Posted on 03.12.2021

No Time For Apathy - Soapbox Rewind

*NOTE* We haven't done this in a while, but the time seems right to reexamine this soapbox of Charlie's from September of 2018. He was speaking of how things could have changed had the 2016 election gone differently, but it is downright prophetic compared to our nation in 2021. - TeamCDB

If this piece is going to have any impact, it cannot be viewed through partisan eyes, conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat. Preconceived political prejudice and implacable attitudes must be cast aside. For the moment we must view the political system, as just that, a political system without the personalities and policies we loath or the blind loyalty we show for one side and the blind hatred that we feel for the other.

What I will attempt to say in the next few paragraphs are the very deep and profound feelings of my heart, fostered by my abiding love for this country and is not written for the purpose of casting aspersions on any political party, but on individuals who, regardless of their party affiliation, are engaged in a power grab, the likes of which has never taken place in this nation.

Our founders, by virtue of the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights and other federal papers tried to set up our government to include checks and balances to prevent any one person or group from accumulating enough power to become a dictatorial entity, free elections, limits on presidential terms of office, and so on.

They gave us three branches of government, the legislative branch to create and pass legislation and limit the powers of the president and the Supreme Court to interpret the meaning and intent of their writings and have the final word on how the legislation affirmed or disaffirmed the constitution.

Government agencies were to serve all the people equally, to give preferential treatment to none and were never meant to be politicized for the use of the executive, or any other branch to further political agendas or personal vendettas.

I’m firmly convinced in my heart that America has been and still is in the throes of a bloodless revolution, an attempt to subvert government agencies and resources to take away individual privacy, to create an unbeatable voting base, to regulate medical care, education, media coverage, gun control and authority over every aspect of life in America.

When it was brought to light a couple of years ago that the Internal Revenue Service had been subverted and used against right-wing political activist groups, Congress was all a titter. Lois Lerner took the Fifth, and for all intents and purposes, that was the end of it.

Although the Republicans control both houses of Congress, neither body has undertaken the task of digging out the rot amongst the rank and file and identifying the upper echelon who ordered it.

It is obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been politicized, and the awesome power of this feared organization has been subverted. They have supported lies, used false documents to initiate a special counsel, interrupted the lives of American Patriots who gave up defending themselves because it is impossible to outlast a government agency who can use taxpayer money to keep you in court for as long as they want to.

The Justice Department, which has basically been leaderless under the tenure of Jeff Sessions has, under the feckless interim directorship of Rod Rosenstein definitely listed to port and been complicit in obtaining FISA Court warrants under false pretenses.

Had everything gone according to plan, Hillary Clinton would have been elected, all the corruption would have been buried way down deep, two more ultraliberal rubber-stamp Supreme Court Justices would have been appointed, the borders completely opened up, a method developed for giving citizenship, and therefore voting rights to undocumented immigrants and our government would have turned into a one-party monopoly, without any way to defeat it.

Guns would have eventually been confiscated, tax cuts never passed, the military gutted, coal mining banned, domestic fracking and petroleum exploration abandoned and business-killing

federal restrictions put in force, entitlements would balloon, the national debt would double. Triple and eventually cause the kind of inflation we can’t even imagine.

The American dollar would have ceased to be the official trading currency around the world and America would have to buy whatever the preferred currency would be to pay for imports, environmental groups would have finagled legislation that would make farming unprofitable, abortion mills would have become as common as fast food restaurants and religious rights would have been severely curtailed.

Socialized medicine would have crippled the finest medical care in the world and there would have been a federal bureaucracy to regulate every facet of life and education would have been tailored to raise a generation of sheep who were taught that America is the cause of all the world’s problems and carbon credits would have driven fuel prices out of sight.

Do you think this couldn’t happen?

Best think again.

Part of what I have written is theoretical, but imagine a one-party government with a lock on every foreseeable election, the aims and declarations of the parties involved and follow it to its logical conclusion.

