Posted on 11.23.2020

Twin Pines Ranch – No Relation - Soapbox Jr.

Time sure flies, hard to believe we are in November, and it’s almost Thanksgiving. But it’s upon us.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about wearing a pair of dad’s shoes which mom gave me, and the overall metaphor of literally of walking in dad’s shoes.

Since dad wore a size 12, and I wear an 11, it took some adjustment, including thicker insoles to try to fill up the shoes to make them fit better.

After a couple of months, I think it’s time to retire the shoes.

It made me feel close to dad wearing them, but I can’t tell you how many times I have come close to stumbling and busting my rear end.

There’s a lesson in that I realized when I wrote about them before, but being the stubborn, bullheaded person that I am, I persevered.

I’m still honoring dad to the best of my ability and still try to feel close to him, but I think I just need to do it in a different manner.

There are many ways to do that, someone suggested that I go riding on mom and dad’s ranch, Twin Pines - which was named long before Marty McFly destroyed one in a DeLorean. 

Mom and dad bought the land in 1975, if I’m not mistaken. There are two trees on top of a hill that dad eventually named Sugar Hill, after a song from the 1977 album, ‘Midnight Wind,’ called “Sugar Hill Saturday Night.”

They bought it in pieces, but the main part had a large 5-acre pond – or small lake, depending on your point of view – which is stocked with fish.

Dad loved this place.

When it came to building a house, one architect they hired drew up plans for a very ultra-modern house which looked great to me when I saw them at 12 or 13, and as a huge Sci-Fi fan, the plans called for a sliding door with an electric eye for my bedroom.

Just call me Prince of Dorkness.

But mom and dad talked about it, and dad told mom that if they built the house, they would be building it for someone else, because it just didn’t feel like the homey place he had imagined when they bought the property.

So, they scrapped those plans and opted to go for something more rustic, so they contracted to build a two-story log home that was definitely in keeping with dad’s style.

We moved in the house in the summer of 1979, previously we lived in a neighborhood in Mt. Juliet, now we were WAY out in the sticks.

The first weekend that mom and I were in the house by ourselves – while dad was on the road - we were both startled when we heard an unfamiliar sound outside.

The word “sound” doesn’t adequately get the point across, it was more like the demonic scream of some banshee from hell's darkest depths and hell-bent on ripping the very souls from our bodies.

We both went to the upstairs porch and heard it again. We couldn’t tell if it was actually flying, around, or if it was luking in the nearby trees plotting our demise.

It eventually stopped and we finally got to sleep.

The next day, we asked Thurman, the Twin Pines Ranch foreman, what kind of vengeful bloodthirsty evil spirit could be haunting the house we just moved into.

He said that it sounded like a screech owl to him.

Guess these owls don’t give a hoot, they give a soul-shattering death-shriek instead.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, “My Cousin Vinny,” you’ve heard one of these unholy terrors in action, and if you haven’t, you should.

Had dad been with us, he would have probably known, but we were clueless.

I don’t think we’ve heard one since.

Dad loved this place, and mom and I still do, and Thanksgiving won't be the same without him. 

It might be a good thing to explore the ranch and do some trail riding like I used to many years ago. That might be a good way to feel close to dad while I put the wobbly shoes aside in favor of something that fits a little better.

So, I can be myself.

Although, I did just get a new cowboy hat.


What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem, and our nation.

God Bless America!


—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.


