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E Pluribus Unum

Sep 15 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | 9/11, America | 5 Comments

 The term “E Pluribus Unum” appears on American currency and other official places of prominence around America. It’s a Latin phrase which translated means “out of many, one,” which of course implies that out of the many diverse ...

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The Day the Devil Declared War

Sep 10 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | 5 Comments

 It was a pleasant day for early September in the Tennessee midlands where the temperatures can range in the high 80s at that time of year. Hazel and myself had gone to the Tennessee Driver Services Center to renew our carry permits.


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Somebody's Lying

Sep 8 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Benghazi | 10 Comments

Hidden things have a habit of coming to light after a while, especially if the hidden thing is an exposed lie propagated by more lies and cover ups and when it involves the lives of four Americans, Ambassador ...

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Retrospective Rambling

Sep 5 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Obama, Russia | 3 Comments

When you take a look around you nowadays you're apt to want to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.

Russia is rattling a saber that has lain dormant for decades, dormant but never dead, the seed ...

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Labor Day 2014

Sep 1 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Labor Day | 3 Comments

 When I was a kid, the most significant meaning of Labor Day was that is signaled the beginning of another school year. Our summer vacations began Memorial Day and ran until Labor Day so it was not greeted with much enthusiasm by the ...

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Fatal Inertia

Aug 29 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | ISIS, Middle East | 16 Comments

I have learned in my life that there are certain situations that you sit back and let develop and come to you and those, which require your immediate reaction before the seed germinates and the problem grows bigger ...

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Politics, an Art Form - Theatrics

Aug 25 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Politics | 23 Comments

The words “public service” are misnomers when applied to present day politicians. It’s no longer about service to the country but service to self, party, ideology and greed.

The days of "Give me ...

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Seeds of Anarchy

Anarchy as defined in the Webster’s dictionary - A situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws.

I don't know all the circumstances surrounding ...

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Satanic Evil Personified

Aug 18 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | Middle East | 14 Comments

 It seems it's hard for some people to accept the fact that there is an evil in this world that goes far beyond criminal behavior, or just plain meanness, an evil so demented and so unrepentant that it knows no depths and no bounds.


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Walking Fast and Looking Straight Ahead

Aug 15 , 2014 | Posted by: Charlie | America, Politics | 28 Comments

 For the last few years a lot of America has been whistling through the graveyard afraid of looking right, left or behind lest they see some specter they don't want to admit exists.

So they ingest the smoke and mirror reports about ...

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