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Names, Titles and Prejudice

Jan 26 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Race relations | 4 Comments

Being born in the Deep South during the days of the Jim Crow Laws, segregation and pervasive persecution that everyone denied but everyone practiced under the guise of "separate but equal", I am quite familiar with ...

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Changing Climate

Jan 23 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Global Warming | 8 Comments

 There is little disagreement that our planet warms and cools and certain changes occur as the result, and that it has done so since man has had the capacity to record it, is not a point of contention with me.

The fact that there ...

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Jan 19 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Islam | 5 Comments

The recent rash of homegrown terrorists has again raised the question of, “Why would a person born, educated and protected by his homeland suddenly turn into a vicious enemy of the state?”

Why would a ...

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National Embarrassment

Jan 16 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Obama, Suicide, VA | 13 Comments

The subject I broach in this column transcends political parties and partisan politics. It is a chronic and growing shame that should rank at the top of the pile in the business of any president and Congress, no matter ...

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Inertia and Ramifications

Jan 12 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Obama, Politics | 6 Comments

 The recent slaughter of Charlie Hebdo newspaper employees in Paris should have had a multifaceted and very sobering effect on the rest of the world.

The attack was at the very heart of a free society, freedom of speech, freedom of ...

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Follow the Peace

Jan 9 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Middle East, World Events | 2 Comments

I heard a sermon by a country preacher a while ago and something he said - at least to me - cuts through a lot of the superficial religious rules and regulations so many denominations saddle themselves with and goes ...

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Work Ethic and Attitude

Jan 5 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Life | 4 Comments

A few days ago my wife and myself were on a trip, it was early morning and we stopped at a well-known fast food chain to get breakfast. We pulled up to the drive through only to be greeted by a surly, unhelpful voice ...

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Jan 2 , 2015 | Posted by: Charlie | Cuba, Obama, Politics | 3 Comments

 In 1959, after Fidel Castro won the coup against an evil dictator named Fulgencio Batista, expectations were over the moon that Cuba would be joining the community of democratic nations, that political repression would be lifted, human ...

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Another New Year, Already?

Dec 29 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | 2015 | 3 Comments


Well, for somebody born in 1936, the very numerals themselves sound like the title to some B-grade black and white science fiction movie, some cheesy tale about how ...

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A CDB Tradition 2014 - A Carolina Christmas Carol

A CDB Tradition 2014 - A Carolina Christmas Carol

Dec 19 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Christmas | 3 Comments

 For many years during this joyous season we take a break from the usual soapbox as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and we post a story I wrote many years ago called “A Carolina Christmas Carol,...

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