Posted on 01.22.2018

Close Call

We almost lost our country last fall. America was unwittingly on the precipice of becoming a nation whose government was willing to go to illegal and devious lengths to maintain the status quo.

I believe that the information that will be forthcoming in the next few weeks will be both astonishing and frightening to the American public, information that was never meant to see the light of day, much less the scrutiny of the American people.

I believe there will be irrefutable evidence of collusion among the upper echelons of the Democratic Party actually denying any candidate except Hillary Clinton a chance to be their presidential candidate.

I believe there will be evidence of the same people and their Democrat puppets in Congress to foist a false dossier, undocumented, totally unsubstantiated and paid for by the Democrats, on the American public aided by their serfs in the media that would falsely tie Donald Trump, his associates and members of his inner circle with the Russian government.

I believe there will be proof of the weaponizing of federal agencies and personnel and collusion between the Obama justice department and the FBI.

We already know that the Internal Revenue Service was used to deprive citizens groups of their rights and we know the guilty parties are still walking the street.

None of this was ever supposed to come to light, they were so arrogant and confident that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and all the garbage would be buried, the guilty parties would still be in power and that the socialist-globalist agenda of Barack Obama would go forth, that they didn't even take the time to properly cover their footprints.

And now, due to some diligent digging and dogged persistence by the few journalists who don't live in the Democrat puppy pound, the sordid and dangerous truth is starting to come out.

At this juncture, we don't know how deep the corruption goes or how high up the ramifications will reach, but it starts at the director level and could go all the way to the top.

These are the same people who perceived the American public to be gullible enough to believe that the murder of a United States Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi was caused by an anti-Muslim video, created by some faceless, nameless character, who, to this day, nobody seems to know the whereabouts of.

And that in the course of thirteen hours the greatest military on the planet couldn't have executed a rescue plan. (And by the way, there is new evidence in the air on that Obama-Clinton debacle also).

It was all planned out, Hillary would be elected by a landslide, all the dirt would have been covered up, the guilty parties would go free and ultraliberal immigration policies would have been instituted, a quick path to citizenship established and an unbeatable voter base created to guarantee a Democrat government ad infinitum.

The entitlement rolls would have grown exponentially, the economy would have continued its downward spiral, as the Clinton government would have adopted the anti-business, pro-taxes policies of the Obama administration, the national debt, which Obama doubled while he was in office, would have expanded, and America would have continued to be viewed around the world as a wimpy, out of control former superpower, not worthy of either prestige or respect.

Our military would have continued to be neglected and downsized and the velvet glove treatment of Islamic terrorists would be maintained.

Religious freedom would have continued to be stifled and government bureaucracies and power would have grown until its tentacles would have reached into every facet of life.

Washington, even at its best, is a fetid swamp crawling with those who have sold their respectability, honor and constituents, and the nation for that matter, for a few more years of power.

At its worst, it's a concerted effort by politicians, who, even though they know they are proliferating a lie, are you listening, Congressman Schiff? they smugly push any scheme, no matter how underhanded, that will give their accursed political party an edge, even to the point of trying to decertify the election of a duly-elected president.

Does anybody actually think that Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats and a couple of RINOs actually care about the dreamers?

Well, they have claimed that they care about the minorities for fifty years, but what have they done for them?

All the dreamers or the minorities mean to these burnt charlatans are votes, pure and simple. Just give us your vote and go back to the ghetto and wait for another fifty years.

