Posted on 01.29.2021

If You Knew Charlie - Soapbox Jr.

I’ve been writing more politically themed soapboxes recently, and as I’ve mentioned, CNSNews, which often picked up dad’s politically-themed soapboxes asked me if I wanted to take on some current events topics, instead of just memories of my dad.

The backlash they have received is hardly unexpected – trolls often attacked dad for his beliefs as well, calling him a racist bigot when saying anything critical about Barack Obama, or supporting President Trump - so I knew I was setting myself up for some attacks, but the most astonishing thing is that rather than just attacking me because of my opinions as they did dad, people have attacked me for using dad’s platforms that he left to put out my personal beliefs - as if I hijacked his social media and website to do a complete 180 and ditching his ideas and values. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Those people obviously did not know my father or did not follow him on his social media until after he passed away, or never read one of the hundreds of politically themed soapboxes where he took on Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and gutless GOP RINOs  (Republicans in Name Only).

One person got it, though. He thought I actually held back a little more than dad did, which I can tell you is 100% the truth. I don’t want to sully dad’s name or his legacy, but I still want to "Call 'em as I see 'em."

When was still here to stand up and fight, he could say whatever he wanted, and let it stand. Often, when I was monitoring comments on his social media, I would have to jump in often to put an end to some highly uncivilized threads, but the thing that got an immediate ban or block – and still does is – telling dad to shut up and play his fiddle, or sing, or some variation of that line of thinking. So, if your only comment is that he wasn’t allowed to give his opinion on his own social media, then those would not be allowed either. If people wanted to disagree, great, tell us your opinion on why he – or now I – was wrong.

But many people on the left don’t want to discuss or debate, they just want any opinions other than their own shut down. This has become evident on an even more massive scale as big tech companies have shut down Donald Trump, Mike Lindell and deplatformed social media alternative, Parler, by removing it from both the Apple and Google app stores and then Amazon Web Services purging it from their servers as well.

Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, who is a Republican who leans more Libertarian, showed more guts than most of the GOP establishment when he refused to be bullied by George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America for refusing to say that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. 

He also forced a vote in the Senate on whether it was unconstitutional to try to impeach a private citizen who was no longer a sitting president, which led to a 45-5 result with the majority of Republicans agreeing it was unconstitutional, and shows what a waste of time the latest impeachment attempt really is.

It was one of the bravest things I’ve seen from a Republican in quite a while. If, by some miracle, the GOP ever takes back the Senate, this Senator from Kentucky needs to replace the other one as Majority Leader.

Dad would have said the same thing, but he would have probably said it with a few more adjectives regarding Mitch McConnell. Our styles may differ a bit, but the core message is the same.

My dad stood firm in his beliefs, and I am doing the same in his honor. I’m saying what I believe, and I would not use dad’s memory, legacy or his social media and website platforms to say anything contrary to what he would, if he were still with us

People who didn’t regularly read his soapboxes or his tweets will often reference songs like “Long Haired Country Boy” as who they think dad was. That song was written in 1974, and it’s true that he was less conservative in the 70s than he was from the 80s onward, but wisdom comes with age.

My dad was the finest man I’ve known, and I consider it an honor to be able to carry on his ideas and message to his fans and even to those who just need to hear an honest opinion that falls outside the narrative that is carried by the mainstream media and political establishment types.

If you really knew my dad and what he stood for, you would have no problem understanding where I’m coming from.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem, and most definitely for our nation.

God Bless America!


—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.



