Posted on 02.27.2017


When I was a kid the results of an election were not known until the wee small hours of the morning or not even that soon, sometimes taking well into the next day as hand marked ballots had to be counted manually and there were no computers to help with national tabulations.

I remember catching the school bus on November 3, 1948 after hearing on the radio that Thomas Dewey had defeated incumbent Harry Truman for the presidency and got off the school bus that afternoon to find out after the count had finally been finished, Harry Truman had actually won.

Technology was in its infancy, polls were rudimentary, television was nonexistent in the rural parts of the nation and the media news industry was not the "on the scene, happening now"
coverage the modern public has gotten used to and now basically takes for granted.

In fact, there is a famous picture of Harry Truman holding up the front page of the November 3, 1948 Chicago Tribune with the bold banner “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.”

Sounds pretty primitive by today's standards, or does it? Are the polls, computer generated surveys, exit polling and the other sophisticated sample taking really capable of accurately predicting the outcome of a presidential election?

It would seem that in most instances they are, but this past election, anomaly, overconfidence or whatever, most of the polls got it wrong, real wrong, leaving tons of unpopped balloons, unignited fireworks, thousands of half uncorked champagne bottles and egg faced talking heads by the dozens.

Now I admit that I have never completely allowed myself to totally enter the modern world, I still love working cattle with horses, fishing with worms, wood fires and scratch baking and many of my attitudes are fostered by these tastes, but I'll have to admit that I love it when machines are unable to predict the behavior of human beings.

I love it when, after all the computer-generated facts about the extent of injuries, the roster for the day, weather conditions, home field advantage and all the other facts the sportscasters have at their fingertips have been taken into consideration, the unpredictable human element enters and the football game goes to the underdog.

Human beings are individuals, not robots and their behavior, in so far as choice and performance should not be so predictable.

Rising to an occasion or changing your mind in a voting booth, making life's choices should be based on one person's preferences and whims and as unpredictable as a puff of wind.

The more predictable we become the more sheep like we become as political parties and commercial businesses see patterns developing and aim the crux of their advertising toward appealing to our predictable tastes leaving out the parts they know we won't like.

I refuse to be lumped into a group of people who never kick over the traces, never take a hard turn or make a last-minute decision or can be counted on doing exactly what convention predicts I'm going to do.

The rural terrain and hilly topography we live in favors pickup trucks and four-wheel drive SUVs and for the last 20 years or so we have bought the same brand.

We've been happy with the brand and when I got ready to buy a new pickup, the conventional thinking would predict that I'd buy the same.


I went in a completely different direction.


Because I wanted to.

Long live independent thinking.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Meeting in 1973
My ex father n law was Buddy Stamper. Did you help him make his record? I was to come up with lyrics for it to sing but never did. But I know I briefly met you when was visiting. Just wondering if remember.
Posted by Martin
Nothing wrong with independent creativity, singing, thinking, and writing. You are an Country Music artist with a heart over flowing with creativity.
Posted by Michael
So glad you're keeping your mind sharp and passing on your wisdom, experiences and love of God and Country. The truth light you shine on BS is very bright!
Posted by mike
Thank the Lord and thank you
You are a daily inspiration for me. I think it's because of your courage and wisdom. Thank you and God bless
Posted by David
Family member
Aunt hazel Pauline smith passed away Tuesday from heart complications
Posted by DAN
God Bless the USA
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie as long as the nameplate on that truck is American, Chevy, Dodge or Ford it is all good. Especially after President Trump gets a lot of em back from Mexico. As far as changing one's mind in the voting booth, I'm think that is why we do not need early voting, only absentee for those who truly cannot make it to the polls on election day. It ain't been that long ago that we in rural Indiana still hand counted and the voting officers took their job very seriously, as they should. I have swam against the tide most of my life and the misses will tell you sometimes I am slower than pond water when it comes to deciding some things, but thanks God for independent thinkers and the freedom afforded us in the USA. God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
CDB through his music relates to all Americans , How a simple live is more exciting and rewarding helping your fellow American just because that's what Americans do
Posted by Dale
I love your posts and your fiddle.
Posted by Larry
Thank you
Thank you for posting and keep doing it..I love reading them. God Bless you Charlie.
Posted by Tina
Technology and wooden wagon wheels
Mr Daniels, I'm a working cowboy/ cresent wrench mechanic, and I never would of thunk, that thanks to technology , folks just like me all over the world can hear the voice good sense. Thanks Charlie
Posted by Timothy