America walked on thin ice and almost fell through, only the grace of God kept us from it.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Mr. Daniel's narrative.
You are well-spoken, sir. You produced a narrative that I too planned on writing, but your thoughts and words are both eloquent and totally factual. Kudos to you, Charlie! And you were right years ago when you wrote, "The devil went down to Georgia lookin' for a soul to steal... He was in a bind and way behind lookin' to make a deal..." Our situation is just that...good versus evil, and we are on the same team, Brother Charlie!
Posted by Jackie
Close Call
I agree with you 100%! If Clinton had won, this country would have gone downhill fast!
Posted by Judy
Thin ice
God Bless you you covered it all and the day I Pray to God They will answer for this mess. God has a plan and may he help us see it happen🙏God Bless the USA President Trump and all that that keep us safe
Posted by Eva
term limits
I have written to fox news ,and cnn,asking why no news media will talk about term one will answer me.its past time for term limits.
Posted by Kathy
We almost lost our country...
Thank you, Mr. Daniels, for your great article. Benghazi ain't going away. We are on the same page, and glad I followed you on Twitter. I also give President Trump a lot of credit. We did not elect him to be our preacher. We elected him to do a big job. And he fought for us in those Blue States sometimes doing three rallies a day. He put aside his great, luxurious, rich life to get up early every morning and fight for us Americans - only requires about five hours of sleep. I am so grateful that he saved us from crooked Hillary, the Democrats/Socialists, and open borders. I am also grateful that thanks to President Trump's leadership we have higher 401k's, less taxes, no Obamacare mandate, more energy independence, diminished enemies, a stronger military, 45% less illegal immigration, less business stifling regulations, i.e. MORE AMERICAN JOBS. Thank you again, Mr. Daniels.
Posted by sc
Soap box 1/22/18
My wife and I are so grateful that Mrs. Clinton lost the election. We were so tired of being told that we we not "good" people because of our political beliefs. The prior administration, I believe, was and still is the most corrupt bunch that ever held power in my 58 years. I am ecstatic that Mr. Trump is our President. Say what you want, the man knows how to get things done. I totally agree with you about what is about to be uncovered regarding our government. Rep. Schiff has to be an one of the most offensive people in government. Saying the American people will not comprehend a four page document is why we voted for President Trump. Talking down to the public will not win you much support (Mrs. Clinton is proof). Thank you for wording our feelings so eloquently. P.S. We have been fans of yours and witnessed your music at a concert somewhere around '78 in Pittsburgh when we just began dating. God Bless kind Sir!
Posted by Jefrey
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie it cannot be called anything but Treason and I have no doubt the Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim & sodomite is guilty as hell. You are correct that the grace of God is all that prevented America from falling through the ice. It is the same God that showed us He is still on the Throne when he put Donald J Trump in as president,once again defeating Satan and his plan. The same God who made a covenant with Abraham that has kept the Jewish people against all odds for 3,500 years. The Nevada Federal Judge who tossed the Bundy case out, never to be charged again, surely saw this sort of thing when she cited Flagrant Prosecutorial Misconduct as her reason. It really makes one conclude that liberalism is truly a mental illness when you watch these Democrats proclaim that illegals have rights that US citizens like you and me do not have. They live in their mansions with walls, gates, video cameras and security so that no one can get near their house, but our house, the USA is not supposed to have any security to protect us from terrorists, drug smugglers, and undesirables from walking across the border and taking from us. God has a gate to Heaven, a narrow one, to keep out undesirables, and on Judgement day he will send all of them to Hell. Me I'm just a gun clinging, Bible toting, God fearing deplorable redneck who rejoices in God's grace continually. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Close Call Your words are so true and so eloquent. Could have been spoken by Mr. Clements, more commonly known as Mark Twain!
Close Call Your words are so true and so eloquent. Could have been spoken by Mr. Clements, more commonly known as Mark Twain! Please help keep America enlightened with information to fight those who think their job is to make up our minds for us.
