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The Tipping Point

Feb 23 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | 11 Comments

There was a time in America when a man who shirked the duty of supporting his family was looked down on, a social outcast, a pariah, without respect and little companionship. Anyone who brought children into the ...

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Resolve or Reticence

Feb 20 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Middle East, Obama | 9 Comments

 If anybody has ever asked for a no holds barred, no rules of engagement kill or be killed war it is the bunch of bloodthirsty radical Islamic crazies who call themselves The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS or The Islamic State of ...

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Winds of War - Soapbox Rewind

Feb 16 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Middle East, Obama | 2 Comments

From time to time we will highlight past soapboxes which are relevant to today's currrent events. Here is a soapbox originally posted in September 22, 2014. - TeamCDB


I have heard differing opinions about how ISIS or ISIL or ...

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Feb 13 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Military | 3 Comments

  Al Asad Air Base, a U.S. Marine installation in Iraq, was attacked by a small band of ISIS forces yesterday. The attack was repelled and from what I gather all the ISIS scumbags who participated were killed....

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It's a Hoax, Folks

Feb 9 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Global Warming | 26 Comments

 When Al Gore released his “An Inconvenient Truth” movie a few years ago he opened up a can of worms that crawl the earth to this day.

Let me preface this column by first of all admitting that I don't believe in man made global ...

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Impotent Rhetoric and Downright Nonsense

I only heard the sound bites from President Obama's address at the National Prayer Breakfast and don't know the full extent of his remarks. But what I got from what I did hear seemed to be a call for people to ...

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Apathy, Laziness and America Today

Feb 2 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Islam, Obama, Politics | 4 Comments

There has never been a time in the history of America when almost half the citizens were getting some kind of government subsidy.

There has never been a time in the modern history of America when the ...

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Volunteer Jam Reborn

Volunteer Jam Reborn

Jan 30 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Volunteer Jam | 2 Comments

On August 12, 2015, The CDB will revive a Tennessee tradition that had its beginning on October, 4 1974 in a 2,200 seat venue called War Memorial Auditorium, an historic old hall that hosted the Grand Ole Opry for a few ...

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Names, Titles and Prejudice

Jan 26 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Race relations | 5 Comments

Being born in the Deep South during the days of the Jim Crow Laws, segregation and pervasive persecution that everyone denied but everyone practiced under the guise of "separate but equal", I am quite familiar with ...

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Changing Climate

Jan 23 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Global Warming | 10 Comments

 There is little disagreement that our planet warms and cools and certain changes occur as the result, and that it has done so since man has had the capacity to record it, is not a point of contention with me.

The fact that there ...

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