But for those of you, who despite your advanced years, still have a fire in your belly and unaccomplished goals, don’t let a chronological number keep you from relishing the remaining years of your life.

From where I stand, I say, go for it

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Check out "Mudcat" from Beau Weevils - 'Songs in the Key of E'


Turning 82
May God continue to bless your life and I appreciate what you stand for and I hope to keep going for several more years
Posted by Glenn
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie may be good for some, but I would rather die with my boots on than rust away in a rocking chair. I have only ever seen one scripture where Levite's were to retire at 55, but I hope to be like John at Pampos, going strong and fulfilling God's will into at least my 90's. Just ask the missus I would have to live as long as Methuselah just to finish all of my projects and plans. Happy Birthday Charlie, enjoy, keep on keepin on, say hey to Chuck when you get to the Holy Land. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Joint birthdays.
Joint Birthdays this coming Sunday, both of us will be 82. Also my Mother (Era Pauline Hanes) was born at the Head of Leatherwood Creek and raised in Hickman County.
Posted by Alva
Blessings on your birthday
Charlie, Isn't it wonderful to be so loved !!!! Yes, I'm talking about you. Thank you for being who you are. Happy Birthday !! Patricia
Posted by Patricia
God bless you charlie
Hey Charlie just read this and want to wish you a happy early bday I know one of your tour dates is with Randy Owens and the boys here in Minnesota on June 26 2019 good willing me and my beautiful wife Monica will see you there god bless
Posted by Terry
Happy 82nd
God Bless you, and Happy Birthday, Charlie Daniels. The world is a better place since you have been put here! Best wishes for many more. Looking forward to seeing you on one of your tour stops in 2019. My first time was Volunteer Jam II at Murphy Center.
Posted by Gary
Happy Day
Fantastic column, congrats and best wishes. What is a number anyway but just that? You know and can tell, we ain't done listening yet. Let the show go on, cheers. Those added aspirations sound great...... set the symphony date.
Posted by Jeff
Uneasy Rider
I can retire from my job of 36 years in January if I want. Not going to do that I enjoy being in the fray. Retirement would be the easy way out. It is also easy to follow the path of sinners rather than to love others as Jesus has loved us. So I am with you going to keep working hard loving life and loving my fellow man and staying the “uneasy rider”. Thanks for the enjoyment of your music over the years and thanks for being the genuine article and never taking the easy way out!!!
Posted by Greg
Happy Birthday Charlie... 10 - 28 - 1938 is my birthday I will be 80... Old and ugly, but still hanging in there... and still active.. I like your music, and side with your thoughts... Ron
Posted by Ron
Happy Birthday Charlie! Your new song Mudcat is the best! The song is so well done. It reminds me of the late 70s when your black CDB buses and tractor trailers where rolling in and out of Music City. This southern boy was jamin eight track CDB in the cab of my souped up Ford truck. Thank you Charlie for all of the inspiring songs and kind wisdom. I think Mudcat is one of the best songs you have ever done! Great job CDB!
Posted by Rodney
Your letter about “our” political leaders
Agree with everything except Jerusalem don’t know yet where I stand on that
Posted by Inez
Happy birthday
Hope u have awesome birthday Charlie. I always did love your music ever since I was a little kid and still do to this day.hooe u continue to write songs till u no longer can. Hope to see u again for another concert.
Posted by Ken
Thank you!
Charlie, thank you for those inspiring comments and for the example you live every day. You are loved and appreciated so much.
Posted by Lyndon
You nailed it, Mr. Daniels. There is a conspiracy at work, here in America. It’s the product of a very sinister organization, brought to us from foreign soil. Maybe, Hitlers’ revenge. What is important, now, is that We remember that the primary purpose for constituting this Republic, was to displace tyranny. That purpose is the influence behind the design of Our Constitution. I do pray for Our troops, police and, peace of Jerusalem. God bless America.
Posted by Randal
By golly Mr. Daniels, It does seem like you truly have found your heaven on earth. Between your relentless pursuit of the arts, the sounds of southern living, and the peaceful time spent on your estate, I do wish you to keep on being you! Nobody else out there quite like good old Charlie Daniels. Much love my elder and may God bless you and your family for many years to come! JM
