Posted on 01.04.2023

50th Anniversary of Uneasy Rider "Music Video"/Short Film Search - Soapbox, Jr.

I wanted to reach out to basically anyone who might have seen or been involved with a piece of lost CDB history.
In 1973, about 9 years before the birth of MTV, when only a few artists were making short films based on songs - something pioneered by The Beatles - "Uneasy Rider" was filmed for such a release.
I remember when I was a kid, I saw it on a film projector at dad's manager's house. I would have been about seven at the time.
Over the years, the CDB staff searched for a copy of this film to no avail.
There was speculation that a music attorney who was involved with the CDB around that time might have had a copy in his archives, but to our knowledge, there was nothing in his CDB files when he passed away a few years ago.
The former manager passed away several years ago as well.
Since I was just a kid, the thought crossed my mind that it might have just been shown that one time at the manager's house and then lost for good.
Then last year, when I was writing a Soapbox, Jr. about the original 'Honey in the Rock' album which contained "Uneasy Rider," and posted it to the CDB Facebook page, to my surprise, a fan asked if anyone else remembered seeing the "Uneasy Rider" video/film.
I inquired where he saw it, he said it was one of the syndicated country music shows that usually ran on Saturdays, either "The Porter Wagoner Show" or "That Good Ole Nashville Music" aka "That Nashville Music" as "Pop Goes the Country" didn't come around until 1974.
I spoke to someone at RFD-TV which has Porter's show archives and he said that they didn't show music videos on the show, which makes sense because they were not common back then, but as a special presentation, it might be possible that they did air it, but it was a promising dead end.
So, here's what I'm hoping... I'm hoping that someone who reads this either has a concrete memory of what show they saw it on, or someone who worked on the film or anyone who worked at Kama Sutra/Buddah Records in the early 1970s might have an idea where we might be able to locate the film.
2023 marks the 50th anniversary of dad's first hit record, and we sure would love to be able to celebrate it by locating this lost treasure.
Thank you,
What do you think?
Let’s all make the day count!
Pray for our troops, our police, the Peace of Jerusalem and our nation.
God Bless America!
#BenghaziAintGoingAway #End22

—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.



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