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A Call to Vigilance

Jul 7 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Gun Control, Obama | 5 Comments

I am convinced that Barack Obama has no intention of leaving America armed when he leaves office. If there is any way, hook, crook or presidential fiat that he can use to lay the groundwork for the confiscation of privately owned firearms, he will do ...

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Why Benghazi?

Jul 4 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Benghazi, Obama | 11 Comments

On this Independence Day, we want to say a special thanks to those who have served, fought, bled and especially to those who gave their lives to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave. - ...

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Common Sense and Circuses

Jun 30 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Obama, Politics | 7 Comments

I lay no claim to a great knowledge of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, nor do I hold degrees from prestigious universities, and I've never claimed to be the sharpest saw at the mill.

I look at things ...

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Reality and Relativity

Jun 27 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Immigration | 6 Comments

I don't blame anybody for wanting to come to America and do believe that our immigration policy needs some serious overhauling; but until it is, if we don't follow the one currently in place, the potential for chaos is extreme.

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All that Glitters

Jun 23 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Obama, Politics | 9 Comments

I know that Barack Obama is an urbane sophisticate who exudes a high degree of charisma and has as fine an education as can be provided by the greatest Ivy League universities in the nation.

His people ...

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The Intransigent Mindset, Scourge of American Politics

Jun 20 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Politics | 8 Comments

To deny that there are unreasonable people on both sides of the political spectrum would be an out and out lie. Both the right and left have their own collection of zealots, ranging from the self aggrandized pseudo-intellectual who is absolutely ...

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Second Amendment

Jun 16 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Agenda 21, Gun Control | 9 Comments

I've got a feeling that before the end of Obama's term there will be an all out, no holds barred, hook or crook attempt to separate Americans from their legally owned private fire arms. And it may well not come in the ...

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Terrorist State in the Making

Jun 13 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Iraq | 10 Comments

 They call themselves “Isis”, they are fast becoming an organized army and they are storming across Iraq like a cloud of locusts, vicious, totally without conscience when it comes to murdering anybody who gets in their way, including ...

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Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain

Jun 9 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | CDB History, Music | 10 Comments

Forty years ago this December, the CDB released what would ultimately be our first gold, and then platinum album called Fire On The Mountain.

I've had a lot of milestones in my career but none more meaningful ...

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Strange and Dangerous

Jun 6 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Bergdahl, Obama | 5 Comments

I first started hearing about Bowe Bergdahl well over a year ago when I began receiving requests to help in bringing attention to the only American soldier still in captivity in Afghanistan.

I am a fervent ...

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