Posted on 05.07.2021

Mother's Day - Soapbox Jr.

Normally the soapboxes I write are about dad, or something political in nature in the vein of dad’s soapboxes he regularly wrote when he was still with us.

But with Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it was appropriate to turn my thoughts to my mom, Hazel Daniels.

As I have said before, mom had a lot to deal with when I was growing up. Not that I was a particularly bad kid, or anything, but dad was on the road most of the year, so she was almost a single mother for long periods of time.

We did everything together, and she always took care of me.

By her own admission, she wasn’t the greatest cook when she first married my dad, but she did have “The Joy of Cooking,” on her bookshelf, and used it regularly. I remember them saying that mom only ever cooked one meal that he said he couldn’t eat, sour cream pork chops. I’m not sure what the problem was, I think this was either before I was born or before I was capable of eating pork chops, but apparently, it wasn’t good.

Although, a friend of dad’s came over that same night, and from what I understand, finished them all off!

Mom did get better as a cook, in fact, she – even to this day – doesn’t like to get anything pre-prepared. She always said that she didn’t want my memories of her cooking to come from a box. To this day, she would rather freshly shred cheese instead of buying it pre-shredded in a bag. I’m a guy… I’m buying it in the bag every time, to be less trouble, but mom says she doesn’t mind.

She still cooks for me when we eat together almost every evening and on Sunday afternoons.

She was always there for me when I skinned knees or when I was sick and had to stay home from school. I always remember having crushed ice when I was sick as a child. Back then, we didn’t have a built-in icemaker, so ice cube trays and an attachment for the blender were the way we had to get crushed ice – back in the stone age, along with our wooly mammoth vacuum cleaner.

She disciplined me when I deserved it, and we had no “time outs” back then, so lessons were learned the hard way, and remembered.

She made a stool out of coffee cans, foam and corduroy so I could sit on the bench seat of our car and see out the front window, something that definitely wouldn’t fly today, but I somehow survived.

She was there to pick me up from football practice after school, and always kept me looking presentable, took me to get my learners permit, and rode with me as I was afraid I was going to hit mailboxes on the passenger side of the car. 

She’s an incredibly strong woman, she had to be to raise me by herself most of the time, sometimes she’s got a tough exterior, but she’s got a soft heart, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.

We’ll be spending Mother’s Day Sunday together after church again, which we’ve been regularly attending since early March. It’s been good for her to get back out among people. 

I love you, mom!

So, here’s to my mom, and to mothers everywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day! 

What Do You Think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem and for our nation.

God Bless America!

#BenghaziAintGoingAway #End22

—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.



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Mothers Are Special People
Amen,Amen & Amen Charlie Jr you are blessed to have a Godly mother, for I have heard over the years many people tell stories about how faithful she is. I know us men folk have a lot or responsibilities and work to do , but being a mother has to be the toughest and most important job on this earth. Wishing all mothers a very Happy Mothers Day and don't let the devil beat you up for things in the past, keep on keep'n on God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
charlie jrs latest post
very well done you are a good guy just like your dad was
Posted by Eric
Mothers Day
Happy Mothers Day Hazel from Wilmington. Charles (Charlie) certainly picked a jewel to be the mother of his son. I pray Gods blessings on both of you.
Posted by Brenda
Memories of your Mom
Its great to see you have such fond memories growing up with mostly your mom to help and guide you through life ,its great to hear and great to have seen some of it for myself.l wanted to tell you especially on this Mother's Day about a few of the memories l remenber about your mom which l may have mentioned in a post before. I first remember your dad giving me the honor of escorting you mom and some of her friends out on the town site seeing in Manhattan l was with my girl at the time and l remember some time later you mom told me what a great time she had and that she often thought of what a great time she had in New Youk City . Well it just made me feel so proud that l could provide a moment that your mom would remember.Then there was the time l went to see one of your dads shows and gor to talkin with your mom . This time l was honored buy being able to talj with you mom during the whole concert a memory l will always cherish. Charlie please give your mom my sincere best regards and love this Mothers. Also please know l love your Dad and still miss him terribly not an easy year at all. Thank you for your posts they help.. ALL THE BEST ED ERB
Posted by Edward
Mother's day 2021
Your thoughts for mother's day are right on. I do admit I "saved" the soap box posted 9/20/2019 to reflect just how much Mr Charlie Daniels Sr. Honered his marriage & now just how you ( Mr. Charlie Daniels Jr.) Honor your mother! Folks never forget the greatness of one God fearing man, just look @ the fruit of Mr. Charlie Daniels
Posted by Ron
Mother's day
I've saved the soap box posted on 9/20/2019 to reflect upon just how much your fathers marriage meant to him. Reading the post for mothers day tells a great deal of who you've become. Thanks Jr.
Posted by Ron
Just Charlie
Charlie Daniels was a very smart man.He was college educated but he was blessed with a lot of common sense. A college education isn't worth a dime if you don't have common sense to go along with it.Charlie was a smart and knowledgeable man.
Posted by Edna