Posted by J Miller
Such a wonderful man. God bless you Mr Daniels
Posted by Michael
Turning 82
Charlie my mother would have been 98 today. When I received and read your book Never Look At The Empty Seats it took me back to earlier days and a lot of great memories. You will always be one of America's greatest icons, just like fried chicken and apple pie. Keep doing what you love.
Posted by David
Happy 82nd!
Happy 82nd Birthday to a respectful, sensible, good-hearted, God loving Christian man & true American patriot (oh yeah, & 1 awesome fiddler! 😉)!
Posted by Tanina
Happy Birthday #82
Happy Birthday #82. It is clear you see that as 82 years young, not old as most do. Thanks for the positive outlook on life, unflinching support for our troops and unashamed proclamation if your faith in our God. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and, of course us, your fans. Prayers for you and your family for continued good health, safety in your travels and many more birthdays to celebrate ahead.
Posted by Stan
Happy 82 Birthday!
Happy 82nd Birthday, Charlie! I hope to see you and the band in the New York City area in 2019!
Posted by Jeff
Love it
You by far Charlie are of the most profound Writers and thinkers I have run across. It’s plain like most of us folks it’s simple it’s from your heart that’s what I love. I love your Bible verses I love your quotes and I love the book last Christmas. Looking forward to getting another book thank you. keep up the encouragement we can always use it every day thank you. In my prayers sir thank you
Posted by Vivian
My Country
Charlie, I saw you on a talk show in 1980, discussing our rights as Americans. I was a sassy, 18 year old AC/DC, clubbing headbanger, so initially I wasn't to impressed with a country star. What was so different was you also talked of our responsibilities as well. Your words were much more than a country stars chatter, but lessons. Lessons I've carried with me and have taught my sons. You spoke of the the word and power of it. The power of our words as Americans, the power of our voice and most important, the power of the unfailing word of God. God Bless you Charlie! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Crystal
Old as you feel
Been giving retirement a great deal of thought and rethought after reading this article probably will put it off a little longer. God's continued blessing upon you. Thanks.
Posted by Al
Right on Charlie
84 still going strong and pursuing new ventures. Wish more people would appreciate and be thankful for this great land.
Posted by Bill
This is why I love you.
I love how you love God, Jesus and the word. Your wife and America. I like your wisdom.
Posted by Heidi
Your accomplishments and achievements are something anyone can feel so proud of. You have helped so many in your life and continue to do so. I along with many others appreciate how amazing you are. Thank you.
Posted by Jayden
Gods blessings
Mr.Daniels, Hi! I have been a longtime fan and blessed to see you and your wonderful band play many times over the years...since the 70's. I love your music but truly am touched by the way you live your life, love God and your wife with such passion! As I will be turning 62 this month I think quite a bit about how to spend my remaining days...I look around and so many folks are old before their time! My momma was a choreographer who taught dance well into her 80s, She used to laugh about how 'old' everyone was,( she was 89 at the time!), complaining about how bad they felt, what their spouses did or didn't do, etc!. For her, everyday was a new adventure, not just something to be endured! She recently passed at 94, young at heart and dancing to the end! Attitude is everything! I needed that reminder recently due to some health issues, that for many years had me house bound, ( I have Ankylosing autoimmune disease that wreaks havoc on the spine &,joints) I kept praying to God for a healing but It wasn't until one day I realized I was acting more like moms 'old' students (more like God smacked me on the head to wake me up!) that I changed my attitude. I began to have healing! I started to believe I was able to do more and these days I now am much more mobile, taking walks, enjoying life, time with my amazing husband James, and going to concerts again (Yeah!) Yes, there was hard work along the way,and while there isn't yet a cure I am so much better! But without changing my spirit, I never could have made the journey! Thank you for sharing all your gifts and positivity with the world!! You are an inspiration, shining light and truly a blessed man! Erin P.S Happy early birthday..October 28th happens to be my son and his great- grandmas bday! A great day to be born!!💜
Posted by Erin