Posted by Larry
The Schumer shutdown
Sir, you have hit the nail right on the head once again. The Democrats could care less what happens to the group now called DACA. Schumer himself couldn't speak from the heart, nope, he read every word of every speech from his notes. Pelosi, well we all know she hasn't had a thought of her own for over 20 years. I could go on, but one by one each Democrat walking lock step to the party tune. And that tune, is not a pro America song for sure. Let's eliminate the problem, let's get a filibuster/veto proof majority in both houses. JR.
Posted by Jack
Close Call
Mr. Daniels, I, agree with what you have stated that the President and the United States Attorney General. Must call for and file charges against all that are involved. No matter who they are that is in my thinking. What they have done to us the people is unlawful, in any words that can be used. For what they done we need JUSTICE. Thank you for standing for us Charlie, you are considered what I call a true AMERICAN. God Bless you and your family. God Bless America OUR Troops, VETERANS and remember our POW'S!! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!!!!
Posted by Carrol
Close call
Have you ever considered running for public office? So inspiring!
Posted by Jina
Charlie, is as ignorant as the misinformed traitors that voted for benedict Donald.
Posted by Norman hi
Close Call
I believe your words are very necessary and helpful for many to understand the veracity of these players that perpetrated these schemes against America and her citizens. Regardless of party these atrocities are becoming more exposed and evident. Thanks for your candor, Mr Daniels. I hope those Americans of both main parties can read your words and agree that the 'real truth' needs to be known and ALL guilty parties made accountable and prosecuted where appropriate and necessary. God Bless.
Posted by H
Shut down.
I agree with you. This is getting way out of hand when elected officials start deciding with out asking we the people what WE want. They scream DACA, what about MY daughter? I make enough to get by but that's considered too much for her to get assistance for college. Yet Dems have decided illegals can go for free, they've lost their mind.
Posted by John
Close call
May God bless you for the courage to speak the Truth. Our President needs more honest folk like you.
Posted by Toni
Kudos to you for this rant. I agree with you 100 percent. I pray that our leaders will fight the evil that is trying to keep control of our nation
Posted by Corey
Look for More
The closer the Meuller investigation gets to the truth, the more likely you are to see articles like this one. There is lots of name calling, lots of references to secret information, lots of rumor, lots of innuendo, plenty of smears but no facts at all. There is not one substantial fact in anything Charlie has written. There ought to be. He makes some pretty powerful accusations. But, if you are willing to let go of reality, if you are willing to infer that any politician who does not see things the way you do is a liar, that the government is false, that dark conspirators who control the universe somehow let Trump walk into the Oval Office because of some act of God, then facts really do not matter. We can just make up whatever we like. The fact is that, if there is no truth in a connection to Russia, then there would have been no need to lie.
Posted by dana
Close Call
You are absolutely correct. I felt sick, with my stomach in knots, until the path to the presidency was completely closed on election night in 2016. I shudder to think of all the things you mentioned actually happening had she won. There’s no doubt in my mind that there is a loving God in heaven that, against all odds, allowed Trump to not only win, but continue to repair the damage done to this country by the Obama administration, but dare I say, make it great again!
Posted by Matt
Well Said.. That is why Hillary had nothing to say. She thought she had it won!! I think she thought she had Russia bought with the Ukraine deal. I thank God everyday she didn't get elected!!!
Posted by Jenny
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Posted by John
Nicely put!
I think that pretty much sums it up -- and from a music legend no less!
Posted by Henry
Hillary vs Trump
*NOTE* Matt, somehow you must have missed the large bold letters that said, "PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST" and neglected to follow the guidelines for posting to the soapbox comments. Thank you. - TeamCDB
Posted by Matt
that was close
the devil lost his fiddle of gold to Trump... *NOTE* Chris, since you didn't read the "Please read before you post" guidelines, I fixed your name. - TeamCDB
Posted by Chris
Thin ice
Awesome article from a true American my brother. Keep up the fight and I never doubted President Trump
