Posted on 05.21.2018

Eternal Land

For many decades and through many presidential terms there have been promises to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, their traditional capitol for over two millennia and a part of the territory given to the Jews by God thousands of years ago.

If you read the Old Testament you know that, due to the disobedience of the Jews and their proclivity to worship pagan gods, something they were specifically warned against in the Ten Commandments, the Jews were disbursed all over the world.

But the Holy Book also says that the Children of Israel would return to their homeland, which they did in 1948 by authority of a United Nations charter, and Jews from everywhere began pouring into the area, which was at war almost from the day of inception.

If you look at the early history of the rebirth of Israel, you have to come to the conclusion that the hand of God was involved in the fray, considering the numbers and the amount and condition of the few weapons Israel had to fight with.

But against all odds, they won battle after battle, until on (date) they took back the city of Jerusalem and have held it ever since.

The prime point of contention in Jerusalem is the area of the Temple Mount, the spot where the magnificent temple of Solomon once stood, where the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim holy site, now stands, and the location of Mount Moriah, where Abraham took Isaac to be sacrificed, which we all know didn’t happen because God stayed the hand of Abraham, after he had proven that he was obedient, even to the point of sacrificing of his only, long-awaited son.

To the Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount is the epicenter of their faith, and given their totally diverse theological differences, it’s easy to understand the deep and long-held feelings of animosity.

Access to Temple Mount is controlled by the Palestinians, and they can deny visitors entry any time they want to, by closing down the entrance, further adding to the tension.

Palestinians are very much in evidence in Jerusalem, they operate businesses, hold jobs and live in relative harmony with the Jews, but have never held to the prospect that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, denying historic written and anthropological evidence, stubbornly refusing to accept Israel’s prior claim to the city.

So, America moving our embassy to Jerusalem is a giant step in legitimizing Israel’s claim in the eyes of the secular world and could start a movement of other nations to do the same thing, firmly entrenching Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol in the eyes of the whole world.

Turkey has recalled their ambassador from Israel and the United States, there are bloody confrontations on the borders and Iran is making dark, ominous threats, but the US has acquired new allies in the region, allies who are as opposed, though not as vocal as we are, to Iran having nuclear capabilities as we are and are taking a more tolerant view of Israel.

Israel is a sovereign nation who has the right to protect itself with whatever amount of force is necessary and most of the world media tends to take the side of their enemies, selective in their coverage of the many struggles Israel is involved in.

The one thing that always seems to be forgotten is that Israel is not involved in offensive but defensive battles, and that battle they fight is not in some far-off nation but in their own backyard.

They can exist only by eternal vigilance and the grace of God, and their motto, which is not merely rhetoric, but heartfelt truth is, never again.

With the move of our embassy, President Trump has let the world at large know that America stands with Israel, which adds considerable muscle to Israel’s position.

Let’s all hope and pray we don’t have to use it.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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A Great Day
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie the day the US Embassy open in Jerusalem is not only a great day for Israel but a historic on also. IMO Trump did what no President has done for these people since Truman God Bless him and add one more to the list of fulfilled Trump promises. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Thank you for your comments I am with you.
Posted by Suzanne
soap box
GOD bless you Charlie ! Keep on writing !
Posted by james
Many people learned for the first time when the American embassy opened in Jerusalem that our foreign policy is no longer being shaped by statecraft and reason but by biblical prophecy. Many people wonder why scandals that would have destroyed another president leave this one unscathed in the eyes of his supporters. These folks, the people who support Trump, have moved beyond reason. They are guided now explicitly by their interpretation of passages in the Bible and little else. So reason falls by the wayside. Knowledge and training is irrelevant. There is no discussion. There is no compromise. For the rest of us, unwillingly dragged along this self-destructive path, we have little recourse. If Trump were to sleep with a million porn stars or play golf every day of the week, it would not bother his supporters in the least. They would craft fictions about conspiracies and dark forces at work which only their own religious views can subdue. I think that those of us still guided by reason have to understand that we are struggling against a group of people guided by delusion. If we value this country, we have to take it back from them. I hope that, eventually, enough people will see the path we are on and the insanity that put us here.
Posted by dana
A Three-State Solution
I think Gaza should be made a Muslim state. If they want to call it "Palestine" let them. This should have a wide moat dredged around it, with a wall added. The Muslims there have behaved as animals and can never be trusted by the Israelis. ..... I also think that the land on the north shore of the Sea Of Galilee Should be made a Christian state. If the Christians want to call it "Nazareth", fine: they can call it what they want. It would require no moat nor wall for protection, because the Nazarenes have shown themselves to be peaceable. Israel would help protect this nation against terrorism, in return for continued access to the Golan Heights, which are key to protection of the entire area. ..... Ramallah should be made in to a Muslim city-state, and be walled off. ..... Bethlehem should be made into a Christian city-state (no wall necessary).
Posted by Allan
The Israeli military,
I know it's fun for Zionists to pretend "the hand of God" helped an under equipped Israel overcome long odds to establish Israel. The truth is the Palestinians didn't even have an organized military, they'd been under occupation from the Ottoman Empire then England for 1000 years. The British were obligated to give the Palestinians weapons to protect themselves but they had no interest in helping a bunch of Arabs kill American and European Jews. The British starved the Palestinian of any effective weaponry and we've (the U.S.) has made sure Israel has had the best military hardware in the region ever since. There was no hand of God involved, just the hand of the United States and Great Britain deciding who should have top shelf weapons and who doesn't. We give Israel billions of dollars in military assistance every year and we have for decades. We make sure they're more powerful than any combination of Arab armies. Apache Helicopters, Patton Tanks, Tomahawk Missiles, Stinger Missiles, submarines that were "nuclear ready" on delivery, ect. In the meantime what do the Palestinians have? You can see them throwing rocks at Apache Helicopters on Youtube. The whole "miracle in the dessert" story is just propaganda put out by the Israelis and their Zionist Evangelical friends. We don't have to believe it.
Posted by Mitch
Charlie in general
I was born in 1961, grew up in the East Coast and wasn't familiar with Charlie Daniels until I moved to Florida when I was 16. I was already familiar with The Allman's and Lynard Skynard, two Southern Rock bands that were staples of FM rock radio everywhere in the country. I first remember hearing Long Haired Country Boy and Uneasy Rider in Florida soon after I moved there. While listening to the lyrics of those songs ,my preconceived notions of a monolithic Southern mentality were turned on their head. Charlie made some scathing bullseye statements in both songs regarding religious hypocrites and unthinking intolerance. That has alway stayed with me and it's why I love Charlie Daniels to this day. My politics are liberal, and, I'm an atheist. Two things I know Charlie is not. But, despite that, I could care less about the opinions of Charlie's I don't agree with. I appreciate his honesty, introspection, and have a ton of respect for him. Of course I also love his music. Thats all.
Posted by James