Posted on 10.06.2017

Gun Control and Common Sense

I would like to preface this article by saying that if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that giving up my guns would end the senseless violence in America, I would gladly throw them all in the Bermuda Triangle.

Conversely, it is my belief that for law-abiding citizens to give up their firearms would only increase the violence, as criminals and terrorists would know they had nothing to fear and use their illegally obtained guns to wreak havoc on a helpless population.

You may well say, “If all guns were outlawed they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on them”, but that is such a naive statement, that exploring it fully would be folly. If America can’t stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens, why would you think we could stop what would be a most lucrative business of gun running?

If you want to see a microcosm of the America that it seems Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren want to bring about, look at Chicago, where the local gun laws are such that an ordinary citizen can’t even purchase a handgun to protect their families, while at the halfway point of the year 323 people have been murdered by thugs who own guns illegally.

People in this nation would be more willing to discuss some modification of the Second Amendment if we could trust our government. But the sad fact is that we can’t, and the ones who scream the loudest know as much about firearms and the meaningful limitations that could be implemented as a hog knows about an airplane.

“Imagine if he had had a silencer.”

And in their naivety and political fervor, they pass meaningless, cosmetic legislation, never addressing the root of the problem, which is actually not the guns, but the people who unlawfully obtain and use them to slaughter innocent people.

10,226 people were killed by drunk drivers last year and any thinking person knows that outlawing alcohol will not stop it. Many of these people have been arrested for DWI multiple times before they finally end up causing fatalities.

And yet they’re out there on the street, ticking time bombs, much the same as many of those involved in murders have been charged and convicted in other violent crimes, received light sentences and put back on the street again.

Over 59,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016 and it doesn’t seem to upset those who scream for gun control every time there’s a shooting.

Around a million unborn babies die by the hands of abortionists every year and it doesn’t seem to bother the radical gun control crowd.

Which begs the question, is their concern about compassion or politics?

I opt for the latter, as I believe that the disarming of America is the globalists fondest dream.

Almost every nation that has ever been turned into a dictatorship or a police state is always disarmed first.

We’ve talked some politics, now let’s talk some common sense.

I got my first gun when I was 12 years old, was taught gun safety first thing.

I am a lifetime member of the NRA and own firearms that are kept locked away.

I have never shot at anybody, and - thank God - never had to protect myself nor my family with a gun, however, should the occasion arise, I would not hesitate to do so.

I do not believe that anyone - with the exception of military or law enforcement - needs a fully automatic weapon and that bump stocks, conversion kits and any other means of converting a legal semi-automatic firearm into an illegal fully automatic firearm, should be outlawed and the law strenuously enforced.

Insofar as background checks, contrary to what Schumer, Warren et al. would have you think, they are already in force and are repeated every time you buy a firearm, having to fill out papers, supply valid identification and wait until the transaction is approved by the proper authorities.

The anti-gun bunch choke on a gnat and swallow a camel, they are so politically correct they are ready to criticize law enforcement for the slightest mistake, real or imagined, they are perfectly willing to deprive them of the tools to keep violent criminals off the street, all in the name of constitutional rights, yet are ready to deprive law abiding citizens of theirs because they refuse to admit what the real problem is, in fear of losing a few votes.

The problem is that if you give these people an inch, they will demand a mile and when and if whatever increment of gun control legislation they can muscle through congress doesn’t work, and it won’t, they will be back for more and more, because, face it folks, these people are protected by gun toting federal employees paid for by us, the taxpayer.

They don’t have to be concerned about their security and sure ain’t concerned about ours.

The mass murders in Las Vegas bothered me more that all the tragedies we’ve faced in recent years, and as the authorities search for answers I hope we can be patient until they are forthcoming and not bolt into the unknown by being influenced by politicians who are willing to throw the baby out with the bath water just to make some political hay.

Whatever the events, relationships, politics or religion of this depraved coward might have been, his was an act of pure evil, and one that evidently could not have been predicted by his prior actions and prayerfully, an anomaly.

I’m sure there will be accusations, lawsuits and changes in policy at the high-rise hotels in Las Vegas and other cities, self-righteous politicians will preen and posture and preach their “I told you so” message, but eventually America will get back to normal, sadder, wiser and ever more vigilant.

