Posted on 12.25.2020

Blue Christmas Part II: White Christmas, Or More God Winks – Mini-Soapbox, Jr.

On Thursday, I wrote a preamble to go with dad’s “A Carolina Christmas Carol’ and I mentioned that most likely I would not be posting anything until after the first of the year unless something jumped out at me.

Well, two things jumped.

One was while I was posting dad’s story, and the other happened just now.

If you recall, last time I was lamenting the overall lack of Christmas spirit I had been feeling.

It wasn’t – as some had suggested – due to forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. Some people just read through the part that I was down and not feeling the Christmas spirit and then ended without finishing the part where I laid out what the true meaning actually was.

Instead, my lack of joy was simply due to the absence of the round jolly man with a white beard and a prominent laugh, who was always overflowing with enough Christmas spirit for everyone around, my dad.

But this morning as I was writing the introduction. I looked outside and on mom and dad’s porch was the chubbiest bright red cardinal I have ever seen. He landed on the porch swing right outside the kitchen window where I was working stayed for a minute or so, and then flew off.

I had to smile because as legend has it, cardinals can be our loved ones who have passed away coming to comfort us in times of distress, around celebrations or when we are just missing them. I’m not going to debate how that is theologically possible, but I know that dad was not reincarnated as a cardinal or anything like that, but all I know that it was reassuring to see that chubby red fella out there and when I mentioned it to mom, she tearfully said it was dad checking on us, and it made me smile, something I don’t feel like I have done much of as of late.

Legend or not, I’m calling a “God wink” on this one.

Mom and I had a very low-key Christmas Eve with less than a quarter of the number we would have in a normal year, but the food was delicious and the company was good.

Mom went to bed and I went to gas up dad’s truck and it started snowing to beat the band.

There had been a few flurries earlier in the evening, but this was flat coming down. It was mostly blowing around, and I figured it would be the end of it.

I then stopped back by my house to put the finishing touches on my main Christmas tree (don’t judge me), and finally got to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” I had to stop and take it in when Linus makes his speech telling the story from the Book of Luke, and I felt a little more cheer filling my heart. And when I finally finished my last-minute decorating (stop judging me) I grabbed my coat and then I was going to head back up to mom and dad’s, but when I stepped out of my back door, suddenly I was 6 years old again.

Snow on Christmas Eve.

For the first time in… I really couldn’t say… we were getting a White Christmas, even if it’s just a dusting.

Middle Tennessee Christmases are funning things. It can be breezy and 70º, 45º and raining or outright chilly, but snow on Christmas Eve is something magically rare around these parts.

A God Wink from a pleasantly plump cardinal, and now spectacular snow covering the ground on a cold Christmas Eve is exactly what I needed.

“Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day.” – Dr. Seuss

This has still been a rough year and, of course, I still miss dad, but I think I’m finally recapturing a little of the Christmas spirit I’ve been missing, and I know how truly blessed I am to have had such an amazing man in my life for over 55 years.

If that was you today, dad, thanks for stopping by when I really needed it. I love you!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem and for our nation.

God Bless America!


—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.



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Blue Christmas 2
I do think there are times when God allows our departed to give us a little sign that they are still watching over us. I remember when my daughter got married a few years back, A beautiful butterfly landed on my daughters back at her outdoor wedding. It stayed there a few minutes then flew off into the crowd and landed on my wife's shoulder. After a few minutes of just sitting there, it flew off not to be seen again. I believe in these God winks as you call them. Stayed at that same daughters house last night in Bell Buckle so we could watch our little 2 year old granddaughter open presents on Christmas morning. Around 1:00 am our little dog needed to go out. I got up and was pleasantly surprised to see snow falling and covering the ground on Christmas morning. Like you stated, A White Christmas is rare in Middle Tennessee and it was a joy to behold on this holy day. Also learned of the bomb in downtown Nashville this morning. Praying for those affected and hoping the authorities can give us more info and answers of what exactly happened. Happy New Year to all and may 2021 give us hope for a better future. Mark in Shelbyville
Posted by Mark
Your writings
Just a quick “thank you” for continuing with the Soapbox. You’re doing a wonderful job!
Posted by Dinah Caldwell
Christmas Spirit
Jr. , I Went to a family reunion 11 years ago in Clarkton, North Carolina. At the family reunion I was told we were kin to Charlie Daniels. I was blown away and then we went to a Wesleyan Church in Elizabethtown and my Great Grandpa James Calvin Hayes is buried right next To you Grandpa Daniels. I grew up listening to your dad and even though he didn't know I existed , it is a Special feeling to know that I am kin to such a Great Humble Man of God . They said , he would show up about once every 5 years . I didn't ever get to meet him in Person , but I got to watch him perform at E.C.U. in Greenville North Carolina in 1983. The World 🌎 misses your dad , but please keep on making him live on because he was definitely a World 🌎 Changer . God Bless Yall Brother !!!! Mark C. Hayes
Posted by Mark
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr, keep enjoying those God Winks as you and your mother heal from such a great loss. Never in my life have I been so glad to see the end of a year as 2020. I have lost more friends this year than any in my life time, thankfully COVID took none of them. Looking forward to a very Blessed New Year,take care sir, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Soap Box storytelling
I just wanted to say Thank you for Sharing your amazing story!! Even though it's Jan 2 2021 I felt a lot of love there!!❤ Thank you!!🙏❤ And GOD BLESS AMERICA!!🙏❤
Posted by Gary
I’ve been thinking about your dad a lot this week. All this madness in DC...would have loved to have read his soapbox on this. Prayers to you and your mom- we miss him too.
Posted by Kathy