Posted by Rex
Close Call Article
Thank you and God Bless You Mr Daniels!
Posted by kenny
Truer words have never been spoken
This is probably the most accurate and frightening things ever written. Thank you sir for your devotion to preserve our Republic. If you are ever down in Houston, look me up because I'd love shake your hand and buy you a beer.
Posted by Bret
love the soap box
Charley, You are not only so right so often but you are also a leader of Americans with common sense and decency. Thanks for taking a stand. You have and are making a big difference for the good. As a small time musician myself, I know taking a stand has cost me a few gigs but I think of the price our troops pay and I'd be ashamed not to stand with you. I'm a friend of cuzin Wanda's and Taz, I know your genuine. God bless you brother. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Steve Bonafel
Posted by Steve
Article on the near destruction of our precious America
Charlie, You are a national treasure in many aspects. Your music is a gift, but your unadulterated love for liberty and your voice to defend the same is greatly appreciated and effective. You said it best, God spared us a horrible existence of a HRC illegal presidency that would have destroyed this precious republic. People wake up, take a stand and DON’T back down now. We are on the side of righteousness! Let’s live lives worthy of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms!
Posted by Meg
Bernie Sanders supporters should be furious that he was treated so unfairly. He should have had the nomination. 😒
Posted by Cynthia
Close Call
You're so right on the nose, Mr. Daniels! I believe the Lord's coming back soon, & he is control of everything happening. There are reasons why President Trump won! It was Divine intervention.
Posted by Kelly
"Close Call" & "Well, they have claimed that they care about the minorities for fifty years, but what have they done for them?"
Dear Mr. Daniels: Loved the piece "Close Call" -- you nailed it. The comment(s) about minorities and the Democrat Party jumped out at me -- may I humbly submit a post for your consideration in which I'd hammered-home that point in some detail:
Posted by Thomas
Is it safe?
Terrifying, and not sure we’re out of the woods yet. Thank you Mr. Daniels, you are a Great American. PS a little more reading if interested: Bruce
Posted by Bruce
What was the point of the Hawaii hoax?
Were the Clintons & Obamas in Hawaii that day?
Posted by Annette
You're right Charlie!
Absolutely right! The only people the Dems are fooling with their shenanigans are the ones who are too ignorant to learn the truth. Dems don't care, about minorities, illegal aliens, Americans or the country. The ONLY thing they care about is their agenda and they don't care what they have to do to get it instituted. Lie, cheat, steal, slander, kill... it's all fair game.
Posted by Biker
Weaponized Agencies
Thanks for being a visible critic of this critical scandal that threatens us all.
Posted by chris
Close Call
Bravo for you Charlie Daniels.Someone here in the Spokane,WA area just posted your entire article on Craigslist rants and raves and I just finished reading it. I love people who tell it like it is in spite of the consequences and you hit the proverbial nail on the head. It is so refreshing to see and hear an entertainer stick up for this country instead of running it down.Praise God,you are even a Christian to boot. It doesn't get any better than that! Keep up the great work Charlie,I'll see you in Heaven Brother!
Posted by Christopher
Close Call
Charlie: NAIL ===> HEAD God bless you!
Posted by Frank
I agree
Obama's goal was to bring down the great America that we know and bring Islam up because he is a Muslim. He wanted to wipe Christianity out. It sickens me that the fbi and others involved in this congress that would be willing to sell out America for greed or power. They should all go to prison from Obama down. We need to pray for our president and this country and turn back to Jesus the one that created all things.
Posted by Randall
I agree
Mr Daniels I am a US Navy vet. I signed up to defend this country and the God given liberties we all enjoy. What the NFL players AND the owners are doing is slapping America in the face!
Posted by Ray
AMEN doxology
Charlie, AMEN, AMEN! Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him creaters here below. Praise Him above you heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. AMEN, AMEN!
Posted by Ron
Spot on!
Very thoughtful writing, Mr Daniels. You have exposed the corruption of the democrat party and its leaders. I believe this nation has the right man at the right time to lay bare the deceit of the left and dismantle the corruption. I hope we have an Attorney General willing and committed to doing the same.
Posted by E
I believe like you do. I prayed to Jesus that he would stop it and I think he did. Thank you Lord.
Posted by Jimmy
Posted on 01.22.2018 Close Call
Do you believe these corrupt politicians will be prosecuted? So far, the "Rule Of Law" seems to be nonexistent, feels more like a continuation of Obama's 8 year reign of terror. I am shocked at the corruption and outright treason committed by the democrat party, along with many from the GOP, yet Sessions does nothing? So far a lot of loud noise, fake outrage, and milking of the clock. When there are mass arrests and Military Tribunals organized, then the trust of "We The People" will be restored.
Posted by Benjamin
article 'Close Call'
Aristotle said that nature abhors a vacuum. With the decline of America on the world stage, who will fill this vacuum? The EU, China or the grand puppeteer in the Kremlin who in one fell swoop caused America to implode upon itself? Why are so many prepared to invent fantasies to justify their irrational, bigoted and xenophobic paranoia?
Posted by Emery
Charlie Daniels' Close call
Sorry, Charlie, your rant is unsubstantiated BS. Trump is destroying our democracy! Hillary, wasn't perfect, but she was far ahead of Trump. We now need a strong candidate to confront the tRump! Peace, Terry
Posted by Terry
I agree
I wish the Democrats were honest enough to care about the growing fascism within their ranks, but they couldn't care less. The frightening forthcoming news will go under-reported. Consider how the F.B.I., under appointed Democrat leadership, lied about Alaska's Senator and forced him from office amid totally faked allegations. He soon died of a broken heart. When his name was finally cleared, Democrats ignored it (including the mainstream media). It is now considered a **local story** in Alaska.....Most Americans simply don't know about it (except for those who listen to AM talk radio). The F.B.I. Democrats got away with murder in Alaska, it has been established. They thus felt empowered to take down a Republican presidential candidate using the same tactics, and when Trump won anyway they simple multiplied Rosemary Woods's **18 Minutes Of Deletion by thousands, to come up with today's FIVE MONTHS' OF DELETIONS. (Rosemary Woods was a piker by comparison.) I wish you had been elected a Senator when you were in your 60s. At 80, of course, I wouldn't wish such a horrible fate upon you. :-D
Posted by Allan
To Allan: I am puzzled by what appears to be a reference to the conviction of Senator Ted Stevens. Ted Stevens was convicted of accepting gifts in 2008 while Republican George W. Bush was President. Far from ignoring the case, in 2009, Democratic AG Eric Holder asked the court to overturn the conviction. This was national news, not something confined to local papers in Alaska. Ted Stevens did not die of a broken heart. He died in a plane crash. Please do not make up stories.
Posted by dana
SoapBox/Close Call
Another stupendous letter there Mr. Daniels, as usual! It seems as if those of us coming from the traditions of Country, Family and Church are the ones that understand your writings and truly appreciate them, thank you very much Sir.
Posted by Robley
Close Call
If I may paraphrase you, "The Devil came down from Quantico, he was lookin' for a nation to steal."
Posted by Art
Close call
Brother Charlie, You are a blessing, and we need more Americans like you. To stand up, wake up, speak up for our freedoms, traditional family values and American way of life. As Americans, it is OUR job to elect like minded people to represent us. I feel President Trump was divinely chosen to clean the swamp, and bring this nation back into Gods grace. I thank you, keep up the Lords work. Take care, be safe. God bless. Griz - Alaska
Posted by Griz
*NOTE* Micah, apparently you didn't read the large bold print that says, "PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST" which stated that we need a legitimate email address from people who post comments here, so your comments were not posted. - TeamCDB
Posted by Micah
Close call
I couldn't have said it in any more exemplary way! God is giving us a second chance to be a Godly, great country. That's why Trump became our President. We must pray and turn completely to God and stand with our President. God is working!
Posted by Virginia
Near miss
I grew up in a blue collar family. Parents, aunts, uncles.. All grew up during the depression. What I now feel was truly the greatest the generation, knew who they were to their core. They "Trusted" elected officials. Teen years, I remember this king thoughts were old fashioned.. . We were a different and more enlightened generation. How pompous of me. Fast forward decades. Would you cut small pieces of yourself off your body and say..oh it is some point you stop. Pay attention and it is suddenly unacceptable. Our trust has been used, a used by those who have no stomach for the common man and seek only their self gratification fueled by a deep seeded need for power and fuel for their deficient sense of self worth. We were granted a reprieve... yes. It is truly up to us to seek clarity, remember the importance of where we have been. Common sense please make a return Glad to have stumbled on your g Thoughts.
Posted by Susan
There is more
While we know this is a huge mess and Thank God our country is somewhat safe for the moment. Thank you for your honorable voice!! We all the American people faced a tough time Thru the Recession we Had But I do believe it was a hoax also at the hand of careless and greed of banks and the government in control. i invite you to understand about FNMA and FMCC is a link to the debacle thks for your time. there is s pdf file that explains it all for us as shareholders have been robbed for many years now.
Posted by Carl
Close Call
Indeed! You hit the nail on the head with a 10# sledge... can’t wait to see how far up this goes. Handcuffs for all concerned!
Posted by Robert
We must be stronger
Posted by Dan
You’re sadly mistaken if you think trump has anyone’s best interests in mind but his own.
Posted by Matt
Close Call?
If half of your conspiracy theories are true, we are in the final stages of this democracy and this or no other president will save it. However you lump ALL politicians and everyone who supports them into the same cesspool. Not every person who leans liberal is doomed to hell for those beliefs. I am liberal but I am a rule of law guy. If you are guilty I support justice and punishment no matter what party that person belongs to. I hope as time finds many of your stated conspiracies unfounded, know that people look up to you and I hope you will acknowledge the truth as loudly as you fuel them with your rhetoric. I will do the same.
Posted by Kevin
Truly believe that the good Lord delivered President Trump and the good people listened to the call
Posted by Deb
Charlie - you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.
Posted by Paul
Cruz vs. Trump
If Ted Cruz won the republican primaries, he would have won the presidency by a larger margin. And he wouldn't be targeted the way president Trump is. Sure, he'd still get bashed by the liberals. But Cruz is far more ethical, and he's not a snotnose like Trump.
Posted by Tru
Getting America Closer to God
Here's my response to what Virginia said. I am a Christian. I have a lot of conservative opinions. But I don't believe that America can legislate its way closer to God. Getting our nation closer to God is the job of the private sector, regardless of who's in office. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Sad but true...
State of the union really showed some true colors. I was appalled at the Democrats behavior. And the “review” from the Washington Post was trash. Praying for our country
Posted by Judi
Trump is SNEAKY.
This is in response to Matt saying "You’re sadly mistaken if you think trump has anyone’s best interests in mind but his own.". I agree. I'll admit, I do think Trump has done some good things. However, he's very suspicious. And bad people sometimes do good things. That's how bad people become popular. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
An Example of Deception
Remember I said that bad people sometimes do good things. Here's an example. After the Soviet-Afghan War, Afghanistan was lawless. The only people available to provide law and order were the Taliban. The Taliban gave the Afghan public what they wanted (law and order). The Afghan public in turn gave the Taliban trust and power. That's how the Taliban came to power with the support of the Afghan public. And yes, it CAN happen here. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Another Example of Deception
Here's another example. As the Nazis were becoming more popular in Germany, they were seen as the anti-Communist option, but today both the Nazis and the Communists are seen as wrong. We need to realize that both Trump AND Obama, both the conservatives AND the liberals, are wrong for America. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Obama's damage to the country