With God’s help, we will survive.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Gun Control
I thank you, sir, for your timely remarks on this subject that causes so much hatred and division in this beloved country of mine. I am in agreement with you that I will turn in my guns when all the celebrities and elitists of this country who scream the loudest do away with their own armed security forces and live like normal people should. It is hypocrisy in the highest order and only proves that the globalists are trying to destroy our blessed United States.
Posted by Alden
Thank you
This was so eloquently put. Thank you.
Posted by Nancy
Gun control and common sense
Sadly, you are right Charlie. These politicians who want our guns are protected by body gaurds, who are responsible gun owners as many of us are. I dont believe taking guns away, or restricting access for law abiding responsible citizens is the answer. Even if they were to get every gun back off the people, then these mentally incapacitated persons who perpetrate atrocities on innocent society members wil surely resort to other means....Wake up people, let us not forget the razor knives and airplanes used in 9/11 attacks. We lost over 3,000 fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that day....God bless and always remember, as long as we are a free society, we will always be envied for it.
Posted by Tony
Assault Rifle Ban
Had the assault rifle ban still been in place, fewer people would have died. Had rational laws been in place, had gun safety been a real concern of the NRA, the government would be permitted to study the issue of gun safety instead of fearing for their jobs if it is even mentioned. Drunk drivers are a menace but drivers are licensed and cars are registered. I shot my first gun when I was 10. I was a member of the NRA till I realized they were more interested in politics and money than reasoned gun ownership. Keep in mind there is a whole cadre of people out there fighting to legalize every kind of firearm there is. If they had their way, the shooter in Vegas would have been looking down the barrel of a .50 cal machine gun. You make the government. If you do not trust it to do anything you better try to fix it. In the end when enough people have died, the right is going to have to decide what to do. Liberals have screamed about it for years while the right concocts fantasies about George Soros and Chuck Schumer. You are just going to have to figure out how many deaths are enough to move you. Sooner or later you will do something. I hope it is sooner.
Posted by Dana
Gun control
Perfectly stated, Charlie. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
Posted by Jackie
Thank You!
I enjoy your music, I enjoyed seeing you on stage and have really enjoyed your honesty about the Devil we face everyday on his way to Washington looking for an elected soul to steal. May God be with you on stage and off.
Posted by Joseph
Thank You
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on 2A and for standing up for America. Thank you for your great contributions to the music industry also.
Posted by Ronald
Gun Control
Thank You Charlie for a most sane article! As a retired law enforcement officer I concur whole heart with your opminion. May the good Lord Grant you many more years of wonderful musicianship..
Posted by Fred
Common Sense
Thank you so much for your wisdom. I pray that your words reach all of America. God Speed
Posted by ray
Gun control
I agree with you Charlie, but no matter how hard we try there will always be evil in this world,everyone of us Las abide citizen can give up every firearm they own the terriost,thugs and anyone else that want to do us harm will have a free pass. I do believe something has got to be done but exactly what that is I don't know
Posted by John
Soap box
Very well said, Sir... Thank you for speaking out for those of us with common Decency and sense...raised by the fear of God, and respect our elders. Love your music..and love the fact that you resemble my cousin Jim (big daddy) Vest.... ref. pedal steele, you may know him....God bless...
Posted by Charlie
Gun control and common sense.
I absolutely agree with you. However the liberal right has no common sense. they don't want to hear it either. Even if it is right. These are the same people who tax cigerettes instead of outlawing them.
Posted by Ralph
Second Amendment Unlimited
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie you are true to the point in what would happen to this country if we would allow the globalist to disarm us. With all due respect sir, I differ on bump stocks and or limiting anything when to comes to protecting ourselves. I see it as giving the proverbial inch. We can go back farther than the Second Amendment to English common law and the English Bill of Rights of 1689 to discover more reasoning of our God given right to self defense and preservation. Until these anti-gun people admit that there are 20 times more people are murdered each year by abortion than guns,it is like telling me that my cows passing gas is causing global warming. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Gun, people control
Outstanding commentary that you won't get in your local paper or media. Seems a gun registry is the real thing they want on the road to disarming us. What bothers me as much is the Left's forte to raise money on the issue. I've come to the conclusion that, no matter what they say, they want victims not heroes. Spot on Charlie, and the more they say common sense, the less of it we see.
Posted by Jeff
October concert at Inn of Mtn Gods
Charlie we love wbat uou stand for and your singing, but were SO disappointed concert was beyond loud & couldn't even hear your singing. Prolonged our stay to hear you. So sad we couldn't hear you over the blariing throbbing noise. Heard you live years ago at Duncan OK & it was great.
Posted by Kathy
Gun control
My thought is guns don't kill people, it's sick disturbed people that kill innocent people. If they do pass a law to take weapons away from us, the ones that want them, like that sick person in Vegas will find away to get them. If you listen to the news you hear buying guns one the streets goes on everyday. Our rights to protect ourselves shouldn't be taken away. Always keep them locked up so kids can't get to them. But we as American people have the right to have a gun!!! God bless America and to all the victims of the Vegas shootins. May the ones that lost their life RIP.
Posted by Angie
Thank you Mr.Daniels
I would just like to thank you for all you do and for putting God first. I always enjoyed seeing you at the strawberry festival in plant city and I am looking for to seeing you in November in St.Pete. I would love to meet you and just talk to you. I am just a country farm girl. Not a strawberry farm a cow, horse and everything else farm girl lol I know to can veggies and live off the land. God Bless and please stay safe. See you in November
Posted by Pam
gun controll and common sense
Thank you Charlie I could not agree more. too bad people dont get it. I have tried to get people to read the 2nd amendment primer that coveres amoung otherthings the disarming of the people by the govermment throught history. Thank you once again Charlie
Posted by james
Gun control
Thank you for you post. You are 100% right. I'm so tired of the division in America. Criminals will always find a way to get a gun. Every law abiding citizen should have a gun. Way too many evil, crazy people roaming our country looking to kill us off. You make total sense. I wish ALL politicians would read you post. God bless America.
Posted by Carol
Thank you
Thank you, Charlie. Well said!
Posted by James
Gun Control
I believe loss of our right to bare arms will result in the loss of all our rights. For awhile now Our Constitution has been under steady attack and bit by bit chiped away. Our Forefathers have us the second amendment so we the people could stand as the last line of defence for Our Nation.
Posted by Connie
gun control
Thank you for your post on gun control. It is very good and so common sense.
Posted by Rosemary
Current article
Thank you so very much for the recent article. I come from a divided family. My husband and I are proud and respectful gun owners, we share your views. I intend to share your article with the other members of my family in hope that they are willing to look at all of the facts. Thank you again and God Bless.
Posted by Lori
Good words thanks so much
Posted by Glenn
Why was the Las Vegas shooting the one that bothered you the most? Why not the one at Newton, Connecticut, where 26 children were killed. Just wondering.
Posted by Sandy
Gun Control
Thank you Charlie, for the remarks and time that you put into your SoapBox! I still think you need to Run for President! But you keep telling me your're going keep playing fiddle! People always blame guns, they are only a tool! How many people would have died if that sicko have flown one of the two planes he owned into the crowd in Vegas? Evil people will do evil!
Posted by Terrence
The first paragraph said it all! Well done!
Posted by Larry