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Amen CD Jr. I appreciate your continuing your father's tradition of posting the soapboxes. Seems to me that those on the left consider unity to only mean agreeing with their plan to strip all conservatives of their freedom, religion, and opinions. Truly tyrants.
Posted by Brian
Who Knew
Charlie Jr - many on the left are able to have reasoned dabate. They just don't spend time on this board. And - it is totally reasonable to for you to post your views. Your dad was a great musician - no doubt about that. I believe that his heart was in the right place but that he was misguided following trump. Certainly my views on trump a vastly different and are summarized below. Please post with spacing if possible. Who knew? After watching the horrific invasion of the capital supported by trump, many seem horrified by his recent actions. How could a POTUS constantly spew falsehoods regarding the election and stoke outrage and violence. Even some of his supporters seem surprised. After all - he supposedly learned his lesson after the impeachment. It is important to remember that trump was just a pathologic narcissist that inherited lots of money and had a bogus business and a reality TV show until the public elected him POTUS. It is worth examining if there were any clues from his past that indicated that he was not right for this job. Could there be any clues? How could we have known this would happen? Who knew that the person that stated his book - the art of the deal - was the second best book after the bible, and bragged that he could shoot someone on 5 Ave and not lose a single voter, had an inflated opinion of himself? Who knew that the person that boasted that he grabs women's genitals and that they like it, may be an egomaniac? Who knew that the person that made fun of a handicapped reporter, and calls his opponents names such as sleepy Joe, and Pochahontas may not have the moral compass or the temperament for this position? Who knew that the person that mocked a POW stating that he prefers the ones that don't get caught, while avoiding the military service himself due to bad feet, does not really respect the military? Who knew that the person that stated that he did not know David Duke, mocked immigrants from other countries stating that they should go back where they came from (some of whom were born in the USA), and stated that he had evidence that Obama was not born in the USA and that no one knew him in college, would be a racist xenophobe? Who knew that the person that praised Putin stating that he has excellent approval ratings and "runs a tight ship," and coveted love letters from Kim Jong Un had dictatorial tendencies? Who knew that the person who stated that he would have the perfect health care plan on day one that covered everybody and was less expensive than any other, but gave no details regarding the actual plan, had no idea of policy and would later express surprise regarding the complexity of the issue? Who knew that the person that has a tenuous relationship with reality and science would missmanage and lie about COVID claiming that it is like the flu (eventhough he knew that was not the case), stating that it would magically go away, and after demonstrating to the public that ignoring science, congregating indoors witout masks, and getting COVID himself (as well as his family and friends), and would then state getting COVID "was a blessing from god," might not be the best person to manage a pandamic health crisis? Who knew that the person that pressured a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political advisory would then pressure a secretary of state to find a few thousand votes, just enough to make him the winner of that state? Who knew that the person who never admitted losing, always stating that the contest was rigged, would never admit that he lost? Who knew that the person that stated during the debates that if he loses, the contest must be rigged and he would not concede, would actually say the contest is rigged and not concede? Who knew that the person who braggs in his books that he uses hyperbole and lies to get what he wants would spew falsehoods at unprecented levels throughout his presidency (largest inaugeration crowd ever) and completely state falsehoods that the election system is flawed and that he actually won by landslide amount? Who knew that the person that told the proud boys to "stand by" would incite some violence after the election? Now that I think about it, I guess there were some clues that trump was not up to the job of POTUS, that he would lie throughtout his presidency, that he would mismanage COVID and be responsible for the death of thousands, that he had no health care plan, that he would foster racial division, that he would lie about the election, and that he would instigate violence after he lost the election. The proper question is who knew that 70 million people could be so naive and gullible as to elect this man POTUS and not see the consequences? Who knew? Note to the trump cult - when he states that he could shoot someone on 5 Ave and not lose a single vote, that is not a compliment! He is telling you that he could do whatever he wants and you will still follow him. Dictators and cult leaders are made in full sight.
Posted by Paul
Straight Up
