Posted on 10.05.2018

The Case For Term Limits - Soapbox Rewind

*NOTE* Charlie will be back with a brand new soapbox on Monday, in the meantime, here's a rewind from 2016. - TeamCDB

As an avid supporter of term limits, I have addressed this subject in this column many times over the years and have received some valid and sensible opposition to my opinion.

The basic counter-argument is that the bi-yearly or quad-yearly elections serve as term limits, as the voters have a chance to replace any candidate, but if they are doing a good job for their state, congressional district or whatever, why should they be removed from office just because they have served a pre-prescribed amount of terms?

Well, one rebuttal is fairly obvious and the other more obscure, we will explore both.

The obvious one is, at least in my view, the system was not designed for career politicians who become so entrenched, so jaded and so out of touch with their constituency, so influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups that they develop a serious case of self-serving tunnel vision, in lockstep with the party, many times to the detriment of those they're elected by, who would be so much better served to remove that person and replace them with somebody fresh out of society who is actually in touch with what is happening at street level now, not twenty years ago.

The only time these most of these old mossbacks go back home is at election time or to participate in some media-heavy event or attend the funeral of a prominent person.

The only thing they know about what is happening in their districts is what they read in the newspaper, and that's something they don't have to worry about, because being in the in crowd assures them plenty of campaign funds and enough cosmetic federal projects in their state to ensure their reelection.

Secondly, the longer a person stays in power, the more tentacles the establishment wraps around them and the more times they sell off little pieces of their soul in support of something they know is not good for the country.

And that's just the tip or the iceberg, or maybe we should say the scab on the abscess.

As they become more and more of a rubber stamp for the power players, they become part of the club of elitists who keep tabs on where the bodies are buried and what vulnerabilities can be taken advantage of.

They become adept at helping to intimidate any new members who are brash enough to think outside the party lines, and the machine rolls on.

This is a nonpartisan situation, both parties have made an art form out of it, they’re extremely competent and devilishly devious at proliferating the power structure that passes from generation to generation of elected officials on state and federal levels.

And don't get the idea that graft always comes in the form of cash.

Lobbyists are always good for tickets with favorable seating at sporting events, concerts or other happenings, not to mention picking up the tab for wining and dining at exclusive restaurants.

And of course, there are the occupational rewards, a seat on a coveted committee or appropriations to fund some vote getter project or useless study back in the home state for those who play ball by the establishment rules.

And for those who don’t, those who go to the seats of power with stars in their eyes, sick of what they see happening, wanting to effect change, there is nothing but the cold shoulder, no plumb committee seats, no reelection money, no campaigning by party big shots when election rolls around.

Currently, there seems to be a groundswell against establishment politics, not just in America, but around the world.

I truly don’t know if it’s reached the point of the electorate in this country, realizing that to effect any real change, the whole deck has to be reshuffled, that the entrenched political bosses and power players need to come home and go to work for a living.

I guess we'll find out in this next election cycle whether we'll get a fresh bunch of horses or stick with the same old ponies and their jaded fraternity who treat our tax money like their own personal piggy bank and drag us a little further down the slope of no return.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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THE Swamp
Charlie, You have great politicians are a major part of the Swamp.......just like people that have abandoned our troops in Bengazi, that have jeopardized our Country by their classified e-mails on a private server, by humiliating women that had been sexually abused (even in the Oval Office) by her husband, by meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmack when there was supposed to be NO contact, by selling Plutonium to Russia, by paying for a false dossier ,etc....etc.. There is quite a bit evidence that The "Resistance" is . bought and paid for by George Sorese, Mueller, Clinton..... Globalists are only interested in Power and Control. Please continue to pray for our Country and our President. The very life of the United States of America has been under attack for many years.
Posted by Patricia
I agree sir. Lets hope we see changes.
Posted by Patrick
Here is a more radical proposal...
Mandate that all electoral districts are designed by computer programming to be as rectilinear as possible. State and city boundaries would still be be most decidedly non-linear, but within states and counties and cities political voting districts could be drawn by computer in a way which forecloses on the possibility of any gerrymandering. BY making this change, people who have not previously mixed politically would be Forced to mix politically, and debate each other. There would still be rich districts and poor districts - especially locally - but statehouses would become more attuned, and the US House Of Representatives would really improve as, for example, the elite of Lexington KY are forced to rub shoulders with the working class of Paintsville.
Posted by Allan
Term Limits For Sure
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie you were right on this subject years ago, long before I saw the light, and you laid it out very well here in 2016. We have seen in recent weeks the wisdom of our founders making Supreme Court Justices lifetime appointments, however I'm sure they never intended to create a bunch of scoundrels who would sell their souls to remain in office for a lifetime in elected office. We now see Senators refusing to vote the will of the people who elected them in favor of voting the Socialist / Communist agenda of the Demoncrat party. nuff said od Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Term Limits
You are right Mr. Daniels. But what you should have said is that most people are waiting for politicians to pass laws on term limits. That will never happen, even though it seems to be a campaign promise that is heard more and more in each election cycle. We the people are going to have to force term limits on them by a convention of the states, or start voting them out. But how do you vote out an incumbent that has no opposition? I see that a lot in Texas.
Posted by Eden
To plowboy
The Democratic Party has been around a lot longer than you have. If as you claim they are not voting according to the wishes of the people who voted for them, prove it.
Posted by Dana
In Addition to Term Limits
Also, incumbents should win a primary of their own party as well as the general election in order to get re-elected. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru