Me and the Boys (1985)

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    Me and the Boys

    Remember back when we were young
    And all the crazy things that we have done
    Me and the Boys out skipping school
    Back on the hill acting a fool
    Yes its so easy to remember when
    Everything was so simple then
    We never worried about the money we spent
    When you ain’'t got no money
    You don’t care where it went

    Feel the wind running through our hair as we ride
    Running so fast not even time could hold us
    Young and free we had nothing to hide
    And we were doing all the things that nobody told us

    Summer days when there weren't any courses
    Down at the creek riding make believe horses
    Acting out westerns that they had seen
    Down at the picture show movie screen
    One year later feeling 5 years older
    Still scared of the girls but we were acting much bolder
    And in the evening when the sun went down
    Back street, make out, fooling around

    Me and the Boys[x4]

    Cruising around in a ’57 dodge
    Boys all checking out the noisy ride
    Backyard mechanics each and every one
    It was greasy work but damn it was fun


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    Still Hurtin' Me

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    Talking to the Moon

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    Class of '63

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    American Farmer

    See that man in the field over yonder
    With dirt on his hands and a loan on his back
    He's the man that puts the food on your table
    He's the man that grows the clothes on your back
    Were running a mile out of the house he was born in
    Tending on the sidelines and watching him fall
    Selling his land to the big corporations
    What you gonna do when they get it all

    He's been rolled for sure treated like a outlaw
    Turned down sold out, put out to graze
    He's been pushed you know when he can push no more
    It gets a little harder everyday

    He's the American farmer
    And he damn hard to beat
    Better wake up America, wake up America
    Coz if the man don't work then the people don't eat

    Keep sending that high tech stuff off to Russia
    I can't figure what where doing it for
    We should be sending them wheat and meat and cotton
    'Cause a loaf of bread never started no war
    See that man in the middle of city
    Eatin' outta garbage cans, sleepin' in the street
    See that lady livin' in the ghetto
    How in the world she gonna make ends meet

    It's a damn disgrace on the face of America
    Hungry people everywhere you go
    Children in Africa starving by the millions
    While the land lays fallow and the banks foreclose


    He's an American, he's an American, he's an American, American farmer
    Better see him through
    'Cause if he goes down swinging
    You better know where gonna go down swinging to


    The people don't eat

    The people eon't eat

    I said the people don't eat

    The people don't eat

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    American Rock and Roll

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    Ever Changing Lady

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    Lousiana Fais Do Do

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    Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye

    Sittin' on a bar stool actin' like a durn fool
    That's what I'm a doin' today
    Sitting' her drinkin' tryin' to keep from thinkin'
    I'm a boozin' my troubles away
    Well now I couldn't make her stay, well doggone her anyway
    She can't say that I didn't try
    So pour me another one
    Im finished with the other one
    I'm drinkin' my baby goodbye

    Everytime we disagreed
    She was always askin' me
    Are you a man or a mouse
    Now that she's gone
    She probably thinks I'm home
    Just a mopin' around the house
    She probably thinks that she's the one thing
    I just couldn't get along without
    Well wouldn't it surprise her I got a sympathizer
    As long as these bottles hold out

    Repeat Chorus

    Every time I triy to sit down and talk to her
    It always ends up in a fuss
    I tried to reason with her right up to the time
    She got on that Greyhound bus
    It'd be better if I could forget her
    'Cause she sure forgot about me
    And if takes all night I'm gonna' do it right
    I'm gonna' sit here till I can't see

    Repeat Chorus