Posted on 01.30.2017

The American Way


Racial diversity

Social diversity

Accept diversity, embrace diversity, cherish diversity, celebrate diversity as not just an American right, but an American duty.

To not do so is racism, bigotry, intolerant, narrow minded, mean and selfish.

Do you really believe that?

I don't.

The way I see it, diversities are tributaries, America is the river into which they empty, becoming a part but never overcoming it, going with the flow, respecting the wishes of the few but assimilating into the welfare and will of the many, affecting, but not changing.

This has worked well in America for well over two hundred years. People from all over the world have come here, bringing their heritage and their customs with them, keeping their culture but adapting to and assimilating with the collective will and national causes of their adopted country.

Examples of this are glaringly evident all over America, examples of people who have come to this nation to share in the freedom and prosperity, to escape despots, dictators, repressive forms of government and failing socialist economies, longing to breathe the free air and a shot at the American dream of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Evidence of diversity and maintained cultures are evident all over America.

In South Louisiana where the Cajuns play their unique style of music, eat their unique style of food, enjoy their fais do dos and where Arcadian French is still spoken as a second language.

In the Midwest where those of Scandinavian heritage dance their native polkas and the streets of San Antonio where the culture of Mexico is celebrated with colorful festivals and Mariachi bands.

You can walk down the teeming streets of New York City and hear five different languages spoken within a block.

America is diverse, America is a land of immigrants, America is a melting pot and a haven for the repressed, the hope of the free world, but first and foremost America is a land that is ruled by the collective will of those citizens who already live here and becoming a citizen of this nation is a privilege not a right.

The welcome mat has always been out for those who want to come here, assimilate, learn the language and become a productive member of society.
For very good reason, there is a time-honored process for being allowed to become an American citizen, one requiring a familiarization and an educational process to let you know what is expected and required to become a legal citizen, a process that takes years and devotion.

It requires a pledge of allegiance and an understanding that you must abide by the laws of your adopted home. it is not some haphazard process that only requires you to walk across an international border.

While the culture of the land of an immigrant's birth are welcome in America, the laws of that country are not. There is one set of laws for all the people in America and everybody is required to abide by them.

Makes no difference how they did it in the old country, in America, only American law is acceptable and no ethnic enclave is a law unto itself, not in America.

So, if you're an immigrant who wants to share in the American dream, who wants to work hard, learn the language and abide by our laws and stand in line and wait your turn for the wonderful privilege of becoming a citizen of the United States of America, you're going to do fine.