Scary thoughts.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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What do I think?
I think that your paranoia is truly disturbing. Enjoy your final post, Nick. - TeamCDB
Posted by Nick
No Time for Apathy
Charlie was a wise man and a person that was never afraid to stand up and tell it like it is. I saw a quote by John Rich recently that conservative country stars are afraid to voice their opinions of the shenanigans that are running rampant in our nation and nation's capitol in today's world. When will "flyover" America declare that "enough is enough" and start waking up to the reality that is going on in front of their stimulus blinded eyes? The red states are being invaded and turning purple, only a matter of time before they become blue also. Unless, a massive awakening happens, I fear that the prophetic visions of Charlie Daniels and other good men and women will become permanent reality. 2022 elections will be very telling of how our future will shape up, will we succumb to an American way of life that we no longer recognize or will we defend and fight for our liberties with every ounce of strength that we can muster? Like Charlie said in one of his songs, "You better wake up America, because if the man don't work than the people don't eat" .... unless its by government subsidies that controls every aspect of our lives. Mark in Shelbyville
Posted by Mark
Prophetic Indeed
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr your dad could have not been more spot on. A look at todays news reaffirms it all, we have Chinerman backed Obiden and his hoe in tow attempting to revive all of Obama's socialist and commie politics. Less than sixty days in and they are coming for you guns, see Thursdays passed House gun bills, Feinstein has her list of 205 weapons that need to be banned. If you're like me and see everything wrong with LGBT from A & B to X,Y & Z then you are labeled a terrorist. We have a Supreme Court led by a Chief Justice who many say was tied to Jeffery Epstein that has chosen to ignore election fraud. We have Michelle Obama being inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, kinda of like giving her sodomite husband a Nobel Peace prize, these organizations show their true roots. These are the ones accelerating the murder of American kids to bring in illegals to get more votes. We have lost less than 2 million in the history of this nation to wars but are fast approaching 62 million offered in sacrifice to Moloch. Just as president Johnson let the North Koreans capture and keep the USS Pueblo, Obiden did nothing when the Chinerman rehearsed attacking the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea, last month, using 5 escorts and 8 long range bombers. Folks the time is at hand, you must choose to fight or submit, be a sheep or a lion. John Adams said “The Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”. My friends Obiden is neither religious nor moral......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Current Soap Box post
Charlie,Jr. This post is Scary, as you mentioned. Prophesies are being fulfilled daily and God is shaking the heavens and getting ready to come for His Bride. He has given us every chance possible and we have allowed our government to gradually become evil and not any concerns for we the people. Additionally the news media has slowly brainwashed us as a subtle form of control until we drank the "koolade" slowly. God is our only hope and people must ready themselves for the Rapture and those that are left behind can watch the evil news for an explanation of sorts, of what just took place in the sky. Thank you for your informative Soap Box. Blessings to you ❤ 🙏
Posted by Susan
No time for Apathy
Wow this read was interesting and true for today’s political agenda! I just don’t understand why others don’t read into what’s happening in are own Country, and we are just doing nothing about it! I wish I could have a talk with Charlie Sr. For his input! Pray for our Troops and our Country! 🙏🇺🇸🤠
Posted by Irene
Read: No Time For Apathy
To Nick, the very first comment “ I think that your paranoia is truly disturbing. Enjoy your final post, Nick. - TeamCDB Posted by Nick” PARANOIA??!! This is TRUTH! Happening RIGHT NOW! How prophetic and how pathetic and impotent our Republican Party is not to DO SOMETHING in 2016-2018 when they had all the power to actually make a difference and SAVE AMERICA from this TYRANNY!! I pray it’s not too late and if it is, may the Lord come quickly to rapture the believers and judge all those who have perpetrated this EVIL on what ‘WAS’ America the Beautiful 🇺🇸😍❤️😭😭😭😭
Posted by Annie
Amazing man
I miss your Dad. We have lost some good Christian Conservatives. We have to carry on God’s work just as C.D. did. I will be celebrating the 4th with CDB music.
Posted by Donna