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I love reading the pieces you write. You are very good writer, and story teller.
Posted by Cynthia
Twin Pines
Your parents made a good choice in their dream home. Nothing like a log cabin to feel comfortable. If I had my wish, I'd have one in the Smoky Mountains and just enjoy the tranquility of mother nature in the most beautiful area that the Lord made on this earth. As much as my Dad and I were alike while he was living there was definitely subtle differences. My dad was a wheeler/dealer horse trader who even tried to barter for his coffin when he found out that he didn't have much longer to live after his diagnosis of leukemia. I, on the other hand, have a fondness for using the right tool for the right job .... Dad had 2 tools, a hammer and a bigger hammer. But as much as we were different, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. And in that, Charlie Jr, we can both take pride that we are the legacy that continues our fathers' names. God Bless and will be thinking of you and Miss Hazel during this holiday season. Its never easy to look at that empty place at the table but the first year it really hits home. ~Mark in Shelbyville~
Posted by Mark
Treasure the ways you can relive memories of your dad. My father was so much to me and it doesn’t look like I’ll have any more opportunities to go back to places we walked together, worked together, and played together. Be content in the peace and happiness you find as you ride.
Posted by Ginger
This was a good read. Thank you JR.
You’re doing a great job with this. Love reading your stories. God bless you JR! Take care of your mom.
Posted by les
Amen, Amen &a men Charlie Jr. me thinks you ought to put on that new hat, saddle up & enjoy a ride at Twin Pines while enjoying a bountifully Thanksgiving feast with that special lady, Miss Hazel, enjoy many of the fond memories of your dad, cause many of the CDB fans do give a hoot about you and your mom.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Twin Pines Ranch
I love the stories and the different memories you have of the home you spent s good portion of you life in. I can tell you one of the greatest moments in my life was when your dad invited me with my girl friend at the time with some friends to spend the day at Twin Pines.l cant say to this day it was the most memorable day of my life truly a day l will never forget.l had the honor if meeting your mom to meet for the first time and l remember Thurman .I took some great pictures of your dad riding and roping spent some time with your mom and dad .I remember it to this day as one of the best dsys in my life looking at the album covers going upstsirs and getting a tour of their gorgeous home.Just reading your post now about the owl brought that great day back.Thank you for that and thanks for your post you write they really do give a kinda peaceful feeling .God bless you and you and your mom.With love and warmest regards .... Ed Erb
Posted by Edward
Your writing
You write so much like your dad that when I read your posts, I hear his voice !! Would love to visit twin pines someday !!
Posted by Matt
Keeping up the Soapbox!
I love your comments and stories, please keep us all close to your dad by continuing to share, great job he is prouo above i know!❤🙏❤
Posted by Betty
Close to your dad
It sounds like you are a close family, your dad will always be close to you wether you wear his shoes or not you are filling them in your own way. You are helping fill his legacy. God Bless you and your mom and Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by Cindy
Charlie, keep doing you, don't let nobody tell you any different; you're doing just fine.
Posted by Mike
Twin Pines
I enjoy reading your posts, just as I enjoyed reading your dad's. Keep it up. You're doing a great job.
Posted by BettyAnn
Missing your Dad
Hi Charlie Jr. Its me Liska (ASL Interpreter) I just lost my brother who was 58..stroke and massive heart attack. I'm undone. Not the same as losing a Dad...especially your Dad. But I'm sure a lot of feelings are the same. On the way home from my Brothers memorial (NOV 7), on an icy snowy pass, I Iost control of my car..round and round ...spinning out of control...and then a roll over against a tree that kept me from going down the ravine...almost like a carnival ride, but less fun. I walked away from the wreck ...not a broken bone, cut or scratch....nary a bruise. They said my little car (Nissan Juke) really saved my life. Thanks to my little Juke, and my Heavenly Father and the Guardian Angels that took care of me.... So 'Ive been doing a lot of praying and thinking. Life is not the same with them gone. its different. We need to get our Comfort from the Holy Spirit and keep on keeping on. You know and I know...where our Daddys are and my Brother...That Blessed Assurance. It makes me cry with joy, at the Promise that we will be Reunited one day. All of this to just say, I've prayed everyday for your Dad, Mom and you (and the band and crew) for over 25 years...right after the first concert that I interpreted for the band. Even tho you and I have not been introduced, I still feel like yall are my family too. Keep up the good work Charlie. Your Daddy would be proud. love and prayers, Liska from Sunriver, OR
Posted by Liska
Soap Boxes
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Posted by Jaff