Welcome to America!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

 Charlie Daniels


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Accepting responsibly
Mr Charlie I so agree with your soap box statement. I think you are a great thinker, person, and musician. I want to thank you for your music that I have enjiyedsince the seventies. Not going to give up my age though. Most of all thank you for your service to our Country. Thankfully I was just too young for the Vietnam "Conflict". Thank God you came through it ok. I am sorrowful for the people and friends you lost.
Posted by Christopher
America the Land of the Free
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, you're first five lines had me going, I could not agree with you more on this one. America is a diverse land of one language, one common Judeo-Christian spirit, allegiance to no other country but the USA, a group of people who love freedom, who work and strive to be second to none, people who dream and then commit blood, sweat and tears to make their dreams bear fruit. God Bless the USA Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
You're exactly right, Charlie. Immigrants have in the past, and should be in the future required to learn our language (I would like to see it made the official language), our history, our traditions, and most importantly, our obligations of being an American. Those who have no desire to assimilate, and there are a lot of them, should not only not be allowed to become citizens, they should not be allowed to stay here because they obviously have no respect for our country, her citizens or her laws. Let them return to the country they think is so much better than the good 'ol U.S. of A.
Posted by Cal
Thank you so much for putting it so beautifully. I wish we could get this to everyone so they will realize the real truth. God bless you
Posted by Marla
All Americans
Mr. Daniels I think you are right, they have to stand in line and wait their turn and abide by the rules of our great Country. Here is where I think there should be limits. Just ask our men and women in the military how these people live in some of these countries where unspeakable things done to women and children are the norm. I can't see letting these people in here that have those beliefs and are not willing to change them but want to cover this country in them. Even though they are asked these questions in the vetting process are they telling the truth when they say they will adapt to our culture?? Look at the two from the Boston bombing they were refugees. I know some are on the up and up but it only takes a few to relive these nightmares..All of these protesters who aren't concerned about the welfare of our people but putting these people first is just something that I have a hard time swallowing. Thank you for your time and your post..
Posted by Kristy
Mr. Daniels, Thank you ever so much for your post and Thank You for your devout faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. I have enjoyed your music for decades and have seen you in concerts more times than I can remember. Thank you for your stance on our country, from one Christian to another.
Posted by George
becoming an American
Well said Mr. Daniels, they say they want to come to America, to be free, to prosper, to live a rewarding life, well then that means abiding by American laws , and contributing to American society, embracing our laws and our country as your new home.Welcome, you people of another land, welcome those who seek a new home.
Posted by Ruth
I totally agree with Mr. Charlie's soapbox on diversity. None of us are native except the Native Americans! Our ancestors came through the gates and did the work to become citizens and so should all immigrants who care to be part of the wonderful country we are blessed to live in. Thank you ,Charlie, for your words of wisdom!
Posted by Margaret
I'm in total agreement with the fact that we are a nation of immigrants and that all should be welcomed here... But.... Only if you do so leagaly as those who have done so beforehand. If you are coming here to realize your dreams and those of your family, by all means, come to this great land of opportunity and FREEDOM and do so with the understanding that we are also a nation of laws already put in place for the wellbeing of everyone that lives and works in this country. You can bring your culture and practice your faith so long as it is within the law and does not harm another citizen of this country. I have many friends who are not of American descent and do not have the same faith as myself or like the same food or the same sports or the same clothes, but I don't push my beliefs on them nor do they push theirs on me but we have a common goal and that is to raise our families in peace and strive to achieve our dreams in a country that allows us to do so without worrying about any retribution for our way or beliefs on how we do it. I wish for all people to live in peace and achieve their dreams in this world and not live in fear, but to do that here,YOU MUST COME HERE LEGALLY AND WORK FOR IT. America is the land of opportunity it is not a hand out, IT IS A HAND UP, DONT EXPECT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT FROM THE WORK OF OTHERS, YOU GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT. May God bless this country and those who dwell here in peace and hardwork.
Posted by Perry
A message for all
Good words brother, good words.
Posted by Robert
The American Way
Very well written. It has worked well all these years and people wanted to be Americans and assimilate. I meet and worked in Florida with some immigrants from Cuba that were teachers in our Education system at a technical school. Some of these people lived under Castro. They were so grateful to be here and loved America. Unlike the thousands that want to come today. How do they think it will any different here than in their county if they don't adopt our culture and beliefs? I remember seeing you in Nashville in the late 70s/80s. Great concert. Got the t-shirt! Thank you for your service to our country.
Posted by Wildred
PROVERBS Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.
article at Feb 1, 2017 All signs reveal that terrorism is on the rise, while Americans remain a divided nation heading the way of Europe where we will soon see violence on the streets. The last sentence in the article The issue of national security should never be politicized and Americans need to stop hiding their sins by finding scapegoats, the problem is and always has been the abandonment of Christian ethics.
Posted by John
thank you
Thank you for being a consistent voice of common sense, patriotism and pragmatism.Come out and see the ranch in the sky sometime, we'd love to have you.
Posted by Lee
God is GOOD!
Hi Mr. Daniels, i hope that you'll actually see this! My daddy had a massive stroke with a traumatic brain bleed out of blue, and he is only 54 years old. Taking him to the ER at our local hospital, the doctor told us he was not going to make it through the night. Right then my mother and I fell to our knees, cried, and prayed like never before. He is now still with us 4 weeks later as of today. He is still in the hospital trying to regain motor function, speech, and cognition. The Charlie Daniels Band has always been one of his favorite bands of all time and we used to constantly sing your songs to the top of our lungs just driving around town. Those are memories I will cherish forever. Now laying in the hospital, I play him your music and he's able to tap his foot!! As soon as he hears your music, he lights up. I hope I will be able to sing your music with him again, maybe even come to one of your concerts one day, and it would be such an honor if my daddy could meet one of his heroes. Your music is helping him and we love that and wanted to simply say thank you! God is good!! May God bless you!
Posted by Morgan
a prayerful request
I am a conservative who has followed your career for many years now. Being of modest means, I've only seen you play three times, but loved every concert! I am being bold on behalf of my friends at Ozarks Freedom to Soar Therapeutic Riding in Cape Fair, Missouri. They are a wonderful ministry who offers a special service at no cost. Unfortunately, they've been struggling from the beginning from a lack of funds and support from the very community they serve. I wonder if there is anything you could or would do to assist them, sir. My father taught me that it never hurts to ask, so here I am...asking. Thank you for the kind attention to my request. Take care and God bless.
Posted by Gail
In other words, diversity in moderation is a good thing, but diversity in excess is a bad thing. That makes sense.
Posted by Tru
With open arms
"So, if you're an immigrant who wants to share in the American dream, who wants to work hard, learn the language and abide by our laws and stand in line and wait your turn for the wonderful privilege of becoming a citizen of the United States of America, you're going to do fine." Just like our people, Germans, Italians, Irish, Vietnamese, Mexican. Welcome to America! And, like any good host, a warm, friendly welcome.
Posted by Amy
As a first generation immigrant from India, I agree 100%. So does my Filipina-American wife. USA!
Posted by Jack