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr as I have said numerous time you are defiantly a chip of the old block and would make any father proud of the legacy that you are carrying on. Thank God for Rand Paul and the few men with gonads that will not back down to the commie media and demonrats. I see now that the have targeted Focus On The Family with censorship, Franklin Graham and Charlie Daniels are surely in their sights.....nuff said Godd Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
What Charlie said and felt
I loved your dads soapbox every week. I am glad he didn’t have to see what happened with the President. He would have been very upset. Your dad was so smart and kind . I am so glad to have been able to see him in person.Your doing fine C jr keep up the good work.
Posted by Donna
I knew Charlie
Listened to your Dad in the early 70's and all the way up to his death and beyond. Member of the Fan Club for many, many years (wish there was a way you could bring it back, I have some ideas). Charlie always spoke his mind, loved this country, gave thanks to our Lord for his blessings, supported our military and police, and along the way, gave America some great music. I see a lot of your Dad in you Junior, and that's to be expected. Our country is on the threshold of major changes that can have devastating effects for generations to come. We need the Charlie Daniels and the CD Jr's of America to stand strong and have a platform to voice our God-given rights to call out the things we see that are destructive to the future of this nation and to act when needed with our vote to "right the ship" of freedom. I and many others stood with your Dad and will stand with you also. May God give us the strength and wisdom to do the right things and to never give in to turning America into a country that our founding fathers had no intention of. Mark of Shelbyville
Posted by Mark
I have read Charlie's Soapbox opinions for a couple of years now. I agree with at least 98% of what he had to say. I agree 100% with your comment that people change and "with age comes wisdom". Keep up the good work, carry on with his tradition. I'm sure he would be proud. I look forward to reading you Soapbox opinions. Thank you!
Posted by Kenneth
Who Knew I Know
Paul, here is what I know. Every democrat president is worst than the previous one, Jimmy Carter was a good man bur failed as president, Clinton was slick but led us astray, Obama was a sodomite and community organizer that followed communism, Joe Biden is Obama on drugs and Commie la Harris will be Biden on steroids. I also know that the media is deeper in the tank for Biden than they were for Obama, which I thought was impossible until I saw the New York Times stated "President Biden is perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century." The media claims that Biden is a devout Catholic even on abortion......c'mon man.....I mean c'moin Paul, you cannot be Catholic and hold Biden's views on abortion....and you cannot be Catholic and hold the Pope's view on same sex marriage......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
I loved your Dad’s music, and I loved his soap box. I almost always agreed with him 100%. I respected his wisdom and courage to say it how he saw it. I am happy you are continuing it.
Posted by Kimberly
Your Dad
Not wanting to get on a soapbox and most likely will offend someone but I do think your dad balanced southern pride and america patriotism better than anybody I never thought of it be racist in any way .but like I said someone will take it and run with it.the only thing I can say is ,do you know what happens when you are offended, well nothing
Posted by Doug
A different time too
Righto. Charlie stood as proud as anyone but let others speak that way too. The last thing the left are interested in is real dialogue. But they don't want to just speak. They want to berate people with a sting of names. Keep it up, regardless; you are the closest thing to Charlie on this green earth. Incidentally, I caught that documentary on CNN about Carter. They lumped CD in there along with Gregg Allman and Willie. But that was then, Jimmy was yet an unknown. And you can't fault Gregg for hoping for the guy. I don't say they used CD too liberally. But I also know the truth about the time. The evangelicals jumped on Carter’s bandwagon too. I'd never fault Charlie for friendly contacts he had. That's the way it goes and business. He was a standup guy. Friends aside, other people never knew him like you. (and Gregg is still one of my old favorites too, no matter, RIP) As Reagan put it: "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.” ~~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Charlie was Right On!!
This Paul who posted “who knew” totally has he is head in the sand. Trump is arrogant and does have a huge ego, but he is also a very smart man and a very compassionate man. If Paul had done his research rather just believing everything the “fake” news says, he would know this. Trump “inherited” only a million or less. The rest he earned and built an empire. He did not make fun of a handicapped reporter (the news media did that). If he were to go look at many clips of Trump speeches he would be that. Your dad knew the truth, but most importantly your dad knew JESUS!! And I applaud you for keeping the soapbox going - and your dad would be proud!! You just keep on giving us your opinions, because you learned from the best and there are still people out there that need to hear the truth (like Paul). Keep on keeping on!!
Posted by Helen