here is what Obama caused; He and his liberal schools have killed the work ethic in this country and the work ethic is the engine of all human progress. 1. These 10 States now have more people on welfare than they do employed! California New Mexico Mississippi Alabama Illinois Kentucky Ohio New York Maine South Carolina 2. Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reported that in fiscal year 2012, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. Household below the poverty line received $168.00 a day in government support. What's the problem with that much support? Well the average household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day. To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30.00 an hour for a 40 hour work week, while the average job pays $24.00 an hour. 3. Check the following set of statistics!! The percentage of each past president's cabinet who HAD WORKED in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is: A real-life business not a government job! Here are the percentages: 38% T. Roosevelt 40% Taft 52% Wilson 49% Harding 48% Coolidge 42% Hoover 50% F. D. Roosevelt 50% Truman 57% Eisenhower 30% Kennedy 47% Johnson 53% Nixon 42% Ford 32% Carter 56% Reagan 51% GH Bush 39% Clinton 55% GW Bush 8% Obama 90% Trump This helps explain the bias, if not the incompetence, of the last administration: ONLY 8% of them have ever worked in private business! That's right! Only eight percent - the least, by far of the last 19 presidents! And these people tried to tell our corporations how to run their businesses? How could Obama, president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he's never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And, when it's the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers? They've spent most of their time in academia, government, and/or non-profit jobs or as "community organizers."
Posted by James
Why do I bother checking? Better yet, why doesn’t the author check?
The author of the chart showing only 8 percent of Obama’s cabinet had business experience addresses the chart in hindsight: "This is the one time I stepped out into making judgment calls, and I assure you I won't do it again. ... The frightening thing about the Internet is that people copy one chart from what you write and then it goes viral. So I've learned a lesson here that these kinds of issues are best left addressed by the people who practice them day in and day out." After the controversy in 2009, Cembalest updated his chart to reflect that more than 20 percent of Obama Cabinet appointees had private sector experience.
Posted by Dana
Oops, I Checked Another One
"These 10 States now have more people on welfare than they do employed!" No, actually, they do not. Jump on over to Politifact and check for yourself. Here is the title of the article: "Chain email says 11 states have more people on welfare than employed." The article was published in 2013. The life span of fabrications like this is amazing but it is only because the people who circulate them really do not want to hear the truth. There is another claim in the comment by James. I am not even going to bother to check but leave it to James as an exercise.
Posted by dana
It's not completely inaccurate. The bottom line is that many state governments are or are dangerously close to a death spiral.
Posted by Ben
Read the Politifact Article
Ben: What is classified as 'welfare recipients' includes people on pensions and government workers. You can review the methodology and the assumptions behind it.
Posted by dana
Thank you, I did read it. And it's very clear at the beginning of the article that is what it is stating, Regardless of being mistaken about it being strictly welfare recipients, Charlie's general point isn't far off the mark.
Posted by Ben
Almost a Month Now
It has been almost a month now since this article came out about the secrets that were never supposed to see the light of day. The president is free to release whatever classified information he decides to. He did just that with the Russian ambassador and with the Nunes memo? What is the hold-up?
Posted by dana
Did not come true
Nope, none of those predictions came true. The tarring of Clinton, the dismissal of the Steele dossier, the claims about a 'weaponized' government. In fact, it looks like we are supposed to distrust the FBI because they investigated Trump, the biggest liar I know of. It would be nice to start dealing with reality instead of fictions. So here goes: Trump is a loser. He is a poor businessman who has made the bulk of his money through cons and reality game shows. He should never have been president and had it not been for Russia and a culpable public ready to swallow the most outrageous conspiracy theories, he would be happily spending his days decomposing in his Florida estate. Instead, we have a bumbling, cowardly person pretending to be a leader and doing his best to destroy the country that he is going to make great again. There is the truth as best I can read it. I hope Trump gets impeached but it is only a hope.
Posted by dana
You inbred sellout
You've turned into exactly the kind of redneck right-wing imbecile you used to make fun of. Supporters of Traitor Trump all need to be run out of this country, just as fast and as far as we can run them, and PERMANENTLY. By the way: if you're going to let racist freaks spew whatever hateful b******* they want here, you can shove your self-righteous whining about "profanity" up your a**.
Posted by Charlie