Posted on 07.24.2017

Your Own Conclusions

The siege in Benghazi lasted 13 hours.

A passenger plane can fly from New York to Tel Aviv in less than 12 hours.

Draw your own conclusions.

The Democrats are harping and wailing about the Republicans botched handling of repealing and replacing the admittedly catastrophically, failing Obamacare legislation.

If the Democrats had not passed it in the first place, there would be no failed health care bill to repeal and replace.

Draw your own conclusions.

A United States citizen, and nobody even knows how many Mexican citizens, were killed in the
harebrained “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme on Eric Holder’s watch as Attorney General.

Holder couldn’t be properly investigated because President Obama sealed the records by invoking executive privilege.

Draw your own conclusions.

Chicago’s murder rate has been soaring with 762 murders in 2016 and there have been 368 shot and killed so far, this year.

Rahm Emanuel, politically correct former member of the Obama administration, has been mayor since 2011.

Draw your own conclusions.

Barack Obama allowed troops to be pulled out of Iraq against the advice of the military.

ISIS and their attempts to restore the Islamic Caliphate was the result.

Draw your own conclusions.

Angela Merkel opened the door of Germany for more than a million refugees, from countries where Sharia Law reigns supreme.

Germany, and much of Europe has been plagued with an increase in theft, rapes and total disrespect for women, terrorist attacks notwithstanding.

Draw your own conclusions.

The United States is nearly twenty-trillion dollars in debt and getting ready to raise the debt ceiling again.

Soon, paying the interest alone will consume the lion’s share of our GDP.

Draw your own conclusions.

There are more than a trillion dollars being held offshore by American businesses because of the unfavorable corporate tax rate they’d have to pay to repatriate it.

Our Congress is currently obsessed with Russia and ignoring legislation that could put this money to work, creating new industry and jobs in America.

Draw your own conclusions.

There is no reason why the federal investigation on the supposed Trump-Russia connection and the business of the nation, health care, tax legislation, immigration, etc. can’t go forward simultaneously, but the Hill is so sure they can bring a president down, they have no interest in
any kind of progress on Trump’s watch.

Draw your own conclusions.

Barack Obama was surreptitiously taped sending a personal, politically loaded message to Vladimir Putin, and the American press never questioned whether or not it was collusion.

Draw your own conclusions.

Lois Lerner pled the Fifth in the congressional investigation of the IRS and the whole thing was basically dropped.

Draw your own conclusions.

The Bible says that a house divided cannot stand.

Draw your own conclusions.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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